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Medi ambient, l'aire a Letònia

Medi ambient, l'aire a Letònia

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  • 1. Oskara Kalpaka Rudbarzu primary school pupils were engaged on theme "AIR"
  • 2. 1st grade students made a balloon Students from plastic bags made the balloon and blew it up with hot air from a hair dryer
  • 3. 1st grade students studied air composition and made diagrams by computer
  • 4. 1st grade students made the weather observation schedules
  • 5. 1st grade students did the experiment with a candle Students found – the candle needs oxygen to blaze
  • 6. 1st and 2nd grade students together with their parents made and flyed the kites
  • 7. The students drawn the air-balloons
  • 8. The kites drawn by students
  • 9. Students drew wind turbines
  • 10. 1st and 2nd grade students studied about air pollution and about exhaust gas from cars
  • 11. 2nd grade students made the experiment with the paper planes
  • 12. 2nd grade students discussed about environmental pollution and drew pictures
  • 13. 2nd grade students made the pinwheels and weathervanes
  • 14. 3rd grade students studied about the wind strength
  • 15. 3rd grade students studied about wind
  • 16.  
  • 17. 2nd grade students made the applique works-balloons
  • 18. Students and children from kindergaten studied about air pollution in Rudbarzi
  • 19. With smoke we pollute the air
  • 20. 5-6 years old students made fans and learned how to make wind with them
  • 21. 5-6 years old students studied how wind blows
  • 22. 4th grade students showed in their drawings various strength winds Very slow wind Snorter Hurricane
  • 23. 2 and 3 years old children made small parachutes
  • 24. 3rd grade students made experiments Take a balloon that is easily fixed to a cord and let air run out and you’ll see as the balloon moves along the cord
  • 25. Children studied anemometer and other measuring instruments near school Kindergaten children made the planes and anemometer and practicaly tried how they work Anemometers (from Greek anemos - wind + metrein - measure) is meteorological gauge for measuring wind strength
  • 26. 2nd grade students made exsperiments about the atmospheric pressure
  • 27. 2nd grade students made experiments about air compression and expansion
  • 28. 2nd grade students did experiments about sound
  • 29. 4nd grade students tested the effectiveness of gasmask in air purification
  • 30. 2nd grade students’ experiment “ Air weighs!”
  • 31. 2nd grade students studied about fog
  • 32. 2nd grade students studied wind generation
  • 33. 2nd grade students studied atmospheric pressure and made the “ thermometer” The bottle filled with beet juice, children warmed with their hands and when air got warm, juice rose to the top
  • 34. 3rd grade students studied atmospheric pressure
  • 35. Students drew environmental pollution Diāna Slugoviča (3.kl.) Mišela Barsova (3.kl.) Mikus Garutis (5.kl.) Edvards Miļeško (3.kl.) Elvis Staņevičs (3.kl.) Amanda Ostrovska (2.kl.)