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Biz bytes 3 Biz bytes 3 Presentation Transcript

  • Biz Bytes Part 3
  • 1• These bats called the “Rhino series” are part of an Australian sports good firm Symonds Co., which were a rage back in the old days. Although much out of production nowadays why did they cause ruckus in the Alaknanda Valley in present day Uttarakhand back in 1973?
  • Answer• They were allocated a plot of Hornbeam forest by the Indian government, which was actually meant for the locals to use as part of their agricultural tools.• Angered by this and with support from an NGO the Chipko movement was sparked off.
  • 2• The 6th Critics Choice Awards held at Los Angeles by the Broadcast Film Critics Association in 2001 created a special category called “Best Inanimate object” (probably the only time this was done so).• As a result a company grabbed the limelight for one of its products which was uniquely marketed for a while basking in the success of the film. Identify the brand with the product in question.
  • Answer• Wilson the Volleyball from Castaway
  • 3• If the middle man’s name is Jeffrey Katzenberg, and the one on the far right in David Geffen, identify the covered person and their joint venture.
  • Answer• Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks SKG
  • 4• This multipurpose stadium’s domes ceiling in Houston, Texas which opened in 1965 contained numerous semitransparent panes made of Lucite. Players quickly complained that glare coming off of the panes made it hard for them to track fly balls and hence they were painted white, which solved the problem. But another predicament arose due to the subsequent lack of sunlight.• What was the new problem and how was it solved by the employees of the company shown below thus giving birth to a trademark?
  • Answer• The natural grass withered and died because of the new opaque dome. Monsanto employees installed a new type of artificial grass on the field, ChemGrass, which was trademarked as AstroTurf, after the name of the facility itself (Houston Astrodome)
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