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Best Digital Dealer Magazine Issue Ever Printed


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Best Digital Dealer Magazine Issue Ever Printed

Best Digital Dealer Magazine Issue Ever Printed

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  • An all new lineup of environmentally responsible 2010 Nissan cars, trucks and SUV's is available from Kelly Nissan, located in Easton, PA. Kelly Nissan is one of America's best Nissan Dealerships as measured by sales and service customer satisfaction. The Kelly Nissan dealership sponsors the unique social network based Kelly Automotive Community website at You should visit and join this automotive social network to receive special discounts on Nissan new and used vehicles, genuine Nissan accessories, parts and Nissan repair and maintenance service. Kelly Nissan also hosts a more typical dealership eCommerce website located at where their entire inventory of new Nissans, including a huge selection of 2010 Nissan models, as well as their large inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Nissan cars, trucks and SUV's is updated daily, providing car buyers with full details including prices and optional equipment descriptions.
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  • 1. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here April 2007 Current Issue Features Cover Story Ralph Paglia: e-Business Director, Courtesy Chevrolet Digital Dealer Interview Steve Anenen and Kevin Henahan : ADP Dealer Services Vendor Profile Ebay Motors Evolution Online Departments/Columns AAISP 2007 Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition Equals Success Mike Roscoe Internet Sales The Next Frontier of Online Sales Mark Burack Will your Internet Department Sink or Swim? Digital Dealer First Day ROI Craig Criswell DMS Workshop Technology to Help you Avoid Report Fatigue Departments Jim Skeans Editor's Notes (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:04 PM]
  • 2. CRM Mail CRM and Relationships: It is all about what you know or New Products & Services don’t know Chuck Barker What Happens When your Phone Stops Ringing? David Hein Starting a Business Development Center Rick McLey It’s No Flash in the Pan Jason Ezell Technology Trends Bring in the Robots Sandi Jerome (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:04 PM]
  • 3. FREE Weekly eNewsletters Sell More Vehicles to Women! Information for each department Become a Female Friendly Apr 17 2007 in the dealership. Certified Dealer. Click Here Contact Us Now Current Articles In Our Current Issue The Ostrich Says, "Its All Your Fault" by : Tim Deese Read Open In New Window So let’s go back for a history lesson from the time when men were men and mice were mice—and I got started in this business. My first decade in the industry included selling on an independent lot, becoming a used car manager of a new car store, working as GM of a metro high volume General Motors franchise and owning my own dealership. All this happened before I was 27 years old. Featured Article Crafting a Buy/Sell Agreement to Avoid Litigation by : Leonard Bellavia Read Open In New Window Once a buyer and a seller have agreed on a purchase price for an automobile dealership, they often have the misconception that the hardest part of the transaction is completed. The truth however, is that there are a myriad of issues that must still be negotiated and finalized in a well-structured "buy/sell agreement." Mike Shaw : Mike Shaw Automotive Group by : Dealer Magazine Read Open In New Window (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:28 PM]
  • 4. Dealer Mike Shaw of Mike Shaw Automotive Group, Denver, CO, fits the mold Take a few seconds and weigh in on this question. of a classic entrepreneur. In his nearly 40 years in auto retailing, he’s had to essentially start from scratch twice on the pathway toward building a If another summer incentive war takes shape, how will it impact your dealership? successful, $263 million dealer group with locations in four states. It would help clear out stale units It would not have much impact It would help our bottom line The Risks of Spot Delivery It would hurt future sales by : Gil Van Over Read Open In New Window Vote Dealers that are still using spot delivery as their primary sales process are still Sponsored by: Dealer magazine working with relics and have not advanced with available technology. The proliferation of Dealer Track, Route One and CUDL provide a dealer with the View Previous Polls tools to obtain credit approvals before sending the customer down the road with the car, essentially eliminating spot delivery issues. (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:28 PM]
  • 5. Lista: Making Workspace Work Wake Up Your Parts Inventory Issue counters, parts dept. For some parts on your shelves, storage, workbenches for time is about to run out. Apr 17 2007 dealerships. Click Here Learn More Current Articles In Our Current Issue Customer Follow-up: The Key to a Busy Service Department by : Charlie Polston Read Open In New Window Imagine greatly reducing the number of "slow" days on your service lane. Imagine capturing more maintenance dollars rather than waiting on repair or warranty business to trickle in. Imagine seeing more customers stay loyal to your service department throughout the ownership cycle. Imagine greater income for you and your fixed operations personnel, while keeping departmental gross high. A Must Read It's All About the Skills by : Larry Cummings Read Open In New Window The SkillsUSA competition features the first place winners in all career and technical education fields, drawing one winner from every state in the nation. Obviously of primary interest to any one in the automotive field is the intense competition in automotive service technology and in the collision and refinish careers. Take it from someone who has been here for three years in a row, this important test of the nation’s best in these fields and the brightest young high school and post secondary students is something you will never forget. (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:40 PM]
