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Superdistribution by David Worlock
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Superdistribution by David Worlock


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Presentation by David Worlock at a May, 2010 publishing briefing hosted by MarkLogic in the UK. Copyright (c) David Worlock.

Presentation by David Worlock at a May, 2010 publishing briefing hosted by MarkLogic in the UK. Copyright (c) David Worlock.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Super-Distribution Community in Action/Content as a Service David R Worlock MarkLogic Briefing: May 2010 Copyright D.R. Worlock. All rights reserved 2010
  • 2. What do we want?
    • Loyal, locked in clients
    • Real learnings from client experience which we can apply to smaller players
    • Niche dominance to ensure that third party content reaches the client through us
    • Positioning that allows us to control the speed of innovation
    • The ability to price to value
  • 3. Super-Customization
    • Hand the API to the user
    • Invite users to recombine your content with theirs to create unique datasets, but using your tools
    • Seek to lock in support and update to secure resubscription and reliance
  • 4. … we network publish here too…
    • Make content fully searchable, and contextually open to third party content
    • Attach the applets that draw fresh value out of content in context
    • Generate the links and network tools
    • Release the taxonomy to secure users
    • Price to quality, not to format
  • 5. Content Integration Architecture Portal Personalization/Workflow Integration Layer Data Warehouse User-Created Content CMS Repository Content Authoring Search/ Browse Collaboration Viewing/ Analysis Content Layer Web Content Purchased Content Ent. Job Function CMS Tagging/ Taxonomies Access Control XML and Web Services Users Search Engines Integration Tools Portal Personalization/Workflow Integration Layer Content Layer Users Portal Personalization/Workflow Integration Layer Content Layer
  • 6. Information Services and Solutions Value Model User Desktop Integrated Content Solutions Mapping and Visualization Abstracting and Indexing Secondary Content - review articles, encyclopaedias, textbooks, monographs, conference proceedings Primary Research - journal articles, report, published correspondence, market research, statistical reporting, ‘grey’ literature High Level Analytics Decision Support
  • 7. Case Studies
  • 8. Compliance and Risk Management
    • Frontline is security (Government) and insurance
    • No natural limit to size/coverage of data collections
    • Data mining and inference rules at the core
    • Predictive analysis from mix of structured and unstructured data
    • Drives extensions into automated response activity, audit, and continuing education requirements
  • 9. Sector Players
    • Reed Elsevier: Seisint and Choicepoint. Key sectors are government and insurance. Key requirement is ever-extending personal data coverage
    • Thomson Reuters: ClearForest and OpenCalais. Moving beyond financial services. Automated real time response is key concern
    • Complinet: Personalized systems for regulated markets. Audit and education
  • 10. Healthcare
    • Support for hospital and insurer workflow
    • Risk reduction through patient record integration
    • Ensuring that latest research available at diagnostic decision point
    • Critical time factors – 8 minutes at the bedside
    • Critical malpractice issues: 5% of diagnosis is wrong
  • 11. Healthcare Sector Players
    • WK Health ProVation and UpToDate Diagnostic interface integrating to order sets and drug supply chain
    • Thomson Reuters. Evidence-based prediction via MedStat
    • Map of Medicine. Uniformity in the UK NHS. Acquired by Hearst Business
    • Evidence-based medicine – the critical resources of Zynx, BMJ Clinical Evidence etc.
  • 12. Supply Chain Management and Improvement
    • Aspiration to tackle whole chain has failed
    • Productivity and procurement intelligence are still vital
    • Small segment improvement is hard to measure – and sell
    • Concentration on purchasing decisions may be misleading
  • 13. Supply Chain Players
    • Credit Rating – major efforts from D&B, Experian and Equifax
    • Bids and tenders management raises critical issues McGraw Hill Construction bids management integrates standards, specs, and contract/bid management for top 25 sector players
    • Use a universal sector baseline – GlobalSpec and engineering design
    • Watch social media, procurement recommendations/directories – BrownBook, Qype
  • 14. Two prerequisites for change…
    • You must give up a product mindset and take on a services and solutions view of your content
    • … and you have to be confident that you know what your customers do for a living – on the network, but also in real life – to be able to envisage helping them in this way
  • 15. Remember…
    • It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change
    • Charles Darwin
  • 16. Thanks for listening!
    • Contact David Worlock at [email_address]
    • Tel 07836361873
    • On Twitter at dworlock
    • And come to