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5-minute talk about the Brazilian Python community and events, presented at PyCon 2009 in Chicago

5-minute talk about the Brazilian Python community and events, presented at PyCon 2009 in Chicago



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    Python In Brasil Python In Brasil Presentation Transcript

    • Python in Brasil Luciano Ramalho Associação Python Brasil
    • Brasil is big Territory larger than the continental USA ● Population larger than Russia ● Thousands of miles of beaches where you can swim ● year-round
    • Brasil is complex The only country in Latin America where Spanish ● is not spoken; we speak Portuguese Belindia: islands of Belgium in a sea of India ● THX-cineplexes & slums ●
    • The market Brazilian Federal Government is a heavy user of ● Plone Presidency, Congress, several ministries ● Serpro, the IT arm of the Brazilian Treasury, uses ● Plone in it's portal and Python in some systems IDGnow, the largest IT news portal runs Plone ● No known large corporate users except for media ● Some small software companies are switching from ● Delphi to Python
    • World-class Brazilian Pythonistas Some world-class Python users have software ● development teams in Brasil Google, Nokia, Canonical, Mandriva ● Several Brazilian Python programmers telecommute ● to companies in Europe and the US Core developers in large Python OSS projects ● Python (1) ● Plone (4) ● Zope (1) ●
    • The community: origins The year 2000 was key ● Mailing lists about Python and Zope created ● First FISL ● Fórum Internacional do Software Livre ● International Free Softwar Forum ● One of the largest OSS conferences in the world ● Aproximately 5000 attendees in recent years ● The leading voices met face to face ● friendships and a will to work together were born ●
    • The community: assets ● A Moin-moin wiki ● ● A Plone portal ● Mailing lists ● Python-brasil, zope-pt, django-brasil, pyscience-brasil, ● pygtk-brasil PyCon Brasil ●
    • The community: numbers Attendance at our PyCons ● From 50 to 300 since 2005 ● Main mailing lists (growth in the last 10 months) ● Python: 2276 to 2847, up 25% ● Zope: 965 to 1039, up 7% ● Django: 408 to 945, up 132% ●
    • PyCon Brasil 2005: Campinas, SP ● 2006: Brasília, DF ● 2007: Joinville, SC ● 2008: Rio de Janeiro, RJ ● 2009: Caxias do Sul, RS ● 2010: undecided ● Usually held at a university campus ●
    • PyCon Brasil 2008 Rio de Janeiro ● Aproximately 300 attendees ● Several high-visibility sponsors ● First time we invited international speakers ● Bruce Eckel ● Alexander Limi, co-founder of Plone ●
    • Associação Python Brasil Incorporated in 2007 ● Certified non-profit ( ● Democratic and transparent governance ● Yearly elecions for directors and council ● Enabled sponsorships ●
    • Come to Brasil! We will continue to invite international speakers ● Do something cool, get voted, get invited, come! ● We welcome international speakers, sprinters and ● participants But get a Visa if you are American or Canadian ● (reciprocity, sorry abou that) Talk to anyone who's been to Brasil and you will know ● how welcome you will be Paul Everitt, Bruce Eckel, Alexander Limi, Nate Aune, ● Shane Hathaway, Alan Runyan