Health authority creative brief


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Health authority creative brief

  1. 1. Creative Brief<br />Health Authority<br />
  2. 2. Creative Brief <br /> <br />Background:<br />The Health Authority is the custodian of the health sector in Abu Dhabi. Their major business is to set laws and regulations that govern the sector both public and private, monitor the performance of health service providers in addition to helping people to improve their lives toward leading healthy lifestyle.<br /> <br />What do we want this advertising to do?<br />Through a corporate ATL campaign, we need to trigger people to start thinking about their health by giving them choice between what’s “healthy” and what’s “unhealthy”. The umbrella is meant to set the bases for future tactical communication tackling specific health issues [cancer, diabetes, smoking,…] with the objective of increasing people’s health knowledge reservoir to eventually change their attitudes and behavior toward a healthier lifestyle.<br /> <br />Who are we talking to and what insights do we have about them?<br />All UAE residents, both locals and expats. Evidently, Abu Dhabi has a very high level of diabetes, cancer and heart diseases, not to mention scoring the highest rate of road death worldwide. This reflects an unrealized value of the vitality of health in daily life. Most people are subconsciously aware of the significance of health; however they choose to purposely act negligently without any thought of the price they might pay when and if their health is at risk.<br /> <br />How do we want them to describe the brand—how would they talk about its benefit and character?<br />Spare a second or two to think about their life choices that affect their health.<br /> <br />
  3. 3. What’s the single most important thing we want them to take out of this?<br />What you do is what you get: you choose!<br /> <br />How can we make this believable?<br />Every individual is accountable for their own health; your choice determines your own well-being.<br />  <br />Is there anything else worth thinking about that might help us get to great creative work?<br />The paradox between what’s healthy and unhealthy.<br />Certain choices have a direct effect on our health: work and office behavior, food choice, smoking, lack of exercise and sports, ignoring physical alarms such as tiredness and fatigue, lack of stress management skills, irresponsible driving, lack of personal hygiene.<br /> <br />Are there any executionalmandatories?<br />Please refrain of employing religion, sex and unacceptable social notions.<br /> <br />More Information<br />Tactical campaigns to follow will tackle:<br />healthy lifestyle (cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and hypertension), road safety, anti smoking, cancer prevention, maternal and child health, infectious diseases and mental health.<br /> <br />Quantity<br />Umbrella campaign: TVC storyboard, Radio script, Print, Outdoor, BTL and Ambient.<br />A minimum of two concepts.<br /> <br />
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