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  • 1. 8105 Greys Anatomy (Season 5) (6 DVDs)8106 Gossip Girl (Season 2) (7 DVDs)8107 Skins (Season 3) (4 DVDs)8108 Smallville (Season 8) (6 DVDs)8109 Firefly (4 DVDs)8110 Early Edition (Season 1) (6 DVDs)8111 Early Edition (Season 2) (6 DVDs)8112 Early Edition (Season 3) (6 DVDs)8113 Early Edition (Season 4) (6 DVDs)8114 90210 (Season 1) (6 DVDs)8115 Carnivale (Season 1) (6 DVDs)8116 Carnivale (Season 2) (6 DVDs)8117 Dead Like Me (Season 2) (5 DVDs)8118 John Doe (Season 1) (6 DVDs)8119 Wit8120 Bones (Season 3) (5 DVDs)8121 Bones (Season 4) (9 DVDs)8122 Two And A Half Men (Season 6) (6 DVDs)8123 Mad Men (Season 2) (5 DVDs)8124 Pushing Daisies (Season 1) (3 DVDs)8125 American Dad! © (Season 2) (4 DVDs)8126 American Dad! © (Season 3) (3 DVDs)8127 Ben 10 © (Cartoon Network) (2 DVDs)8128 Camp Lazlo © (Cartoon Network) (2 DVDs)8129 Codename: Kids Next Door © (Cartoon Network)8130 Johnny Bravo © (Cartoon Network)8131 Casper © (Cartoon Network) (2 DVDs)8132 Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends © (Cartoon Network)8133 Life and Times of Juniper Lee, the © (Cartoon Network)8134 Megas XLR © (Cartoon Network) (2 DVDs)8135 Powerpuff Girls , the © (Cartoon Network)8136 My Gym Partners a Monkey © (Cartoon Network)8137 Scooby Doo © (Cartoon Network)8138 Skung Fu © (Cartoon Network)8139 Squirrel Boy © (Cartoon Network)8140 Cramp Twins, the © (Cartoon Network)8141 Melody © (Cartoon Network)8142 All Through the Night8143 Nathalie Granger8144 Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte8145 They Died with Their Boots On8146 Courtship of Eddies Father, the8147 Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, the8148 Il Divo8149 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home8150 Son of Monte Cristo, the + Captain Kidd8151 Time of Your Life, the + A Farewell to Arms8152 Scarlet Pimpernel, the + The Black Pirate8153 Kansas City8154 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street8155 Ashes of Time Redux8156 Carrie8157 Worlds Strongest Men, the (Capture) (2 DVDs)8158 Worlds Strongest Men, the (Capture)8159 Worlds Strongest Men, the (Capture)8160 Worlds Strongest Men, the (Capture)8161 Worlds Strongest Men, the (Capture) (3 DVDs)8162 Worlds Strongest Men, the (Capture)
  • 2. CINEMA-PARADISECode Name YearN-001 Unforgiven , The (2 Audio Language) 1960N-002 Sand Pebbles , The (2 DVDs) 1966N-003 For Whom The Bell Tolls (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language)1943N-004 Five Card Stud 1968N-005 On Her Majestys Secret Service 1969N-006 Abominable Dr. Phibes , The 1971N-007 Audry Rose 1977N-008 Marseille Contract , The 1974N-009 Elmer Gantry , (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) 1960N-010 Shining , The (2 Audio Language) 1980N-011 Poseidon Adventure , The 1972N-012 Pardners 1956N-013 Egyptian , The (2 Audio Language) 1954N-014 She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (2 Audio Language) 1949N-015 Boys From Brazil , The (2 Audio Language) 1978N-016 Great Race , The (2 Audio Language) 1965N-017 Missouri Breaks , The 1976N-018 Eye Of The Devil 1967N-019 Hustler , The 1961N-020 Grand Prix 1966N-021 Bite The Bullet (2 Audio Language) 1975N-022 Terrorists , The 1945N-023 Towering Inferno , The (2 Audio Language) 1974N-024 Hallelujah Trail , The 1965N-025 Goodbye Girl , The 1977N-026 Tora! Tora! Tora! (2 Audio Language) 1970N-027 Little Big Man (2 Audio Language) 1970N-028 East Of Eden 1955N-029 Island Of Dr. Moreau , The 1977N-030 Farewell My Lovely 1975N-031 Blazing Saddles (2 Audio Language) 1974N-032 Boeing Boeing (2 Audio Language) 1965N-033 Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (2 Audio Language) 1974N-034 Sucker , The ( Le Corniaud ) 1965N-035 Love And Bullets (2 Audio Language) 1979N-036 Guns For San Sebastian , (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) 1968N-037 Medusa Touch, The (2 Audio Language) 1978
  • 3. N-038 Le Samourai (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1967N-039 Sons Of Katie Elder , The (2 Audio Language) 1965N-040 Penelope 1966N-041 Man Who Shot Liberty Valance , The 1962N-042 A Man Called Horse 1970N-043 Man Without A Star 1955N-044 All The Fine Young Cannibals (2 Audio Language) 1960N-045 First Blood 1982N-046 Zorba The Greek (2 Audio Language) 1964N-047 Errand Boy , The 1961N-048 Left Handed Gun , The 1958N-049 Eiger Sunction , The 1975N-050 Lo Chiamavano Bulldozer 1978N-051 Italian Job , The 1969N-052 Disorderly Orderly , The (2 Audio Language) 1964N-053 Collector , Thee (2 Audio Language) 1965N-054 New York , New York (2 Audio Language) 1977N-055 Seven Days In May 1964N-056 Three On A Couch (2 Audio Language) 1966N-057 Serpico (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1973N-058 Enemy At The Gates (2 Voices & More Subtitles) 2001N-059 Big Mouth , The 1967N-060 Concorde Airport 79 1979N-061 Soylent Green 1973N-062 Beloved , The (Sin) 1970N-063 Goliath And The Barbarians 1959N-064 Murder By Death 1976N-065 Billy Two Hats 1974N-066 Operation Crossbow 1965N-067 Last Train From Gun Hill (2 Audio Language) 1959N-068 Asphalt Jungle , The 1950N-069 Mechanic , The 1972N-070 Widow Couderc , The (2 Audio Language) 1971N-071 Topkapi (2 Audio Language) 1964N-072 Trapeze (2 Audio Language) 1956N-073 La Bella Mugnaia (The Millers Beautifull Wife) 1955N-074 Prince Who Was A Thief , The 1951N-075 Rollerball 1975N-076 Thief Of Baghdad , The 1924N-077 Prize , The 1963
  • 4. N-078 Patsy ,The (2 Audio Language) 1964 N-079 Predator 1987 N-080 Major Dundee 1965 N-081 La Grande Vadrouille 1966 N-082 Searchers , The (2 Audio Language) 1956D-001 A Man For All Seasons 1966D-002 A Streetcar Named Desire (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1951D-003 A Song Is Born (2 Audio Language) 1948D-004 Adela H.D-005 Bible , The (2 Audio Language) 1966D-006 Bonnie And Clyde 1967D-007 Breakfast At Tiffanys (2 Audio Language) 1961D-008 Bridge On The River Kwai ,The (2 Audio Language) + 1957 Sub FarsiD-009 Brubaker 1980D-010 Bullitt (2 Audio Language) 1968D-011 Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (2 Audio Language) 1969D-012 Casablanca (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1942D-013 Casino Royale 1967D-014 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof 1958D-015 Charade 1963D-016 Charlottes Web 1973D-017 Citizen Kane (+Per Sub) 1941D-018 Close Encounters On The Third Kind 1977D-019 Court Jester , The 1956D-020 Daddy Long Legs 1955D-021 Day Of The Jackal , The 1973D-022 Desiree (2 Audio Language) 1954D-023 E.T. (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1982D-024 El Cid (2 Audio Language) 1961D-025 Fall Of The Roman Empire 1964D-026 Family Plot 1976D-027 Fiddler On The Roof 1971D-028 Final Countdown , The 1980D-029 Fortune Cookie , The 1966D-030 French Connection , The (2 Audio Language) 1971D-031 Godfather , The (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1972D-032 Godfather , The Part.II (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) 1974D-033 Godfather , The Part.III 1990D-034 Gone With The Wind (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1939D-035 Great Dictator , The 1940
  • 5. D-036 Great Escape (2 Audio Language) 1963D-037 Great Gatsby , The 1974D-038 Helen Of Troy 2003D-039 High Noon 1952D-040 Hunchback Of Notre Dame 1956D-041 Irma La Douce (2 Audio Language) 1963D-042 Kramer Vs. Kramer (2 Audio Language) 1979D-043 Night of the Generals , the 1967D-044 Busy Buses © 2006D-045 Le Clan Des Siciliens 1969D-046 Lion In Winter 1968D-047 Long Hot Summer , The 1958D-048 Love And Death 1975D-049 Magnificent Seven , The (2 Audio Language) 1960D-050 Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh © 1977D-051 Marathon Man 1976D-052 Miracle Worker , The 1962D-053 Mutiny On The Bounty (2 DVDs) 1962D-054 Niagara (2 Audio Language) 1953D-055 North By Northwest (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub1959D-056 Notorious (2 Audio Language) 1946D-057 Oceans Eleven 1960D-058 Odessa File , The 1974D-059 Omen , The (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1976D-060 Omen II 1978D-061 On The Waterfront (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1954D-062 1975 One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest (2 Audio Language) (+ Farsi Sub)D-063 Papillon 1973D-064 Pink Panther, The 1963D-065 Pocketful Of Miracles 1961D-066 Psycho (2 Audio Language) + Per Sub 1960D-067 Rebecca (2 Audio Language) + Per Sub 1940D-068 Rio Lobo 1970D-069 River Of No Return 1954D-070 Robe , The 1953D-071 Rocky (2 Audio Language) 1976D-072 Roman Holiday (2 Audio Language) 1953D-073 Sabrina (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1954D-074 Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (2 Audio Language) 954 1D-075 Seven Year Itch , The (2 Audio Language) 1955
  • 6. D-076 Shalako 1968D-077 Silent Movie 1976D-078 Sound Of Music, The (2 DVDs) 1965D-079 Spellbound (2 Audio Language) 1945D-080 Sting, The (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1973D-081 Strangers On A Train 1951D-082 Superman 1978D-083 Ten Commendments (2 Audio Language) (2 DVDs) 1956D-084 This Property Is Condemned 1966D-085 Untouchables , The 1987D-086 Vera Cruz (2 Audio Language) 1954D-087 Victory 1981D-088 War Wagon , The 1967D-089 Whos Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? 1966D-090 Wild Bunch (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) (+ Farsi Sub) 1969D-091 Z 1969D-092 Professionals , The 1966D-093 Wind And The Lion , The 1975D-094 Thief Who Come To Dinner , The 1973D-095 China Town (2 Audio Language) (+ Farsi Sub) 1974D-096 Hatari! 1962D-097 Dog Day Afternoon (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1975D-098 Spartacus (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1960D-099 Khartoum 1966D-100 Bananas (2 Audio Language) 1971D-101 Good , The Bad , The Ugly , The (2 Audio Language) 1966D-102 Love Story (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1970D-103 Samson And Delilah (2 Audio Language) 1949D-104 Dr. Strangelove (2 Audio Language) (+ Farsi Sub) 1964D-105 Deer Hunter (2 Audio Language) (+ Farsi Sub) 1978D-106 Thomas Crown Affair , The 1968D-107 Comancheros , The 1961D-108 Gandhi (2 Audio Language) 1982D-109 Paths Of Glory (2 Audio Language) 1957D-110 Adventures Of Robin Hood (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1938D-111 Taras Bulba 1962D-112 Prince And The Pauper , The 1937D-113 Once Upon A Time In The West (2 Audio Language) 1968D-114 Star Wars , Episode V (Empire Strikes Back) 1980D-115 Cool Hand Luke 1967
  • 7. D-116 Breakheart Pass (2 Audio Language) 1975D-117 Taming Of The Shrew , The 1967D-118 Solomon And Sheba (2 Audio Language) 1959D-119 Cat Ballou 1965D-120 Mary Poppins (2 Audio Language) 1964D-121 Herculs Unchained 1959D-122 Macbeth 1971D-123 Chase , The 1966D-124 Where Eagles Dare 1968D-125 Earthquake (2 Audio Language) 1974D-126 Kellys Heroes (2 Audio Language) 1970D-127 After The Fox 1966D-128 When Love Has Gone 1964D-129 GangD-130 Incredibles , The © 2004D-131 Behold A Pole Horse (2 Audio Language) 1964D-132 Pocahontas 1995D-133 Red Sun (2 Audio Language) 1971D-134 Awara 1986D-135 Baghban 2003D-136 Never On Sunday 1960D-137 Brain , The 1969D-138 Nutty Professor , The 1963D-139 Demetrius And The Gladiators 1954D-140 Man With The Golden Gun , The 1974D-141 My Name Is Nobody (2 Audio Language) 1973D-142 Dirty Dozen , The (2 Audio Language) 1967D-143 Le Circle Rouge 1970D-144 Kiss Of The Dragon (+ Farsi Sub) 2001D-145 Wrong Man , The 1956D-146 Goldfinger (007) (2 Audio Language) (+ Farsi Sub) 1964D-147 Bionicle 3 : Web Of Shadows © (2 Audio Language) 2005D-148 A Shot In The Dark (2 Audio Language) 1964D-149 Airport 1970D-150 Sinbad And Legend Of The Seven Seas © 2003D-151 13 Femmes Pour Casano (2 Audio Language) 1977D-152 Diamonds Are Forever (2 Audio Language) 1971D-153 Alvarez Kelly 1966D-154 Robots© 2005D-155 Home On The Range 2004
  • 8. D-156 Cabaret (2 Audio Language) (+ Farsi Sub) 1972D-157 Mr. 420 1955D-158 Sholay 1975D-159 Ronin (2 Audio Language) 1998D-160 West Side Story (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) 1961D-161 To Have And Have Not 1944D-162 Emperors New Groove © 2000D-163 Kill Bill Part.I 2003D-164 Touch , The (2 Audio Language) 2002D-165 Madagascar © 2005D-166 Lady and the Tramp II © 2001D-167 Vikings , The (2 Audio Language) 1958D-168 Once Upon A Time In Mexico (2 Audio Language) 2003D-169 Rio Bravo (2 Audio Language) 1959D-170 All The Presidents Men (2 Audio Language) 1976D-171 Treasure Planet© 2002D-172 Exorcist , The (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1973D-173 Millionairess , the 1960D-174 My Fair Lady (2 Audio Language) 1964D-175 Shrek II © 2004D-176 Aah 1953D-177 Sharks Cave , The 1978D-178 Where Does It Hurt? 1972D-179 Hard Times (2 Audio Language) 1975D-180 Ben-Hur 1959D-181 For A Few Dollars More (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1965D-182 For Your Eyes Only (007) (2 Audio Language) + Farsi 1981 SubD-183 Annie Hall 1977D-184 Rocky II (2 Audio Language) 1979D-185 Fillinies Roma 1972D-186 Garfield The Movie 2004D-187 Break Out 1975D-188 Brother Bear © 2003D-189 Frenzy 1972D-190 Cindrella II © 2002D-191 Shrek © 2001D-192 Last Samurai , The 2003D-193 Monsters Inc. © 2001D-194 Finding Nemo© 2003D-195 Dungeons & Dragons 2000
  • 9. D-196 English Patient , The (2 Audio Language) 1996D-197 Man From Laramie, The (2 Audio Language) 1955D-198 King And I , the (2 Audio Language) 1956D-199 Treasure Of The Sierra Madre , The 1948D-200 From Russia With Love (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1963D-201 Lion King 1.5 © 2004D-202 Jimmy Neutron © 2001D-203 Ice Age © 2002D-204 Duplex (J. Co.) 2003D-205 Bean (J. Co.) 1997D-206 Appleseed © 2004D-207 Barbie , Prince And The Pauper , The 1960D-208 Vertical Limit 2000D-209 Invitation To A Gunfighter 1964D-210 Mulan II © 2004D-211 Green Mile , The (2 Audio Language) 1999D-212 Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2 Audio Language) 2005D-213 City By The Sea (J. Co.) 2002D-214 Oliver And Company © 1988D-215 Chatos Land (2 Audio Language) 1972D-216 Jungle book II , The © 2003D-217 Shane (2 Audio Language) 1953D-218 Fargo (S. Co.) 1999D-219 Mimic (J. Co.) 1997D-220 Tarzan II © 2005D-221 Magic Sword , The ©D-222 Chocolate (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) 2000D-223 K-Pax (2 Audio Language) 2000D-224 Seven (2 Audio Language) 1995D-225 Taxi (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1998D-226 Driven (R. Co.) 2001D-227 Gangs Of New York (2 Audio Language) 2002D-228 Spy Game (2 Audio Language) 2001D-229 Return To Neverland 2002D-230 Titan A.E. © 2000D-231 OtelloD-232 Samurai X© 1996D-233 Corpse Bride © 2005D-234 Dragon Blade © 2005D-235 Caspers Haunted Christmas © 2000
  • 10. D-236 Robin Hood (old) (2 Audio Language)D-237 Chicken Run © 2000D-238 Spirited Away © 2001D-239 Wallace & Gromit (The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit) © 2005D-240 Shark Tale© 2004D-241 Star Wars - Clone Wars 2003D-242 Chicken Little © 2005D-243 G.I. Blues 1960D-244 Red Heat 1988D-245 Ice Age : Meltdown © 2006D-246 Il Corsaro Nero (Black Pirate , the) (2 Audio Language)1971D-247 Mothman Prophecies 2002D-248 Valiant © 2005D-249 Toy Story 3 - Buzz Lightyear © 2000D-250 Barbie And The Magic Of Pegasus © 2005D-251 Barbie As Rapunzel © 2002D-252 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2 DVDs) 2002D-253 Laurel & Hardy (2 DVDs) -D-254 Lord Of War 2005D-255 Batman - Mystery Of The Batwoman © 2003D-256 SabotageD-257 Secret Of Nimh , The © 1982D-258 Blood The Last Vampire © 2000D-259 Beauty And The Beast © 1991D-260 Animal 1977D-261 Un Flic (A Cop) (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1972D-262 Killers , The 1964D-263 Freud 1962D-264 Little Polar Bear , The © 2001D-265 Jis Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai (Hendi) 1960D-266 Antz© 1998D-267 Greatest Story Ever Told , The 1965D-268 Pickup On South Street 1953D-269 To Kill A Mockingbird (2 Audio Language) 1962D-270 Custer Of The West 1967D-271 Im For The Hippopotamus (J. Co.) 1979D-272 Tin Tin , Prisoners Of The Sun , The Seven Crystal Balls ©(J. Co.) -D-273 Tin Tin , Flight 714 , In America , The Shooting Star ©(J. Co.) -D-274 Tin Tin , The Castafiore Emeraid , And The Broken Ear ©(J. Co.) -D-275 Jeepers Creepers II 2003
