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Crm application analysis tool

  1. 1. CRM Application Profile Application Specific Relevance by Point of Business De Company Profile Showroom Product Name Release Version Product Format ASP Headquarters Founded Leadership Installed Base 300+ Rooftops International Canada Languages Supported English, French Canadian for letters and email only Product Pricing Standard $600 per rooftop $25 per CRM User $70 per SMR User Enterprise/Tiered Pricing Technical Specification (Minimum/Optimum Configuration Requirements) Hosting ASP – web application Desktop Recommended PC Pentium 223MHz or higher 64MB RAM (128MB RAM for printing bulk mail over 500 letters) Video adapter and monitor with Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution Windows 2000 or greater IE 6.0 or greater Windows 95 must have IE 5.5 with Service Pack 2 Windows 98 PC’s should be using IE 6.0 Servers Communications Architecture Limitations Support Provide Important Information to What’s New displays when user logs in, can Customers also be accessed via online help Customer can report bugs via email No Customer can make suggested No enhancements via email Global Data Replace Feature No In-house or Out-sourced In-house Extra Fees for Support Included in monthly recurring fee Help Desk and Customer Service Yes Availability
  2. 2. Service Levels Implementation Process Implementation Steps How does the vendor gain retailer Through a combination of CRM Trainers on management support and the culture site, followed by onsite CRM application change necessary to make a CRM solution trainers who are followed up by Consultants successful? during CRM program launch Initial Skill Assessment Yes Training Yes - On Site - Web based No - Classroom Yes - Loyalty Management University - Telephone Training Yes – ADP Consultants - Process training Yes – ADP Consultants Trainers Qualifications Certified Technical Trainers Is product utilization engineered in the No system so that it can be tracked by user and function? Timeline for Implementation 45 - 90 days Key Feature Benefits Claimed Showroom This is where the vendors key Real time integration with WebSuite differentiating product features should be Results driven contact schedules listed… May come directly from their True CRM implementation consulting advertising and promotional materials .Net technology from Microsoft Follow-up by email, phone and mail A Complete CRM solution that addresses process, technology, workplace culture shifts, DMS Integration and more Supplier's Primary Strategic Alliances Showroom Enter the top 4 strategic alliances that have · CSC – ASP hosting services been established by the vendor and are Who’s Calling – customer phone call data relevant to the use of their CRM application streamed in and parsed into application's by dealers and OEM's data fields Callbrite – customer phone call data streamed in and parsed into application's data fields Microsoft - .net application architecture and IM alert system for real time user notification Lead Management Showroom Features Functionality Description Funneling and managing from multiple Yes - includes service and parts channels (e.g. web, walk-in, traditional mail, e-mail)
  3. 3. Identify Duplicate leads Prospect is flagged as a duplicate if there is currently an open email prospect that has been open 30 days or less… Also report on duplicates User Defined Lead Sources & Tracking Yes Set Lead Sources Active/Inactive Yes User Defined Lead Statuses & Tracking Yes Set Lead Statuses Active/Inactive Yes User Defined Lead Types & Tracking No, lead types are defined by the system. Email, Fax, List, Other, Phone and Walk-In are the options. Notification if prospect owned by another Quick Add Client provides notification and sales person (“Skate” Feature) security. The Client Profile displays the most recent prospect record in the context area, which includes the Primary Salesperson assigned to that prospect. Dealership Hours of Operation and General No Information .Net Alert when new prospect assigned Yes Handheld device to display application No Integrated wireless (2-way) Support WIT device Prospect Notes Unlimited Prospect records and separate Prospect Notes for each opportunity. The Prospect creation date and time is saved with each record. Internet Showroom Rich text email editor Yes. Receive email from consumer in tool Yes Graphics, flash video Limited - graphics can be added using a valid IP address of the desired graphic Attachments Send and receive Multiple email addresses Yes, Primary and Alternate for each client Notification of new email received Yes, when user logs in and .Net alert Receive Leads Real Time Yes Receive Leads at Enterprise level No Receive Leads at Store level Yes Round Robin/Broadcast Leads can be distributed as round robin or broadcast based on the user defined rules. The rules can be defined based on the following criteria: Client Zip Code, Day of the week or Time that the lead was received, Prospect Source, or Desired vehicle information (Make, Model, Year, New or Used or Stock Number). Manual Lead Assignment Yes - leads can be manually assigned to a Salesperson.
