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Evaluation question 3 ( what have you learned from
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Evaluation question 3 ( what have you learned from

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  • 1. Evaluation-Question 3 ( What have you lea
  • 2. I wanted to gain some feedback from our targetaudience (aged 15-23 years), on my poster andmagazine cover for our group trailer‘Obsession’. I felt that the easiest way to get the relevantaudience’s reaction to my work was throughsocial networking. I posted my images onFacebook asking for feedback, and quicklyreceived comments stating what my targetaudience liked about the pieces, and things thatthey would change. I felt this was verybeneficial to my work, as it allowed me to caterthe poster and magazine directly toward theaudience I wanted to attract most.
  • 3. My group also created a twitter account(@ObsessionA2Media) where weupdated followers on the progress of thetrailer and the promotional pieces, andposted the final images to gain furtherfeedback from a different audience togive us a variation of opinions.Gaining feedback through socialnetworking websites also allowed us totalk with other media groups(@TheLastLaugh), and we couldcomment on their work and I couldtherefore highlight how to make myposter and magazine more unique,professional and relevant.
  • 4. When we showed our trailer to a range ofdifferent people from within our targetaudience, we gained their immediateopinion of our trailer. Overall the responsewas very positive, a lot of peoplecommented on our use of discontinuousediting in the second half of the trailer,during the period of disequilibrium, andhow the pace of the trailer increasing hada real impact on the tone of the trailer andmade it very exciting and engaging.The majority of people agreed that thefilm being shot mostly in the dark was thecorrect decision, as they believed if it wasshot during the day it would appear lessrealistic.
  • 5. We used our market research to makesure our products were cateredtowards our target audience. Theresearch revealed that our targetaudience voted fear of the unknown asthe thing which scares them most, withthis in mind we created a killer whowas mysterious, with no identity andconvey them as a constant threat. Wealso found out that they are mostinterested in films which they canrelate to and portray a sense ofrealism, this is why we opted to set tomake the killer go after a girls whichare of a similar age to the audience.