  • 11. D-276 Scary Movie 3 2003D-277 Rocco And His Brothers (2 Audio Language) 1960D-278 Usual Suspects , The 1995D-279 La Strada 1954D-280 Guess Whos Coming To Dinner 1967D-281 They Shoot Horses, Dont They? (2 Audio Language) 1969D-282 Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) 1963D-283 Song Of Bernadette , The 1943D-284 Lord Of The Rings © 1978D-285 XXX II : The Next Level 2005D-286 Paycheck 2003D-287 Gloria 1999D-288 Peter Pan© 1953D-289 Barbie: Fairytopia© 2005D-290 Fox And The Hound , the© 1981D-291 Jack The Giant Killer 1962D-292 Tin Tin , King Ottokars Sceptre , The Black Island© (J. - Co.)D-293 Ball Of Fire 1941D-294 Spy Kids II (J. Co.) 2002D-295 Eagle : Wildlife Specials (Documentary) 2003D-296 Tin Tin , Land Of Black Gold , Crab With The Golden Claws© (J. Co.) -D-297 Lauras Star © 2004D-298 Pinocchio 3000 © 2004D-299 Hellboy 2004D-300 Desperado (2 Audio Language) 1995D-301 Road to Perdition 2002D-302 Long Kiss Goodnight , The 1996D-303 Secret Window (2 Audio Language) 2004D-304 Constantine 2005D-305 Brother Bear 2 © 2006D-306 Tarzan © 1999D-307 Cars © 2006D-308 Sicilian , The (J. Co.) 1987D-309 Monster House © 2006D-310 Everyones Hero © 2006D-311 Ant Bully , the © 2006D-312 Shark Bait © 2006D-313 Steamboy (Suchîmubôi) 2004D-314 Curious George © 2006D-315 Osmosis Jones 2001
  • 12. D-316 SpongeBob SquarePants Movie , The © 2004D-317 Crimson Rivers 2000D-318 Hoodwinked! © 2005D-319 Pink Panther Collection , the © -D-320 Over The Hedge© 2006D-321 Fanfan La Tulioe (J. Co.) 2003D-322 Truman Show 1997D-323 Shaolin Soccer (2 Audio Language) 2001D-324 Message : Story Of Islam , the (2 Audio Language) 1976D-325 Garfield : A Tail Of Two Kitties 2006D-326 Buffalo Soldier 2001D-327 Talented Mr. Ripley , The 1999D-328 Crying Freeman (J. Co.) 1995D-329 Letters From A Killer 1998D-330 Star Wars Episode II - Attack Of The Clones 2002D-331 Breathless (2 Audio Language) 1960D-332 China Strike Force (J. Co.) 2000D-333 Accidental Spy (J. Co.) 2001D-334 Terminator 2 (2 Audio Language) 1991D-335 California (2 Audio Language) 1977D-336 Air America (J. Co.) 1990D-337 Big Guns (J. Co.) 1973D-338 Straight Shooter (J. Co.) 1999D-339 Lost Command 1966D-340 Angel Eyes (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 2001D-341 Sleepless In Seattle (2 Audio Language) 1993D-342 Barbie Of Swan Lake© 2003D-343 Wild © 2006D-344 Barbie In The 12 Danicing Princesses © 2006D-345 Batman Vs. Dracula © 2005D-346 St. Ives 1976D-347 Intolerable Cruelty (2 Audio Language) + Per Sub 2003D-348 Kate And Leopold 2001D-349 Pulp Fiction (2 Audio Language) 1994D-350 Barnyard © 2006D-351 Khamoshi 1996D-352 Mulan © 1998D-353 Open Season © 2006D-354 Back To Gaya © 2004D-355 Tom And Jerry : Shiver Me Whiskers © 2006
  • 13. D-356 Big Boss , The 1981D-357 Asterix and the Vikings © 2006D-358 Total Recall 1990D-359 Amar , Akbar , Anthony (2 DVDs) 1977D-360 Torn Curtain (2 Audio Language) 1966D-361 Figliastra, La 1976D-362 Birth Of A Legend (Documentary) 1975D-363 Murder on the Orient Express (2 Audio Language) 1974D-364 A Bugs Life© 1998D-365 Aadmi (2 DVDs) 1968D-366 Stuart Little III : Call of the Wild © 2005D-367 Lock Up 1989D-368 Enter The Dragon (2 Audio Language) 1973D-369 Blazing Sun (Purple Noon) (2 Audio Language) 1960D-370 13th Warrior (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Subtitle 1999D-371 Taxi II (2 Audio Language) 2000D-372 Insomnia (2 Audio Language) 2002D-373 Mackennas Gold (2 Audio Language) 1969D-374 Story Of Chinese Gods , the © (SVCD) 1976D-375 Transporter , The 2002D-376 Ringu (Chinese Version Of "The Ring" Movie) (SVCD)1998D-377 Jungle book , The © 1967D-378 Rivers And Tides (Documentary) 2001D-379 In Hell (2 Audio Language) 2003D-380 House Of Exorcism , the 1973D-381 Pledge , The 2001D-382 Prince Of Egypt © 1998D-383 Happy Feet © (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) 2006D-384 Steal 2002D-385 War And Peace (2 DVDs) 1968D-386 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 1937D-387 Guns Of Navarone , The (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) 961 1D-388 A Clockwork Orange (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub1971D-389 Flicka 2006D-390 Funny Lady 1975D-391 Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone 2001D-392 Where Love Has Gone 1964D-393 Pinocchio © (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1940D-394 Sargozasht-e Football (Russia Film) 1975D-395 Children of Sanchez , The (VCD Quality) 1978
  • 14. D-396 Sharks Treasure 1975D-397 Polar Express , The © 2004D-398 Final Fantasy Vii © 2005D-399 Emperors New Groove 2 , The © 2000D-400 101 Dalmatians II 2003D-401 Kim Possible © 2002D-402 Bon Voyage 2003D-403 Life Of David Gale (2 Audio Language) 2003D-404 Sleeper 1973D-405 Barry Lyndon (2 DVDs) 1975D-406 Fool Proof (2 Audio Language) 2003D-407 They Call Me Mister Tibbs! 1970D-408 Jeremiah Johnson 1972D-409 Chinese Connection 1972D-410 Return Of The Dragon 1972D-411 Game Of Death 1978D-412 Hana-bi 1997D-413 Jimmy Neutron , Boy Genius , When Pants AttackD-414 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 1937D-415 Big Sleep , The (2 Audio Language) 1978D-416 King Kong 1976D-417 Scarecrow 1973D-418 A High Wind In Jamaica 1965D-419 About Schmidt 2002D-420 Mad Adventures Of Robbi Jacob , the 1973D-421 Breakdown 1997D-422 Sauvage , the (La Sauvage) 1975D-423 Freud 1962D-424 Le Doulos 1962D-425 Imitation Of Life , the 1959D-426 Sheepman , the 1958D-427 Innocents , the 1961D-428 Bunny Lake Is Missing 1965D-429 Hangman Also Die! 1943D-430 Score , The 2001D-431 Papillon (2 Voices) 1973D-432 Others , The (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 2001D-433 Nightcomers , the 2001D-434 Scorpion King , The (Movie Channel) 2002D-435 Ballad Of A Soldier 1959
  • 15. D-436 Master And Comander (2 Audio Language) 2003D-437 2003 LXG - League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2 Audio Language) (+ Farsi Sub)D-438 Basic 2003D-439 Secret , The (Documentary) (2 Audio Language) +Farsi Subtitle 2006D-440 Hollywood Homicide (2 Audio Language) 2003D-441 Dersu Uzala 1975D-442 Once A Thief (2 Audio Language) 1965D-443 Viva Zapata 1952D-444 Al Pacino 2007D-445 A Stitch In Time (2 Audio Language) 1963D-446 Tin Tin , Red Sea Sharks -D-447 Tin Tin , Red Rackhams Treasure -D-448 Tin Tin , Calculus Affair -D-449 Tin Tin , Cigars Of Pharoh -D-450 Tin Tin , Destination Moon -D-451 Tin Tin , Explorers On The Moon -D-452 Tin Tin , In Tibet -D-453 Tin Tin , And The Picaros -D-454 Tin Tin , The Blue Lotus -D-455 Tin Tin , The Secret Of The Unicorn -D-456 Sin Eater 2003D-457 Spy Kids - 3D Game Over 2003D-458 Doctor Zhivago (2 Audio Language) 1965D-459 Julia (2 Audio Language) 1977D-460 Yakuza , the (2 Audio Language) 1974D-461 Killer Instinct (Documentary) -D-462 Wonders Of The World , the (Documentary) -D-463 Grizzly Man 2005D-464 Underworld 2003D-465 Cinderfella (S Co.) 1960D-466 Antichrist (Tempter , the) (2 Audio Language) 1974D-467 Departed , The 2006D-468 Man Who Knew Too Much , The 1956D-469 Garden Of Evil (2 Audio Language) 1954D-470 Cassandra Crossing, the (2 Audio Language) 1976D-471 Maltese Falcon , the (2 Audio Language) 1941D-472 Pickpocket 1959D-473 Getaway , The (2 Audio Language) 1972D-474 Barabbas 1962D-475 Cape Fear 1962
  • 16. D-476 Cinema Paradiso (2 DVDs) 1988D-477 Godsend , The (2 Audio Language) 2004D-478 Alpagueur, L (Hunter Will Get You) 1976D-479 Equilibrium (2 Audio Language) 2002D-480 World Of Apu , the (2 Audio Language) 1959D-481 Open Range (2 Audio Language) 2003D-482 Duel In The Sun (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) 1946D-483 Dirty Harry (2 Audio Language) 1971D-484 Twisted (2 Audio Language) 2004D-485 Live Wire (2 Audio Language) 1992D-486 Animal , The (2 Audio Language) 2001D-487 Cable Guy , The (2 Audio Language) 1996D-488 Black Knight (2 Audio Language) 2001D-489 Enigma (2 Audio Language) 2001D-490 Hollow Man II (2 Audio Language) 2006D-491 Outlaw Jessy Wales , The (2 Audio Language) 1976D-492 Net 2.0 , the (2 Audio Language) 2006D-493 Rififi (2 Audio Language) 1955D-494 Jurassic Park (2 Audio Language) 1993D-495 Jurassic Park Ill (2 Audio Language) 2000D-496 So Close (2 Audio Language) 2002D-497 Dont Say A Word (2 Audio Language) 2001D-498 Matrix - Reloaded (2 Audio Language) 2003D-499 I , Robot (2 Audio Language) 2004D-500 Half Light (2 Audio Language) 2006D-501 Matrix , The (2 Audio Language) 1999D-502 Legend of Bagger Vance , The (2 Audio Language) 2000D-503 Man In The Iron Mask , The (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 1998D-504 Spider Man I (2 Audio Language) 2002D-505 Spider Man II (2 Audio Language) 2004D-506 Spider Man III (2 Audio Language) 2007D-507 Maximum Risk (2 Audio Language) 1996D-508 Aviator (2 Audio Language) 2004D-509 Autumn In New York (2 Audio Language) 2000D-510 Alone In The Dark (2 Audio Language) 2005D-511 Sea Wolves , The (2 Audio Language) 1980D-512 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban 2004D-513 Panic Room (2 Audio Language) 2001D-514 Hollow Man (2 Audio Language) 2000D-515 Assassins (2 Audio Language) 1995
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  • 20. D-636 Quiet Man , The (2 Audio Language) 1952D-637 Shrek The Third © (Shrek III) (SVCD) 2007 Star Wars : Empire Strikes Back (2 AudioD-638 1980 Language)D-639 Telefon 1977D-640 Pee-Wees Big Adventure (2 Audio Language) 1985D-641 Bourne Ultimatum , The (2 Audio Language) 2007D-642 Illusionist , The (2 Audio Language) 2006D-643 Transformers (2 Audio Language) 2007D-644 Simone (2 Audio Language) 2004D-645 Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui © 2004D-646 Flushed Away (2 Audio Language) 2006D-647 Meet The Robinsons © 2007D-648 A Perfect World (2 Audio Language) 1993D-649 At War With The Army (2 Audio Language) 1950D-650 Support Your Local Sheriff (2 Audio Language) 1969D-651 Swimming Pool 1969D-652 Ultimate Warrior 1975D-653 Umberto D. (2 Audio Language) 1952D-654 Biography (Peter Folk & Raymond Burr)D-655 Biography (Grace Kelly & Humphrey Bugart) ‫زندگینامه گریس کلی و همفری بوگارت‬D-656 Champ , the (2 Audio Language) 1979D-657 Deliverance (2 Audio Language) 1972D-658 Halleluiah Trail (2 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) 1965D-659 Julius Caesar (2 Audio Language) 1953D-660 Mera Naam Joker (My Name Is Joker) (2 DVDs) 1970D-661 Operation Crossbow (2 Audio Language) 1965D-662 Yellow Rolls Royce (2 Audio Language) 1964D-663 War And Peace (2 Audio Language) 1968D-664 8mm (2 Audio Language) 1999D-665 All The Kings Men (2 Audio Language) 2006D-666 Bourne Supremacy , The (2 Audio Language) 2004D-667 Corruptor , The (2 Audio Language) 1999D-668 Darkness Falls (2 Audio Language) 2003D-669 Fog , The (2 Audio Language) 2005D-670 French Connection II (2 Audio Language) 1975D-671 Gothika (2 Audio Language) 2003D-672 Hard Target (2 Audio Language) 1993D-673 Hostage (2 Audio Language) 2005D-674 Inside Man (2 Audio Language) 2006D-675 King Kong (2 Audio Language) 2005
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  • 27. D-916 Excess Baggage (2 Audio Language) 1997D-917 Family Man , The (2 Audio Language) 2000D-918 Fan Fan La Tulipe (2 Audio Language) 2003D-919 Freshman (2 Audio Language) 1990D-920 Gone Dark (2 Audio Language) 2003D-921 Good German (2 Audio Language) 2006D-922 Gridiron Gang (2 Audio Language) 2006D-923 Invisible , the (2 Audio Language) 2007D-924 Kid , The (2 Audio Language) 2000D-925 Lake Placid (2 Audio Language) 1999D-926 Little Man (2 Audio Language) 2006D-927 Marnie (2 Audio Language) 1964D-928 Michael Clayton (2 Audio Language) 2007D-929 Midnight Run (2 Audio Language) 1988D-930 Mindhunters (2 Audio Language) 2004D-931 Panic In The Streets (2 Audio Language) 1950D-932 Prestige , The (2 Audio Language) 2006D-933 Sugarland Express , The (2 Audio Language) 1974D-934 TMNT (SVCD) (2 Audio Language) 2007D-935 Twelve Monkeys (2 Audio Language) 1995D-936 Ugly Duckling And Me! , The © (2 Audio Language) 2006D-937 Urban Legend (2 Audio Language) 1998D-938 Walking Tall II (2 Audio Language) 2007D-939 When A Stranger Calls 2006D-940 Wild Strawberries (2 Audio Language) 1957D-941 Zorro (10 DVDs) (2 Audio Language) 1957D-942 There Will Be Blood (SVCD) (2 Audio Language) 2007D-943 Nell © (TV Series) (TV Capture) (3 DVDs)D-944 Anne Shirley © (TV Capture) (9 DVDs)D-945 Alp Story , the : My Annette © (TV Capture) (8 DVDs)1983D-946 Mera Saaya (VHS Capture) 1966D-947 Silent Partner (2 Audio Language) 1978D-948 Devil In A Blue Dress (2 Audio Language) 1995D-949 $ 1971D-950 101 Dalmatians © (2 Audio Language) 1961D-951 Art Of War, The (2 Audio Language) + Farsi Sub 2000D-952 Blue Belle (End of Innocence , the) (VHS Capture) 1976D-953 Cinderella © (2 Audio Language) 1950D-954 Happy Feet © (2 Audio Language) 2006D-955 Home Alone II (2 Audio Language) 1992
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  • 61. Filmhaye Doobleh Shodeh Name Director Primary Actor‫نابخشوده‬ John Huston Burt Lancaster‫دانه های شن‬ Robert Wise Steve McQueen‫زنگها برای که به صدا در می آیند‬ Sam Wood Gary Cooper‫پنج ورق سرنوشت‬ Henry Hathaway Dean Martin (007) ‫سرویس مخفی ملکه‬ Peter R. Hunt George Lazenby‫دکتر فیبس منفور‬ Robert Fuest Vincent Price‫ادری رز‬ Robert Wise Marsha Mason‫قرارداد مارسی‬ Robert Parrish Michael Caine‫المرگانتری‬ Richard Brooks Burt Lancaster‫درخشش‬ Stanley Kubrick Jack Nicholson‫ماجرای پوسایدون‬ Ronald Neame Gene Hackman‫تام قهرمان‬ Norman Taurog Dean Martin‫سینوهه‬ Michael Curtiz Jean Simmons‫دختری با روبان زرد‬ John Ford John Wayne‫پسران برزیل‬ Franklin J. Schaffner Gregory Peck‫مسابقه بزرگ‬ Blake Edwards Jack Lemmon‫میسوری میسوزد‬ Arthur Penn Marlon Brando‫چشم شیطان‬ J. Lee Thompson Deborah Kerr‫بیلیارد باز‬ Robert Rossen Paul Newman‫جایزه بزرگ‬ John Frankenheimer James Garner‫گلوله را گاز بگیر‬ Richard Brooks Gene Hackman‫باج‬ Caspar Wrede Sean Connery‫آسمان خراش جهنمی‬ John Guillermin Steve McQueen‫جادههای هاله لویا‬ John Sturges Burt Lancaster‫خداحافظی دختر‬ Herbert Ross Richard Dreyfuss‫تورا تورا تورا‬ Richard Fleischer Martin Balsam‫بزرگ مرد کوچک‬ Arthur Penn Dustin Hoffman‫شرق بهشت‬ Elia Kazan James Dean‫سرزمین دکتر مورو‬ Don Taylor Burt Lancaster‫قدرتمند‬ Dick Richards Robert Mitchum‫زینهای سوزان‬ Mel Brooks Cleavon Little‫بوئینگ بوئینگ‬ John Rich Jerry Lewis‫سر آلفردو گارسیا را برایم بیاورید‬ Sam Peckinpah Warren Oates‫هالو‬ Gérard Oury Louis de Funès‫عشق و گلوله‬ Stuart Rosenberg Charles Bronson‫توپ های سن سباستین‬ Henri Verneuil Anthony Quinn‫تماس شیطانی‬ Jack Gold Richard Burton
