2.0 the tools to attract private funds


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2.0 the tools to attract private funds
Existing resources in the network to work on private funding. (Crowdfunding, Teaming, social networks).
24 May 2012 the Fontana Area Youth.
Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager iWith.org Foundation.

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2.0 the tools to attract private funds

  1. 1. #privatefunding @ramonbartomeus2.0 the tools to attract privatefunds Existing resources in the network to work on private funding. (Crowdfunding, Teaming, social networks). 24 May 2012 the Fontana Area Youth. Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager iWith.org Foundation.
  2. 2. #privatefundingSome expectations for the Private Funding Cycle Crowdsourcing! Resources for online fundraising. ! Learn new resources to attract private funds. ! Advanced ways to present the typical crowdfunding platforms. ! Funding Network. No estamos solos ! Financing of private on-line system (donations). ! Micro donations online.! Using 2.0 Work Management tool in the search for private funding. ! Relations between social networks and platforms for crowdfunding. Are they supplemented? Do they feed each other? ! Practical tools and resources to organizations, not based on strategies of large organizations. ! Communication and fundraising. ! How to finance projects by private contributions online.! Understanding other organizations. ! Illustrate the talks with many practical cases and to avoid frequent errors. © iWith.org 2011
  3. 3. #privatefunding We help organizations to make use of the Internet Training - Consulting - Technology – Partnership The mission of the Foundation is to foster iWith.org information, technology, and communication as a tool for solidarity and improving society.We are working with the coordination with efforts from 7 platforms of crowdfunding. © iWith.org 2012
  4. 4. #privatefunding !Resources for online fundraising My links to fundraising: http://delicious.com/ramonbartomeus/fundraisingMany questions Resolved in: Google WikipediaONG Solutions Botanics.org Etc. © iWith.org 2012
  5. 5. #privatefunding 4 The characteristics of the people with great potential to help charitable causes through the Internet:  1. Significantly more motivated than the rest! Create the best possible world for future generations. 2. Feel more prepared to face the necessary changes! 3. Demonstrate greater personal availability. 4. They believe that the Internet facilitates and enhances their ability! To bring to their collaboration in solidarity initiativesThe full results are available! Http://survey.iwith.org/ca/resultados.htmliWith.org led research "The Solidarity and I" with the collaboration of over 28 NGOs. The development conducted “Skin Two Much” research in Netquest studiosand the company surveyed over 2500 Internet users in Spain and around the world about the preferences of Internet users and to support charitable causes andNGOs.Then highlight was that the results of the study had a margin of error of 2.9% and a confidence level of 95% * http://survey.iwith.org/ca/resultados.html © iWith.org 2011
  6. 6. #privatefunding ! Understand how other organizations operate Miquel Valls FoundationThey get their grain of sand on the Camino de Santiago, between the 12th and 20th of May 2012. http://fundaciomiquelvalls.org/c http://migranodearena.org/cargillslu1 © iWith.org 2012
  7. 7. #privatefundingHow many Internet users arewilling to support your cause?Question: "Imagine that you have proposed a joint initiative with which you disagree, and you generateenough confidence. What defines your situation?"1.- That is the normal thing! The place you finish in, or "working with money! (5.7%)2.- Think a little! Probably does help to "work with money! (20.9%)3.- Be confident! Be Selective! (41.4%)4.- Do not normally collaborate with others "work with money! (27.4%)This study indicates that 6% of Spanish Internet is openly willing to consider cash contributions, and anadditional 21% would do so quite likely.That is, there is a flow of 5.4 million people (27% of! Spanish Internet) permeable to directcontributions, if! Projects generate enough interest and confidence. © iWith.org 2011
  8. 8. #privatefunding !Communication and fundraising. Were on TVInternet advertising with Google Ad-words http://migranodearena.org/cargillslu1 © iWith.org 2012
  9. 9. #privatefunding7 virtues in communication that willappeal to your solidarity and supportthe project1. Feeling transparent, understanding three concepts: The destination of funds. Those behind the project. The objective being pursued.2. Affinity for purpose: to be 100% in agreement with the purpose of the organization.3.Perceived professionalism in the organization that promotes leadership! To have initiative.4. Proximity to the beneficiaries: there is a surplus of interest who benefit! Initiative isgiven in the immediate environment.5. Also go beyond "classic" aid: projects that produce results! Consciences of all people andnot only provide help to the majority! Needs.6. Feedback on progress: reports of the project achievements, progress! Results!7. Appropriate Support: The mechanism for cooperation "work is easy and effortless! Comfortable. That the promoting organization can count on successful experiences! Decent people of prestige participating. Ambitious projects of massive repercussions: the support! Thousands of people to pursuing large-scale changes. © iWith.org 2011