  4. 4. Automatic Lead Assignment –Qualifications Leads can be automatically assigned based and distribution options on the user-defined distribution rules. Follow-up activities can also be automatically assigned based on the schedule setup. Attach email to existing client Yes Client automatically created when lead Yes received How is an invalid lead processed? Person specified to receive unparsed leads also receives invalid leads. Tracking The leads can be tracked by store, salesperson, source, status, or date received. Automatic Lead Status Escalation No automatic escalation. Describe CRM application's AUTOMATED The way a prospect is displayed identifies mechanisms for differentiating among its state. Assigned prospects that have prospects and/or Leads had a response display in normal font. Assigned prospects that have not had a response and are not overdue based on the timeframe set up for the store display in italics. Assigned prospects that have not had a response and are overdue based on the timeframe set up for the store are displayed in bold italics. Unassigned prospects are displayed in bold font. Describe CRM application's method for Leads can be manually escalated to MANUALLY flagging, marking or otherwise another user if desired. The system can creating differentiation among prospects also be setup to automatically escalate and/or Leads activities to the manager based on the schedule setup and the results defined in the schedule and selected in the activity completion. Basic Automated Response Capability Yes Specific Auto-Response by Store Yes Specific Auto-Response by User No Specific Auto-Response by Lead Source No Specific Auto-Response by Year Specific Auto-Response by Make No Specific Auto-Response by Model No Specific Auto-Response by vehicle inquiry No Stock # prefix and/or suffix Specific Auto-Response by Time Slot No Specific Auto-Response by Weekday No Contact Schedule automatically initiated Based on the schedule setup, all leads can when lead received automatically be placed on schedules for follow-up activities.
  5. 5. Lead Re-assignment Within the Inbox task, the user can easily assign leads to another salesperson. If desired, more than one user can be assigned to a lead, indicating which user should be the primary salesperson. Distribution of Internet leads for existing Yes - there is a specification option that clients already working with a sales person allows the user to specify if the distribution rules should be used on new clients only, using the primary salesperson for existing clients. Ability to transfer Internet leads when out of Out of Office feature allows the user to office select the way their internet leads should be handled while they are out of office. This can also be setup at the system admin level and based on security not allow the user to change the option when they log off the system. Distribution of unparsed leads There is a specification for the dealership to define which user should receive all unparsed leads. This is setup by business unit. How are 3rd party lead sources By customer request. incorporated into your product? Is there a fee for lead service integration if Yes - $300 the provider is not already in the program? What are the limitations to data sharing with Currently, only receive data from 3rd party 3rd party lead sources, if any (e.g. frequency lead sources, do not send any data. of updates, data downloads)? What lead format(s) are supported? ADF/XML, limited text leads Phone Reverse White Page Look-up No Contact Schedule automatically initiated Yes - automatic activities are generated when lead received based on the schedule setup and results defined in the schedule. Who’s Calling Partner Yes. Integration with Who’s calling for Inbound telephony. Callbright Partner Yes. Integration with Callbright for Inbound telephony. Outbound Verification No Capture Inbound Manually – phone leads can be captured and recorded manually through floor traffic and/or prospect record. Script Outbound Phone scripts can be defined and accessed when completing a phone activity. Screen Pops No Showroom Ability to capture prospect information Yes. Utilizes customer information in CM as well as WebSuite.
  6. 6. Driver’s License Capture Yes - Pilot phase beginning 6/03. Utilizes a scan device. Zip Code Decoder Yes Reverse White Page Look up No Contact Schedule automatically initiated Based on the setups. The lead can when lead received automatically be placed on a prospect, unsold follow-up schedule. Floor Traffic Entry Yes. Using Sales Management tool, track all floor traffic for more accurate reporting and closing ratios. Client Management Contact Management Minimum information required to enter First and last name and one method of customer in system contact (address, phone or email). Integrated view of the customer across Any user with proper security and visibility dealership departments can view the contact management information. Integrated view of the customer across Users at the enterprise level can see all enterprise information for that enterprise, the stores within that enterprise as well as branches within those stores. Users at the store level can see store level information and all branches below. Visibility across different enterprises is restricted. Is there one view of the customer and Yes - can view client profile information or household? you can view household information. Create a common customer ID (Data Yes - via integration with WebSuite Association) Multiple employees own the client No - multiple salespeople can be associated to the client record, with only one primary salesperson assigned at one time. Address book for Clients, employees and No personal Client owned vehicles No Client notes No Global notes No Distinguish between individual and Yes business clients Allow multiple home and work contact Home, Work, Cell, Fax and Pager information numbers. (1 of each) Display the business name and personnel You can attach various individuals to a names Business client by using the Household option for the personnel of that business. Enter buyer and co-buyer information No – only buyer is available Client Re-assignment letter Yes - when reassigning clients, user has an option to select a reassignment letter from a list of available documents. View all schedules attached to a client No Ability to log client issues Yes – entered on Client care screen