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  • 64. ‫فرار بزرگ‬ John Sturges Steve McQueen‫گتسبی بزرگ‬ Jack Clayton Robert Redford‫هلن قهرمان تروآ‬ Ronnie Kern Sienna Guillory‫بعدازظهر داغ‬ Bob Hardy Tom Skerritt‫گوژپشت نتردام‬ Jean Delannoy Anthony Quinn‫ایرما خوشکله‬ Billy Wilder Jack Lemmon‫کرایمر علیه کرایمر‬ Robert Benton Dustin Huffman‫شب ژنرالها‬ Anatole Litvak Peter OToole Terry Ward Brian Conley (Voice)‫دسته سیسیلیها‬ Henri Verneuil Alain Delon‫شیر در زمستان‬ Anthony Harvey Catharine Hepburn‫تابستان گرم و طولنی‬ Martin Ritt Paul Newman‫عشق و مرگ‬ Woody Allen Woody Allen‫هفت دلور‬ John Sturges Yul Brynner‫وینی پو‬ John Lounsbery Sebastian Cabot (Voice)‫ماراتون من‬ John Schlesinger Dustin Huffman‫معجزه گر‬ Arthur Penn Anne Bencraft‫شورش در کشتی بونتی‬ Lewis Milestone Marlon Brando‫آبشار نیاگارا‬ Henry Hathaway Marilyn Monroe‫شمال از شمال غربی‬ Alfred Hitchcock Gary Grant‫بدنام‬ Alfred Hitchcock Cary Grant‫یازده یار اوشن‬ Lewis Milestone Frank Sinatra‫پرونده اودسا‬ Ronald Neame Jon Voight‫طالع نحس‬ Richard Donner Gregory Peck‫(طالع نحس )قسمت دوم‬ Don Taylor William Holden‫در بارانداز‬ Elia Kazan Marlon Brando‫دیوانه ای از قفس پرید‬ Milos Forman Jack Nicholson‫پاپیون‬ Frank J. Shaffner Steve Mc Queen‫پلنگ صورتی‬ Blake Edwards Peter Sellers‫معجزه سیب‬ Frank Capra Glenn Ford‫روح‬ Alfred Hitchcock Anthony Perkins‫ربکا‬ Alfred Hitchcock Laurence Olivier‫ریو لوبو‬ Howard Hawks John Wayne‫رودخانه بدون بازگشت‬ Otto Preminger Marilyn Monroe‫خرقه‬ Henry Koster Richard Burton‫راکی‬ Bill Conti Sylvester Stallone‫تعطیلت رومی‬ William Wyler Gregory Peck‫سابرینا‬ Samuel Taylor Humphrey Bogart‫هفت عروس برای هفت برادر‬ Billy Wilder Marilyn Monroe‫خارش هفت ساله‬ Billy Wilder Marilyn Monroe
  • 65. ‫شالکو‬ Edward Dmytryk Sean Connery‫فیلم صامت‬ Mel Brooks Mel Brooks‫اشکها و لبخندها‬ Robert Wise Julie Andrerws‫طلسم شده‬ Alfred Hitchcock Joseph Cotton‫نیش‬ George Roy Hill Robert Redford‫بیگانگان در قطار‬ Alfred Hitchcock Farley Granger‫سوپر من‬ Richard Donner Marlon Brando‫ده فرمان‬ Cecil B. Demille Charlton Heston‫این ملک متروک شده‬ Sydney Pollock Robert Redford‫تسخیر ناپذیران‬ Brian De Palma Robert De Niro‫ورا کروز‬ Robert Aldrich Gary Cooper‫فرار بسوی پیروزی‬ John Huston Sylvester Stallone‫دلیجان آتش‬ Burt Kennedy John Wayne‫چه کسی از ویرجیانا ولف میترسد ؟‬ Mike Nichols Elizabeth Taylor‫این گروه خشن‬ Sam Peckinpah William Holden‫زد‬ Costa-Gavras Yves Montand‫حرفه ایها‬ Richard Brooks Burt Lancaster‫شیر و باد‬ John Milius Sean Connery‫دزدی که برای شام آمد‬ Bud Yorkin Ryan ONeal‫محله چینی ها‬ Roman Polanski Jack Nicholson‫!هاتاری‬ Howard Hawks John Wayne‫بعدازظهر سگی‬ Sidney Lumet Al Pacino‫اسپارتاکوس‬ Stanley Kubrick Kirk Douglas‫خارطوم‬ Basil Dearden Charlton Heston‫موزها‬ Woody Allen Woody Allen‫خوب ، بد ، زشت‬ Sergio Leone Clint Eastwood‫داستان عشق‬ Arthur Hiller Ryan ONeal‫سامسون و دلیله‬ Cecil B. Demille Hedy Lamarr‫دکتر استرنج لو‬ Stanley Kubrick Peter Sellers‫شکارجی گوزن‬ Michael Cimino Robert De Niro‫حماسه توماس کراون‬ Norman Jewison Steve Mac Queen‫کومانچروس‬ Michael Curtiz John Wayne‫گاندی‬ Richard AttenboroughBen Kingley‫مسیر افتخار‬ Stanley Kubrick Kirk Douglas‫ماجراهای رابین هود‬ Michael Curtiz Erol Flynn‫تاراس بولبا‬ J. Lee Thompson Tony Curtis‫شاهزاده و گدا‬ Richard Fleischer Charlton Heston‫روزی روزگاری در غرب‬ Sergio Leone Claudia Cardinale ‫جنگ ستارگان‬V Irvin Kershner Harrison Ford‫لوک خوش دست‬ Stuart Rosenberg Paul Newman
  • 66. ‫گذرگاه تاریک‬ Tom Gries Charles Bronson‫رام کردن زن سرکش‬ Franco Zeffirelli Elizabeth Taylor‫سلیمان و ملکه صبا‬ King Vidor Yul Brynner‫کت بالو‬ Elliot Silverstein Jane Fonda‫مری پاپینز‬ Robert Stevenson Julie Andrews‫هرکولها‬ Pietro Francisci Steve Reeves‫مکبث‬ Roman Polanski Jon Finch‫تعقیب‬ Arthur Penn Marlon Brando‫قلعه عقابها‬ Brian G. Hutton Richard Burton‫زمین لرزه‬ Mark Robson Charlton Heston‫هنگ قهرمانان‬ Brain G.Hutton Clint Eastwood‫به دنبال روباه‬ Vittorio De Sica Peter Sellers‫جائیکه عشق میرود‬ Edward Dmytryk Susan Hayward‫عبور از رودخانه گنگ‬‫شگفت انگیزها‬ Brad Bird Holly Hunter (Voice)‫اسب کهر را بنگر‬ Fred Zinnemann Gregory Peck‫پوکاهونتاس‬ Mike Gabriel Irene Bedard (Voice)‫آفتاب سرخ‬ Serge Lebeau Charles Bronson‫آواره‬ Anyat Ullah Khan Raj Kapoor‫باغبان‬ Ravi Chopra Amitab Bachan‫یکشنبه ها هرگز‬ Jules Dassin Melina Mercouri‫مغز متفکر‬ Gérard Oury Jean-Paul Belmondo‫پرفسور نخاله‬ Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis‫دیمیتریوس و گلدیاتورها‬ Delmer Daves Victor Mature‫مردی با طبانچه طلئی‬ Guy Hamilton Roger Moore‫نام من هیچکس‬ Tonino Valerii Henry Fonda‫دوازده مرد خبیث‬ Robert Aldrich Lee Marvin‫دایره سرخ‬ Jean Pierre Melville Alain Delon‫بوسه اژدها‬ Chris Nahon Jet Li‫مرد عوضی‬ Alfred Hitchcock Henry Fonda‫پنجه طلئی‬ Guy Hamilton Sean Connery David Molina Kathleen Barr (Voice)‫شلیک در تاریکی‬ Blake Edwards Peter Sellers‫فرودگاه‬ George Seaton Burt Lancaster‫سندباد و افسانه هفت دریا‬ Patrick Gilmore Brad Pitt (Voice)‫کازانو و 31 دختر خوشکل‬ Franz Antel Tony Curtis‫الماسها ابدیند‬ Guy Hamilton Sean Connery‫آلوارز کلی‬ Edward Dmytryk William Holden‫روباتها‬ Chris Wedge Halle Berry (Voice)‫خانه ای در مرتع‬ Will Finn G.W. Bailey (Voice)
  • 67. ‫کاباره‬ Bob Fosse Liza Minnelli420 ‫آقای‬ Raj Kapoor Raj Kapoor‫شعله‬ Ramesh Sippy Amitabh Bachchan‫رانین‬ John Frankenheimer Robert De Niro‫داستان وست ساید‬ Robert Wise Natalie Wood‫داشتن یا نداشتن‬ Howard Hawks Humphrey Bogart‫عادت جدید امپراطور‬ Mark Dindal David Spade (Voice)‫بیل را بکش‬ Quentin Tarantino Uma Thurman‫تماس‬ Peter Bau Michelle Yeoh‫ماداگاسکار‬ Eric Darnell Ben Stiller (Voice)‫بانوی ولگرد‬ Darrell Rooney Scott Wolf (Voice)‫وایکینگها‬ Richard Fleischer Kirk Douglas‫روزی روزگاری در مکزیک‬ Robert Rodriguez Antonio Banderas‫ریوبراو‬ Howard Hawks John Wayne‫همه مردان رئیس جمهور‬ Alan J. Pakula Robert Redford‫سیاره گنج‬ Ron Clements Roscoe Lee Browne (Voice)‫جن گیر‬ William Freidkin Ellen Burstin‫میلیونرها‬ Anthony Asquith Sophia Loren‫بانوی زیبای من‬ George Cukor Audrey Hepburn2 ‫شرک‬ Andrew Adamson Eddie Murphy (voice)‫آه‬ Raja Nawathe Raj Kapoor‫غار كوسه‬ Tonino Ricci Arthur Kennedy‫کجات درد میکنه ؟‬ Rodney Amateau Peter Sellers‫مبارزه گر‬ Walter Hill Charles Bronson‫بن هور‬ William Wyler Kirk Douglas‫بخاطر چند دلر بیشتر‬ Sergio Leone Clint Eastwood‫فقط بخاطر چشمان تو‬ Tom Pevsner Roger Moore‫آنی هال‬ Woody Alen Woody Alen2 ‫راکی‬ Bill Conti Sylvester Stallone‫روم فلینی‬ Federico Fellini Federico Fellini‫فیلم گارفیلد‬ Peter Hewitt Breckin Meyer‫تله مرگ‬ Tom Gries Charles Bronson‫برادر خرس‬ Aaron Blaise & Bob Walker Joaquin Phoenix (voice)‫جنون‬ Alfred Hitchcock John Finch‫سیندرل‬ John Kafka Jennifer Hale‫شرک‬ Andrew Adamson Mike Myers (voice)‫آخرین سامورائی‬ Edward Zwick Tom Cruise‫کمپانی هیولها‬ Peter Docter John Goodman(Voice)‫در جستجوی نیمو‬ Andrew Stanton Albert Brooks (Voice)‫سایه ها و اژدهاها‬ Courtney Solomon Jeremy Irons
  • 68. ‫بیمار انگلیسی‬ Anthony Minghella Ralph Fiennes‫مردی از لرامی‬ Anthony Mann James Stewart‫من و پادشاه‬ Walter Lang Yul Brynner‫گنجهای سیرا مادره‬ John Huston Humphrey Bugart‫از روسیه با عشق‬ Ian Fleming Sean Connery1.5 ‫شاه شیر‬ Bradley Reymond Nathan Lane (Voice)‫جیمی نوترون‬ John A. Davis Megan Cavanagh (Voice)‫عصر یخبندان‬ Chris Wedge Ray Romano(Voice)‫دوبلکس‬ Danny Devito Ben Stiller‫بین‬ Mel Smith Rowan Atkinson Shinji Aramaki Ai Kobayashi (voice)‫شاهزاده و گدا‬‫حد عمودی‬ Martin Campbell Izabella Scorupco Richard Wilson Yul Brynner2 ‫مولن‬ Darrell Rooney Ming-Na (Voice)‫مسیر سبز‬ Frank Darabont Tom Hanks‫آقا و خانم اسمیت‬ Doug Liman Brad Pitt‫شهر ساحلی‬ Michael Caton-Jones Robert De Niro‫اولیور و شرکا‬ George Scribner Joseph Lawrence (Voice) Michael Winner Charles Bronson2 ‫کتاب جنگل‬ Steve Trenbirth John Goodman(Voice) George Stevens Alan Ladd‫فارگو‬ Coen Brothers Frances McDormand‫تقلید‬ Guillermo del Toro Mira Sorvino2 ‫تارزان‬ Brian Smith Harrison Chad‫شمشیر جادویي‬‫شکلت‬ Lassee Hallstrom Juliette Binoche‫کی - بکس‬ Iain Softley Kevin Spacey‫هفت‬ David Fincher Brad Pitt‫تاکسی‬ Gérard Pirès Samy Naceri‫هدایت شده‬ Renny Harlin Silvester Stallone‫دارو دسته نیویورکی‬ Martin Scorsese Leonardo Dicaprio‫جاسوس بازی‬ Tony Scott Robert Redford‫بازگشت به سرزمین آرزوها‬ Robin Budd Harriet Owen (Voice)‫تایتان ای ای‬ Don Bluth Matt Damon(voice)‫اوتللو‬‫سامورایی ایکس‬ Kazuhiro Furuhashi Mayo Suzukaze (voice)‫عروس مرده‬ Tim Burton Johnny Depp‫دراگون بلید‬ Antony Szeto Karen Mok (Voice) Owen Hurley Brendon Ryan Barrett (Voice)
  • 69. ‫رابین هود‬‫فرار جوجه ای‬ Peter Lord Phil Daniels(voice)‫شهر ارواح‬ Hayao Miyazaki Rumi Hîragi(voice)‫والس و گرومیت‬ Steve Box Peter Sallis(voice)‫داستان کوسه ای‬ Bibo Bergeron Will Smith (Voice)‫جنگهای ستاره ای‬ Genndy Tartakovsky Tom Kan (Voice)‫جوجه کوچولو‬ Mark Dindal Zach Braff (Voice) Norma Taurog Elvis Presley‫داغ سرخ‬ Walter Hill Arnold Schwarzenegger2 ‫عصر یخبندان‬ Carlos Saldanha Ray Romano (Voice) Lorenzo Gicca Palli Terence Hill‫اعترافات مرد شاپرکی‬ Mark Pellington Richard Gere‫کبوتر دلور‬ Gary Chapman Ewan McGregor (Voice)3 ‫داستان اسباب بازی‬ Tad Stones Tim Allen (Voice) Greg Richardson Jessica Amlee(Voice)‫باربی - راپونزل‬ Owen Hurley Kelly Sheridan (Voice)‫هری پاتر و تالر اسرار‬ Chris Columbus Todd Arnow‫لورل و هاردی‬ Directors Collection Stan Laurel‫ارباب جنگ‬ Andrew Niccol Nicolas Cage‫بتمن‬ Curt Geda Kevin Conroy (Voice)‫خرابکاری‬ Don Bluth Derek Jacobi (Voice) Hiroyuki Kitakubo Youki Kudoh (voice)‫دیو و دلبر‬ Gary Trousdale Robby Benson (Voice)‫حیوان‬ Claude Zidi Jean-Paul Belmondo‫یک پلیس‬ Jean-Pierre Melville Alain Delon‫قاتلین‬ Don Siegel Lee Marvin‫تجسم‬ John Huston Montgomery Clift‫خرس قطبی کوچک‬ Piet De Rycker Mijail Verona (Voice) Radhu Karmakar Raj Kapoor‫مورچه ها‬ Eric Darnell Jennifer Lopez (Voice)‫ بزرگترین داستانی که تا به حال گفته شده‬George Stevens Loyal Griggs‫جیب بر خیابان جنوب‬ Samuel Fuller Richard Widmark‫کشتن مرغ مقلد‬ Robert Mulligan Gregory Peck Robert Siodmak Robert Shaw Italo Zingarelli Terence Hill‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice)‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice)‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) Victor Salva Ray Wise
  • 70. 3 ‫فیلم ترسناک‬ David Zucker Pamela Anderson‫روکو و برادرانش‬ Luchino Visconti Alain Delon‫مظنونین همیشگی‬ Bryan Singer Kevin Spacey Federico Fellini Anthony Quinn‫ حدس بزن چه کسی برای شام می آید‬Stanley Kramer Spencer Tracy‫ آنها به اسبها شلیک نمی کنند ، می کنند؟‬Sydney Pollack Jane Fonda‫لئوپارد‬ Luchino Visconti Burt Lancaster‫آواز برنادت‬ Henry King William Eythe‫آرباب حلقه ها‬ Ralph Bakshi Christopher Guard (Voice)2 ‫سه ایکس‬ Lee Tamahori Ice Cube John Woo Ben Affleck‫گلوریا‬ Sidney Lumet Sharon Stone‫پیترپن‬ Clyde Geronimi Bobby Driscoll (Voice) Walter P. Martishius Kelly Sheridan (Voice) Ted Berman Mickey Rooney(Voice)‫جک غول کش‬ Nathan Juran Kerwin Mathews‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) Howard Hawks Gary Cooper2 ‫بچه های جاسوس‬ Robert Rodriguez Antonio Banderas‫عقاب‬ Documentary‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice)‫ستاره لرا‬ Piet De Rycker Céline Vogt (voice)3000 ‫پینوکیو‬ Daniel Robichaud Raymond Bouchard(Voice)‫پسر جهنمی‬ Guillermo Del Toro Ron Perlman‫دسپرادو‬ Robert Rodriguez Antonio Banderas‫جاده ای به سوی تباهی‬ Sam Mendes Tom Hanks‫بوسه طولنی شب به خیر‬ Renny Harlin Geena Davis‫پنجره مخفی‬ David Koepp Johnny Depp‫کنستانتین‬ Francis Lawrence Keanu Reeves2 ‫برادر خرس‬ Ben Gluck Mandy Moore (voice)‫تارزان‬ Kevin Lima & Chris Buck Goldman (Voice) Tony‫ماشینها‬ John Lasseter Owen Wilson (Voice)‫سیسیلی‬ Michael Cimino Christopher Lambert ‫ خانه هیول‬Gil Kenan Mitchel Musso (Voice) ‫ قهرمان کوچک‬Christopher Reeve William H. Macy ‫ قلدر مورچه ها‬John A. Davis Julia Roberts (Voice) 2 ‫ داستان کوسه‬Howard E. Baker Freddie Prinze Jr. (Voice) ‫ پسر بخار‬Katsuhiro Ôtomo Anne Suzuki (Voice) ‫ جرج مصمم‬Matthew OCallaghan Will Ferrell(voice) ‫ اوسموسیس جونز‬Bobby Farrelly Chris Rock (voice)
  • 71. ‫باب اسفنجی‬ Stephen Hillenburg Tom Kenny (Voice) ‫رودخانه های سرخ‬ Mathieu Kassovitz Jean Reno Cory Edwards Anne Hathaway ‫پلنگ صورتی‬ Directors Collection ‫آن سوی حصار‬ Tim Johnson Bruce Willis (Voice) Gérard Krawczyk Vincent Perez ‫نمایش ترومن‬ Peter Weir Jim Carrey ‫فوتبال شائولین‬ Stephen Chow Stephen Chow ‫محمد رسول ال‬ Moustapha Akkad Anthony Quinn 2 ‫گارفیلد‬ Tim Hill Breckin Meyer ‫سربازان بوفالو‬ Gregor Jordan Ed Harris ‫استعداد آقای ریپلی‬ Anthony Minghella Matt Damon Christoph Gans Mark Dacascos ‫نامه هایي از یک قاتل‬ David Carson Patrick Swayze 2 ‫جنگهای ستاره ای‬ George Lucas Samuel L. Jackson Jean Luc Godard Jean Paul Belmondo Stanley Tong Aaron Kwok ‫جاسوس تصادفی‬ Teddy Chan Jackie Chan 2 ‫نابودگر‬ James Cameron Arnold Schwarzenegger ‫کالیفرنیا‬ Michele Lupo Chris Avram Roger Spottiswoode Mel Gibson ‫اسلحه بزرگ‬ Duccio Tessari Alain Delon Thomas Bohn Dennis Hopper ‫فرمان گمشده‬ Mark Robson Anthony Quinn ‫چشمان فرشته‬ Luis Mandoki Jennifer Lopez ‫بی خواب در سیاتل‬ Nora Ephron Tom Hanks ‫باربی - دریاچه قو‬ Owen Hurley Kelly Sheridan (voice) ‫حیات وحش‬ Steve Spaz Williams Kiefer Sutherland (voice) Greg Richardson Ashleigh Ball(voice) ‫بتمن علیه دراکول‬ Michael Goguen Jeff Bennett (voice) ‫سنت ایوه‬ J. Lee Thompson Charles Bronson‫(ظلم غیر قابل تحمل )طلق با عشق‬ Joel Coen Ethan CoenGeorge Clooney ‫کیت و لئوپولد‬ James Mangold Meg Ryan ‫قصه عامه پسند‬ Quentin Tarantino John Travolta ‫بارنیارد‬ Steve Oedekerk Courteney Cox(voice) ‫خاموشی‬ Sanjay Leela BhansaliSalman Khan ‫مولن‬ Tony Bancroft Eddie Murphy (voice) ‫فصل شکار‬ Roger Allers Martin Lawrence (voice) ‫بازگشت به گایا‬ Lenard Fritz KrawinkelPatrick Stewart (voice) ‫تام و جری‬ Scott Jeralds Mark Hamill (voice)
  • 72. ‫رئیس بزرگ‬ Wei Lo Bruce Lee ‫آستریکس و وایکینگها‬ Stefan Fjeldmark Roger Carel (Voice) ‫یادآوري مطلق‬ Paul Verhoeven- Arnold Schwarzenegger ‫عامر ، اكبر ، آنتوني‬ Manmohan Desai Amitabh Bachchan Alfred Hitchcock Paul Newman ‫مرغ خانگی‬ Edoardo Mulargia Sonja Jeannine ‫تولد یك افسانه‬ Dick Robinson‫قتل در قطار سریع السیر شرق‬ Sidney Lumet Albert Finney ‫زندگي یك حشره‬ John Lasseter Kevin Spacey (voice) ‫آدمي‬ A. Bhimsingh Dilip Kumar 3 ‫استوارت كوچك‬ Audu Paden Wayne Brady (voice) ‫زندان‬ John Flynn Sylvester Stallone ‫ا‍ژدها وارد مي شود‬ Robert Clouse Bruce Lee ‫زیر آفتاب سوزان‬ René Clément Alain Delon ‫سیزدهمین جنگجو‬ John McTiernan Antonio Banderas 2 ‫تاكسي‬ Gérard Krawczyk Samy Naceri ‫بي خوابي‬ Christopher Nolan Al Pacino ‫طلي مك كنا‬ J. Lee Thompson Gregory Peck ‫انتقام اژدها‬ Chih Hui Chang ‫ترنسپورتر‬ Cory Yuen Jason Statham ‫حلقه‬ Hideo Nakata Nanako Matsushima ‫كتاب جنگل‬ Wolfgang Petersen Phil Harris (voice) Andy Goldworthy (Voice) ‫در جهنم‬ Ringo Lam Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫خانه جن گیري‬ Mario Bava Telly Savalas ‫قول‬ Sean Penn Jack Nicholson ‫شاهزاده مصر‬ Brenda Chapman and Val Kilmer (Voice) More… ‫پاهای شاد‬ George Miller Nicole Kidman (Voice) Gerard Pires Stepehn Dorff ‫جنگ و صلح‬ King Vidor Audrey Hepburn ‫سفید برفی و هفت کوتوله ها‬ Jacob Grimm Elsie Albert (Voice) ‫توپ های ناوارون‬ J.Lee Thompson Gregory Peck ‫پرتقال کوکی‬ Stanley Kubrick Malcolm Mc Dowell Michael Mayer Tim McGraw Herbert Ross Barbra Streisand ‫هری پاتر و سنگ جادو‬ Chris Columbus Todd Arnow Edward Dmytryk Bette Davis ‫پینوکیو‬ Hamilton Luske Mel Blanc (Voice) ‫سرگذشت فوتبال‬ ‫ماموریتی در وین‬ Hall Bartlett Anthony Quinn
  • 73. ‫کوسه های کارانیه‬ Cornel Wilde Cornel Wilde Robert Zemeckis Tom Hanks (Voice) Tetsuya Nomura Takahiro Sakurai (voice)‫عادت جدید امپراطور‬ Elliot M. Bour Partick Warburton (Voice) ‫101 سگ خالدار‬ Brian Smith Barry Bostwick Mark McCorkle Dan Castellaneta (Voice) Jean-Paul Rappeneau Isabelle Adjani Alan Parker Kevin Spacey Woody Allen Woody Allen Stanley Kubrick Ryan O Neal William Phillips Ryan Reynolds Gordon Douglas Sidney Poitier Sydney Pollack Robert Redford Wei Lo Bruce Lee Bruce Lee Bruce Lee Bruce Lee Bruce Lee Takeshi Kitano Takeshi Kitano‫جیمی نوترون‬ John A. Davis Megan Cavanagh (Voice) Jacob Grimm Elsie Albert (Voice) Michael Winner Robert Mitchum ‫کینگ کونگ‬ John Guillermin Jeff Bridges Jerry Schatzberg Al Pacino Alexander Mackendrick nthony Quinn A Alexander Payne Jack Nicholson Gérard Oury Louis de Funès Jonathan Mostow Kurt Russell Jean-Paul Rappeneau Yves Montand John Huston Montgomery Clift Jean-Pierre Melville Jean-Paul Belmondo Douglas Sirk Lana Turner George Marshall Glenn Ford Jack Clayton Deborah Kerr Otto Preminger Laurence Olivier Fritz Lang Brian Donlevy Frank Oz Robert De Niro‫پاپیون‬ Frank J. Shaffner Steve Mc Queen ‫دیگران‬ Alejandro Amenabar Nicole Kidman Michael Winner Marlon Brando ‫عقرب شاه‬ Chuck Russell the Rock Grigori Chukhrai Vladimir Ivashov
