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Is mjob description_v2

  1. 1. Courtesy Chevrolet Internet Sales Specialist (ISS) Job DescriptionNarrative Description:The Internet Sales Specialist (ISS) is responsible for receiving and responding to webbased electronic inquiries (leads) and phone calls that result from prospects andcustomers visiting various Courtesy Chevrolet and associated web sites. The ISS will beevaluated based on performance standards that measure how many leads were convertedto showroom visits and how many of those showroom visits resulted in a sale. The ISSshould be fully capable of both traditional and Internet-specific automotive salesprocesses. The ISM is required to execute customer communications via email, telephoneand face to face that conform to the standards and processes put into effect by theCRM/eBusiness Director. An ISS must show up for work on time, per the Internet SalesManager’s published schedule and conduct himself/herself in a manner compatible withthe existing corporate culture, and general policies and procedures of Courtesy Chevrolet.Duties include the following:Execute Sales Process in Accordance with Courtesy Chevrolet Sales Strategies• Understand the buying profile of the Internet customer• Use Courtesy Chevrolet’s Lead Management systems to ensure response time to all customer inquires – email, fax or telephone – is virtually instantaneous• Utilize Courtesy Chevrolet email templates for all Internet communications• Utilize authorized telephone script word tracks as guidelines for process and flow of customer phone contacts• Select multiple vehicles for each Internet lead and respond to that lead with price quotes on multiple vehicles within the first 2 hours of receiving a new lead.• Execute Courtesy Chevrolet’s pricing strategy when responding to leads in a way that profitably competes for the Internet customer both on-line and off-line• Execute the Courtesy Chevrolet sales process in a consistent but flexible manner that results in a customer experience tailored to the needs and expectations of each Internet customer• Execute a sold vehicle delivery process that complies with GM recommendations, yet minimizes customer time in-dealership• Register all customers in manufacturer programs designed specifically to tie them to the corporate site…• Attend training and complete testing requirements to become GM Certified to receive GM BuyPower leads• Register, schedule and attend Internet training and information seminars designed to learn the latest processes and techniques for automotive eBusinessMeasurement and tracking systems• Each day, the ISS must complete and submit their paper based appointment tracking log to the Internet Sales Manager
  2. 2. Courtesy Chevrolet Internet Sales Specialist (ISS) Job Description• Enter all prospect and customer appointment data into Courtesy Chevrolet’s Lead Management Tool• Track and comply with programs that measure ISS process success: ⇒ Leads Received ⇒ Outbound Telephone Calls ⇒ Appointments Set ⇒ Appointment Shows ⇒ Sales• Each ISS must ensure that appointment information is provided to the showroom receptionist, as well as the sales desk in Courtesy Chevrolet showrooms• Ensure that customer’s name is on welcome boards in the showrooms• Track each lead through to sale completion or disposition• Comply with procedures to ensure all customers are tracked and follow-up is maintained using the dealership’s lead management tools• Cooperate with procedures to quality control email and telephone contacts• Maintain tracking boards showing Internet sales updated each day of the month• Prepare daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports and submit to management• Prepare reports showing the effectiveness of Internet sales persons and managersWeb Site Maintenance• Be thoroughly familiar with the characteristics of an effective web site• Know how to use site utilities to make changes and up dates in-house• Review the entire site daily to ensure functionality• Ensure inventory data downloads and posts daily• Train personnel to take effective marketing photos of vehicles• Keep current on all incentives, rebates & promos to ensure site pricing is current• Post deals of the day to move special inventory• Establish links to third party web sites to meet consumer needs• Change the look of the web site to keep it fresh• Constantly monitor site performance to ensure ease of use and down load times• Obtain the highest speed ISP available• Know how to use web site metrics report to improve site design & performanceOther Duties & Responsibilities• Be technically proficient in selling cars using the Internet• Conduct visits to dealerships to monitor and review performance• Sell vehicles using the Internet• Motivate the sales staff• Build rapport with senior managers to obtain support for the Internet department