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75 principalteachings
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75 principalteachings


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Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University was founded in 1936; "World Transformation thru Self Transformation" is the theme; Rajyoga Meditation is the foundation; celebrates Platinum Jubliee this year …

Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University was founded in 1936; "World Transformation thru Self Transformation" is the theme; Rajyoga Meditation is the foundation; celebrates Platinum Jubliee this year 2011.
75 Principal Teachings of BABA has been released to mark the occasion. Om Shanti Greetings to all.

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  • 1. 75 Principal Teachings For the Platinum JubileeBrahmakumaris World Spiritual University BKWSU 1
  • 2. 1 to 5 Principal Teachings May you love yourself n be loved by God n by others Let your thinking, speaking n doing be equal Be free from thinking about others or wanting others to think like you Always seek to help others ahead of you Humility is your protection; wear it at all times BKWSU 2
  • 3. 6 to 10 Principal Teachings Let your face n behavior reflect n reveal God’s qualities Everything that happens in this play that we call life is good ~ n everything will be good Rather than trying to outdo others, just race ahead yourself Make patience your companion Be stable in the midst of praise n defamation, sorrow n happiness BKWSU 3
  • 4. 11 to 15 Principal Teachings Don’t get caught up in philosophizing n thinking too much ~ just be spiritual Be wise, not fragile Take care not to let yourself become obsessive about anything Keep a healthy balance of mercy n self-respect Instead of being impressed by other’s virtues, adopt them for yourself BKWSU 4
  • 5. 16 to 20 Principal Teachings Have good wishes n pure feelings always Instead of seeking revenge, seek to change yourself The harmonizing of all our sanskars n natures is a dance ~ enjoy it Value the teachings you are given; do not reject them Give regard n take regard BKWSU 5
  • 6. 21 to 25 Principal Teachings Give happiness n take happiness Give blessings n take blessings Be a Jewel of contentment Use your power of tolerance Always give jewels, never stones BKWSU 6
  • 7. 26 to 30 Principal Teachings Be guided by God’s elevated wisdom; take care not to just follow the dictates of your own mind or of others Be content n free from questioning, doubt n worry Be colored by the company of the Truth n not that of other people May your nature be simple n harmonious Be both fearless n conciliatory BKWSU 7
  • 8. 31 to 35 Principal Teachings Instead of complaining, become complete Respect those who oppose you Follow the Father be a bestower of blessings n fortune Be simple n a sample Be free from any feeling of arrogance or insult BKWSU 8
  • 9. 36 to 40 Principal Teachings Stay in your spiritual self respect so that then there’s no need to prove yourself Cultivate truthfulness n civility Have ‘unlimited disinterest’ then the scenes of life will neither push nor pull you Keep your mind above n beyond the physical world n free from cravings Remain in the elevated stage of being ignorant of all desires BKWSU 9
  • 10. 41 to 45 Principal Teachings Make everything fruitful n be the embodiment of success Put right all difficult situations with your elevated awareness Capture the essence of everything ~ don’t let yourself get entangled in the details Let everything that is past reduce into a full stop in a second Visualize the self as a zero (a point) n so become a hero (a diamond) BKWSU 10
  • 11. 46 to 50 Principal Teachings Leave your ‘laboring’ n enjoy the fruits Stay safely balanced between good faith n the voice of your conscience Create your fortune through your renunciation Keep the balance between being a master and a child Keep the balance of love n law BKWSU 11
  • 12. 51 to 55 Principal Teachings The Master is pleased with a clean heart The Lord is pleased with an honest heart An unseen donation given immediately is the greatest charity Be happy, be abundant, don’t remember some things and don’t forget others Take a step of courage and experience God’s help BKWSU 12
  • 13. 55 to 60 Principal Teachings Be generous hearted, not disheartened Be obedient, faithful n trustworthy Be the true lovers of Gopivallabh Keep swinging in swing of super sensuous joy To be a special soul, see the specialities of others BKWSU 13
  • 14. 61 to 65 Principal Teachings When you conquer the mind, you conquer the world Experience the “true liberation in life” ~ freedom from all weaknesses Make your life beautiful with purity Do not just practice yoga from time to time but make your life a Yogi life Do good n receive the fruit of that; become the master of your senses n overcome your weaknesses BKWSU 14
  • 15. 66 to 70 Principal Teachings Let go of whatever holds you in an unhealthy bondage n be a free soul Be the solution, not the problem Instead of excuses create solutions Be in your self respect n give regard to all Stay introverted n you will always be happy BKWSU 15
  • 16. 71 to 75 Principal Teachings Consider yourself to be a trustee not an owner Be a lotus flower, floating pure above the mud below Faith in the intellect makes you victorious n carefree Make your intellect pure, clean n simple Be humble with the consciousness of being an instrument for the one who does everything n inspires everything to be done BKWSU 16
  • 17. BKWSU 17