  • 74. ‫ارباب و فرمانده‬ Peter Weir Russell Crow Stephen Norrington Sean Connery ‫پایگاه‬ John McTiernan John Travolta ‫راز‬ Drew Heriot Ben Johnson ‫توطئه هالیوودی‬ Ron Shelton Harrison Ford ‫درسو اوزال‬ Akira Kurosawa Yuri Solomin Ralph Nelson Alain Delon ‫زنده باد زاپاتا‬ Elia Kazan Marlon Brando‫مراسم بزرگداشت و زندگینامه آل پاچینو‬ ‫قصاب باشي‬ Robert Asher Norman Wisdom ‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) ‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) ‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) ‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) ‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) ‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) ‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) ‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) ‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) ‫تن تن‬ Eddie Lateste Philippe Ogouz (voice) Brian Helgeland Heath Ledger Robert Rodriguez Sylvester Stallone David Lean Omar Sharif Fred Zinnemann Jane Fonda ‫یاكوزا‬ Sydney Pollack Robert Mitchum ‫غریضه مرگبار‬ ‫شگفتیهای جهان‬ ‫مرد کوهستان‬ Werner Herzog Werner Herzog ‫دنیاي زیرزمیني‬ Len Wiseman Kate Beckinsale ‫سیندرفل‬ Frank Tashlin Jerry Lewis Alberto De Martino Mel Ferrer ‫مرحوم‬ Martin Scorsese Leonardo DiCaprio ‫مردي كه زیاد مي دانست‬ Alfred Hitchcock James Stewart ‫باغ شیطان‬ Henry Hathaway Gary Cooper ‫گذرگاه کاساندرا‬ George P. Cosmatos Sophia Loren John Huston Humphrey Bugart ‫جیب بر‬ Robert Bresson Martin LaSalle ‫این گروه مرگبار‬ Sam Peckinpah Steve McQueen ‫باراباس‬ Richard Fleischer Anthony Quinn ‫تنگه وحشت‬ J. Lee Thompson Gregory Peck
  • 75. ‫سینما پارادیزو‬ Giuseppe Tornatore Philippe Noiret ‫فرستاده خدا‬ Nick Hamm Rober De Niro Philippe Labro Jean-Paul Belmondo ‫تعادل‬ Kurt Wimmer Christian Bale Satyajit Ray Soumitra Chatterjee ‫مرتع باز‬ Kevin Costner Kevin Costner ‫دوئل در خورشید‬ King Vidor Gregory Peck ‫هري كثیف‬ Don Siegel Clint Eastwood ‫پیچیده‬ Philip Kaufman Ashley Judd Christian Duguay Pierce Brosnan ‫حیوان‬ Luke Greenfield Rob Schneider ‫پسر كابلي‬ Ben Stiller Jim Carrey ‫شوالیه سیاه‬ Gil Junger Martin Lawrence ‫انیگما‬ Michael Apted Kate Winslet 2 ‫مرد نامرئي‬ Claudio Faeh Christian Slater ‫جسي ولز یاغي‬ Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood ‫شبكه قسمت دوم‬ Charles Winkler Nikki Deloach ‫ریفیفي‬ Jules Dassin Jean Servais ‫پارك ژوراسیك‬ Steven Spielberg Sam Neill 3 ‫پارك ژوراسیك‬ Joe Johnston Stanton Barrett ‫خیلي نزدیك‬ Corey Yuen Qi Shu ‫هیچي نگو‬ Gary Fleder Michael Douglas 2 ‫ماتریكس‬ The Wachowski Bros. Keanu Reeves ‫من روبات‬ Alex Proyas Will Smith ‫نیمه روشن‬ Craig Rosenberg Demi Moore ‫ماتریكس‬ The Wachowski Brothers Keanu Reeves ‫افسانه بگر ونس‬ Robert Redford Will Smith ‫مردي با نقاب آهنین‬ Roger Donaldson Leonardo Dicaprio 1 ‫مرد عنكبوتي‬ Sam Raimi Tobey Maguire 2 ‫مرد عنكبوتي‬ Sam Raimi Tobey Maguire 3 ‫مرد عنكبوتي‬ Sam Raimi Tobey Maguire ‫نهایت خطر‬ Ringo Lam Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫هوانورد‬ Martin Scorsese Leonardo DiCaprio ‫پائیز در نیویورك‬ Joan Chen Richard Gere ‫تنها در تاریكي‬ Uwe Boll Christian Slater ‫گرگهاي دریا‬ Andrew V. McLaglen Gregory Peck‫هري پاتر و زنداني آزكابان‬ Alfonso Cuaron Daniel Radcliffe ‫اطاق وحشت‬ David Fincher Jodie Foster ‫مرد نامرئي‬ Paul Verhoeven Elisabeth Shue ‫قاتلین‬ Ricoardo Donner Sylvester Stallone
  • 76. ‫كار خون‬ Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood ‫جزیره‬ Michael Bay Ewan McGregor ‫نقشه پرواز‬ Robert Schwentke Jodie Foster ‫تاجر ونیزي‬ Michael Radford Al Pacino ‫فراموش شدگان‬ Joseph Robey Julianne Moore ‫قرارداد‬ Bruce Beresford Morgan Freeman ‫هواشناس‬ Gore Verbinski Nicolas Cage Bob Rafelson Samuel L. Jackson ‫آپاچي‬ Robert Aldrich Burt Lancaster ‫اي برادر ، كجایي؟‬ Joel Coen George Clooney 1 ‫ساعت شلوغي‬ Brett Ratner Jackie Chan 2 ‫ساعت شلوغي‬ Brett Ratner Jackie Chan‫یك روح زدگي آمریكایي‬ Courtney Solomon Donald Sutherland ‫قطار پول‬ Joseph Ruben Wesley Snipes ‫هیات منصفه فراري‬ Gary Fleder Dustin Hoffman ‫ماهي بزرگ‬ Tim Burton Ewan Mc Gregor‫در جستجوي خوشبختي‬ Gabriele Muccino Will Smith ‫شیردل‬ Sheldon Lettich Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫شبكه‬ Irwin Winkler Sandra Bullock ‫گرگ‬ Mike Nichols Jack Nicholson ‫امنیت ملي‬ Dennis Dugan Martin Lawrence ‫بازي‬ David Fincher Michael Douglas ‫یك وفاداري متفاوت‬ Marek Kanievska Sharon Stone ‫بازیهاي گوزن شمالي‬ John Frankenheimer Charlize Theron ‫یك ذهن زیبا‬ Ron Howard Russell Crow ‫دشمن حكومت‬ Toni Scott Will Smith ‫هوش مصنوعي‬ Steven Spielberg Haley Joel Osment ‫پرندگان‬ Alfred Hitchcock Rod Taylor ‫نفرتیتي رستگار شده‬ Matthew Wortman Tamara Tunie (Voice) Philip Noyce Tim Robbins ‫تصادف‬ Paul Haggis Karina Arroyave Gérard Krawczyk Samy Naceri Clint Eastwood Sean Penn Steven R. Monroe Dennis Hopper Chuck Russell Jim Carrey Grigori Kozintsev Innokenti Smoktunovsky Joel Schumacher Colin Farrell Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu Penn Sean Guy Ritchie Brad Pitt Tim Story Ioan Gruffudd
  • 77. Josh Klausner Juliette Lewis John Singleton Van Diesel Len Wiseman Bruce Willis Penny Marshall Robert De Niro Frank Coraci Adam Sandler Cameron Crowe Tom Cruise David Fincher Jake Gyllenhaal Kerry Conran Angelina Jolie Alfred Hitchcock James Stewart Henry Verneuil Anthony Quinn Vittorio De Sica Lamberto Maggiorani Norman Jewison Steve McQueen Giuseppe Tornatore Tim Roth Andy Wachowski Keanu Reeves Renny Harlin Geena Davis Akira Kurosawa Tatsuya Nakadai John Frankenheimer Burt Lancaster Alfred Hitchcock Montgomery Clift Peter Bogdanovich Barbra Streisand John Ford Carroll Baker ‫افسانه زورو‬ Martin Campbell Antonio Banderas ‫در خط آتش‬ Wolfgang Petersen Clint Eastwood ‫كارتر را بگیرید‬ Stephen T. Kay Silvester Stallone James Foley Dustin Hoffman Bernard L. Kowalski Maximillian Schell ‫شفت‬ John Singleton Samuel L. Jackson ‫مامورین مخفي‬ Frédéric Schoendoerffer Monica Bellucci ‫بازي ریپلي‬ Liliana Cavani Ray Winstone ‫رقص با گرگها‬ Kevin Costner Kevin Costner ‫خدمتكار منهتن‬ John Hughes Jennifer Lopez Sergio Corbucci Steve Reeves Billy Wilder William Holden Wayne Kramer Paul Walker Mel Gibson Mel Gibson Frank Coraci Jackie Chan Jan Kounen Vincent Cassel Sebastian Vigg Sven Martinek Steven Spielberg Tom Hanks David Lean Alec Gunness13 ‫حمله به كلنتري شماره‬ John Carpenter Austin Stoker
  • 78. Krzysztof Kieslowski Boguslaw Linda 3 ‫سیندرل‬ Frank Nissen Corey Burton (Voice) ‫كوهستان سرد‬ Anthony Minghella Nicole Kidman ‫احمق و احمقتر‬ Peter Farrelly Jim Carrey 2 ‫مقصد نهایي‬ David Ellis A.J. Cook 3 ‫مقصد نهایي‬ James Wong Ryan Merriman ‫شاه شاهان‬ Nicholas Ray Jeffrey Hunter ‫اخرین موهیكان‬ Michael Mann Daniel Day-Lewis 1 ‫ارباب حلقه ها‬ Peter Jackson Elijah Wood 3 ‫ارباب حلقه ها‬ Peter Jackson Elijah Wood 2 ‫ارباب حلقه ها‬ Peter Jackson Elijah Wood ‫میشل استروگف‬ Jean-Pierre Decourt Raimund Harmstorf ‫خانم پاتر‬ Chris Noonan Renée Zellweger ‫تعطیلت مستربین‬ Steve Bendelack Rowan Atkinson ‫جك یك چشم‬ Marlon Brando Marlon Brando 3 ‫دزدان دریایي كارائیب‬ Gore Verbinski Johnny Deep ‫اره‬ James Wan Cary Elwes‫بهار تابستان ، پاییز ، زمستان و . . . بهار‬ Ki-duk Kim Yeong-su Oh George P. Cosmatos Kurt Russell 2 ‫ترنسپورتر‬ Louis Leterrier Jason Statham ‫فرابنفش‬ Kurt Wimmer Milla Jovovich ‫فراموش شدگان‬ Ron Howard Tommy Lee Jones Stephen T. Kay Barry Watson ‫كنتسي از هنگ كنگ‬ Charles Chaplin Marlon Brando ‫فرشته و مرد بد‬ James Edward Grant John Wayne 2 ‫پلیس بورلي هیلز‬ Tony Scott Eddie Murphy 3 ‫پلیس بورلي هیلز‬ John Landis Eddie Murphy ‫بوا علیه پیتون‬ David Flores David Hewlett ‫كد ناشناخته‬ Michael Haneke Juliette Binoche ‫سنجاقك‬ Tom Shadyac Kevin Costner ‫هوادار‬ Tony Scott Robert De Niro ‫نخستین سلحشور‬ Jerry Zucker Sean Connery ‫خوشه های خشم‬ John Ford Henry Fonda Stanley Donen Robert Mitchum ‫کلهبردار‬ Robert Rossen Paul Newman John Sturges Rock Hudson ‫مترجم‬ Sidney Pollock Sean Penn ‫رژه سربازان چوبي‬ Charley Rogers Stan Laurel ‫حفره‬ Jacques Becker Marc Michel ‫قول‬ Kaige Chen Dong-Kun Jang
  • 79. ‫مرد آرام‬ John Ford John Wayne 3 ‫شرك‬ Chris Miller Mike Myers (Voice) 5 ‫جنگهای ستاره ای‬ Irvin Kershner Mark Hamill ‫تلفن‬ Don Siegel Charles Bronson ‫ماجراهای پی وی‬ Tim Burton Pee-Wee Heerman ‫اولتیماتوم بورن‬ Paul Greengrass Matt Damon ‫شعبده باز‬ Neil Burger Edward Norton ‫ترنسفورمرز‬ Michael Bay Shia LaBeouf ‫سیمون‬ Andrew Niccol Al Pacino David Molina Christopher Gaze (Voice) ‫بر آب رفته‬ David Bowers Hugh Jackman (Voice) ‫ملقات با خانواده رایینسون‬ Stephen J. Anderson Angela Bassett (voice) ‫یك دنیاي بي نقص‬ Clint Eastwood Kevin Costner ‫در جنگ با ارتش‬ Fred F. Finklehoffe Jerry Lewis Burt Kennedy James Garner ‫استخر شنا‬ Jaques Deray Alain Delon ‫جنگجوی نهایی‬ Robert Clouse Yul Brynner ‫اومبرتو دی‬ Vitorio Dessica Carlo Battisti ‫زندگینامه پیتر فولک و ریموند بار‬‫زندگینامه گریس کلی و همفری بوگارت‬ ‫قهرمان‬ Franco Zeffirelli Jon Voight ‫رهایی‬ John Boorman Jon Voight John Sturges Burt Lancaster ‫جولیوس سزار‬ Joseph L. MankiewiczMarlon Brando ‫اسم من دلقك‬ Raj Kapoor Raj Kapoor Michael Anderson Sophia Loren ‫رولز رویز زرد‬ Anthony Asquith Ingrid Bergman ‫جنگ و صلح‬ King Vidor Audrey Hepburn ‫هشت میلیمتری‬ Joel Schumacher Nicolas Cage ‫همه مردان پادشاه‬ Steven Zaillian Sean Penn ‫برتری بورن‬ Paul Greengrass Matt Damon ‫فاسد‬ James Foley Yun-Fat Chow ‫دارکنس فالز‬ Jonathan Liebesman Chaney Kley ‫مه‬ Rupert Wainwright Tom Welling 2 ‫ارتباط فرانسوی‬ John Frankenheimer Gene Hackman ‫گوتیکا‬ Mathieu Kassovitz Halle Barry ‫هدف سخت‬ John Woo Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫گروگان‬ Florent Emilio Siri Bruce Willis ‫مرد نفوذی‬ Spike Lee Denzel Washington ‫کینگ کونگ‬ Peter Jackson Adrien Brody
  • 80. ‫محرمانه لوس آنجلس‬ Curtis Hanson Kevin Spacey ‫آخرین مرد مقاوم‬ Walter Hill Bruce Willis ‫قدرت مگنوم‬ Malpaso Company Clint Eastwood ‫مردی در آتش‬ Tony Scott Denzel Washington ‫ژاندارک‬ Luc Besson John Malkovich 1 ‫دزدان دریایی کارائیب‬ Gore Verbinski Johnny Deep 2 ‫دزدان دریایی کارائیب‬ Gore Verbinski Johnny Deep ‫ون هلسینگ‬ Stephen Sommers Hugh Jackman ‫پانزده دقیقه‬ John Herzfeld Robert De Niro ‫سه روز کندور‬ Sydney Pollack Robert Redford ‫روز ششم‬ Roger Spottiswoode Arnold Schwarzenegger ‫چند مرد خوب‬ Rob Reiner Tom Cruise ‫فرشته هایی با چهره کثیف‬ Michael Curtiz James Cagney Joseph L. MankiewiczHumphrey Bogart Anthony Mann James Stewart ‫فروشگاه بزرگ‬ Charles Riesner Groucho Marx ‫روح سوار‬ Mark Steven Johnson Nicolas Cage ‫نوادا اسمیت‬ Henry Hathaway Steve McQueen David Cronenberg Jennifer ONeill ‫شوالیه های شانگهای‬ David Dobkin Jackie Chan ‫کی دو‬ Frank Roddam Michael Biehn‫بیست هزار فرسنگ زیر دریا‬ John Long Sylvester Stallone Robert Aldrich Frank Sinatra Sergio Leone Clint Eastwood ‫آپاراجیتو‬ Satyajit Ray Kanu Bannerjee ‫اینك آخرالزمان‬ Francis Ford Coppola Marlon Brando ‫پابرهنه در پارك‬ Gene Saks Robert Redford Johannes Jaeger Mathis Landwehr ‫صخره نورد‬ John Long Sylvester Stallone ‫دوئل‬ Steven Spielberg Dennis Weaver ‫مرد فیلي‬ David Lynch Anthony Hopkins ‫الیزابت‬ Shekhar Kapur Cate Blanchett ‫فرار به سوي آتن‬ George P. Cosmatos Roger Moore ‫مشعل و كمان‬ Jacques Tourneur Burt Lancaster ‫روح‬ Jerry Zucker Patrick Swizer ‫گلدیاتور‬ Ridley Scott Russell Crow Ralph Thomas Dirk Bogarde ‫خانه ارواح‬ Bille August Meryl Streep ‫دره من چه سبز بود‬ John Ford Walter Pidgeon ‫آرواره ها‬ Joe Alves Dennis Quaid
  • 81. ‫آخرین تایكون‬ Harold Pinter Robert De Niro ‫جن گیر به سبك ایتالیایي‬ Ciccio Ingrassia Ciccio Ingrassia‫مردي كه به لیبرتي والنس شلیك كرد‬ John Ford John Wayne ‫مردها‬ Fred Zinnemann Marlon Brando ‫موبي دیك‬ John Huston Gregory Peck ‫حرفه : خبرنگار‬ Michelangelo Antonioni Jack Nicholson ‫نور افتاب‬ Danny Boyle Paloma Baeza ‫ریش قرمز‬ Akira Kurosawa Toshirô Mifune Stuart Millar John Wayne ‫هفت ساورایي‬ Akira Kurosawa Toshiro Mifune ‫كفشهاي ماهیگیر‬ Michael Anderson Antoni Queen Ralph Thomas Richard Johnson Raj Kapoor Raj Kapoor ‫رام و شام‬ Tapi Chanakya Dilip Kumar Nasir Hussain Rishi Kapoor Ramanna T.R. Kabir Bedi ‫تولد‬ Stephen Daldry Nicole Kidman ‫پسران بد‬ Michael Bay Will Smith ‫كشتي شكسته‬ Robert Zemeckis Tom Hanks ‫(عوضي )هیجان مطلق‬ Mark Neveldine Jason Statham William Keighley James Cagney ‫هشت درجه زیر صفر‬ Frank Marshal Paul Walker ‫ساعتها‬ Jonathan Glazer Nicole Kidman ‫دنیاي دیوانه دیوانه دیوانه‬ Stanley Kramer Spencer Tracy ‫شغال‬ Michael Caton-Jones Bruce Willis ‫شیر صحرا‬ Moustapha Akkad Anthony Quinn Richard Quine Audrey Hepburn ‫(راتاتویي )موش سرآشپز‬ Brad Bird Peter OToole (Voice) ‫سایونارا‬ Joshua Logan Marlon Brando ‫حس و حساسیت‬ Ang Lee Emma Thompson ‫رستگاري در شاوشنك‬ Frank Darabont Tim Robbins ‫برفهاي كلیمانجارو‬ Henry King Gregory Peck ‫سه پدرخوانده‬ John Ford John Wayne Norman Taurog Jerry Lewis Terence Young Audrey Hepburn 2 ‫ماموریت غیر ممكن‬ John Woo Tom Cruise ‫004 ضربه‬ François Truffaut Jean-Pierre Leaud ‫آتیل‬ Pietro Francisci Anthony Quinn ‫مخمصه‬ Michael Mann Al Pacino ‫جیسون و آرگوناتها‬ Don Chaffey Todd Armstrong
  • 82. ‫مبارزه مرگبار‬ Paul W.S. Anderson Christopher Lambert ‫زاتوایچي‬ Takeshi Kitano Takeshi Kitano Wilson Yip Donnie Yen ‫مبارزی در باد‬ Yun-ho Yang Dong-kun Yang ‫خانه خنجرهای پرنده‬ Zhang Yimou Takeshi Kaneshiro ‫اعجوبه های کونگ فو‬ Stephen Chow Stephen Chow ‫نامه هایی از ایووجیما‬ Clint Eastwood Ken Watanabe ‫هزار توی پن‬ Guillermo del Toro Ariadna Gil Woody Allen Woody Allen ‫شینوبی‬ Ten Shimoyama Yukie Nakama Sam Taylor Harold Lloyd ‫میهن پرست‬ Roland Emmerich Mel Gibson ‫تاریخچه خشونت‬ David Cronenberg Viggo Mortensen ‫تاریخ مجهول آمریكایي‬ Tony Kaye Edward Norton ‫همسر فضانورد‬ Rand Ravich Johnny Depp ‫تاریخچه نارنیا‬ Andrew Adamson Georgie Henley ‫شهردار‬ Harold Becker Al Pacino ‫كلبه سرد كریك‬ Mike Figgis Dennis Quaid ‫تیم دونفره‬ Tsui Hark Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫مقصد نهایي‬ James Wong Devon Sawa‫ایندایانا جونز و مجاجمین صندوق گمشده‬ Steven Spielberg Harrison Ford ‫مدال‬ Gordon Chan Jackie Chan ‫انتقام جو‬ Jonathan Hensleigh Thomas Jane ‫مسابقه موش دواني‬ Jerry Zucker John Cleese ‫ورونیكا گورین‬ Joel Schumacher Cate Blanchett ‫آناستازیا‬ Anatole Litvak Yul Brynner ‫تیرانداز‬ Antoine Fuqua Mark Wahlberg ‫تنها در خانه‬ Chris Columbus Macaulay Culkin ‫فهرست ارزوها‬ Rob Reiner Jack Nicholson ‫یادداشت یك میلیون پوندي‬ Ronald Neame Gregory Peck 2 ‫كینه‬ Takashi Shimizu Sarah Michelle Gellar 23 ‫شماره‬ Joel Schumacher Jim Carrey ‫در دره ال‬ Paul Haggis Charlize Theron ‫شبهاي تالدگا‬ Adam McKay Will Ferrell ‫قتل جسي جیمز‬ Andrew Dominik Brad Pitt ‫پلي به سوي ترابیتیا‬ Gabor Csupo Josh Hutcherson Robert Aldrich Kirk Douglas ‫هنرپیشگان و مدلها‬ Frank Tashlin Jerry Lewis ‫لني‬ Bob Fosse Dustin Hoffman ‫مرد سایه اي‬ Michael Keusch Steven Seagal
  • 83. ‫قطار 01:3 به یوما‬ James Mangold Russell Crowe ‫رهجو‬ Marcus Nispel Karl Urban ‫آیوانهو‬ Richard Thorpe Robert Taylor ‫پادشاه كالیفرنیا‬ Mike Cahill Michael Douglas ‫نیمكت گرم كن ها‬ Dennis Dugan Rob Schneider‫جایي براي پیرمردها نیست‬ Ethan Coen Javier Bardem ‫حس آشنایي‬ Tony Scott Denzel Washington ‫راهب ضد گلوله‬ Paul Hunter Yun-Fat Chow ‫وثیقه‬ Michael Mann Tom Cruise ‫روز پس از فردا‬ Ronald Emmerich Dennis Quaid ‫گوست داگ‬ Jim Jarmusch Forest Whitaker ‫هالك‬ Ang Lee Eric Bana Brett Leonard Matthew Le Nevez ‫ناتینگ هیل‬ Roger Michell Julia Roberts ‫نشانه ها‬ William Friedkin Mel Gibson ‫سكوت بره ها‬ Jonathan Demme Jodie Foster ‫قهرمان‬ Yimou Zhang Jet Li ‫نترس‬ Ronny Yu Jet Li ‫بي همتا‬ James Wong Jet Li ‫مرد لحظه ها‬ John Paddy Carstairs Norman Wisdom John Paddy Carstairs Norman Wisdom John Paddy Carstairs Norman Wisdom ‫بالي دنیا‬ John Paddy Carstairs Norman Wisdom ‫الماس خونین‬ Edward Zwick Leonardo DiCaprio ‫كلكسیونر استخوان‬ Phillip Noyce Denzel Washington ‫برادران گریم‬ Terry Gilliam Matt Damon ‫پسران پرواز‬ Tony Bill James Franco 51 ‫فرمول‬ Ronny Yu Samuel L. Jackson ‫هویت‬ James Mangold John Cusack ‫شغل ایتالیایي‬ Gary Gray Edward Norton ‫شاه آرتور‬ Antoine Fuqua Clive Owen ‫شب در موزه‬ Shawn Levy Ben Stiller‫روزي روزگاري در مكزیك‬ Sergio Leone Robert De Niro ‫غارتگر‬ John McTiernan Arnold Schwarzenegger ‫شاهزاده دزدان‬ Peter Howitt Keira Knightley ‫شورش بدون دلیل‬ Nicholas Ray James Dean 3 ‫جنگهاي ستاره اي‬ George Lucas Ewan McGregor ‫پلیس زمان‬ Peter Hyams Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫یاداوري مطلق‬ Paul Verhoeven Arnold Schwarzenegger ‫زاتورا‬ Jon Favreau Tim Robbins
