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Recommendations on LinkedIn for Ram Kumarasubramanian

MBA in Marketing from Hofstra University, HFI Certified Usability Analyst

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Ram Kumarasubramanian - LinkedIn Recommendations

  1. 1. 12/9/12 My Profile | LinkedIn Ram has 1 recommendation including: Home Profile Contacts Groups Jobs Inbox Companies News More 1st Srinivasa Rangan, Student, DAV Gopalapuram Recommendations For Ram President Hofstra MBA/MS Marketing Association “Excellence is the word that comes to my mind for Ram. He is focused, determined with an extra ordinary potential to excel in the digital media world. He has killer capabilities to take project and deploy it successfully. I have had opportunity to work with him during my MBA Program . The way he handled MBA/MS Marketing Association and introduced the digital word within the association is far beyond excellence. He made everyone applaud for him for his great effort. Passion is the most important seed that is needed for success for any venture and in any person. I have seen that seed growing with proper nourishment in Ram and I am sure that he is going to be successful in his dream and ventures. Good luck and wishes for Ram from my side. I strongly recommend Ram. Hire him and get growing.” May 7, 2012 1st Vipul choudhary, Vice President , Public Relation, MBA/MS Mark eting Association worked directly with Ram at Hofstra MBA/MS Marketing Association “I had the great opportunity to know Rramakrishnan throughout of my tenure as an MBA candidate at the Frank G. Zarb school of business.You will never find a more honest and customer oriented individual. He was very accomodating and professional at all times. He is a very goal- and detail-oriented individual, always punctual, in addition to being easygoing and a pleasure to work with. His personable nature makes him great with clients, while his social media-specific knowledge continues to grow due to his dedication to the ever evolving marketing industry.” October 8, 2011 1st Ish Singh, Student, FRANK G. ZARB SCHOOL OF BUSINESS - HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY worked directly with Ram at Hofstra MBA/MS Marketing Association Digital and Social Media Marketing Intern Marden-Kane, Inc. “It was a pleasure to work with Ram. He can think on his feet and comes up with proactive solutions to the task at hand. He always stays abreast of the latest trends while remaining grounded in the practical aspects and constraints of the project. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.” May 25, 2012 1st Jennifer Hibbs, Interactive Account Director, Marden-Kane, Inc. managed Ram at Marden-Kane, Inc. “Rams contributions to Marden-Kane can not be adequately described in words. During Rams tenure, his can do and "roll up your sleeves" attitude was instrumental in meeting aggressive client deadlines. His experience in market research, preparing decks, wireframing, and cross- platform / cross-application user experience/quality assurance testing was an asset to our Digital Team. Ram is the consummate professional and I highly recommend him!” May 24, 2012 1st Martin Glovin, Senior Vice President, Digital, Marden-Kane, Inc. managed Ram indirectly at Marden-Kane, Inc. “I met Ram earlier this year when he sought my guidance on a social media based charity fund raising project. He immediately stuck me as a professional far beyond his years. Soon Ram joined me and my firm as a Summer Intern where he quickly exceeded our expectations as a digital and social media marketing analyst. I am so impressed with Rams natural ability to take problem set, independently define it and come up with insightful solution options. Ram is not bashful to ask for advice but also to come up with his own solutions and defend his conclusions. Ram is also very open to advice and applying his learning to current and new marketing scenarios. As a digital native, Ram is well skilled in applying todays business and consumer technologies and using a "process approach" to marketing business needs. He is adaptable - making adjustments and improvements in rapid order. Qualities include: Diligence, Inquisitiveness, Good Communicator, Collaborative. I highly recommend Ram to firms looking for an "up-and-comer" and team player.” October 2, 2011 1st Lee Bogner, CIO and Head of Social Media Business Unit, Marden-Kane, Inc. managed Ram at Marden-Kane, Inc. Communications Chairman Hofstra Business Consulting Group “I had the great opportunity to know Rramakrishnan throughout the 2nd year of my tenure as an MBA candidate at the Frank G. Zarb school of business. He has always struck me as one who has fervent and unequivocal desires to better the world. Already being active in such organizations such as the Zarb Corporate Social Responsibility Association and especially the Hofstra Business Consulting Group (HbCG), he has undergone such a transformation that parallels the