  7. 7. Track and resolve client issues Yes - using client care screen, you can record a status of the issue to help track the progress. Client care issues can be automatically assigned to schedules for follow-up activity. Client Care Log report also available. De-dupe Clients Yes, transaction received from WebSuite Photo of client attached to profile No Enter all client information on one screen Add Client screen – No Quick Add Client screen – all key information on one screeen User Defined Fields No Contact Management Contact Management Track history of all activities Yes View activities by type (client, prospect, You can view activities by status, date sales etc.) range, contact method, store or by individual user. Time Based Schedules Yes Results Based Schedules Yes - results based schedules are available with a standard set downloaded with system install. Event Triggers Yes Reprint Letters Yes - reprint letters or resend email messages. Phone Scripts (merge fields) Yes - phone scripts can be created within the Setup Documents task. Merge fields are supported Spell Checker (user initiated, and/or Yes – user initiated automatically identified) Document Editor (merge fields) Yes - available with option to input tables, images, modify the background, font, or import merge fields. Email Editor Yes - available with option to input tables, images, modify the background, font, or import merge fields. Thesaurus No Schedule email to be sent automatically No Ability to print all letters at once vs Yes individually Ability to send all email at once vs Yes individually Templates – by store and/or by user Store - templates can be defined by contact type and by store. Templates are not user specific. .Net alert for activity due to be completed Yes - .NET alert can be setup to provide activity reminders. Activity Reminders Can be setup manually or defined in the schedule to automatically have a reminder. Stop schedule when vehicle traded back to Yes dealership
  8. 8. Uncompleted activity creep No - calendar indicates days with incomplete activities (bold) but they do not carry over to the next day over. Activity Notes Yes - unlimited activity notes can be added to an activity. When completing an activity in the pop-up, you can also add activity completion notes. Survey capabilities Yes - can setup surveys in the Setup Documents task. Questions can be setup with multiple choice and/or text responses. Ability to track survey results No Ability to view all clients attached to a No schedule Telephony No Ability to create new schedule starting from No, but can be called into TAC for a copy. copy of existing schedule Managing the Sales Process Contact Management Electronic Desk Log Yes, in the Sales Management application Credit Application Credit application may be printed from the system. The credit application is defined via the document editor, using available merge fields. Credit Bureau Integration No - TRW - Trans Union - Experian Matchmaker Feature No, however user can search for clients with a specific desired vehicle. Captures Fresh Ups, Be Backs and Yes, first time and return Renewals Full or limited quote capabilities Limited retail or lease quote screens are available to create estimated payments. Ability to save multiple quotes Yes Compare multiple financing options No, not side by side comparison Loan Account # - Clipboard Function No Lease Renewal Presentation No Cost of Ownership for Current Vehicle No Retail – ability to pre-populate taxes and Yes, limited other defaults Lease – automated rates and residual Yes, limited lease calculator Ability to attach trade Yes - attach one or many trade vehicles. Ability to attach desire vehicle Yes - attach one or many desired vehicles. Deal presentation Yes Worksheet Yes Appraisal No – can enter value on Four Square and on worksheet
  9. 9. Four Square Yes – basic Other Forms Any that can be defined within document editor Multiple sales people associated with sale Yes, 2 User defined sales process No Enforceable sales process No # Sales Process Steps 11 – Greeted, Needs Analysis, Management Intro, Vehicle Selected, Presentation, Demo, Service Walk, Write Up, Commitment, TO Management, TO F&I. Tracking of Sales Step Completion Check box indicates sales step completed, (includes when step performed) time not tracked Sales goals No Automatic escalation to manager of dead No deals Is information available regarding previous Yes - sales history, service history, client buying habits: value, household information, household Sales history value, quotes, closed prospect records, Service history desired vehicles, worksheet Household information Value of the customer Value of the household Track “We Owes” (Due Bill’s) No, you can use client care to track these with proper training Referral Tracking No Employee Management Contact Management Daily Work Plan Yes – screen or report Inbox Yes Calendar Yes, daily view only - Daily - Weekly - Monthly Escalation for incomplete activities No Role Based (Salesperson vs Sales No Manager) Reporting structure No Lock Out Feature – how No Ability to set up personal appointments and No, you could have a client named personal To Do’s Internal Messaging Yes, messages are received in the Inbox Allow employee information Yes – employee profile, but not as a customer Client Re-assignment Yes Activity Re-assignment Yes Automatic Reminders Yes Archive/Deactivate Old Data Incomplete activities over 60 days old are purged each night
  10. 10. Please Read Function Ability to choose home page Yes – home page can be Inbox, Daily Work Plan, or Quick Add Client Campaign Management Contact Management Ability to track campaign results Prospect Source Measurements Detail and Summary Reports Preferred method of contact Yes Contact Exceptions – by contact type Yes and/or contact category “Opt Out” Supported – US (GLB) and Yes – US Canada (PIPEDA) Canada by 1/1/04 Segmentation for campaign targeting. How Can create client collections for contact can your product segment and target type of client, client care, sales, prospect, customers? Is this customizable? How? completed service, service appointments, special order parts. Campaign design and deployment (e.g., Create client collection and then assign templates, logos, routing capabilities) bulk schedule, print bulk mail, send bulk email, or export collection. How are campaigns managed? (ad hoc, Build library of client collections and re-use build library of templates and re-use , etc..) Phone campaigns – automatically advance No, assign bulk schedule, result based screen to next call when current call completed How are campaign start/stop dates Manually managed? Ability to track where customers are in loan Yes - client collection can be created to or lease? group and list clients based on where they are in their lease. Schedules can also be defined based on the lease-end date to automatically create activities as defined in the schedule.
