Cloud computig systems
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Cloud computig systems



Cloud computing system

Cloud computing system



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Cloud computig systems Cloud computig systems Presentation Transcript

  • This document is intended for only AVEA İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.("AVEA"), its dealers, employees and/or others specifically authorised. The contents of this document are confidential and any disclosure, copying, distribution and/or taking any action in reliance with the content of this document is prohibited. AVEA is not liable for the transmission of this document in any manner to any third parties that are not authorised to receive. CLOUD_COMPUTING_ SYSTEMS Ramazan FIRIN 08.05.2014
  • 2 AGENDA • Cloud Computing • Amazon Web Services • Google Cloud • Windows Azure
  • 3 What is Cloud Computing? Delivery of on-demand computing resources, everything from applications to data centers, over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis. View slide
  • 4 Cloud Types View slide
  • 5 Operational costs 5
  • 6 Benefits of Cloud • Capex to opex • Lower total cost • You dont need guess capacity • İncriese innovation • go global 6
  • 7 Future OF Cloud 7
  • 8 Cloud Systems • Amazon Web Services • Google Cloud • Windows Azure
  • 9 Amazon web services
  • 10 Benefits of AWS • Elastic • Complatelly controlled • Flexible • Reliable • Secure • İnexpensive
  • 11 Security of AWS 11
  • 12 Amazon Networking
  • 13 Amazon Compute 13
  • 14 Amazon EC2
  • 15 Ec2 Instance Types
  • 16 Amazon Big Data
  • 17 Amazon Database
  • 18 Amazon Deployments
  • 19 Amazon Storage
  • 20 Amazon Applications on Service
  • 21 Redshift 21
  • 22 Ec2 Web Architecture
  • 23 AWS Global Infrastructure
  • 24 Google Cloud Platform 24
  • 25 Google Compute Engine 25
  • 26 Storage 26
  • 27 Big Data 27
  • 28 Services 28
  • 29 Deployment Manager 29
  • 30 Big Query
  • 31 Big Query • Based on Dremel • Columnar storage • Support csv and json loading data • SQL support • Analytics spesific function • Pricing for data processed for each colunm • 1 TB processed data is 5 USD • Restful support • select count(*) from publicdata:samples.wikipedia where REGEXP_MATCH (title, ‘[0-9]*’) AND wp_namespace = 0; • 223,163,387 result in 3 sec , 9 gb processsed data 31
  • 32 Predection Api • Machine learning • Restful support • Use train model • Predictive in real time • Customer sentimel analysis • Message routing decision • Recommendation systems • Spam detection 32
  • 33 Windows Azure 33
  • 34 Thanks