strong social values and ethical tones of the very prestigious Frank G. Zarb School of Business. Growth is the word to describe his passion towards strategic marketing, project management, and the understanding of the ethical imperative. All of these facets, while impressive, are minuscule to his commitment to scholarship, hard work, and love of learning. As part of the HBCG hes clearly demonstrated great leadership by joining some of our most pressing initiatives and consulting projects. His thirst for knowledge can be matched only be his strong desire to continuously add value in whatever endeavor he so decides to pursue. It is for this reason that I fully recommend Ramakrishnan Kumar.” March 11, 2011 1st Pablo Cruz, President & Director, Hofstra Business Consulting Group managed Ram at Hofstra Business Consulting Group Programmer Analyst Trainee Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd “A colleague in college and at work, Ramakrishnan is very creative in his thought process, trend-setting in his work-ethic and articulative in his communications. His experience in leading and working with teams has helped him to see the big picture of things and then build sub-tasks around it. Ramakrishnan is very committed and extremely quick in the work that he does. He is very driven by his goals and will take tremendous efforts to reach where he wants. I wish him success and a great career ahead.” March 3, 2011 1st Vinod Narayanan, Programmer Analyst, Cognizant Technology Solutionswww.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=23901458&trk=tab_pro 5/9
  2. 2. 12/9/12 My Profile | LinkedIn worked directly with Ram at Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd Student Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Hofstra Univesity “I am delighted to write this recommendation for Ram Kumarasubramanian. He was a graduate student of mine in two marketing classes (one on product innovation and the other on Internet marketing/social media) at Hofstra Universitys Zarb School of Business. He did an excellent job in both classes, which required individual and team projects as well oral presentations. I also got to know Ram outside of class in his role as president of the graduate student marketing association. He is not only smart and highly motivated, but also very personable and a strong team player. He will go far!” May 21, 2012 1st Joel R. Evans, Distinguished Professor of Business, Hofstra University, taught Ram at Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Hofstra Univesity Student Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University “I studied with Ram for four years and have always been impressed by his analytical and communication skills. Ram has the ability to calmly think through a scenario and come up with an implementable solution. More importantly he has strong written and verbal communication skills that help him implement his strategies. I would endorse Ram for any leadership position.” June 17, 2011 1st Raghavan Parthasarathy, Student, Anna University, studied with Ram at Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University “Ramki is one of my best friends. He cares and always willing to help others in any Situations. He is one of the editors of our college magazines and has sculptured many interesting blogs. Always keeps himself updated with latest news and trends and shares with others. His excellent thought processing resulted in new ideas and blogs. He is good in resolving issues, managing team members and dedicated in achieving his goals. Wish you all the best.” March 7, 2011 1st Selvam Varadarajan, Associate, Cognizant Technology Solutions, studied with Ram at Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University Student D.A.V. Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram “Ramakrishnan was a close friend in high school. Meticulous and hardworking, he is the model student in every manner. Fun and easy to get along with, he can be counted on to go the extra mile to get results.” March 3, 2011 1st Srinivasa Rangan, Student, DAV Gopalapuram, studied with Ram at D.A.V. Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram Additional Information Websites: Bornalike Personal Website Brand Yourself Twitter: bornalike Interests: Cricket, F1, Movies, Blogs, Tennis, Travel Groups and Hofstra MBA/MS Marketing Association Associations: Journal of International Business & Law, Hofstra University (JIBL) Hofstra Business Consulting Group (JIBL) ABA-America Advertising Age Alumni of Hofstra University Bay Area Digital Media Surfers Beta Gamma Sigma - The International Honor Society Recognizing Business Excellence Big Data and Analytics DAV Gopalapuram Alumni Network Digital Marketing Digital Recruiting in a Competitive Landscape Entry-Level Jobs and Internships: Brought to You by www.CollegeRecruiter.com Games for Brands - Intelligent Gamificationwww.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=23901458&trk=tab_pro 6/9