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  • Renzo\'s Powerpoint

    1. 1. Ramon Lorenzo Luis Rosa Guinto RENZO 2 nd year medical student, University of the Philippines College of Medicine Vice Chairperson, University Student Council Founder and Executive Director, UP One Earth Coordinator, One Century, One Clean University Initiative External Vice President, Medicine Students for Social Responsibility Member, Bayer Young Environmental Envoys of the Philippines
    2. 2. The Birth of a Doctor-Environmentalist My environmental activism started when I became the Philippines’ young environmental envoy to an environmental conference sponsored by Bayer AG in Germany last November 2007.
    3. 3. From then on, I committed myself towards sharing the environmental spirit to other people, especially to fellow youth. In medical school, I also keep on emphasizing that health and environment are interconnected and inseparable.
    4. 4. The Site The National Health Sciences Center of the Philippines Founded in 1908, Celebrates Centennial this 2008 Composed of seven colleges and the Philippine General Hospital – the largest tertiary hospital in the Philippines University of the Philippines Manila
    5. 5. To encourage the constituents of a health sciences campus to shift to eco-friendly lifestyle and practices, leading to the creation of a clean, healthy, and sustainable university The Challenge
    6. 6. The One Century, One Clean University Initiative (OC) 2 The Answer This initiative aims to raise environment awareness, appreciation, and move to action among students, teachers, and administrators in commemoration of the UP centennial.
    7. 7. The Method Posters and banners
    8. 8. Dialogues among students Forums on various environmental topics
    9. 9. Environmental Education in Communities
    10. 10. Fun activities promoting environment like “Miss Earth” competition
    11. 11. Signature campaigns
    12. 12. Workshops on Healthy Environment and Solid Waste Management
    13. 13. Lectures on environmental activism
    14. 14. Creating networks and forging partnerships for environment
    15. 15. A UP ENVIRONMENTALIST is Nationalist because nation is both people and LAND Holistic because environment is a whole, not a collection of fragments Multidisciplinary because each field of knowledge has its role in helping solve environmental challenges Action-oriented because given our planet’s present condition, there is no much time for rhetorics – we need feasible solutions Servant-leader because caring for the Earth requires obedience, dedication, responsibility and leadership Peace-builder because peace is the best and only way towards achieving a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable planet
    16. 16. Recyclables Fair
    17. 17. Caring for the environment is not a voluntary act or an assigned task of a select few. It is everyone’s responsibility, and a moral obligation.