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Digital + Work = ?


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This presentation covers: …

This presentation covers:

How to cut through the technology hype.

Three big themes that are and will impact on workplace communication and collaboration.

One major underlying trend.

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  • Digital and social media’s impact on communication and collaboration at work. The slides cover: 1. How to cut through the technology hype. 2. Three big themes that are and will impact on workplace communication and collaboration. 3. One major underlying trend.
  • This is the ambition, it’s harder than it looks.
  • Is this the reality? Like Heath Robinson’s machine for putting holes in cheese, too often we’re solving problems that don’t need solving and don’t add value.
  • As communicators we are constantly being bombarded with the next ‘big thing’.
  • The Gartner Hype Cycle of emerging technology demonstrates how technology trends rise and fall, and how long it takes for most digital technology to become mainstream and useful.
  • How do you decide where to dedicate limited resources when experimenting with new technology? Our ‘3-T’ model.
  • Technology: is it accessible, appropriate and quick to set-up and use? Tendency: are your people and culture ready to work in this way? Time: will it demonstrably be a time saver not a time waster?
  • ‘Pretotyping’ – make sure you’re building the right ‘it’. For more information: Adopt fast prototyping and ‘lean start-up’ approaches. For more information:
  • The first big theme, services designed for mobile first and have either no, or a limited, traditional web presence.
  • Instagram only works fully on iPhone and Android.
  • GlaxoSmithKline is experimenting with iPhone apps to address various internal communication challenges.
  • Simple Bank, a debit card and iPhone app is all you need to do your banking. For more information:
  • The next big theme, and one that is likely to have a major impact on workplace and remote collaboration in the medium term.
  • Tesco’s interactivevirtual store at Gatwick airport. For more information:
  • The GLOBALedit app for LightTable running Microsoft Surface. For more information:
  • IllumiShare from Microsoft Research. For more information:
  • The third big theme. Lloyds of London in the 18th century, a more social culture?
  • Businesses are being reengineered around social behaviours, these are Nokia’s recently developed social principles. For more information: If your culture isn’t right no amount of great technology will solve your communication challenges.
  • The tools to support social business principles and behaviours are everywhere, and easily accessible. Even by the President of the United States.
  • We use SocialCast to manage conversations and information sharing between our consultants. It could be perfect for People Search. For more information:
  • A local Brighton business uses Pinterest to share ideas on how they would like their new office space to be developed.
  • ViiV Healthcare, a global specialist HIV company established by GSK and Pfizer, is using social networking platform Elgg to support a community of 2,000 partner organisations around the world.
  • The major underlying trend is ‘real-time’ communication: 1. Getting involved quickly. 2. Going from insights to action in hours and days, not weeks and months. 3. Supporting real time work and collaboration.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Digital +Work = ? 
    • 2. We think technology shouldstart working on our behalf to make the complex stuff simple, and the time- consuming stuff fast. Microsoft Office Labs
    • 3. Gartner Hype Cycle of Emerging Tech. 2012 
    • 4. TechnologyTendency Time
    • 5. We try to have a physicalprototype by the end of the first week. IDEO 
    • 6. Mobile first services 
    • 7. The merging of thedigital / physical space 
    • 8. Socialbusiness &social tools 
    • 9. 1.  Consider the social opportunity in everything we do.2.  Engage in better conversations with more consumers.3.  Deliver personal experiences, be authentic, and earn trust.4.  Sharing is more important than control.5.  Define clear objectives from the outset.6.  Invest and commit to social presences.
    • 10. THANK YOU FOR