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Linux History







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Linux History Linux History Presentation Transcript

  • Linux CGS 5675 COP 4610
  • Linux - History
    • Virtual Machine Concept
      • Back in the day, Computers were expensive with limited computing resources, and there were multiple users per machine
      • OS needed to provide the illusion of infinite resources for each user
    • The UNIX Time-sharing system
      • Developed in 1969 by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs.
      • Initially written in assembly but was shortly rewritten in C.
      • Designed to be portable, multi-tasking, and multi-user
    History – Class – Questions
  • Linux - History
    • The C Programming Language
      • Developed for UNIX, has since spread to other platforms.
      • Designed as a system implementation language, but become widely used in applications.
      • Many different languages use similar language syntax
    History – Class – Questions
  • Linux - History
    • The GNU Project
      • Founded by Richard Stallman
      • Goal: Develop a free, open-source UNIX compatible OS
    • MINIX
      • Developed by Andrew S. Tanenbaum
      • Developed as an educational tool to teach students about Operating Systems, at a time when Unix source code was not freely availible
    History – Class – Questions
  • Linux - History
    • Linus Torvalds
      • 1991, As a graduate student created his own OS kernel to learn about the Intel 80386 chip, the initial version of Linux.
      • Developed up to version 0.02 by himself.
      • Later released Linux under the GPL license.
      • POSIX Compliant
    • Linux Today
      • Over 1 million lines of code… and growing.
      • Millions and millions of users.
      • Version 2.6.x
    History – Class – Questions
  • Linux - Distributions
    • Different users have different needs
      • Distributions
        • http://distrowatch.com/
      • Each distribution collection of packages and programs built on the Linux kernel
    • Linux kernel
      • Core system developed by a network of developers
      • Latest versions fronted by Linus Torvalds
  • Linux vs. Windows
    • Linux is open source
    • Linux is free
    • Linux is UNIX based
    • Bazaar vs. Cathedral
    • Many different distributions of Linux
    History – Class – Questions
  • Linux - Class
    • Linux Used In Recitation Instruction
      • Linux Kernel Version 2.6.x.
    • Linux Used in Projects
      • Project 1 will be done on linprog.
      • Fedora Core 6 will be on the computers in the Communications lab
    History – Class – Questions
  • Important Commands
    • cd - Change directory
    • ls – List contents of directory (ll is a useful shortcut)
    • rm – Delete file (use –r to delete directories)
    • mv – Copy file
    • mkdir – Makes a directory
    • When you are in a program Ctrl+z suspends/minimizes the program. Use fg to bring it back to the foreground
    • Use [command] > filename to save output of [command] to filename
    • man [command] – Gives help on the specified command
  • Linux - Questions? History – Class – Questions