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Gm i mr adp0812-rp-v1


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Published in: Automotive, Business, Technology

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  • Work to establish dealers business goals Define marketing plan and what should be on the site Leverage offline for online Reporting (encourage quarterly planning meetings) Advocates are located in Seattle and assigned to a region
  • A Cobalt provided local search landing page! Coordinated at all Tiers Consumers land on a page that provides the content they are looking for with red tag ad coordination. Now they can look for a vehicle, a dealership, specials and more. (more?)
  • This should be a build.
  • Lisa provides input her GM policy – sales match
  • This helps a consumer settle on a dealership and a vehicle and allows them to directly request a quote or sends them to the dealership website. Potentially show alternate visual
  • Transcript

    • 1. Digital Marketing Package Modified by Ralph Paglia: ADP & GM Solution Alignment Opportunities in Yellow Font
    • 2. Digital Marketing Package – Comparison Matrix (1)
    • 3. Digital Marketing Package – Comparison Matrix (2)
    • 4. Overall Goals of Digital Investment
      • Better alignment of media spending with media consumption (fish where the fish are)
      • Get consumers to our dealers as quickly as possible
      • Deliver a richer consumer online shopping experience
      • Provide GM and its dealers with a competitive advantage
    • 5. IMR Participation
      • Default participation … Dealers must opt-out
      • Must participate in the GM Certified Internet Dealer Program
      • All participating dealers receive digital package (free of charge)
      • Lead Delivery
      • Dealer Website
      • Paid Search
      • Dedicated Advocate
      • Potential ADP Digital Ad Solutions that fit/complement GM IMR Program:
      • Campaign Microsite Lead Delivery via GM OneSource pipeline
      • Multimedia Online Display Advertising
      • GM Marketing asset integration into ADP Digital Advertising creative assets
      • ADP Virtual Marketing Managers communicate & coordinate with Cobalt Dedicated Advocates
    • 6. Package Is Far More Than A Website… OneSource “Pipe” Contextual Targeted Ad Placements Behavioral Targeted Ad Placements Intelligent Marketing eNewsletters Ad Campaign Microsites
      • Virtual Marketing Reps (VMR)
      • Offline/Online Ad Campaign Integration
      • Digital Buying Access to Radio, TV, Print
      • GM Marketing Asset Utilization
      • BT Delivers Message to in-market shoppers
      • GM Tier 3 access to Premium Site Networks
      • eNewsletters Drive Traffic to IMR website
      • Whitelisted servers = 99% Delivery
      • Extend Marketing reach to LT shoppers
        • Delivered over 3 Million leads to dealer in 2007
        • Consolidates ALL leads and provides to dealer in one place
        • Compatible with 30+ CRM and Lead Management applications
    • 7. GM OneSource Lead Delivery
    • 8. OneSource Lead Delivery “Pipe” Consolidates and delivers ALL lead types to dealer in ONE place Enables Metrics Compatible with more than 30 CRM and lead management applications Point of Clarity: Cobalt has nothing to do with the “pipe”… OneSource Lead Delivery “ Pipe” LMG Leads GM Website Leads 3 rd Party Leads Handraisers Lease Portfolio Event Leads Direct Mail Manifests Region Manifests Dealer Website Leads
    • 10. GM Dealer Websites Are Driven By Consumer Need Consumers want price, inventory and location… not flash and games Focus: - Marketing messages - Consumer experience - Driving leads to dealers
    • 11. Advantages of Core Dealer Websites
      • Exclusive Link on Divisional Locators
      • Exclusive GM Promotion Integration
      • Automated National and Regional Incentives
      • Exclusive OnStar OVD Integration
      • Window Stickers, CUV/CPO Integration
      • Compatible With OneSource Lead Delivery (Pipe)
      • Managed By A ProActive Care Dealer Advocate
    • 12. Importance of GM Dealership Websites
      • Produce higher returns:
      • 5x more likely to convert visitor to lead than our own brand sites
      • Among the highest close rates of any Internet leads
    • 14. ProActive Dealer Care Process
      • Research
      • Organic Search Analysis
      • Dealer Business Goals
      • Plan
      • Website Marketing Plan
        • Dealer Provided Content
        • Specials
        • Leverage Offline Advertising Online
      • Organic Search Engine Optimization Plan
        • Homepage Content
        • Keywords, Tags
        • Landing Pages
      • Implement / Report
      • Website Improvements
      • Organic Search Optimization
      • Monthly Reporting
      • Quarterly Planning Meetings
      • Upgrade Paths Based on Business Goals
      GM Dealer Dedicated Support
    • 16. IMR Addresses consumer needs at each Tier Divisional Websites DMA/Regional & LMA Landing Pages Dealer Websites
    • 17. DMA Landing Pages
    • 18. DMA Landing Pages
      • Model
      • Availability
      • Website Integration
        • View Address
        • Tracked Calls
        • Contact dealer
        • View Inventory
        • View Specials
        • Get Directions
      • Local Market Branding
      • Lead Generation
    • 19. DMA Landing Pages
      • Displays all dealers in DMA participating in iMR
      • A consumer-
      • centric local market experience
      • Measure brand advertising at local level
      • Track results and improve over time
    • 20. Connecting the Dots Cadillac CTS
    • 21.  
    • 22.  
    • 23. GMC Acadia
    • 24.  
    • 25.  
    • 26.  
    • 27.  
    • 28.  
    • 29. Hyper Local Search Results Example
    • 30. Direct-to-Dealer Website
    • 31. Same Store Pre/Post iMR
      • How effective is the package?
      • 10% increase in dealer website visits (year-over-year)
      • 40% increase in in-market leads (year-over-year)
      2007 vs. 2008