  • 84. 2 ‫چهار شگفت انگیز‬ Tim Story Ioan Gruffudd ‫بابا لنگ دراز‬ ‫پینوكیو‬ ‫كازینو رویال‬ Martin Campbell Daniel Craig Po Chi Leong Steven Seagal ‫شماره هاي شانس اسلوین‬ Paul McGuigan Bruce Willis ‫به سوي خورشید‬ Mink Steven Seagal ‫بازگشت سرباز جهاني‬ Mic Rodgers Jean-Claude Van Damme Dan Curtis Karen Black ‫مارها در هواپیما‬ David R. Ellis Samuel L. Jackson ‫ضد اعتماد‬ Peter Howitt Tim Robbins ‫سه هزار مایل به گریسلند‬ Demian Lichtenstein Kurt Russell George Sidney Tyrone Power ‫نامزدي خیلي طولني‬ Jean-Pierre Jeunet Audrey Tautou 77 ‫فرودگاه‬ Jerry Jameson Jack Lemmon‫آناكونداها : شكار اركیده خونین‬ Dwight Little Johnny Messner 2 ‫پسران بد‬ Michael Bay Will Smith‫چارلي و كارخانه شكلت سازي‬ Tim Burton Johnny Depp ‫خوشگذراني با دیك و جین‬ Dean Parisot Jim Carrey ‫هربي كامل تجهیز شده‬ Angela Robinson Lindsay Lohan ‫من ، جاسوس‬ Betty Thomas Eddie Murphy ‫جومانجي‬ Joe Johnston Robin Williams ‫شاه لیر‬ Grigori Kozintsev Regimantas Adomaitis ‫زندگي و مرگ پیتر سلرز‬ Stephen Hopkins Geoffrey Rush ‫آقاي مجستیك‬ Richard Fleischer Charles Bronson ‫دریاي درون‬ Alejandro Amenábar Javier Bardem ‫هفت سال درتبت‬ Jean-Jacques AnnaudBrad Pitt ‫سودوم و گومارا‬ Robert Aldrich Stewart Granger ‫بازگشت سوپرمن‬ Bryan Singer Brandon Routh ‫تاراس بولبا‬ J. Lee Thompson Tony Curtis ‫سریر خون‬ Akira Kurosawa Toshirô Mifune ‫نمایش ترومن‬ Peter Weir Jim Carrey ‫غیر قابل توقف‬ David Carson Wesley Snipes Stanley Donen Gregory Peck 3 ‫راكي‬ Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone ‫پسر ماسك‬ Lawrence Guterman Jamie Kennedy ‫بیست هزار فرسنگ زیر دریا‬ Stephen MacLean Tom Burlinson (Voice) ‫زوروي شگفت انگیز‬ Scott Heming Gianfranco BaldanelloFemi Benussi Robert Asher Norman Wisdom
  • 85. ‫پنج بچه و او‬ John Stephenson Tara Fitzgerald ‫هورتون صدایي مي شنود‬ Jimmy Hayward Jim Carrey (Voice) René Clément Charles Bronson ‫بیمار قلبی‬ Norman Taurog Jerry Lewis Sergio Martino Ursula Andress ‫برده عزیز من‬ Giorgio Capitani Adriana Asti ‫مادلین‬ Scott Heming Whoopi Goldberg (Voice) ‫معلم مدرسه‬ Nando Cicero Edwige Fenech Douglas Hickox Oliver Reed ‫جاسوسي كه از سردسیر آمد‬ Martin Ritt Richard Burton ‫قدرت مطلق‬ Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood ‫سقوط بلك هاوك‬ Ridley Scott Ewan McGregor ‫اراگون‬ Stefen Fangmeier Jeremy Irons ‫محافظ‬ Andrew Davis Kevin Costner Mark Robson Humphrey Bogart ‫جاني انگلیش‬ Peter Howitt Rowan Atkinson ‫پلنگ صورتي‬ Shawn Levy Steve Martin 3 ‫ساعت شلوغي‬ Brett Ratner Jackie Chan ‫تروي‬ Wolfgang Petersen Brad Pitt Reinhard Klooss‫بهشت آقاي آلیسون را مي شناسد‬ John Huston Deborah Kerr Henri Verneuil Yves Montand Sam Peckinpah James Coburn ‫پسر گیشا‬ Frank Tashlin Jerry Lewis William Dieterle Elizabeth Taylor ‫گابریل واقعي مي شود‬ ‫زندگي دیوید گیل‬ Alan Parker Kevin Spacey Robert Moresco James Marsden 1408 Mikael Håfström John Cusack ‫هفت ثانیه‬ Simon Fellows Wesley Snipes ‫آلتریسته‬ Agustín Díaz Yanes Viggo Mortensen ‫گانگستر آمریكایي‬ Ridley Scott Denzel Washington ‫راهزنان‬ Barry Levinson Bruce Willis ‫پایگاه نظامي‬ John McTiernan John Travolta Hal Ashby Peter Sellers ‫تلفن همراه‬ David R. Ellis Kim Basinger ‫تعقیب‬ Tony Giglio Jason Statham Stanley Donen Gary Grant ‫دریاي عمیق آبي‬ Renny Harlin Samuel L. Jackson Jon Faereau Will Ferrell
  • 86. ‫بسته اضافي‬ Marco Brambilla Alicia Silverstone ‫مرد خانواده‬ Brett Ratner Nicolas Cage Gerard Krawczyk Vincent Perez Andrew Bergman Marlon Brando Lewin Webb Lauren Bacall ‫آلماني خوب‬ Steven Soderbergh George Clooney ‫دار و دسته فوتبالیستها‬ Phil Joanou The Rock ‫نامرئي‬ David S. Goyer Justin Chatwin ‫بچه‬ Jon Turteltaub Bruce Willis ‫دریاچه آرام‬ Steve Miner Bill Pullman ‫مرد كوچك‬ Keenen Ivory Wayans Marlon Wayans ‫مارني‬ Alfred Hitchcock Sean Connery ‫مایكل كلیتون‬ Tony Gilroy George Clooney ‫فرار نیمه شب‬ Martin Brest Robert De Niro ‫شكارچیان ذهن‬ Renny Harlin Val Kilmer ‫وحشت در خیابانها‬ Elia Kazan Richard Widmark ‫پرستیژ‬ Christopher Nolan Hugh Jackman ‫شوگرلند اكسپرس‬ Steven Spielberg Goldie Hawn ‫لكپشتهاي نینجا‬ Kevin Munroe Chris Evans ‫دوازده میمون‬ Terry Gilliam Bruce Willis ‫جوجه اردك زشت و من‬ Michael Hegner Morgan Jones (Voice) ‫افسانه شهري‬ Jamie Blanks Alicia Witt 2 ‫سربلند‬ Tripp Reed Kevin Sorbo‫وقتي غریبه اي زنگ مي زند‬ Simon West Camilla Belle ‫توت فرنگیهاي وحشي‬ Ingmar Bergman Victor Sjöström ‫زورو‬ Norman Foster Guy Williams ‫خون به پا خواهد شد‬ Paul Thomas Anderson aniel Day-Lewis D ‫سریال نل‬ ‫سریال آن شرلي‬ ‫بچه هاي كوهستان آلپ‬ Kôzô Kusuba Keiko Han (Voice) ‫سایه من‬ Raj Khosla Sunil Dutt ‫شریك خاموش‬ Daryl Duke Elliot Gould ‫شیطان در لباس آبي‬ Carl Franklin Denzel Washington ‫دلر‬ Richard Brooks Warren Beatty ‫101 سگ خالدار‬ Clyde Geronimi Rod Taylor (Voice) ‫هنر جنگ‬ Christian Duguay Wesley Snipes ‫پایان معصومیت‬ Massimo Dallamano Annie Belle ‫سیندرل‬ Clyde Geronimi Ilene Woods (Voice) ‫پاهاي شاد‬ George Miller Nicole Kidman (Voice) 2 ‫تنها در خانه‬ Chris Columbus Macaulay Culkin
  • 87. ‫هزارتوي جنایت‬ Matthew Vaughn Daniel Craig ‫افسانه هاي خزان‬ Edward Zwick Brad Pitt ‫مردي كه خودش را شكار كرد‬ Basil Dearden Roger Moore ‫تكاور‬ John Bonito John Cena ‫زیباي خفته‬ Clyde Geronimi Mary Costa (Voice) 1 ‫استیوارت لیتل‬ Rob Minkoff Michael J. Fox 2 ‫استیوارت لیتل‬ Rob Minkoff Michael J. Fox ‫رودخانه وحشي‬ Elia Kazan Montgomery Clift ‫ك مثل كین خواهي‬ James McTeigue Natalie Portman ‫دره انتقام‬ Richard Thorpe Burt Lancaster ‫الوین و سنجابها‬ Tim Hill Jason Lee ‫فیلم زنبور عسل‬ Steve Hickner Jerry Seinfeld (Voice) ‫جي آي بلوز‬ Norma Taurog Elvis Presley ‫من روبات‬ Alex Proyas Will Smith ‫عصر جدید‬ Charles Chaplin Charles Chaplin Animation | Family Jacques-Remy Girerd Michel Piccoli (Voice) ‫صد تفنگ‬ Tom Gries Jim Brown ‫پیغامي به هند‬ David Lean Judy Davis Robert Asher Norman Wisdom ‫دامبو‬ Ben Sharpsteen Herman Bing (voice) ‫شیاطین‬ Henri-Georges Clouzot imone Signoret S Stanley Kramer Gene Hackman ‫قاتلین پیرزن‬ Alexander Mackendrick lec Guinness A ‫سزار كوچك‬ Mervyn LeRoy Edward G. Robinson ‫دختران هوسباز‬ John C. Broderick Larry Mahan ‫پنگوئنهاي موج سوار‬ Ash Brannon Shia LaBeouf (Voice) 1 ‫داستان اسباب بازي‬ John Lasseter Tom Hanks (Voice) 2 ‫داستان اسباب بازي‬ John Lasseter Tom Hanks (Voice) ‫اخطار 2 دقیقه اي‬ Larry Peerce Charlton Heston ‫برانیگان‬ Douglas Hickox John WayneAnimation | Comedy | Family Jun Falkenstein Jim Cummings (Voice) ‫الدورادو‬ Howard Wawks Jown Wayne ‫چارلي وریك را بكشید‬ Don Siegel Walter Matthau ‫خرگوش بل گرگ ناقل‬ Feliks Kamov Klara Rumyanova (Voice) ‫پدرخواندگان نیویورك‬ Satoshi Kon Toru Emori (Voice) ‫همسر فضانورد‬ Michael Polish Billy Bob Thornton ‫بارتوک باشکوه‬ Don Bluth Hank Azaria (Voice) ‫بتمن آغاز می کند‬ Christopher Nolan Christian Bale ‫فاتح‬ Dick Powell John Wayne ‫ماهی مرده‬ Charley Stadler Gary Oldman
  • 88. ‫نور آتش‬ William Nicholson Sophie Marceau ‫آتشنشان سم‬ - John Alderton (Voice) ‫سرزمین آزادی‬ Joe Roth Samuel L. Jackson Ted Post Clint Eastwood ‫کمک ! من یک ماهی هستم‬ Stefan Fjeldmark Alan Rickman (Voice) ‫تصور کردن آرژانتین‬ Christopher Hampton Antonio Banderas ‫اعجوبه کونگ فو‬ Yen-ping Chu Bo-lin Chen ‫به شدت تحت تعقیب‬ David Hogan Keenen Ivory Wayans‫فروشگاه عجایب آقای مگوریوم‬ Zach Helm Dustin Hoffman ‫شنونده شب‬ Patrick Stettner Robin Williams ‫نومد : جنگجو‬ Sergei Bodrov Jay Hernandez ‫پستانک‬ Adam Shankman Vin Diesel ‫محافظ‬ Clark Johnson Michael Douglas Jean-Luc François Gwénaël Sommier (Voice) ‫وصیتنامه دکتر مابوزه‬ Fritz Lang Oscar Beregi Sr. Michael Cimino Clint Eastwood ‫اطاق خالی‬ Nimrod Antal Kate Beckinsale ‫دهکده‬ M. Night Shyamalan Adrien Brody ‫ما مارشال هستیم‬ McG Matthew McConaughey ‫غازهای وحشی‬ Andrew V. McLaglen Roger Moore ‫جنگل‬ Lucky McKee Patricia Clarkson ‫سرقت‬ David Mamet Gene Hackman ‫سیریانو دو بر‍ژاك‬ Jean Paul Rappeneau Gérard Depardieu Jacques Deray Alain Delon José Giovanni Lino Ventura José Giovanni Alain Delon ‫سرقت‬ Alexandre Arcady Jean-Paul Belmondo ‫پولو بردار و فرار كن‬ Woody Allen Woody Allen Sergio Leone James Coburn ‫دور دنیا در 08 روز‬ Michael Anderson David Niven ‫بهترین سالهای زندگی ما‬ William Wyler Myrna Loy Jacques Deray Alain Delon William Wyler Humphrey Bogart ‫بازي با آتش‬ Jacques Deray Alain Delon ‫ویل هانتینگ خوب‬ Gus Van Sant Robin Willams ‫پای چپ من‬ Jim Sheridan Daniel Day-Lewis ‫راننده تاکسی‬ Martin Scorsese Robert De Niro ‫سه نفر برای کشتن‬ Jacques Deray Alain Delon ‫بوفالوی سفید‬ J. Lee Thompson Charles Bronson Sergio Leone Rory Calhoun
  • 89. Salvatore Samperi Laura Antonelli ‫آقاي رابینسون‬ Sergio Corbucci Paolo Villaggio ‫آرزوهاي بزرگ‬ David Lean John Mills ‫ماجراهاي راكي و بالوینكل‬ Des McAnuff Robert De Niro ‫روباههاي كوچك‬ William Wyler Herbert Marshall ‫من سام هستم‬ Jessie Nelson Sean Penn James Goldstone Paul Newman ‫فانتزي نهایي‬ Hironobu Sakaguchi Ming-Na (Voice) George Cukor Ingrid Bergman Joseph L. MankiewiczGene Tierney John Sturges Burt Lancaster ‫پانداي كونگ فو كار‬ Mark Osborne Angelina Jolie (Voice) Henry Hathaway John Wayne Ramesh Sippy Amitabh Bachchan ‫مرد سوم‬ Carol Reed Joseph Cotten Terence Young Charles Bronson ‫استخر غرق كننده‬ Stuart Rosenberg Paul Newman ‫هری پاتر و جام آتش‬ Mike Newell Daniel Radcliffe Martin Ritt Paul Newman Vittorio De Sica Sophia Loren ‫جزیره وحشیها‬ Kevin Connor Doug McClure ‫میلی‬ Hrishikesh Mukherjee Amitabh Bachchan ‫ماموریت غیر ممکن‬ Brian De Palma Tom Cruise ‫پینوکیو‬ Hamilton Luske Mel Blanc Sergio Corbucci Anthony Quinn David Miller Vince Edwards ‫ماجراهای سندباد‬ Masao Kuroda Hideo Kinoshita (Voice) Richard Linklater Keanu Reeves ‫بوفالوي آمریكایي‬ Michael Corrente Dustin Hoffman ‫لبوفسكي بزرگ‬ Joel Coen Julianne Moore ‫مستخدم ماه‬ Greg Coolidge Dane Cook ‫شبي در كازابلنكا‬ Archie Mayo Groucho Marx ‫پلیس میامي‬ Michael Mann Colin Farrell ‫نقاب آینه اي‬ Dave McKean Jason Barry ‫نورتفورك‬ Michael Polish Peter Coyote ‫ویولن قرمز‬ Francois Girard Samuel L. Jackson ‫اخبار كشتیراني‬ Lasse Hallstorm Kevin Spacey ‫ده یارد كامل‬ Howard Deutch Bruce Willis‫بادي كه در مرغزار مي پیچد‬ Ken Loach Cillian Murphy ‫یاردها‬ James Gray Mark Wahlberg
  • 90. ‫یازده یار اوشن‬ Steven Soderbergh George Clooney Jeff Celentano Michael York ‫ماتادور‬ Richard Shepard Pierce Brosnan Bill Duke Laurence Fishburne ‫دوازده مرد خشمگین‬ Sidney Lumet Henry Fonda ‫لبخند مونالیزا‬ Mike Newell Julia Roberts ‫متهم اشتباهي‬ Pat Proft Leslie Nielsen ‫شبیه بهشت‬ Mark Waters Reese Witherspoon 2 ‫پروژه جادوگر بلر‬ Joe Berlinger Kim Director ‫مومیایي‬ Stephen Sommers Brendan Fraser ‫آینده‬ Lee Tamahori Nicolas Cage ‫من افسانه هستم‬ Francis Lawrence Will Smith ‫مرد حصیري‬ Neil LaBute Nicolas Cage ‫عدالت شهري‬ Don E. FauntLeRoy Steven Seagal Roland Suso Richter Ryan Phillippe Douglas Sirk Rock Hudson ‫آخرین لژیون‬ Doug Lefler Aishwarya Rai ‫مرد باراني‬ Barry Levinson Dustin Hoffman ‫تهاجم‬ Oliver Hirschbiegel Nicole Kidman ‫یاماكازي‬ Ariel Zeitoun Chau Belle Dinh ‫جنگ اژدهایان‬ Hyung-rae Shim Jason Behr ‫مبارز تایلندي‬ Prachya Pinkaew Tony Jaa ‫قطار‬ John Frankenheimer Burt Lancaster ‫تومی و دوستان فضایی‬ Andrew Young Candi Milo (Voice)‫دور دنیا با تیمون و پومبا‬ - Nathan Lane (Voice) Giovanni Grimaldi Lando Buzzanca ‫کارآگاه گجت‬ Ezekiel Norton Jim Byrnes (Voice) ‫بودای کوچک‬ Bernardo Bertolucci Keanu Reeves ‫رنسانس‬ Christian Volckman Daniel Craig ‫تالر افتخارات فوتبال‬ - - ‫شبهای عربی‬ Steve Barron Mili Avital ‫هویت بورن‬ Doug Liman Matt Damon Florent-Emilio Siri Samy Naceri ‫واکنش زنجیره ای‬ Andrew Davis Keanu Reeves ‫پیمانکار‬ Josef Rusnak Wesley Snipes ‫شهر تاریک‬ Alex Proyas Rufus Sewell ‫فراری‬ Andrew Davis Harrison Ford ‫شبح و ظلمت‬ Stephen Hopkins Michael Douglas ‫گودزیل‬ Roland Emmerich Matthew Broderick ‫سرقت در 06 ثانیه‬ Dominic Sena Nicolas Cage
  • 91. ‫حمله بزرگ‬ John Dahl Joseph Fiennes ‫چگونه همسر خود را بکشید‬ Richard Quine Jack Lemmon ‫قاتلین پیرزن‬ Etan Coen Tom Hanks ‫لوتر‬ Eric Till Jonathan Firth ‫دستور‬ Brian Helgeland Heath Ledger ‫چشم سرخ‬ Wes Craven Rachel Mc Adams ‫قلمرو آتش‬ Rob Bowman Christian Bale ‫سایه‬ Russell Mulcahy Alec Baldwin ‫تسوتسی‬ Gavin Hood Presley Chweneyagae‫زندگینامه کلرک گیبل و کرک داگلس‬‫چاشنی بمب‬ Po-Chih Leong Wesley Snipes‫(دوم )قیامت‬ Andrzej Bartkowiak The Rock Richard Lester Richard Harris Vincente Minnelli Kirk Douglas George McCowan Lee Van Cleef‫مبلغ‬ Dolph Lundgren Dolph Lundgren‫شب‬ Michelangelo AntonioniMarcello Mastroianni‫صخره‬ Michael Bay Sean Connery‫سکس همراه با یک لبخند‬ Sergio Martino Barbara Bouchet‫اولین حمله‬ Stanley Tong Jackie Chan Pierre Granier-DeferreAlain Delon‫در جستجوی ناکجا آباد‬ Marc Forster Johnny Depp‫نیروی ویژه‬ Clark Johnson Samuel L. Jackson‫نفرین شده‬ Wes Craven Christina Ricci‫بالستیک‬ Wych Kaosayananda Antonio Banderas‫بی سیزده‬ Pierre Morel Cyril Raffaelli‫افسانه‬ Stanley Tong Jackie Chan‫باغبان وفادار‬ Fernando Meirelles Ralph Fiennes ‫تماس‬ Robert Zemeckis Jodie Foster ‫به نام پادشاه‬ Uwe Boll Jason Statham ‫راب بي هود‬ Benny Chan Jackie Chan ‫انتقام ملکه برفی‬ Martin Gates Tim Healy (Voice) ‫سفرهای میتی کومان‬ ‫افسانه توشیشان‬ ‫پسر شجاع‬ ‫جیمبو‬ ‫مارکوپولو‬ ‫کابوی ها‬ Mark Rydell John Wayne ‫جواهرات خانوادگی‬ Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis ‫ربایندگان قطار‬ Burt Kennedy John Wayne
  • 92. William Keighley James Cagney ‫ خداحافظ بافانا‬Bille August Joseph Fiennes ‫ هنکاک‬Peter Berg Will Smith Richard Shepard Richard Gere ‫ جو کید‬John Sturges Clint Eastwood François Truffaut Gérard Depardieu ‫ سیزده یار اوشن‬Steven Soderbergh George Clooney ‫ میمونهای فضایی‬Kirk De Micco Andy Samberg (Voice) ‫ جنگ‬Philip G. Atwell Jet Li 88 ‫ دقیقه‬Jon Avnet Al PacinoWestern | Action | Comedy Les Mayfield Colin Farrell Roger Donaldson Jason Statham Mark Mylod Robin Williams Ron Howard Jodie Foster ‫ شارلوت گري‬Gillian Armstrong Cate Blanchett Louis Leterrier Jet Li ‫ دني سگه‬Stephen Sommers Treat Williams 2 ‫ جان سخت‬Renny Harlin Bruce Willis Michael Radford Demi Moore ‫ پادشاهي ممنوعه‬Rob Minkoff Jackie Chan ‫ هربي‬Angela Robinson Lindsay Lohan ‫ قاتل حرفه اي‬Xavier Gens Timothy Olyphant ‫ كیت و لئوپولد‬James Mangold Meg Ryan 1 ‫ اسلحه مرگبار‬Richard Donner Mel Gibson 3 ‫ اسلحه مرگبار‬Richard Donner Mel Gibson 4 ‫ اسلحه مرگبار‬Richard Donner Mel Gibson ‫ بازگشت مومیایي‬Stephen Sommers Brendan Fraser 2 ‫ فصل شكار‬Matthew OCallaghan Joel McHale (Voice) ‫ جوخه‬Oliver Stone Tom Berenger ‫ پیشنهاد‬John Hillcoat Richard Wilson David L. Cunningham Alexander Ludwig Barry Levinson Robert De Niro ‫ اسپنگلیش‬James L. Brooks Adam Sandler ‫ مظنون صفر‬E. Elias Merhige Aaron Eckhart ‫ قاچاق‬Steven Soderbergh Michael Douglas ‫ افسانه اعماق‬Jay Russell Ben Chaplin ‫ ما فرشته نیستیم‬Neil Jordan Robert De Niro John Dahl Ben Kingsley ‫ سلطین خیابان‬David Ayer Keanu Reeves ‫- سریال معاون كلنتر‬ -