  • 6. DFO Interview: Jonathan Turnbull - Technical Training Manager, Honda Take a few seconds and weigh in on this question. and Acura How often do you ask customers to do work by : Lance Helgeson they declined on a prior visit? Read Open In New Window Never Jonathan Turnbull, technical training manager for Honda and Acura divisions in the U.S., is overseeing a transformation of technician training for both Sometimes vehicle lines that will replace traditional classroom learning with interactive, e- Always learning modules. Vote Sponsored by: Valspar You Have a Need for Speed View Previous Polls by : Dave Dunn Read Open In New Window A group of my customers from the Texas-based Sewell organization wanted to see a shop that was excelling in cycle time performance. I contacted Brian Evison from Bemack Planning Services and he gave me a great lead. We visited the Penske owned (UAG) facility in Fairfield, Conn. The facility name is Fairfield Collision Center (formerly Fairfield Motor Cars Collision Center) A Dearth of Tow Trucks and Other Current Trends by : James Gilmour Bell Read Open In New Window Service absorption now a key indicator for bank credit. A banking executive who took in one of our seminars noted that his bank is now using a dealership's service absorption number to help the bank determine risk when a dealership is looking for capital. And why not? (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:40 PM]
  • 7. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Current Articles In Our Current Issue What Kind of Customer Do You Want? by : Jim Roche Read Open In New Window Customer satisfaction is essential to any business. But how many dealers really want a satisfied customer who never comes back? A lot of us in the industry talk about customer retention, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Often, we use the terms interchangeably. This is a mistake because each of those terms has a very specific meaning. Featured Article Can your Internet Manager be a Customer Contact Manager? by : Sandi Jerome Read Open In New Window Have you done such a good job of setting up an Internet department that you have worked yourself out of a job? A recent reader wrote to me with a problem. He had built the Internet department from the ground up and now about 35 to 45 percent of the dealership's total sales come from the Internet. Now CRM is an issue. Nice Guys Finish First by : John Brentlinger Read Open In New Window (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:42 PM]
  • 8. New schoolers are willing to learn, grow and change with the constantly Take a few seconds and weigh in on this question. changing customer base. They are willing to learn new things in order to keep up with the customer. But the most important thing that new schoolers are Do you maintain an active lead count report? doing is letting go of the things that do not work. Yes No Vote Working Active and Inactive Leads Sponsored by: Digital Dealer magazine by : Craig Criswell Read Open In New Window View Previous Polls Internet leads come at you from a wide variety of sources. With such a wide range now comes an even wider range of lead quality. How do you come up with a process to sift through all those leads and cull out the real buyers while making sure you do not miss an opportunity? Elliott Bourne III - Internet Manager, Honda of Bowie by : Digital Dealer Read Open In New Window Elliott Bourne III, Internet manager at Honda of Bowie in Bowie, MD, for the past two years, has dealt with his share of challenges. Situated between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Honda of Bowie is right in the middle of a very competitive automotive climate. Drawing customers away from the large metro dealers is no easy task. (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:42 PM]
  • 9. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Advance Search In Our Current Issue Included In Title: Included In Article: By Author: Select Author From: Select 2005 To: Select 2007 In Magazine Dealer Magazine Digital Dealer DFO Magazine Featured Article Advanced Search To search for a specific article, please use the search box above. 2007 Back Issues January 2007 Digital Dealer February 2007 Digital Dealer March 2007 Digital Dealer April 2007 Digital Dealer 2006 Back Issues (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:45 PM]
  • 10. January 2006 Digital Dealer Take a few seconds and weigh in on this question. February 2006 Digital Dealer Do you maintain an active lead count report? Yes March 2006 Digital Dealer No April 2006 Digital Dealer May 2006 Digital Dealer Vote June 2006 Digital Dealer Sponsored by: Digital Dealer magazine July 2006 Digital Dealer View Previous Polls August 2006 Digital Dealer September 2006 Digital Dealer October 2006 Digital Dealer November 2006 Digital Dealer December 2006 Digital Dealer 2005 Back Issues August 2005 Digital Dealer September 2005 Digital Dealer October 2005 Digital Dealer November 2005 Digital Dealer December 2005 Digital Dealer (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:45 PM]
