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Kindle Grant

  1. 1. Kindles for Kids:Improving Students’ Literacy Atlanta Middle School Fulton County
  2. 2. Current RealityO Only 53% of 6th graders and 65% of 7th graders in the SWD category met or exceeded standards for the Reading/ELA (combined) CRCTO Our 6th – 8th grade ELL students experienced a dramatic increase in math performance; however, their combined Reading/ELA CRCT scores decreased from 96.8% to 87.1% meeting or exceeding standards.O Weakest areas of Social Studies and Science portions of the CRCT are in comprehension and informational textO Greatest Areas of Concern: Students that are 3-5 years below reading level (including SWD and ELL subgroups)
  3. 3. Kindles for Kids PilotO 20 Kindles will be purchased to be used by 6-8th grade students who are enrolled in Reading. O Students who do not score 825 and above on the CRCT are enrolled in a Reading classO Kindles will be pre-loaded with high interest books for students to read.O Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) will also be purchased. O reading assessment program that measures reading comprehension on the Lexile Framework for Reading O Teachers will use SRI to monitor students reading skills, differentiate instruction, make meaningful interventions
  4. 4. Adjust font Low cost size to improve readability Highlight text Built indictionary Why the Text to Kindle? speech capability Low learning Can store a curve for library of teachers; highly “just right” motivating for books” for students students
  5. 5. Grant Goal #1Improve students attitude and interest for readingGrant Goal #2Increase ability to analyze and interpret textGrant Goal #3Increase reading comprehension by reinforcingstrategies like highlighting text, writing margin notes,clipping text, and learning 3rd level vocabulary words
  6. 6. Professional LearningO 6 Reading teachers and the Media SpecialistO Professional Learning will be delivered face to face and online. O District Assistive Technology Specialist will deliver Intro to the Kindle session O SRI Training will be delivered free of charge by Scholastic O Ongoing discussion and reflection will be done using Edmodo. A group will be set up for these teachers that will be facilitated by the Assistive Technology Specialist. There will be weekly discussion prompts and polls. Teachers will engage in conversations about using the features of the Kindles to help students’ improve their reading skills.
  7. 7. Technical Support for Pilot
  8. 8. EvaluationO Reading teachers will monitor students’ growth using SRI.O A survey will be conducted at the beginning of the grant period and at the end of the year to get feedback from students about their attitudes and interests about reading.O End year standardized test scores will be analyzed to determine growth