  • 93. ‫ده هزار سال قبل از میلد مسیح‬ Roland Emmerich Steven Strait ‫پنجاه قرار اول‬ Peter Segal Adam Sandler ‫قاتلي در طبقه بال‬ Douglas Jackson Tracy Nelson ‫جاسوس اتفاقي‬ Jackie Chan Jackie Chan ‫آبي بزرگ‬ Luc Besson Jean Reno ‫مشت زن‬ Jim Sheridan Daniel Day-Lewis ‫كنت مونت كریستو‬ Kevin Reynolds James Caviezel William Tannen Chuck Norris ‫دوداس‬ Sanjay Leela BhansaliSharukh Khan 2 ‫جان سخت‬ Renny Harlin Bruce Willis ‫تله‬ Jon Amiel Sean Connery Sidney Lumet Vin Diesel Roger Donaldson Alec Baldwin ‫موهبت‬ Sam Raimi Keanu Reeves ‫دختر جرزي‬ Kevin Smith Betty Aberlin ‫جي اف كي‬ Oliver Stone Kevin Costner ‫گاهي خوشي گاهي غم‬ Karan Johar Amitabh Bachchan Nicholas Ray Jeffrey Hunter Rakesh Roshan Rekha ‫آخرین قلعه‬ Rod Lurie Robert Redford ‫آخرین تعطیلت‬ Wayne Wang Queen Latifah John Ford Spencer Tracy Charley Rogers Stan Laurel ‫شهر دیوانه‬ Costa Gavras Dustin Hoffman ‫نقاب زورو‬ Martin Campbell Antonio Banderas John Guillermin Peter Sellers Victor Salva Nick Nolte Vittorio De Sica Franco Interlenghi ‫باج‬ Ron Howard Mel Gibson 3 ‫فیلم ترسناك‬ David Zucker Pamela Anderson ‫هفت سامورایي‬ Akira Kurosawa Toshiro Mifune ‫سرعت‬ Jan De Bont Keanu Reeves Andy Wachowski Emile Hirsch ‫داستان استریت‬ David Lynch Sissy Spacek ‫محاكمه‬ Orson Welles Anthony Perkins Baek Woon-Hak Seok-hun Kim ‫سه شنبه با موري‬ Mick Jackson Jack Lemmon Michael O. Sajbel James Garner Pitof Gerard Depardieu ‫چه رویاهایي كه مي آیند‬ Vincent Ward Robin Williams
  • 94. ‫روزهاي شگفت انگیز‬ Moon-saeng Kim Marc Worden(voice) Sergio Corbucci Jack Palance Charles Visser Joe Alaskey (voice) Bob Hathcock Alan Young (voice) Yasuhiro Aoki Kevin Conroy (voice) ‫شهر فضایی‬ ‫گربه های فضایی‬ ‫تام سایر‬ ‫دهکده حیوانات‬ ‫پرواز قبل از کریسمس‬ Michael Hegner Olli Jantunen (Voice) ‫دون كیشوت‬ Jose Pozo Andreu Buenafuente (Voice) ‫دانه سیب‬ Shinji Aramaki Ai Kobayashi (voice) Mathieu Kassovitz Jean Reno Satoshi Kon Miyoko Shôji (voice) Dick Sebast Darleen Carr (voice) Jean-François Laguionie Hill (voice) Matt Terry Izumi Mark Hamill (voice) Tad Stones Robin Williams (voice) Dick Sebast Lenore Zann (voice) Tae-geun Ahn Seo-young Kim (voice) - - Peter Hastings Haley Joel Osment David McNally Jerry OConnell Joe Sichta Frank Welker (Voice) ‫كلیك‬ - - ‫سفر به آفریقا‬ - -‫ایران من : سفر به یزد و شیراز‬ - - ‫قدرت : آپارات‬ - - ‫سفرنامه قرن آینده‬ - - ‫ویژه مراسم نوروز‬ - - Chris Donovan Jeremy Clarkson 88 ‫مراسم نوروز‬ - - ‫فوتبالیستها‬ ‫شرلوك هلمز‬ ‫پوارو‬ Jeremy Brett
  • 95. ‫‪Jim Kammerud‬‬ ‫)‪Jeff Bennett (Voice‬‬ ‫‪ Benjamin Toh‬افسانه دریا‬ ‫)‪Lin Yu Zhong (Voice‬‬ ‫‪ Guillaume Ivernel‬شكارچیان اژدها‬ ‫‪Vincent Lindon‬‬ ‫‪Chuck Sheetz‬‬ ‫‪Rickey DShon Collins‬‬ ‫‪ Cathy Malkasian‬تورنبریهاي وحشي‬ ‫)‪Lacey Chabert (Voice‬‬ ‫خط استوا‬ ‫طب سوزني‬ ‫جهان ناشناخته + مدرسه چیني‬ ‫‪ Timur Bekmambetov James McAvoy‬تحت تعقیب‬ ‫‪ Robert Day‬تارزان‬ ‫‪Gordon Scott‬‬ ‫‪ Bryan Singer‬مظنونین همیشگی‬ ‫‪Kevin Spacey‬‬ ‫‪ Ángel Izquierdo‬قهرمانان جهان‬ ‫-‬ ‫‪Paul Sabella‬‬ ‫)‪Steven Weber (Voice‬‬ ‫‪Asaph Fipke‬‬ ‫)‪Chiara Zanni (Voice‬‬ ‫با خانمان‬ ‫هاكلبري فین‬ ‫خانواده رابینسون‬ ‫‪Declan Eames‬‬ ‫‪Gareth Howells‬‬ ‫بلفي و لیلیبیت‬ ‫ممول‬ ‫گربه - سگ‬ ‫لوك خوش شانس‬ ‫خانم مارپل‬ ‫‪David Tucker‬‬ ‫‪Joan Hickson‬‬ ‫خانواده دكتر ارنست‬ ‫وروجك و آقاي نجار‬ ‫كارآگاه و ركس‬ ‫‪Peter Hajek‬‬ ‫‪Tobias Moretti‬‬ ‫گالیور + تنسي تاكسیدو‬ ‫گوریل انگوري‬‫مورچه و مورچه خوار+بازرس+بالتازار‬ ‫زبل خان‬ ‫مشاهیر بزرگ جهان‬ ‫یوگي و دوستان‬ ‫جنگ جهاني دوم‬ ‫كوك‬ ‫صداي ما را از موج كوتاه میشنوید‬ ‫چاق و لغر‬ ‫بارباپاپا + آزمایشگاه دریایي‬ ‫-‬ ‫-‬
  • 96. Tom Bancroft - - Mike Nawrocki (Voice) Chris Brown Charlie Schlatter (Voice) Sturla Gunnarsson Gerard Butler ‫بزرگ‬ Penny Marshall Tom Hanks 2 ‫تاریخچه نارنیا‬ Andrew Adamson Ben Barnes ‫فرار از نیویورك‬ John Carpenter Kurt Russell ‫شركت‬ Sydney Pollack Tom Cruise ‫هالك شگفت انگیز‬ Louis Leterrier Edward Norton 3 ‫مومیایي‬ Rob Cohen Brendan Fraser ‫تاراس بولبا‬ J. Lee Thompson Tony Curtis ‫تماس شیطاني‬ Orson Welles Orson Welles ‫روز تمرین‬ Antoine Fuqua Denzel Washington‫سریعترین سرخپوست جهان‬ Roger Donaldson Anthony Hopkins ‫اسكیپي‬ Eric Fullilove Elke Neidhart ‫ارتش سري‬ Roger Cheveley Bernard Hepton ‫در تعقیب جو‬ Allen Baron Jack Ging ‫كمپیون‬ Michael Owen Morris Peter Davison ‫كارآگاه گجت‬ Bruno Bianchi Don Adams (Voice) ‫گامبا‬ Robert Powell ‫حادثه جو‬ Guy Slater ‫مرد رودخانه برفي‬ Tim Burstall Sheryl Munks ‫زورو‬ ‫بازرس‬ ‫كماندار نوجوان‬ John Lafia Kim Delaney Antoine Fuqua Jamie Foxx Thomas T. Taylor Kurt Russell ‫مسابقه مرگ‬ Paul W.S. Anderson Jason Statham ‫كودك از دست رفته‬ Ben Affleck Casey Affleck ‫كله چرمیها‬ George Clooney George Clooney ‫ماشین مخوف‬ Peter Segal Adam Sandler ‫مرگ ناگهاني‬ Peter Hyams Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫شمشیر در ماه‬ Ui-seok Kim Min-su Choi Joe Chappelle Skeet Ulrich ‫دیدگاه برتر‬ Pete Travis Dennis Quaid ‫كولك‬ Gregory Jacobs Emily Blunt ‫جهان ناشناخته‬ ‫كلیك‬ Alastair Fothergill -
  • 97. Chris Donovan Jeremy Clarkson C Persian) ‫طب جایگزین‬ Nick Davidson ‫جهان ناشناخته + مدرسه چیني‬cumentary) (BBC Persian)BBC Persian)BC Persian)ary) (BBC Persian)umentary) (BBC Persian) BBC Persian)e Zaman) (Documentary) (BBC Persian)ntary) (BBC Persian) ‫طب جایگزین‬ Nick DavidsonBBC Persian)
  • 98. y) (BBC Persian)) (BBC Persian)) (BBC Persian)y) (BBC Persian) . . . ) (Documentary) (BBC Persian)ont Line (Documentary) (BBC Persian) Eric Darnell Ben Stiller (Voice) John Woo John Travolta John McTiernan John Travolta Jean-Jacques AnnaudBrad Pitt Christopher Nolan Christian Bale Jean-Luc Godard Bruno Putzulu Akira Kurosawa Tatsuya Nakadai Roland Joffé Sam Waterston Chuck Russell the Rock Olivier Megaton Jason Statham Wim Wenders Patrick Bauchau tary) (BBC Persian)BC Persian) Ali Ghalichiman (Documentary) (BBC Persian)(Documentary) (BBC Persian) ‫جاده آرلینگتون‬ Mark Pellington Tim Robbins Jordan Roberts Christopher Walken ‫كاپوتي‬ Bennett Miller Allie Mickelson Carroll Ballard Alex Michaeletos Sheldon Lettich Jean-Claude Van Damme Tom Tykwer Cate Blanchett Guillermo del Toro Ron Perlman Wilson Yip Donnie Yen Colin Teague Laurence Fox
  • 99. Robert Redford Tom Cruise Dolph Lundgren Dolph Lundgren Bruce A. Evans Kevin Costner Joe Carnahan Jason Patric Don Taylor William Holden Rod Lurie Samuel L. Jackson Isaac Florentine Jean-Claude Van Damme Danny Boyle Dev Patel Todd Phillips Ben Stiller Henning Carlsen Bjarne Andersen Mimi Leder Antonio Banderas Joel Schumacher Colin Farrell See-Yuen Ng Bruce Lee Andrew Stanton Ben Burtt (Voice) Béla Tarr Lars Rudolph Robert Zemeckis Harrison Ford Geoffrey Sax Michael Keaton Chris Carter Gillian Anderson Adam Shankman Jennifer Lopez ‫حماسه كئوما‬ Franco Nero ‫فایول به غرب مي رود‬ Simon Wells James Stewart (Voice) Frank Darabont Thomas Jane ‫داستان اردكها : پیش به سوي آینده‬ ‫داستان اردكها : پسر جنگل‬ ‫داستان شجاعت‬ ‫دوازده یار اوشن‬ Steven Soderbergh Brad Pitt ‫اسكوبي دو و هیولي برفي‬ ‫كاپري كورن شماره یك‬ ‫هوش مصنوعی‬ Steven Spielberg Haley Joel Osment ‫هواشناس‬ Gore Verbinski Nicolas Cage John Woo Tony Leung Chiu Wai ‫احمد شاملو‬mentary) (BBC Persian) ‫دل‬ Indra Kumar Aamir Khan Puneet Sira Sohail Khan ‫غریب‬ Vidhu Vinod Chopra Bobby Deol ‫گناه‬ Vikram Bhatt Bobby Deol
  • 100. ‫شورش‬ Naresh Malhotra Bobby Deol ‫تایتانها‬ Duccio Tessari Pedro Armendáriz ‫یخ سبز‬ Ernest Day Ryan ONeal ‫پول نقد‬ Anubhav Sinha Ajay Devganmentary) (BBC Persian)umentary) (BBC Persian)mentary) (BBC Persian) BBC Persian)BBC Persian)n Space (Documentary) (BBC Persian)ocumentary) (BBC Persian) Mark Gravas Dee Bradley Baker (Voice) Christopher Nielsen Woody Harrelson (Voice)umentary) (BBC Persian) (Part 2) (Documentary) (BBC Persian)ni) (Documentary) (BBC Persian)ntary) (BBC Persian) ntary) (BBC Persian) ‫کنیز من‬ Hermann Leitner Marion MichaelBBC Persian)) (BBC Persian)mentary) (VOA Channel)tary) (BBC Persian)BC Persian)BBC Persian)A Channel)(Part 3) (Documentary) (BBC Persian) ‫نبرد با طالبان پاکستان‬BBC Persian) kran (Documentary) (BBC Persian)
  • 101. en Sazgara)ntary) (BBC Persian) Ted Berman Grant Bardsley Makoto Kamiya Alyson Court (Voice) ‫کودک و سرباز‬ - Sarah Heinke Oerd Van Cuijlenborg - Adrià García Imanol Arias Frank Nissen Jim Cummings (Voice) Don Bluth Shani Wallis Gerhard Hahn Kim Hasper Shô Aikawa Aaron Dismuke Richard Rich Jack Palance Karl Toerge Joe Alaskeyy) (BBC Persian) BBC Persian) Peter Weir Russell Crow Burny Mattinson Alan Young Sheldon Lettich Jean-Claude Van Damme D.J. Caruso Shia LaBeouf Jon Favreau Robert Downey Jr. Benny Chan Jackie Chan James Cameron Arnold Schwarzenegger David Twohy Vin Diesel Marc Forster Daniel Craigtary) (BBC Persian)mentary) (BBC Persian) ng + Bird Flu (Documentary) (VOA Channel) Gerard Pires Stepehn Dorffntary) (BBC Persian) rnia (BBC Persia) Lee Tamahori Morgan Freeman Baz Luhrmann Hugh Jackman
  • 102. Che-Kirk Wong Mark Wahlberg Brad Gann Michael Angarano Ron Howard Russell Crowe Jaco van Dormael Daniel Auteuil Justin Lin Vin Diesel Gregory Hoblit Anthony Hopkins Eric Brevig Brendan Fraser Doug Liman Hayden Christensen Gore Verbinski Julia Roberts Steven Brill Adam Sandler Jonathan Demme Tom Hanks Antony Hoffman Val Kilmer David Mamet Chiwetel Ejiofor Mike Binder Adam Sandler Ringo Lam Jean-Claude Van Damme Gabriele Muccino Will Smith Bryan Bertino Liv Tyler Sam Fell Matthew Broderick (Voice) Simon Fellows Jean-Claude Van Damme Brian Goodman Mark Ruffalo Byron Howard John Travolta (Voice) John Chu Peisi Chen ntary)(BBC Persia)mentary)(BBC Persia)mentary)(VOA)y)(BBC Persia)mber)(Documentary)(BBC Persia)ntary)(BBC)(3 DVDs)tary)(BBC Persia) Abbas Tahvildar Adventure | Crime | Drama | Thriller Scheuring Paul Dominic Purcell
  • 103. Carlos Saldanha Denis Leary (Voice)entary)(BBC Persia)May 1808 (Documentary)(BBC Persia)(BBC Persia)(BBC Persia) Moulin De La Galette (Documentary)(BBC Persia)President McKinley (Documentary)(BBC Persia)Leon Trotsky (Documentary)(BBC Persia) Toshiyuki Hirumamentary)(BBC Persia)ntary)(BBC Persia) Brett Morgen Hank Azaria (Voice) ‫سفر به اعماق زمین‬ Laura Shepherd ‫راز : قوانین جذب‬ ‫قلعه متحرک هاول‬ Hayao Miyazaki Chieko Baisho (Voice) ‫پرنسس مونونوکه‬ Hayao Miyazaki Yôji Matsuda (voice) Hendel Butoy Bob Newhart(Voice) ‫علی بابا‬ - - - - - - - - ‫هی آرنولد‬ Tuck Tucker Spencer Klein (Voice) ‫هرکول‬ Roger Young Paul Telfer (Voice)
  • 104. Boyd Kirkland Kevin Conroy (Voice) - Kirby Morrow (Voice) Steve Ditko Christopher Daniel Barnes (Voice) Bibo Bergeron Kevin Kline(Voice) Glenn Chaika Jennifer Love Hewitt Phil Weinstein Ron Perlman (Voice) Richard Rich Miranda Richardson Nick Park Peter Sallis Keith Alcorn Debi Derryberry Martin Gates Hugh Laurie Yvette Kaplan Carr Thompson Michael Schoemann Michael Chevalier‫آلیس در سرزمین عجایب‬ Ric Machin - Walt Kubiak Craig Bullock Ángel de la Cruz Gabino Diego Gary Trousdale Michael J. Fox Elliot M. Bour Peter Cullen - - ‫غول آهنی‬ Brad Bird Jennifer Aniston (Voice) John Eng Elizabeth Daily (Voice) Keith Lango - ‫لیلو و استیچ‬ Chris Sanders & Dean Daveigh Chase (voice) Deblouis - - - - - - - - ‫بتمن‬ Ángel de la Cruz Nacho Aldeguer ‫تونی هاوک‬ - - ‫جک و ساقه لوبیا‬ - - Patrick Archibald Daphne Goldrick Theo Angelopoulos Manos Katrakis Tony Scott Robert Redford Makoto Kamiya Alyson Court (Voice) Clarence Brown Gregory Peck Franco Zeffirelli Mel Gibson Byron Howard John Travolta (Voice)
  • 105. Brian Helgeland Rufus SewellFrédéric Schoendoerffer Monica BellucciTaylor Hackford Al PacinoBen Stiller Ben StillerSpike Lee Derek LukeAndrei Tarkovsky Aleksandr KajdanovskyVondie Curtis-Hall Tyrese GibsonPaul Abascal Mel GibsonJames Cameron Leonardo DicaprioCourtney Hunt Melissa LeoLewis Gilbert Roger MooreGeorge Sluizer Bernard-Pierre DonnadieuAndrei Konchalovsky Christopher LeeGuy Ritchie Jason StathamTerence Young Sean ConneryJohn Nance Charlotte StewartAlfred Hitchcock Henry FondaIain Softley Brendan FraserKen Loach David BradleyBrian King Danny GloverPeter Berg Dwayne Johnson (Rock)Michael Bay Will SmithRodrigo García Anne HathawayWerner Herzog Klaus KinskiTony Jaa Tony JaaThe Wachowski Bros. Keanu ReevesAndy Wachowski Keanu ReevesBrian De Palma Tom CruiseWim Wenders Dennis HopperRobert Bresson Luc SimonLars von Trier Jean-Marc BarrRob Bowman Christian BaleRidley Scott Ewan McGregorBrian Gibson Demi MooreJohn Schlesinger Sean PennJames Wan Kevin BaconSam Liu Mark Acheson (Voice)Francis Glebas John Fiedler (Voice)Jack Kirby Lou Ferrigno (Voice)Ben Stassen Tim Curry (Voice)
  • 106. Ron Clements Vincent Price (Voice) - - Norton Virgien Amy Hill (Voice) Craig Miller Frank Welker (Voice) Dale Carman Alistair Abell (Voice) Thilo Rothkirch Sandro Iannotta (Voice) Olivier Jean Marie Lambert Wilson (Voice) Michel Ocelot Cyril Mourali (Voice) Michael Arias Kazunari Ninomiya (Voice) Yuri Kulakov Yuri Berkun (Voice) Glenn Chaika Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Voice) Frank Oz Jim Henson (Voice) - - Gary Trousdale Mike Myers (Voice) Martin Otevrel Til Schweiger (Voice) Sam Liu Mark Acheson (Voice) Olivier Jean Marie Lambert Wilson (Voice) Steven E. Gordon - ‫لیلی و مجنون‬ Harnam Singh Rawail Rishi Kapoor Robert Stevenson Angela Lansburyi (Voice) Animation | Action | AdventureAlden (Voice) Norman | Family | Sci-Fi 2 ‫شاه شیر‬ Darrell Rooney Matthew Broderick (voice) ‫باربی‬ Owen Hurley Kelly Sheridan (Voice) ‫برنارد و بیانکا‬ John Lounsbery Bob Newhart(Voice) ‫ماجراهای پسر کوسه ای و دختر گدازه ای‬ Robert Rodriguez Taylor Lautner 1 ‫شاه شیر‬ Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff Jonathan Taylor Thomas (voice) ‫آخرین تک شاخ‬ Jules Bass Alan Arkin (Voice) ‫تام و جری‬ ‫تام و جری‬ ‫کورالین‬ Henry Selick Dakota Fanning (Voice) ‫مرد عنکبوتی‬ ‫مرد عنکبوتی‬ ‫هیولها علیه بیگانگان‬ Rob Letterman Reese Witherspoon (Voice) (2 ‫محافظ )مبارز تایلندی‬ Prachya Pinkaew Tony Jaaouse Hunt © ‫ماجراهای تام و جری‬ - - Grigori Chukhrai Vladimir Ivashov Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla Salman Khan ‫جانور‬ Suneel Darshan Akshay Kumar
  • 107. Aditya Chopra Shahrukh Khan ‫زوم‬ Peter Hewitt Tim Allen ‫ژان کلود ون دام‬ Mabrouk El Mechri Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫سرباز جهانی‬ Roland Emmerich Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫کیک بوکسور‬ Jean Claude Van Damme Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫از خط خارج شده‬ Bob Misiorowski Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫مشعل و کمان‬ Jacques Tourneur Burt Lancaster Wei Tung Jet Li ‫(خیلی نزدیک )مبارزان‬ Corey Yuen Qi Shu 3 ‫ترمیناتور‬ Johnathan Mostow Arnold Schwarzenegger ‫غلم‬ Vikram Bhatt Aamir Khan ‫ستاره های شانس من‬ Sammo Hung Kam-BoJackie Chan 2 ‫عملیات کندور‬ Jackie Chan Jackie Chan ‫آقای مودب‬ Sammo Hung Kam-BoJackie Chan ‫فرقه شر‬ Jing Wong Jet Li ‫داغ سرخ‬ Walter Hill Arnold Schwarzenegger John Irvin Arnold Schwarzenegger ‫آخرین قهرمان اکشن‬ John McTiernan Arnold Schwarzenegger ‫سرنیتی‬ Joss Whedon Nathan Fillion ‫طلوع مریخ‬ Harold Becker Bruce Willis 4 ‫جان سخت‬ Len Wiseman Bruce Willis ‫کورالین‬ Henry Selick Dakota Fanning (Voice) ‫سی جی هفت‬ Stephen Chow Stephen Chow ‫شکار گربه وحشی‬ Raul Garcia Abraham Aguilar ‫ایندیانا جونز و معبد فنا‬ Steven Spielberg Harrison Ford 2 ‫گنجینه ملی‬ Jon Turteltaub Nicolas Cage Costa-Gavras José Garcia 2 ‫شکست ناپذیر‬ Isaac Florentine Michael Jai White ‫مبارز خیابانی‬ Steven E. de Souza Jean-Claude Van Damme ‫لیمی‬ Steven Soderbergh Terence Stamp ‫شهرمرزی‬ Gregory Nava Jennifer Lopez 2 ‫مامور کدی بنکس‬ Kevin Allen Frankie Muniz ‫آپالوسا‬ Sidney J. Furie Marlon Brando ‫آپالوسا‬ Ed Harris Ed Harris 1 ‫حلقه‬ Gore Verbinski Naoml Watts 2 ‫حلقه‬ Hideo Nakata Naomi Watts ‫پاپاراتزی‬ Paul Abascal Daniel Baldwin‫رابین هود : شاهزاده دزدان‬ Kevin Reynolds Kevin Costner ‫نجات سرجوخه رایان‬ Steven Spielberg Tom Hanks ‫کونگ پو‬ Steve Oedekerk Steve Oedekerk
  • 108. ‫کینه‬ Takashi Shimizu Sarah Michelle Gellar ‫پرونده اودسا‬ Ronald Neame Jon Voight ‫بیوولف‬ Robert Zemeckis Angelina Jolie ‫شبح‬ Simon Wincer Billy Zane Armand Mastroianni James Remar ‫این را تحلیل کن‬ Harold Ramis Robert De Niro ‫بیمار انگلیسی‬ Anthony Minghella Ralph Fiennes3 ‫پارک ژوراسیک‬ Joe Johnston Stanton Barrett ‫برنج تلخ‬ Giuseppe De Santis Vittorio Gassman James Foley Dustin Hoffman Gavin Hood Hugh Jackman Wolfgang Reitherman Phil Harris (Voice) Gangliang Fang Jackie Chan Clyde Geronimi Kathryn Beaumont Hayao Miyazaki Chieko Baisho (Voice) Robert Rodriguez Sylvester Stallone Ernie Barbarash Zachary Bennett Vincenzo Natali Nicole de Boer Andrzej Sekula Kari Matchett Victor Salva Gina Philips Hayao Miyazaki Shûichirô Moriyama (Voice) John Dahl Nicolas Cage Phil Tippett Richard Burgi Roland Suso Richter Ryan Phillippe John Guillermin Sean Connery Craig R. Baxley Tom Berenger Jeff Celentano Michael York Richard Donner Marlon Brando Shaad Ali Amitabh Bachchan Sunny Deol Sunny Deol S. Shankar Anil Kapoor Paul Scheuring Dominic Purcell Antonio Navarro José Coronado Hatsuki Tsuji Dan Green (Voice) Phil Robinson James S. Baker (Voice) Jugal Hansraj Saif Ali Khan (Voice)
