Google penalties


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The purpose of this article is to explain why Google need to communicate more when issuing penalties.

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Google penalties

  1. 1. Published by SEO Juice 15/10/11Google penalties & lack of communicationThe purpose of this article is to explain why Google need to communicate more whenissuing penalties.SECTIONS IN THIS ARTICLE • Introduction • Google police • WASBOsINTRODUCTIONIn April 2011 Google released a Panda algorithm update. This update wiped off about 1/3 oftraffic from many, many websites across the world. I monitored this and 4 weeks later, a lotof sites that should never have been Panned by Panda got the majority of their traffic backor saw a vast improvement. And, sites that scrape content for a living were ranking higherthan the sites that generated the content. Hum…Web teams got to work that sunny day in April and quite possibly spent the next 16 hoursthere trying to figure out what the heck happened. This update was quite serious but wasanyone told exactly what would be happening and given time to rectify any issues? No.GOOGLE POLICEI understand that Google don’t tell people what their algorithm will do, but something asbig as a Panda update should have been documented with exactly what types of pages/content that they were going to penalise. There was no need to make it another guessinggame. There are thousands of reputable companies out there that if they had known inadvance, would have done something about it.So, I come to my solution. Google, you are the most dominate search engine force on theInternet, so now might be the time to have your own online police force. If a member of the
  2. 2. general public was to commit an offence, they would be warned of their offence, tried andthen convicted. See where I’m going?WASBOSThe web is a little different but an offence is still an offence, so Google, if you believe that awebsite is committing an offence, issue a WASBO (Website Anti Social Behaviour Order) inthe first instance. Tell them of their offence and give them sufficient time to respond andact upon your advice. I know of no other “democratic” legal system that just wallops you onthe head without first telling you what you’ve done wrong.All WASBOs would be served through Webmaster Tools with details of the offense committed.You don’t need to get in 2 way conversations with the site owners, just canned responsesthat are descriptive enough to allow the website owners to be able to put right any wrongs.If this is not done, then your penalty action will be valid.In summary, please, please, please Google, if you are going to mess with people’s livelihoods,get your updates right first time, tell people beforehand what you are doing and why andgive all the legitimate sites a fighting chance.P.S Please stop giving Panda’s a bad name, I can no longer look at the one I won and it’scurrently hanging from a ceiling in preparation for the next piñata ceremony:-)