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Campus Management Information System
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Campus Management Information System


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  • 1. HarithaTechnologies
  • 2. HarithaTechnologies
    Our services encompass systematic counseling at various stages of decision-making process viz., Strategic, Tactical & Operational
    We help our client firms to achieve
    Developing Web/Desktop based products for Educational Institutes and Industrial Domains
    Experience in applying best Quantitative techniques (Statistics and Optimization) for Product with Advanced Analytics[Business Intelligence]
  • 3. Core Competency
  • 4. About Us
    Execution Team
    • Venkataram T , Director
    Nine years of experience in managing and implementing information systems for different businesses, banks,institutions in academic and healthcare sectors.
    B.Tech. from Kakatiya University.
    • Dr. Venkataramana M, Director
    Nine years of industrial and academic experience in IT and Business Analytics projects.
    • Ph.D.[Indian Institute Of Science ], M.Tech. [NIT Calicut] and B.Tech., Kakatiya University
    Development Team
    With different educational background in IT with B.Tech., MCA, M.Tech. degrees
    Have very good experience ranging from 2-5 years in developing web based projects
  • 5. Services
    We serve our client firms in achieving their business goals in the current competitive environment
    Service Domains
    Web based applications
    Operational Analytics
    Resource Optimization, Supply Chain Management, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Revenue Management
    Application/Industry Domains
    Manufacturing, Logistics, Transportation, Retail
    Advertising, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical
    Financial, Energy, Telecommunication
  • 6. TrackRecord
    In Educational Service Domain
    • CMIS -- A complete Automated Web Application for Managing Campus with Best service levels
    Highly Foolproof User Authentication (Biometric)
    Instant Complete track of information about Student and Staff based on Authorization levels at any time, from any place in the campus
    Automatic Daily Updates/Alerts/Notifications via SMS/Email
    Higher Satisfaction Levels for Students, their Parents and Staff
    Minimum Human Interference avoids all Manual errors
  • 7. TrackRecord[contd..]
    In Manufacturing, Transportation Service domains
    • Scheduling in Semiconductor Testing Center
    On an Avg. 15% increase in customer due date satisfaction by the modern meta-heuristics
    • Optimal Scheduling of Pilots in Airlines
    Improved the utilization of scarce resource (Pilot)
    Higher Pilot’s satisfaction due to the robustness of schedules
    • Vehicle routing for Employee Commutation
    On an Avg. 35% increase in Transportation Revenues by faster meta-heuristics
    • Demand Forecasting in FMCG sector
    The improved forecast accuracy of 30-50% for 75% of Stock keeping units as compared to its current practice
    Reduced inventory costs
  • 8. Completely Automated Web-based Information System
    Centralized Biometric/RFID based User Authentication
    User’s Role based Web portal Access
    Automatic SMS/Email Delivery System
    Advanced Internet technology & Highly secured Web Application
    Best user friendly Information system
    Minimal human interference
    Reduces the highly tedious process of manual calculations
    No Wrong calculations
  • 9. Modules
    User Management
    Student Attendance Management
    Staff Attendance Management
    Leave Management
    Pay-roll Management
    Library Management
    Performance Management
    Visitor Management
    SMS Management
  • 10.
    • Appropriate access control to the application is given based on their authorization levels/designations/roles viz., Student, Staff and Administrators
    Biometric [Finger Print] Identification System
    Latest and Best Foolproof Authentication
    Users are registered by different types required information in web portal
    Official Information,
    Personal Information,
    Parents’ Information [for Students]
    Search User Profiles
    Access basic information with his/her own login about other Students/Staff
  • 11. Subject Registration
    RFID Card based Class Event Notification [Theory/Practical] with exact Class events [Class Start/End times]
    Flexible Time table and Sudden change over of Class rooms
    Class Attendance Rule Configuration
    Weekend rule configuration [Clinical Postings]
    Holiday Configuration [Clinical Postings]
    Report Generation
    Daily/Monthly Attendance Reports [Subject wise/Student wise]
    Attendance Mark Summary
    Attended Times Summary
    Late arrival Summary
    Early Leave Summary
    Subject Attendance Report [Course-wise]
    Attended Staff Summary
    Number of Classes conducted for Each Subject
  • 12. Attendance Group Profile Registration
    Staffs are grouped based on Commonality in Shifts, Weekend and Holidays
    Shift Rule Configuration
    Weekend Rule configuration
    Holiday Configuration
    Report Generation
    Daily/Monthly Attendance Reports
    Attendance Mark Summary
    Attended Times Summary
    In & Out Logs
    Regular working hours
    Over time working hours based on Day type [Regular Day, Weekend, Holiday]
    Late arrival Summary
    Early Leave Summary
  • 13. Online Leave Apply/Cancel/Update/Approve
    Multi Level Leave Approving Process
    Leave Rules Configuration
    Leave Summary
    Leave Application Status
    Reminders to Approvers
    Integration to Payroll Management
  • 14. Payroll Structure Configuration
    Allowances, Deductions and Remittances, Different Arrears and Bonus
    Income Tax Setting
    IT slabs, Slabs for Standard Deduction, maximum and Items U/S 88
    Employee wise Advance Income Tax calculation and Income Tax Calculation
    Employee Salary – Detailed / Consolidated.
    Employee Loan statements
    Monthly Salary Statements & Salary Slips
    Monthly Bank Statement/ PF Statement/ ESI Statement
    Yearly Salary Statement: Paid and Projected - Employee wise
    Increment List for month wise and Increment History
    Form 16, 12 B, 2 D
  • 15. Grading System Configuration
    Students Promotion System – Automatic and Manual
    University Result Sheet Data Import (from TEXT file to the Database)
    Marks Entry Checking report
    Class wise / Class Section wise / Subject wise / Term wise / Group wise
    Students Marks - Grade report
    List of Failures, List of Compartments, List of distinctions
    Provisional Mark Sheet
    Graphical Representation of Result (criteria based) in Students Login
    Bar Graphs and Pie Graphs for all the Result Analysis Reports
  • 16. Issue and Return
    Biometrics based User Authentication
    Item reservation
    Online Renewal
    Reminders to Members for Overdue
    Advanced Search Engine
    Daily / Monthly Fine collection Reports
    Catalogue Maintenance System
    Record Maintenance of Books, Periodicals & Electronic Media
    Configurable Entities:
    Subject Streams and Sub Streams
    Recommendation List –By Staff / By Students
    Lost/ Damaged/ Discarded Items Report
  • 17. Common and Special alerts for notifying important notifications, personalized alerts
    Managing SMS by organizing SMSs into Inbox, Outbox, Sent box, Trash
    Automated system of sending SMS related to different modules
    Staff Attendance
    Student Attendance
    Pay roll
  • 18. Tracks information about User’s In & Out logs of visiting a place
    For Regular Visiting/Staying Places like Hostel, Library and etc. to know whereabouts of user in the campus
    Automatic Printing Receipt
    Day Report on Exit
    Daily Visiting Logs Report
  • 19. Contact Us
    Dr. Venkataramana M
    Haritha Technologies ,
    Flat No: # 401
    Pentoji Enclave,
    Himayath Nagar,
    Hyderabad – 500001
    Andhra Pradesh
    Phone : + 91-40-30626508