  • 109. Baek-yeob Seong -José Luis Massa Lionel Campoy (Voice)An VrombautTimothy Björklund Nathan Lane (Voice)Oliver Jongerlynck Jeff Black (Voice)Peter Chelsom Lilli LavineLawrence Kasdan Meg RyanEmanuele Crialese Charlotte GainsbourgTerry George Joaquin PhoenixDean Alioto Angus MacfadyenLuchino Visconti Antonio ArcidiaconoRobert Wise Susan HaywardAlfred Hitchcock Anny OndraMark Waters Freddie HighmoreMarc Forster Ewan McGregorBuddy Van Horn Clint EastwoodAlfred Hitchcock Herbert MarshallGavin OConnor Colin FarrellJohn Madden Nicolas CageSylvester Stallone Sylvester StalloneOmar Naim Robin WillamsShawn Levy Ben StillerWilliam Dieterle Elizabeth TaylorFritz Lang Spencer TracyDominic Sena John TravoltaMartin Valente François BerléandAndrei Konchalovsky Jon VoightAntoine Fuqua Yun-Fat ChowAkira Kurosawa Akira TeraoNorman Taurog Spencer TracyBruce Beresford Antonio BanderasRoland Joffé Gerard DepardieuGiuseppe Tornatore Gérard Depardieu
  • 110. Martin Brest Al Pacino Uwe Boll Til Schweiger Takashi Miike Quentin Tarantino Francis Veber Gérard Depardieu Ridley Scott Nicolas Cage Mark Robson Frank Sinatra Austin Chick Josh Hartnett Jim Henson David Bowie Michael Winner Oliver Reed Alfred Hitchcock Joel Mc Crea Don Taylor Peter Graves Tim Haines Andrew Lee Potts Tim Haines Andrew Lee Potts ‫مهاجران‬ Hiroshi Saitô Minori Matsushima (Voice) ‫فرار از زندان فصل سوم‬ Paul Scheuring Dominic Purcell‫قرآن و علم طبیعی به روایت دکتر صحافی‬ - - Richard Fleischer Omar Sharif Henry King Gregory Peck Philippe de Broca Jean-Paul Belmondo Robert Aldrich Lee Marvin Sam Peckinpah Jason Robards Georges Lautner Alain Delon Ted Kotcheff Jane Fonda Maurice Elvey Eille Norwood Chazz Palminteri Penelope Cruz John Ford John Wayne Daryl Duke Peter Falk Andy Jones Akio Ôtsuka (Voice) Rowdy Herrington Bruce Willis Bryan Goeres Dean Cain Betty Thomas Eddie Murphy John Irvin Armand Assante Tony Mitchell Robert Carlyle Gary Yates Gary Busey Danny DeVito Jack Nicholson Dennis Gansel Max Riemelt Deran Sarafian Charlie Sheen Bart Freundlich Kristen Stewart Raja Gosnell Alex D. Linz David Gleeson Eriq Ebouaney
  • 111. Pete Docter Edward Asner (Voice) Hoyt Yeatman Bill Nighy Kevin Sullivan Megan Follows Harvey Frost Zachary Bennett Christian Duguay Devon Sawa Wolfgang Petersen Dustin Hoffman John Erman Woody Allen Dick Maas James Marshall Jing Wong Jet Lee Phil Joanou Sean Penn Rachid Bouchareb Jamel Debbouze Louis-Pascal Couvelaire Jean-Hugues Anglade Richard Benjamin Clint Eastwood Robert Zemeckis Michael J. Fox Robert Redford Donald Sutherland Lee Tamahori Anthony Hopkins Stephen Hopkins Danny Glover Roger Christian John Travolta Jan De Bont Liam Neeson John G. Avildsen Ralph Macchio Peter Hyams Michael Douglas David Cronenberg Christopher Walken Wolfgang Petersen Barret Oliver Pieter Jan Brugge Robert Redford Jim Sheridan Daniel Day-Lewis Nicolas Vanier Norman Winther Rasmus A. Sivertsen Atle Antonsen (Voice) Victor Cook Rene Auberjonois (Voice)‫بل و سباستین‬ - -‫اولیور توئیست‬ - - Andrés Couturier Jaime Camil (Voice) Gary Russell David Tennant Jérôme Deschamps Jérôme Deschamps (Voice) Tony Craig Carlos Alazraqui (Voice) Jean Renoir Jean Gabin3 ‫رئیس مزرعه‬ Jeffrey Garcia (Voice) Charles Grosvenor John Ingle (Voice) - Yuri Lowenthal (Voice) Liz Holzman Rob Paulsen (Voice) Peter Madsen Preben Kristensen (Voice)
  • 112. Chris Taylor Ken Barrie (Voice) Mario Piluso Julia Duffy (Voice) John Rogers Jackie Chan (Voice)‫فوتبالیستها در راه جام جهانی‬ - - Shane Acker Christopher Plummer (Voice) Richard Kiley (Voice) Carol Hughes - - - - - Michael Gross (Voice) Carol Farneti Foster - Howard Hall Johnny Deppt (Voice) - - Alastair Fothergill James Earl Jones (Voice) C. Thomas Howell C. Thomas Howell Howard Hawks John Wayne Jules Dassin Burt Lancaster Wim Wenders Bruno Ganz Brad Silberling Nicolas Cage Christopher McQuarrie Benicio Del Toro Billy Wilder Kirk Douglas Joon-ho Bong Kang-ho Song Gérard Krawczyk Samy Naceri Tom Dey Robert De Niro McG Christian Bale Gillo Pontecorvo Marlon Brando Dante Lam Richie Ren Justin Lin Lucas Black Roger Spottiswoode Pierce Brosnan Daniel Lee Andy Lau Tom Shankland Stellan Skarsgård David Koepp Greg Kinnear William Friedkin Tommy Lee Jones Renny Harlin John Cena Denzel Washington Denzel Washington Wilson Yip Donnie Yen Paul Verhoeven Peter Weller Stanley Kubrick Matthew Modine Masaki Kobayashi Rentaro Mikuni
  • 113. James Gray Joaquin Phoenix Alan J.Pakola Harrison Ford Andrzej Bartkowaik Jet Li François Truffaut François Truffaut Andy Tennant Drew Barrymore Jeff Beesley Christian Slater Nick Cassavetes Denzel Washington Phillip Noyce Val Kilmer Quentin Tarantino Lucy Liu Andy Fickman Dwayne Johnson (Rock) Robert Mulligan Gregory Peck ‫سینما پارادیزو‬ Giuseppe Tornatore Philippe Noiret Marc F. Adler Freddie Prinze Jr. (Voice) David Fincher Brad Pitt Callie Khouri Diane Keaton Karey Kirkpatrick Eddie Murphy Pierre Morel Liam Neeson Nora Ephron Tom Hanks Anne Fletcher Sandra Bullock Guy Ritchie Robert Downey Jr. John Mc Tiernan Pierce Brosnan won Hyeong-Jin Yu Hae-Jin Ken Loach Bruce Jones ‫هری کثیف‬ Don Siegel Clint Eastwood ‫بی خواب در سیاتل‬ Nora Ephron Tom Hanks ‫پزشک دهکده‬ Beth Sullivan Jane Seymour ‫گوفی‬ - - ‫سفرهای گالیور‬ - - ‫هیچی نگو‬ Gary Fleder Michael Douglas‫ابری با احتمال بارش کوفته قلقلی‬ Phil Lord Bill Hader (Voice) ‫میتونه برای تو هم اتفاق بیافته‬ Andrew Bergman Nicolas Cage Anatole Litvak Olivia de Havilland John Musker Scott Weinger Toby Shelton Jason Alexander Frank Miller Samuel L. Jackson Stephen Sommers Christopher Eccleston Sergei Eisenstein Aleksandr Antonov D.J. Caruso Angelina Jolie Akira Kurosawa Setsuko Hara Robert Bresson Christian Patey
  • 114. Jim Sheridan Daniel Day-Lewis Martin Scorsese Paul Newman Kevin Costner Kevin Costner Michael Davis Monica Bellucci Francis Lawrence Keanu Reeves Nicolas Roeg Julie Christie Ken Loach Peter Mullan Sammo Hung Kam-BoJackie Chan Nuri Bilge Ceylan Cihat Bütün Francis Ford Coppola Gene Hackman Rob Reiner James Caan Walter Hill Wesley Snipes Jean Marie Gaubert Jean Reno Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. Steve McQueen Nagesh Kukunoor Akshay Kumar David Hand Hardie Albright(voice) ‫بامزی‬ James Algar Bing Crosby Luc Besson Freddie Highmore P.J. Hogan Jason Isaacs Carlo Collodi Mel Blanc‫فرار از زندان فصل چهارم‬ Paul Scheuring Dominic Purcell Norman Jewison Al Pacino F. Gary Gray Jamie Foxx M. Night Shyamalan Bruce Willis Yu-jin Kim Jae-yeong Jeong Robert De Niro Angelina Jolie Joel Schumacher Susan Sarandon Walter Hill Keith Carradine Brian De Palma Josh Hartnett Scott Derrickson Keanu Reeves Lukas Moodysson Gael García Bernal Annabel Jankel Tim Roth Anorzej Bartkowiak Jet Li Richard Kelly Cameron Diaz Michael Mann Johnny Depp Michael Bay Shia LaBeouf J.J. Abrams Chris Pine Charles Martin Smith Charlie Cox
  • 115. ‫همسر یا دردسر‬ ‫ویکتوریا‬ John Long Sylvester Stallone Frank Oz Robert De Niro Tony Richardson Michael Redgrave Luis Buñuel Estela Inda Jacques Becker Fernand Ledoux Yasujiro Ozu Keiji Sada Carol Reed James Mason Clive Donner Peter Sellers Sam Peckinpah James Coburn Francesco Rosi Philippe Noiret Robert Bresson François Leterrier Roy Ward Baker Kenneth More Sam Wood Groucho Marx Sergei M. Eisenstein Nikolai Cherkasov Francesco Rosi Gian Maria Volonté Andrzej Wajda Gérard Depardieu Andrzej Wajda Jerzy Radziwilowicz Francesco Rosi Rod Steiger Aki Kaurismäki Matti Pellonpää Paolo And Vittorio Taviani Omero Antonutti Andrei Tarkovsky Nikolai Burlyayev Wes Craven Gloria Estefan Jean-Pierre Melville Howard Vernon Alfred Hitchcock Tallulah Bankhead Sergio Corbucci Franco Nero Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Manmohan Desai Amitabh Bachchan Kirk Wong Jackie Chan Manmohan Desai Amitabh Bachchan Jacques Becker Samia Gamal Antony Jay Paul Eddington Peter Whitmore Paul Eddington Brian Mills Jeremy Brett Bertrand Tavernier Philippe Noiret Sergei M. Eisenstein Nikolai Cherkasov ‫کیک بوکسر‬ Jean Claude Van Damme Jean-Claude Van Damme4 ‫رئیس مزرعه‬
  • 116. 2 ‫مردان سیاه پوش‬ Barry Sonnenfeld Tommy Lee Jones ‫مونوس & مونوس‬ ‫شاهزاده و قورباغه‬ Ron Clements Anika Noni Rose (Voice) Luc Besson Selena Gomez (Voice) 1 ‫داستان پلیس‬ Jackie Chan Jackie Chan 2 ‫داستان پلیس‬ Jackie Chan Jackie Chan 3 ‫داستان پلیس‬ Stanley Tong Jackie Chan ‫شهر شانگهای‬ Tom Dey Jackie Chan Gordon Chan Jackie Chan ‫جنجال در برانکس‬ Stanley Tong Jackie Chan Philippe Martinez Jean-Claude Van Damme 1 ‫پری دریایی‬ Ron Clements Rene Auberjonois (Voice) 2 ‫پری دریایی‬ Jim Kammerud Jodi Benson (Voice) Aki Kaurismäki Markku Peltola Gillo Pontecorvo Brahim Hadjadj Joseph L. MankiewiczLaurence Olivier Jean-Pierre Melville Lino Ventura Wim Wenders Dennis Hopper Michael Bay Bruce Willis Henry Selick Richard Dreyfuss (voice) Rodney McDonald Craig Sheffer François Truffaut Julie Christie Robert J. Flaherty Colman Tiger King Theo Angelopoulos Tania Palaiologou Wes Anderson George Clooney (Voice) Hayao Miyazaki Yuria Nara (Voice) Sidney Lumet Faye Dunaway Steven Soderbergh Jeremy Irons Paolo Taviani Vincent Spano John Frankenheimer Sharon Stone Martin Scorsese Paul NewmanAction | Drama | History | War Richard AttenboroughMichael Caine René Clément Jean-Paul Belmondo Damián Szifron Martín Adjemián Izuru Narushima Tatsuya Fuji Martin Ritt Richard Burton
  • 117. Comedy | Mystery Woody Allen Woody Allen Breck Eisner Navi Rawat Henry Selick Brendan Fraser Jean-Pierre Jeunet Ron Perlman Jerzy Skolimowski Jeremy Irons Billy Wilder Robert Stephens Betty Thomas Zachary Levi Ferdinando Baldi Franco Nero Blake Edwards Peter Sellers John Frankenheimer Frank Sinatra Sergei Eisenstein Nikolai Cherkasov Robert Zemeckis Jim Carrey (Voice) David Mamet Val Kilmer Christopher Nolan Guy Pearce Lasse Hallstrom Jennifer Lopez Sheng Ding Jackie Chan Andy Fickman Dwayne Johnson Jonathan Lynn Bruce Willis Robert Aldrich Burt Reynolds René Clément Charles Bronson Robert Rodriguez Carlos Gallardo Edward Dmytryk Marlon Brando Joshua Logan Leslie Caron ‫نیک و نیکو‬ Tomm Moore Brendan Gleeson (Voice) Harold Becker John Travolta Jim Sheridan Daniel Day-Lewis Stephen Milburn Anderson Bean Sean Jérôme Salle Tomer Sisley Peter R. Hunt Roger Moore Adam McKay Will Ferrell Duncan Jones Sam Rockwell Andrei Kravchuk Konstantin Khabenskiy Martin Scorsese Leonardo DiCaprio Bill Paxton James Paxton Mark Steven Johnson Ben Affleck George Miller Mel Gibson Bent Hamer Baard Owe Tony Scott Bruce Willis Zack Snyder Malin Akerman
  • 118. Chris Nahon Jean Reno Jean-François Richet Vincent Cassel Nimród Antal Matt Dillon Kevin Macdonald Russell Crowe Jon Avnet Robert De Niro Steven Brill Owen Wilson Teddy Chan Donnie Yen Greg Marcks Shane West Harald Zwart Steve Martin Chris Weitz Nicole Kidman Adrian Lyne Tim Robbins Les Mayfield Samuel L. Jackson Tony Gilroy Clive Owen Marc Abraham Jake Abel Joe Johnston Viggo Mortensen Crime | Drama | Thriller Tung-Shing Yee Jackie Chan Action | Drama | War Quentin Tarantino Brad Pitt Comedy | Drama Billy Wilder Jack LemmonAction | Crime | Drama | ThrillerMax Mannix Kippei ShiinaAction | Comedy | Crime | Thriller Andrei Konchalovsky Sylvester Stallone Thriller | Drama | Action Dominique Forma Jeff Bridges Comedy | Horror | Romance Edgar Wright Simon Pegg Drama | Romance John Schlesinger Julie Christie Action | Drama | History | War Peter Chan Jet Li Shunichi Nagasaki Akihito Yagi Cheh Chang Yu Wang Rob Reiner Cary Elwes Dennis Dugan Adam Sandler Bertrand Tavernier Tommy Lee Jones Bernardo Bertolucci Ying Ruocheng Jonathan Frakes Noah Wyle Tom Tykwer Clive Owen Rudolph Scharger Charles Chaplin Brad Silberling Will Ferrell Gabor Csupo Ioan Gruffudd Richard Donner Mel Gibson Tim Burton Michael Keaton Jean-François Richet Vincent Cassel Barry Levinson Dustin Hoffman
  • 119. Martin Campbell Bob Peck Sin Hyeon-chang Yoon Kye-sang Jason Smilovic Delroy Lindo Jon Cassar Kiefer Sutherland‫اشکها و لبخندها‬ Robert Wise Julie Andrerws
  • 120. oobleh Shodeh Secondary Actor Audrey Hepburn Richard Attenborough Ingrid Bergman Robert Mitchum Diana Rigg Joseph Cotten Anthony Hopkins Anthony Quinn Jean Simmons Shelley Duvall Ernest Borgnine Jerry Lewis Victor Mature Joanne Dru Laurence Olivier Tony Curtis Jack Nicholson David Niven Jackie Gleason Eva Marie Saint Candice Bergen Ian McShane Paul Newman Lee Remick Marsha Mason Joseph Cotten Faye Dunaway Julie Harris Michael York Charlotte Rampling Gene Wilder Tony Curtis Isela Vega Venantino Venantini Rod Steiger Charles Bronson Lino Ventura
  • 121. François PérierDean MartinIan BannenJames StewartJean GasconJeanne CrainNatalie WoodRichard CrennaAlan BatesBrian DonlevyLita MilanGeorge KennedRaimund HarmstorfCharlize TheronGlenda FarrellSamantha EggarLiza MinnelliKirk DouglasJames BestJohn RandolphEd HarrisHarold StoneSusan BlakelyLeigh Taylor-YoungRichard JohnsonChelo AlonsoTruman CapoteDesi Arnaz Jr.George PeppardKirk DouglasLouis CalhernJan-Michael VincentSimone SignoretPeter UstinovTony CurtisSophia LorenPiper LaurieJohn HousemanJune DuprezElke Sommer
  • 122. Ina BalinCarl WeathersRichard HarrisLouis de FunèsJeffrey HunterJohn HurtVivien LeighVirginia MayoStephen BoydFaye DunawayGeorge PeppardJack HawkinsMorgan FreemanRobert DuvallRobert RedfordIngrid BergmanPeter SellersPaul NewmanAudrey HepburnPaul LyndeJoseph CottonFrançois TruffautCourt JesterLeslie CaronTerence AlexanderJean SimmonsDrew BarrymoreCharlton HestonStephen BoydBruce DernTopolMartin SheenWalter MatthauRoy ScheiderAl PacinoRobert DeniroDiane KeatonLeigh LesliePaulette Goddard
  • 123. James GarnerMia FarrowMatthew MarsdenSusanna ThompsonGina LollobrigidaShirley MacLaineMeryl StreepOmar SharifJean GabinPeter OTooleOrson WellesDiane KeatonSteve McQueenJunius Matthews (Voice)Laurence OlivierVictor JoryRichard HarrisJoseph CottonEva Marie SaintIngrid BergmanDean MartinDerek JacobiLee RemickLee GrantKarl MaldenLouise FletherDustin HoffmanDavid NivenBette DavisVera MilesJoan FontaineJorge RiveroRobert MitchumJean SimnionsTalia ShireAudrey HepburnAudrey HepburnTom EwellTom Ewell
  • 124. Stephen BoydMarty FeldmanChristopher PlummerAlida ValliPaul NewmanRuth RomanGene HackmanYul BrynnerCharles BronsonKevin Costner Burt LancasterMichael CaineKirk DouglasRichard BurtonErnest BorgnineCharles DennerLee MarvinCandice BergenJacqueline BissetFaye DunawayHardy KrugerJohn CazaleLaurence OlivierLaurence OliverLouise LasserLee Van CleefAli MacGrawVictor MatureGeorge C. ScottMeryl StreepFaye DunawayStuart WhitmanCandice BergenGeorge MacreadyBasil RathboneYul BrynnerClaude RainsHenry FondaMark HamillGeorge Kennedy
  • 125. Ben JohnsonRichard BurtonGina LollobrigidaLee MarvinDick Van DykeSylva KoscinaFrancesca AnnisRobert RedfordClint EastwoodAva GardnerTelly SavalasVictor MatureBette DavisSamuel L. Jackson (Voice)Anthony QuinnJudy Kuhn (Voice)Ursula AndressNargisHema MaliniJules DassinBourvilStella StevensSusan HaywardChristopher LeeTerence HillErnest BorgnineAndre BourvilBridget FondaVera MilesHonor BlackmanTrevor Devall (Voice)George SandersDean MartinCatherine Zeta-Jones (Voice)Marisa BerensonJill St. JohnRichard WidmarkMel Brooks (Voice)Roseanne (Voice)
