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Census2011 050410

  1. 1. COLOSSAL COUNT INDIA CENSUS 2011RamgopalCancherla Credits: The Economic Times : 3rd Apr 2010
  2. 2. OverviewIndia launched the mammoth task of counting andprofiling nearly 1.2 bio people according to theirgender, religion, education and occupation onThurs, 1st Apr 2010, an exercise that has neverbaulked before floods, drought or even wars.Here’s a lowdown on an exercise that couldtranslate into better schools, hospitals andtransportation.President Ms Prathiba Patil, our country’s firstcitizen,Cancherlathe first to be profiled. Ramgopal was > Source - The Economic Times 03/04/10
  3. 3. BIGGEST DATABASEThe CENSUS, conducted by the home ministry, isthe most credible source of information ondemography. It is also the most comprehensivedatabase for governments to parse through forframing policies and a bedrock of knowledge fornational & international agencies and businesses.It is also a mirror on the country’s progress in thepast decade through its study on governmentschemes. > Source - The Economic Times 03/04/10 Ramgopal Cancherla
  4. 4. VITAL STATS Rs 2,209 crore costs to the  2.5 mio # government of census officials 12,000 tonnes  7,000 of paper to be used # of towns they will 64 crore # of census forms visit 50 lac  600,000 # of instruction # of villages they will manuals visit Ramgopal Cancherla > Source - The Economic Times 03/04/10
  5. 5. CENSUS 2011F  The census will create a National Population Register(NPR), a comprehensive identityI database.R  The NPR in turn will create a biometric national database where every person aged over 15 will beS photographed and fingerprinted.T  It will for the first time also attempt to gather information on the use of internet, ownership ofS computers & mobiles, and availability of drinking water & toilets in households. Ramgopal Cancherla > Source - The Economic Times 03/04/10
  6. 6. CENSUS 2011H  Population 2008: 1,139,965,000I th  15 headcount since 1872G  House listing & housing census between Apr &H July 2010S  Population Enumeration from Feb 09-28, 2011P  Forms & instruction manuals in 16 & 18 languagesOT respectivelyS  Entire exercise would be completed by March 5, 2011  Results in mid-2011 Ramgopal Cancherla > Source - The Economic Times 03/04/10
  7. 7. HERCULEAN PROCESS - ACensus enumerators will visit each householdand gather information on forms, which will besent to data processing centers in 15 cities.Data processing will be done using a softwarecalled Intelligent Character RecognitionSoftware (ICR), which will scan the forms athigh speed and extract data automatically. Ramgopal Cancherla > Source - The Economic Times 03/04/10
  8. 8. HERCULEAN PROCESS - BThe NPR list will be sent to the Unique IdentityAuthority of India for eliminating duplicates andissuing Unique ID Numbers for every person. Thetrimmed database along with the UID number willbe sent to the office of the Registrar General andCensus Commissioner to form the NationalPopulation Register. The first NPR cards would rollout by 2011 end. - The Economic Times 03/04/10 Ramgopal Cancherla > Source
  9. 9. WHOLE STORYof 2 forms given in each household - A The first form relates to the house listing & housing census. Will have 35 questions on building material, use of houses, drinking water, availability and type of latrines, electricity, possession of assets etc. Ramgopal Cancherla > Source - The Economic Times 03/04/10
  10. 10. WHOLE STORYof 2 forms given in each household - B The second form relates to the National Population Register and will outline name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, name of father, name of mother, name of spouse, present address, permanent address, occupation, nationality, educational qualification and relationship to head of family. Ramgopal Cancherla > Source - The Economic Times 03/04/10
  11. 11. COMPULSORY EXERCISEA person who fails to cooperate can be fined or punished. Information is confidential, not accessible even to courts. Every household will be given an acknowledgement slip at the time of enumeration. More info can be regularly accessed on http://www.censusindia.gov.in Ramgopal Cancherla > Source - The Economic Times 03/04/10