  11. 11. How can Service facilities work with this Schedules can be setup to create follow-up product? Pre-paid maintenance activities on completed service repair agreements, solicitation on time and/or orders. Client collection can be created months, etc..? based on whether extended warranty was purchased (ext. warranty can be part of a schedule), mileage on vehicle, or year of vehicle, or $ spent. Data Contact Management Integration Points Sales History Yes – received real time from WebSuite Inventory availability for new car including: Yes – inventory received from WebSuite ü Status No VIN decode ü MSRP ü Inventory cost ü Days in inventory ü Other details about the vehicle ü VIN decode Inventory availability for used cars Yes – inventory received from WebSuite including: ü Status No VIN decode ü Dealer Price ü Inventory cost ü Days in inventory ü Other details about the vehicle ü VIN decode Vehicle Notes Yes Integration to an F&I product Yes, WebSuite Which one(s)? Used Car Valuation integration No - Blue Book - Black Book - NADA Service appointment Yes - service appointments created in WebSuite are integrated with CM. Completed service – warranty, customer Yes - when a repair order is closed and pay, and internal updated into accounting, CM can view that repair order history. Schedules can also be defined to follow-up based on that repair order history. Immediate notification of open RO No Client information integrated from CRM to Yes DMS? Client information integrated from DMS to Yes CRM? Leads sources integrated to DMS No
  12. 12. Special Order Parts Yes - special order parts can create automatic activities based on the schedule setup. The schedule can be setup to create activities based on receipt date or return date or other part specific information. CRM and DMS kept in sync Yes Data Cleansing Cleanse Data Data Infusion can be used quarterly to - Frequency update WebSuite, which in turn updates - Update DMS CM. - Cost Check against NCOA Data Infusion Combine duplicate entries Yes, transaction received from WebSuite Data Import Export Export capabilities / limitations Client collections may be exported Export data available Fields specific to contact type of client collection can be exported. Ability to queue export No Import capabilities / limitations No Import data available No Customization Contact Management Screen View No Ordering of fields or screens for process No control Field name No Make fields mandatory No Turn off mandatory fields No Customization at store or user level No User Defined Fields No Security Contact Management Task Level Yes Screen Level Yes Field Level Yes - limited By User Only for reports By Role By security profile Users Added by Dealership Yes User Visibility Rules Yes Analytics Contact Management Multi franchised retailer hierarchy Yes Retailer level reporting Reports are at store level. OEM level reporting No Car Company OEM reporting No Types of standard reporting Yes Report names (description if necessary) Appointment Log Appointment No Show Daily Work Plan Print Schedules Prospect Management Activity Audit Client Care Log Clients Without Future Activities
  13. 13. Follow Up Consistency Location Analysis Lost Opportunities Prospect Appointment Analysis Prospect Source Measurements Detail and Summary Response Time Detail and Summary Salesperson Performance Showroom Sales Process Analysis Showroom Traffic Analysis Walk-in Activity Detail Analysis
  14. 14. Filtering parameters for reporting Yes - several per report Sort capabilities for standard reports Yes – not on all reports Ad hoc reports No Customized reports No Ability to set report filter criteria and save No for future use Job Scheduler No (Automated Reporting) How are reports delivered? Reports are delivered immediately. Can be saved to PDF file. Immediate, email, etc.. Graphing Capabilities No Export Reports No Reports based on real time or batch Reports are run real time information Roll-up reporting capabilities from corporate No level with drill down to store level.
  15. 15. Relevance by Point of Business Development Opportunity Unsold Sold Phone Internet Prospecting Service Follow-up Follow-up
  16. 16. Unsold Sold Phone Internet Prospecting Service Follow-up Follow-up Unsold Sold Phone Internet Prospecting Service Follow-up Follow-up Unsold Sold Phone Internet Prospecting Service Follow-up Follow-up
  17. 17. Unsold Sold Phone Internet Prospecting Service Follow-up Follow-up