  • 126. Michael YorkNargisHema MaliniJean RenoRichard BeymerWalter BrennanJohn Goodman (Voice)Lucy LiuBen ChaplinChris Rock (Voice)Alyssa Milano (Voice)Tony CurtisJohnny DeppDean MartinDustin HoffmanCorey Burton (Voice)Max Von SydowPeter SellersRex HarrisonCameron Diaz (voice)NargisJanet AgrenJo Ann PflugJames Coburn Jack HawkinsLee VanTopolDiane KeatonTalia ShireBernardino ZapponiJennifer Love HewittRobert DuvallJeremy Suarezl (voice)Alec McCowenRob PaulsenEddie Murphy (voice)Billy ConnollyBilly Crystal(Voice)Willem Dafoe (Voice)Bruce Payne
  • 127. Juliette BinocheArthur KennedyDeborah KerrWalter HustonPedro ArmendarizErnie Sabella (Voice)Mark DeCarlo (Voice)John Leguizamo(Voice)Drew BarrimorePeter MacNicolJûrôta Kosugi (voice)Temuera MorrisonJanice RuleB.D. Wong (Voice)David MorseAngelina JolieFrances McDormandBilly Joel (Voice)Jack PalanceHaley Joel Osment(Voice)Jean ArthurWilliam H. MacyJeremy NorthamGeorge CarlinJohnny DeepJeff BridgesMorgan FreemanFrédéric DiefenthalBurt ReynoldsCameron DiazBrad PittBlayne Weaver (Voice)Drew Barrymore (Voice)Miki Fujitani (voice)Helena Bonham CarterDaniel Wu (Voice)Kathleen Barr (Voice)
  • 128. Mel Gibson(voice)Miyu Irino(voice)Ralph Fiennes(voice)Robert De Niro (Voice)Nick Jameson (Voice)Garry Marshall (Voice)Juliet ProwsJames BelushiJohn Leguizamo (Voice)Silvia MontiDavid EigenbergRicky Gervais (Voice)Nicole Sullivan (Voice)Kathleen Barr(Voice)Anjelica Huston (Voice)Michael BarnathanOliver HardyBridget MoynahanTara Strong (Voice)Elizabeth Hartman (Voice)Saemi Nakamura (voice)Jesse Corti (Voice)Raquel WelchRichard CrennaAngie DickinsonSusannah YorkMaximilian Artajo (Voice)PranSharon Stone (Voice)Max Von SydowJean PetersRobert DuvallMary UreBud SpencerJonathan Breck
  • 129. Jenny Mc CarthyRenato SalvatoriGabriel ByrneGiulietta MasinaSidney PoitierMichael SarrazinClaudia CardinaleCharles BickfordWilliam Squire(Voice)Samuel L. JacksonUma ThurmanJeremy NorthamHans Conried(Voice)Lee Tockar(Voice)Kurt Russell(Voice)Judi MeredithBarbara StanwyckCarla GuginoSandro Iannotta (voice)Martin Cloutier(Voice)David Hyde PierceSalma HayekPaul NewmanSamuel L. JacksonJohn TurturroRachel WeiszPatrick Dempsey (voice)Minnie Driver (Voice)Paul Newman (Voice)Terence StampSam Lerner (Voice)Rob ReinerNicolas Cage (Voice)Evan Rachel Wood (Voice)Masane Tsukayama (Voice)Drew Barrymore(voice)Laurence Fishburne (voice)
  • 130. Clancy Brown (Voice)Vincent CasselGlenn CloseGarry Shandling (Voice)Penélope CruzLaura LinneyVicki ZhaoMichael AnsaraJennifer Love HewittJoaquin PhoenixGwyneth PaltrowJulie CondraGia CaridesEwan Mc GregorJean SebergCoolioEric TsangLinda HamiltonPaola BoseRobert Downey Jr.Richard ConteHeino FerchGeorge SegalJames CaviezelMeg RyanMark Hildreth (voice)James Belushi (voice)Kathleen Barr(voice)Alastair Duncan (voice)Jacqueline BissetCatherine Zeta-JonesHigh JackmanSamuel L. JacksonDanny Glover(voice)Manisha KoiralaMiguel Ferrer (voice)Ashton Kutcher (voice)Emily Watson (voice)Kathy Najimy (voice)
  • 131. Yin-Chieh Han Lorànt Deutsch (Voice) Sharon Stone Shabana Azmi Julie Andrews Lucretia Love Lauren Bacall Dave Foley (voice) Waheeda Rehman Geena Davis (voice) Donald Sutherland Chuck Norris Maurice Ronet Diane Venora Frédéric Diefenthal Robin Williams Omar Sharif Shu Oi Miki Nakatani Sebastian Cabot (voice)orthy (Voice) Michael Bailey Elke Sommer Benico Del Toro Sandra Bullock (Voice) Brittany Murphy (Voice) Natasha Henstridge Henry Fonda William Clifford (Voice) Anthony Quinn Patrick Magee Maria Bello Omar Sharif Michael Barnathan Mike Connors Don Brodie (Voice) Dolores del Rio
  • 132. Cliff OsmondEddie Deezen (Voice)Maaya Sakamoto (voice)Tracey Ulman (Voice)Jason AlexanderJohn Di Maggio (Voice)Gerard DepardieuKate WinsletDiane KeatonMarisa BerensonKristin BoothMartin LandauWill GeerNora MiaoNora MiaoChuck NorrisKayoko KishimotoMark DeCarlo (Voice)William Clifford (Voice)Richard BooneCharles GrodinGene HackmanJames CoburnHope DavisSuzy DelairJ.T. WalshCatherine DeneuveSusanah YorkSerge ReggianiJohn GavinShirley MacLainePeter WyngardeCarol LynleyWalter BrennanEdward NortonDustin HoffmanFionnula FlanaganStephanie BeachamKelly HuZhanna Prokhorenko
  • 133. Paul BettanyStuart TownsendSamuel L. JacksonNatalie WalkerJosh HartnettMaksim MunzukAnn-MargretJean PetersEdward ChapmanShannyn SossamonAntonio BanderasGeraldine ChaplinVanessa RedgraveKen TakakuraCarol DexterScott SpeedmanEd WynnArthur KennedyJack NicholsonDoris DaySusan HaywardMartin SheenMary AstorMarika GreenAli MacGrawSilvana ManganoRobert Mitchum
  • 134. Jacques Perrin Greg KinnearBruno Cremer Sean Bean Sharmila Tagore Robert Duvall Jennifer Jones Harry Guadino Samuel L. Jackson Ron Silver Colleen Haskell Matthew Broderick Tom Wilkinson Dougray Scott Laura Regan Sondra Locke Cengiz Bozkurt Carl Möhner Laura Dern Chris Blakwood Zhao Wei Brittany Murphy Laurence Fishburne Chi Mc Bride Henry Ian Cusick Laurence Fishburne Charlize Theron Linda Hamilton Willem Dafoe Alfred Molina Kirsten Dunst Natasha Henstridge Cate Blanchett Winona Ryder Tara Reid Roger Moore Emma Watson Kristen Stewart Kevin Bacon Antonio Banderas
  • 135. Scarlett JohanssonPeter SarsgaardJeremy IronsChristopher KovaleskiJohn CusackMichael CaineMilla JovovichJean PetersJohn TurturroChris TuckerChris TuckerSissy SpacekJennifer LopezJohn CusackAlbert FinneyThandie NewtonHarrison PageJeremy NorthamMichelle PfeifferColm FeoreSean PennRupert EverettBen AffleckEd HarrisGene HackmanWilliam HurtJessica TandyJoann FletcherDerek LukeSandra BullockFrédéric DiefenthalTim RobbinsKelly BrookCameron DiazMikhail NazvanovForest WhitakerBenicio Del ToroBenicio Del ToroJessica Alba
  • 136. Shelley DuvallPaul WalkerTimothy OlyphantRobin WilliamsKate BeckinsaleKelly PrestonMark RuffaloGwyneth PaltrowKim NovakVirna LisisEnzo StaiolaEdward G. RobinsonPruitt Taylor VinceLaurence FishburneMatthew ModineAkira TeraoKarl MaldenAnne BaxterRyan OnealHenry FondaCatherine Zeta-JonesJohn MalkovichMiranda RichardsonRachel WeiszDiane BakerVannessa WilliamsVincent CasselJohn MalkovichJames AugareRalph FiennesGordon ScottDon TaylorCameron BrightSophie MarceauSteve CooganJuliette LewisThomas AnzenhoterLeonardo DicaprioAnthony QuinnDarwin Joston
  • 137. Tadeusz LomnickiSusan Blakeslee (Voice)Jude LawJeff DanielsMichael LandesKris LemcheSiobhan McKennaMadelein StoweIan McKellenIan McKellenIan McKellenLorenza GuerrieriEwan McGregorMax BaldryKarl MaldenGeoffrey RushDanny GloverKi-duk KimVal KilmerAllessandro GassmanCameron BrightCate BlanchettEmily DeschanelSophia LorenGail RussellJudge ReinholdJon TenneyJaime BergmanThierry NeuvicSusana ThompsonWesley SnipesRichard GereJane DarwellJean SimmonsGeorge C. ScottJim BrownNicole KidmanOliver HardyJean KeraudyHiroyuki Sanada
  • 138. Maureen OHaraCameron Diaz (Voice)Harrison FordLee RemickElizabeth DailyJulia StilesJessica BielMegan FoxCatherine KeenerMichael Dobson (Voice)Kate Winslet (Voice)Daniel Hansen (voice)Clint EastwoodDean MartinWalter BrennanMaurice RonetMax Von SydowMaria Pia CasilioFaye DunawayBurt ReynoldsLee RemickDeborah KerrRishi KapoorGeorge PeppardShirley MacLaineHenry FondaJoaquin PhoenixJude LawFranka PotenteMark WahlbergEmma GaulfieldMaggie GraceFernando ReyRobert Downey Jr.Arnold VoslooKevin PollakJodie FosterNaomi Watts
  • 139. Russell CroweChristopher WalkenHal HolbrookDakota FanningDustin HoffmanKeira KnightleyGeoffrey RushKate BeckinsaleEdward BurnsFaye DunawayMichael RapaportJack NicholsonPat OBrienAva GardnerArthur KennedyChico MarxEva MendesKarl MaldenStephen LackOwen WilsonMatt CravenMichael RookerDean MartinMarianne KochKaruna BannerjeeMartin SheenJane FondaChristian MonzMichael RookerEddie FirestoneJohn HurtGeoffrey RushTelly SavalasVirginia MayoDemin MoreJoaquin PhoenixGeorge ChakirisAntonio BanderasMaureen OHaraBess Armstrong
  • 140. Jack NicholsonLino BanfiLee MarvinTeresa WrightRichard BasebartMaria SchneiderRose ByrneYuzo KayamaKatharine HepburnTakashi ShimuraLaurence OlivierBeba LoncarVyjayanthimalaWaheeda RehmanKamal KapoorAruna IraniMeryl StreepMartin LawrencePaul SanchezAmy SmartGeorge RaftBruce GreenwoodCameron BrightMilton BerleRichard GereOliver ReedWilliam HoldenBrian Dennehy (Voice)Patricia OwensAlan RickmanMorgan Freeman Ava GardnerPedro ArmendárizJoan BlackmanAlan ArkinDougray ScottClaire MaurierSophia LorenRobert De NiroNancy Kovack
  • 141. Robin ShouTadanobu AsanoNicholas TseAya HirayamaAndy LauXiaogang FengHiroshi WatanabeIvana BaqueroDiane KeatonJô OdagiriUna MerkelHeath LedgerMaria BelloEdward FurlongCharlize TheronSkandar KeynesJohn CusackSharon StoneDennis RodmanAli LarterKaren AllenLee EvansJohn TravoltaRowan AtkinsonGerard McSorleyIngrid BergmanMichael PeñaJoe PesciMorgan FreemanRonald SquireAmber TamblynVirginia MadsenTommy Lee JonesJohn C. ReillyCasey AffleckAnna Sophia RobbRock HudsonDean MartinValerie PerrineEva Pope
  • 142. Christian BaleRussell MeansElizabeth TaylorEvan Rachel WoodDavid SpadeTommy Lee JonesHalle BarrySeann William ScottJamie FoxxJake GyllenhaalJohn TormeyJennifer ConnellyRachael TaylorHugh GrantJoaquin PhoenixAnthony HopkinsTony LeungShido NakamuraJason StathamLana MorrisShirley AbicairHonor BlackmanMaureen SwansonJennifer ConnellyAngelina JoliePetr Ratimec Scott HazellMeat LoafRay LiottaCharlize TheronIaon GruffudMickey RooneyJames WoodsCarl WeathersMalcolm Mc DowellNatalie WoodNatalie PortmanMia SaraSharon StoneFrank Oz
  • 143. Jessica AlbaEva GreenRobbie GeeJosh HartnettMatthew DavisMichael Jai WhiteOliver ReedNathan PhillipsRyan PhillippeKevin CostnerKim NovakGaspard UllielLee GrantKadee StricklandMartin LawrenceFreddie HighmoreTea LeoniMichael KeatonOwen WilsonKirsten DunstDonatas BanionisCharlize TheronAl LettieriBelén RuedaDavid ThewlisPier AngeliBrandon RouthYul BrynnerIsuzu YamadaLaura LinneyJacqueline ObradorsSophia LorenTalia ShireJamie KennedyColin Borgonon (Voice)Lucio ComoEdward Chapman
  • 144. Freddie HighmoreSteve Carell (Voice)Jean GavenDean MartinStacy KeachVeronica MerinChantal Strand (Voice)Alfredo PeaJill St. JohnClaire BloomGene HackmanTom SizemoreJohn MalkovichAshton KutcherRod SteigerJohn MalkovichBeyonce KnowlesChris TuckerEric BanaRobert MitchumMichel AlbertiniMaximilian SchellMarie McDonaldDana AndrewsKate WinsletGiovanni RibisiSamuel L. JacksonTamzin OuthwaiteEduardo NoriegaRussell CroweCate BlanchettSamuel L. JacksonShirley MacLaineCaroline AaronWesley SnipesAudrey HepburnSaffron BurrowsJames Caan
  • 145. Benicio Del ToroTea LeoniPenelope CruzMatthew BroderickClaire ForlaniCate BlanchettXzibitMarcia Gay HardenSpencer BreslinBridget FondaShawn WayansDiane BakerTom WilkinsonCharles GrodinChristian SlaterJack PalanceChristian BaleBen JohnsonSarah Michelle GellarJoseph MelitoKim Larney (Voice)Jared LetoYvette NiparTommy FlanaganBibi AnderssonHenry CalvinMartin StringerEiko Yamada (Voice)Sadhana ShivdasaniChristopher PlummerTom SizemoreGoldie HawnBetty Lou Gerson (Voice)Anne ArcherFelicity DevonshireEleanor Audley (Voice)Brittany Murphy (Voice)Joe Pesci
  • 146. Tom HardyAnthony HopkinsHildegarde NeilRobert PatrickBill Shirley (Voice)Geena DavisGeena DavisLee RemickJohn HurtRobert WalkerDavid CrossRenée Zellweger (Voice)Juliet ProwsChi Mc BrideHenry BergmanAnouk Grinberg (Voice)Raquel WelchVictor BanerjeeIan HunterBilly Bletcher (Voice)Vera ClouzotCandice BergenCecil ParkerDouglas FairbanksJoe HigginsJames Woods (Voice)Tim Allen (Voice)Tim Allen (Voice)John CassavetesRichard AttenboroughJohn Hurt (Voice)Robert MitchumJoe Dan BakerAnatoli Papanov (Voice)Aya Okamoto (Voice)Kiersten WarrenKelsey Grammer (Voice)Michael CaineSusan HaywardRobert Carlyle
  • 147. Stephen Dillane-Julianne MooreInger StevensNis Bank-Mikkelsen (Voice)Emma ThompsonJames Z. FengRick CramerNatalie PortmanToni ColletteLing BaiLauren GrahamKiefer SutherlandNicole Barré (Voice)Paul BerndJeff BridgesLuke WilsonJoaquin PhoenixMatthew FoxRichard BurtonAgnes BrucknerDanny DevitoJacques WeberXavier DeprazMarlène JobertJean GabinKim CattrallJanet MargolinRod SteigerFinlay CurrieFredric MarchRiccardo CucciollaFredric MarchJean-Louis TrintignantMatt DamonBrenda FrickerHarvey KeitelDalila Di LazzaroJack WardenLea Massari
  • 148. Alessandro MomoZeudi ArayaValerie HobsonRene RussoTeresa WrightMichelle PfeifferRobert WagnerAlec Baldwin (Voice)Charles BoyerRex HarrisonKirk DouglasJackie Chan (Voice)Stewart GrangerDilip KumarAlida ValliJill IrelandTony FranciosaRupert GrintFredric MarchMarcello MastroianniJohn McEneryUsha KiranJean RenoDon BrodieAdriano CelentanoJudy GeesonJunpei Takiguchi (Voice)Robert Downey Jr.Dennis FranzJeff BridgesJessica SimpsonChico MarxJamie FoxxRob BrydonAnthony EdwardsCarlo CecchiJulian MooreMatthew PerryLiam CunninghamJoaquin Phoenix
  • 149. Matt DamonAlexander NevskyArlin MillerTim RothMartin BalsamKirsten DunstRichard CrennaMark RuffaloJeffrey DonovanRachel WeiszJulianne MooreWillow SmithEllen BurstynEddie GriffinSarah PolleyAgnes MooreheadBen KingsleyTom CruiseDaniel CraigWilliam BelleAmanda BrooksPetchtai Wongkamlao Paul ScofieldCharles Adler (Voice) Ernie Sabella (Voice)Françoise PrévostBrian Drummond (Voice)Chris IsaakPatrick Floersheim-Jason Scott LeeFranka PotenteBenoit MagimelMorgan FreemanEliza BennettKiefer SutherlandTommy Lee JonesVal KilmerJean RenoAngelia Jolie
  • 150. James FrancoVirna LisiIrna P. HallClaire CoxShannyn SossamonCillian MurphyMatthew McConaugheyJohn LoneTerry PhetoSilvia CollocaKarl UrbanOmar SharifAnthony QuinnStfanie PowersJohn D. MontoyaJeanne MoreauNicolas CageEdwige FenechJackson LiuVéronique JannotKate WinsletColin FarrellJoshua JacksonLucy LiuDavid BelleHee-seon KimRachel WeiszMatthew Mc ConaugheyLeelee SobieskiTeresa CarpioHugh Laurie (Voice)Roscoe Lee BrowneSebastian CabotAnn-Margret
  • 151. George RaftDiane KrugerCharlize TheronTerrence HowardRobert DuvallCatherine DeneuveBrad PittCheryl Hines (Voice)Jason StathamAlicia WittScott CaanSaffron BurrowsHolly HunterNaveen AndrewsBilly CroupMorgan FreemanFamke JanssenBonnie BedeliaMichael CaineJet LiMichael KeatonDougray ScottHigh JackmanDanny GloverDanny GloverJet LiRachel WeiszMike Epps (Voice)Willem DafoeNoah TaylorChristopher EcclestonDustin HoffmanTea LeoniBen KingsleyBenicio Del ToroBruce AllpressSean PennJayne EastwoodForest Whitaker-
  • 152. Camilla BelleDrew BarrymoreChristopher JacotEric TsangRosanna ArquetteDaragh DonnellyGuy PearceJoanna PaculaAishwarya RaiBonnie BedeliaCatherine Zeta JonesPeter DinklageKim BasingerCate BlanchetMatt McFarlandTommy Lee JonesShahrukh KhanSiobhan Mc KennaHrithik RoshanJames GandolfiniLL Cool JJeffrey HunterOliver HardyJohn TravoltaAnthony HopkinsRichard toddAmy SmartRinaldo SmordoniRene RussoJenny Mc CarthyTakashi ShimuraSandra BullockChristina RicciJane Galloway HeitzOrson WellesSang-min ParkHank AzariaBill CobbsGuillaume CanetCuba Gooding Jr.
  • 153. Cathy Cavadini (voice) Franco Nero Bob Bergen (voice) Christopher Lloyd (voice) Jason Marsden (voice) Hannu-Pekka Björkman (Voice) David Fernández (Voice) Jûrôta Kosugi (voice) Vincent Cassel Mami Koyama (voice) Dom DeLuise (voice) John Hurt (voice) James Arnold Taylor (voice) Val Bettin (voice) Kevin Michael Richardson (voice) Jeong-min Bae (voice) - Diedrich Bader Anthony Anderson Casey Kasem (Voice) - - - - - - Tiff Needell -David Burke
  • 154. Jonah Bobo (Voice)J. J. Lin (Voice)Forest WhitakerAshley Johnson Tom Kane (Voice) Amgelina Jolie Jock Mahoney Gabriel Byrne - Dom DeLuise (Voice) Sam Vincent (Voice) - - Wolf Bachofner -
  • 155. -Phil Vischer (Voice)Jason Marsden (Voice)Ingvar Eggert SigurðssonElizabeth PerkinsWilliam MoseleyLee Van CleefEd HarrisLiv TylerJet LiYul BrynnerCharlton HestonEthan HawkeDiane LaddTony BonnerAngela Richards-Brian GloverFrank Welker (Voice)-Wendy HughesFred WardDavid MorseScott SpeedmanJoan AllenMorgan FreemanRenée ZellwegerChris RockPowers BootheJae-hyeon JoRussell WongMatthew FoxAshton Holmes-
  • 156. Tiff Needell
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