Customer Relationship Management (CRM)                                                   Administrator Position           ...
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)                                                  Administrator Position            ...
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Crm administrator job description v3


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Crm administrator job description v3

  1. 1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Administrator Position Roles and ResponsibilitiesThe CRM administrator will be the primary point of contact for prospects and customerswho arrive at Courtesy Chevrolet as the result of appointments set by the BusinessDevelopment Center (BDC) and the Internet Sales Team. This position is alsoresponsible for data entry and daily production of letters and reports directly related toCRM processes that utilize the UCS dealership management system at CourtesyChevrolet. This role requires a high degree of interaction with the Sales Managers,Assistant Sales Managers (ASM), IT Director, CRM/eBusiness Director, BDCManagers, Internet Sales Managers (ISM) and checking in Customers who arrive fortheir appointments at the dealership. The CRM Administrator will verify and trackappointment shows on the showroom floor for the BDC and Internet Sales Teams. Thisposition requires an eager willingness to provide support in setting up, launching andmaintaining processes within the sales department which must be coordinated with thesales teams, the BDC and the UCS Sales Prospect Control (SPC) Technology. SPECIFIC DAILY RESPONSIBILITIES Sales CRM Administrator 1. Maintenance of data entry and accuracy within SPC system 2. Daily production of unsold follow-up letters using the Outbound Correspondence Control (OCC) system within UCS and their distribution by USPS 3. Daily production of: a. OCC Sold follow-up letters and their distribution by USPS b. Appointment Logs and tracking of shown and “No Show” appointments c. Data entry to record each appointment show activity d. SPC daily work plans for sales e. Distribution of those work plans to the appropriate ASM 4. Attend meetings and training sessions related to CRM process implementation 5. Ensure the proper reception and tracking of customers who show up at the dealership as a result of a Sales related appointments set up by the BDC and the Internet Sales Teams 6. Greeting customers who have arrived for their sales appointment: a. Notify the assigned ASM or ISS and ensure customer is greeted b. Provide information print-outs to ASM or ISS assigned to appointment c. Introduce customer to assigned ASM or ISS 7. Distribute information and communications to appropriate Sales Department staff relevant to CRM processes, daily work plans, follow-up letters and technology 8. Collect completed Daily Work Plans (DWP’s) from ASM’s 9. Enter notes and results from DWP’s into SPC to update prospect records and ensure corrected work plans, appointment logs and letters for next day 10. Manage Chevrolet brochure inventory and distribution to customers
  2. 2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Administrator Position Roles and Responsibilities SKILL SETS REQUIREDCommon Position Requirements • Ability to log in to UCS and web based CRM applications, navigate, enter updated or corrected data, print letters and pull reports (training provided) • Competent with using a PC, MS Office applications and the Internet • Knowledge and understanding of retail sales operations (preferably automotive) • Demonstrated experience in sales and/or service coordination and ability to work both independently and with others • Excellent communication skills (listening, written and verbal), as well as interpersonal skillsHours and Work Schedules • Monday through Friday (except 5 major holidays) • 8:00 AM start time until 5:00 PM (unless OT is authorized) • 1 hour unpaid lunch break • 20 minute paid break in AM • 20 minute paid break in PMWork Space • Positioned on Showroom floor within receptionist work station • Printers located in separate area • Role requires both sitting and standing, and over 1 mile of walking per day, while shuttling reports, print-outs, envelopes and letters as part of executing job duties • Computer work station, 10 key calculator and multiple printers will be usedCompensation Plan • $12.00 per hour starting base pay • Performance Bonus plan to be determined • 150% of base pay for time worked over 40 hours in a week • Biannual job performance review with merit wage increases • Medical insurance plan eligibility after 90 days of full-time employment • 401K retirement plan eligibility after 1 calendar year of full time employment • Christmas club with matching employer paid contributions (see plan details)