  10. 10. #privatefunding ! Relations between social networks and platforms of crowdfunding. Used to enhance the project and feed they feed each other?Facebook and Twitter forWeb, but mostly word of mouth. http://migranodearena.org/cargillslu1 © iWith.org 2012
  11. 11. #privatefunding! Practical tools and resourcesto organizations, not based on - The tactic is to get a micro donation.strategies of large organizations. - The strategy is to mobilize donors. If it is well orchestrated, they will not listen. - The logistics will collect the money. If it is not easy, do not decide now. - Diplomacy will make us credible. If there is something higher, do not cross. http://migranodearena.org/cargillslu1 © iWith.org 2012
  12. 12. #privatefunding ! To illustrate talks with several practical cases and avoid common errors. The 4 brakes that will make your collaborators flee:1 -Participation in the projects (although it’s the idea of the century) of institutions or organization inwhich you cannot trust, especially if they are political, religious, or large businesses or employers.2 -Perceive a lack of transparency.3 -Feeling of “emotional manipulation”: when communicating with a sense of alarm, it shows atransmission of guilt.4 -Fears to enter personal data on the website, especially if it includes the bank details in the case offinancial contributions. © iWith.org 2011
  13. 13. #privatefunding! To connect experiences of other entities SOS Richi More than 500 people involved https://www.teaming.net/sosrichi © iWith.org 2012
  14. 14. #privatefunding! To connect experiencesof other entities Somos http://youtu.be/INeaxILrX4Q http://www.somosasi.org/ © iWith.org 2012
  15. 15. #privatefunding The 7 actions of charity that citizens are doing to support their causes1. Sign on the line to donate to a cause, leaving my name and email address (54%)2. Go on Facebook or Twitter to spread any initiative that I find interesting (49.4%)3. Forward emails to my contacts (48.9%)4. Support any initiative or vote without leaving my personal information (46.3%)5. Buy products online, in which the revenue goes towards charity projects (15%)6. Give small donations to specific projects online (9.2%)7. Give small credits to entrepreneurs (5.8%) © iWith.org 2011
  16. 16. #privatefunding ! To connect experiences of other identities 3.000 euro per milk in Africahttp://microdonaciones.hazloposible.org/proyectos/detalle/?idProyecto=14 © iWith.org 2012
  17. 17. #privatefunding! To connect experiencesof other identities3.735 euro for a book http://www.goteo.org/project/libro-la-vuelta-al-mundo-puerta-a-puerta © iWith.org 2012
  18. 18. ! More advancedthings in addition topresenting the typicalcrowdfunding platforms © iWith.org 2012 Is a new space where many small acts create one big impact.
  19. 19. ! More advancedthings in addition topresenting the typicalcrowdfunding platforms © iWith.org 2012 Is a new space where many small acts create one big impact.
  20. 20. #privatefunding What is the formula preferred by Internet donations to charity? 1. Timely support of a specific project (40.8%) 2. The income of regular payments to an organization (11.2%) 3. The income of an organization at a monthly microquota (9.8%) 4. All three are equally appropriate to me (15.4%) 5. None of these three are appropriate for me (12.7%)This preference for supporting specific projects that involve NGOs conceive their work as “products” that need theattention and support whenever they are created.THEREFORE:The probability of success will be favored if they incorporate themotivational traits and minimize the brakes that citizens havereported. © iWith.org 2011
  21. 21. #privatefunding understand the change- Internet has changed life.- Internet has broken boundaries.- Internet has changed communication and advertising.- Internet has democratized knowledge.- Internet had led to an exponential rise.And now citizens claim the power to support their preferred projects. © iWith.org 2011
  22. 22. #privatefunding2.0 tools for receiving private funds • iWith.org : Cucurulla, 9, 2n, 2a (Portal de l’Àngel) 08002 Barcelona www.iwith.org Tel: + 34 93 380 49 75 info@iwith.org Existing resources in the network for • Ramon Bartomeus private funding. (Crowdfunding, Resurces Manager Teaming, Social networks). ramon@iwith.org Tel: + 34 93 380 49 75 2.0: @ramonbartomeus May 24, 2012 Ramon Bartomeus, Funding Resources Manager Iwith.org Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations © iWith.org 2012