Innovation: History & Future - Key Note for HTGF Investment Fund


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Presentation given for the High Tech Gründerfonds #FD12.

- innovation
- learning from history
- partnering & networking
- touching people

Presentation by key note speaker Ramon Vullings, supported by ideaDJ Marc Heleven.

Ramon & Marc are part of the innovation collective: 21 Lobsterstreet.

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Enjoy the (slide)show!

Innovation: History & Future - Key Note for HTGF Investment Fund

  1. 1. connecting history & future for innovation Presentation for (High Tech Gründerfonds #FD12) by Ramon Vullings
  2. 2. Ramon Vullings Marc Heleven 7ideas.netKey note speaker / Master of Interaction Ramon Vullings is supported by ideaDJ Marc Heleven. Ramon & Marc are part of the innovation collective: 21 Lobsterstreet -
  3. 3. ideaDJThe ideaDJ mixes custom real-time inspiration for eventsWhat is ideaDJ?The ideaDJ supports events, keynotes andpanel discussions visually, using surprisingmovies, spot on images and subtile orenergic sounds!How does it work?By using a secondary projection screen,the audience will experience real-time &spot-on images and movies which support mixing ideas, concepts & more!the content and flow of the event.Goal?Enriching the experience and getting more out of the audience’s attention.Enjoy the (slide)show!
  4. 4. Perception!
  5. 5. 87,5% of statistics are lies
  6. 6. Reality oftechnology
  7. 7. FUTURE
  8. 8. Dieter Rams Jonathan Ive Apple
  9. 9. iPadApple Surface Microsoft
  10. 10. Enough history, let’s look at...
  11. 11. Collaboration & Virtual teaming...1
  12. 12. Toegepaste creativiteit:3 vormen van innovatie
  13. 13. products & services process culture (how we innovate)
  14. 14. 1, 2, 3... 4!
  15. 15. Internal Process  /Opera/onal   Culture  /  Management   Innova/on Innova/onCon/nuous Discon/nuous Product  &  Service   Business  Model   Innova/on Innova/on ExternalSource:  Marc  Sniukas
  16. 16. The End of Publishing?
  17. 17. Blue oceans
  18. 18. “Market boundaries are notgiven they are reconstructedby the actions & beliefs ofindustry players”
  19. 19. OK, we’re out... now what?
  20. 20. “The difficulty lies not in the new ideas...…but in escaping from the old ones.” John  Maynard  Keynes
  21. 21. relevante relevant ideas ideeën ideas Next practices Best practices tijd time Zotheid! (‘crazyness’)
  22. 22. Look out for the idea killers
  23. 23. “We need to go fromHigh Tech to High Touch” - Philip Kotler -
  24. 24. Connecting content & flow This presentation is based on themanagement book ‘Creativity Today’ by Igor Byttebier & Ramon Vullings for innovative strategy development. The movies used during this presentation can be found at: more inspiration and materials please see: &
  25. 25. Ramon Vullings ideaDJinnovation - keynote supportconsulting - enhance audience experience master of - custom real-time inspiration for events- leadership & strategy advice- business model Innovation interaction- making ideas happen boost your event - keynote speaking - linking content with activity innovate - engage large audiences move people