  • 11. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Certified Integrate your CRM with your Website Dealer. and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Auto Industry Calender of Events In Our Current Issue Industry Events Consumer Events October 4- 8, 2006 - Aneheim, CA Orange County Auto Show, at the Anaheim Convention Center More Information October 6- 8 , 2006 - Bridgeport, CT Southern Connecticut Auto Show at the Arena at Harbor Featured Article Yard in Bridgeport, CT, For More Information October 6 - 15, 2006 - Miami Beach, FL Southern Florida International Auto Show, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. More Information October 19- 22 - Long Island, NY Long Island Auto Show at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY More Information October 25 - 29 - Seattle, WA Seattle International Auto Show at Qwest Field Event Center in Seattle. More Information Take a few seconds and weigh in on this question. October 17, 2006 - Colleyville, TX Do you maintain an active lead count report? AWARE Presents Its Second Leadership Event Yes AWARE (Advancing Women in Automotive Retail Enterprises, Ltd.) is coming back to Texas with its second Leadership No Event, “Advance and Manage Your Career” on October 17, 2006 at the Colleyville Center, in Colleyville, Texas. This inspiring event will teach retail automotive industry Vote Sponsored by: Digital Dealer magazine professionals how to advance, move their careers forward, and be more successful. For more information View Previous Polls October 31 - November 3, 2006 - Las Vegas (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:48 PM]
  • 12. Annual SEMA Show for the Specialty Automotive Equipment Industry. Event takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. More Information October 31, 2006 - Las Vegas Collision Industry Conference in Las Vegas The Collision Industry Conference (CIC) is a forum for the discussion of national issues affecting the various segments involved in the Collision Repair Industry. The meeting is at Mandalay Bay Hotel prior to the NACE event. For more information. November 1-4 2006 - Las Vegas NACE Conference at Mandalay Bay Convention Center The Internatinal Autobody Congress & Exposition will be held this year from November 1-4, during Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week. The event will be at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA. More information. November 2-4 2006 - Las Vegas CARS event scheduled for Las Vegas Mark your calendars now to attend the 2006 Congress of Automotive Repair and Service (CARS). The event will be held Nov. 2-4 at The Mirage in Las Vegas. CARS 2006, sponsored by the Automotive Service Association's Mechanical Division, is an official event of Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW), held annually in Las Vegas. The premier event for automotive service professionals, CARS is unmatched in regard to technical training, management seminars and its exhibitor showcase. More information. Feb 3- 6, 2007 NADA Event in Las Vegas NADA 2007 will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in Las Vegas, NV More Information (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:48 PM]
  • 13. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Subscriptions Digital Dealer — Digital Dealer is the preeminent multi-media information source for franchised dealership Internet Sales Managers, e-Commerce Directors, BDC managers, CRM managers and dealers and department managers interested in sales-related technology solutions and applications. Digital Dealer magazine is the official publication of AAISP, the Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals, and is published 12 times annually. Each issue of Digital Dealer features a cover story on a successful Internet Sales Professional and articles written by the top experts and consultants in the field. The Digital Dealer e-newsletter is a weekly compilation of news, trends, tips and the most compelling issues of the day affecting automotive retail, specifically pertaining to Internet and technology-related vehicle sales issues. The Digital Dealer website features everything you see in Digital Dealer magazine and the Digital Dealer weekly e-newsletter, plus discussion forums, archives, event listings, advertising information and company information. New Subscription Renew Subscription Address Change Cancel Subscription Free Weekly eNewsletter to Subscription (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:50 PM]
  • 14. Click Here to subscribe to one of our FREE weekly Dealer Free Weekly Communications e-newsletters eNewsletter for Dealer magazine, Digital Dealer and Dealer Fixed Operations If you need to contact us regarding other matters please click here. Corporate Office: Dealer Communications 330 Franklin Road Suite 135A, Box 386 Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 370-1515 Contact Us (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:50 PM]
  • 15. Discussion Forum “Get involved in the discussions going on in our forums. Or start one of your own. Just scroll down and look for the magazine and/or topic area you wish to discuss.” If you’re here to comment on an article in one of our print publications, just look under that magazine’s name and find the subject area that coincides with the subject area in which the article ran in the print Dealer publication, i.e., Jim Ziegler’s articles run under “Dealer Advocate”, so if you wanted to comment on an Magazine article of Jim’s, just click “Dealer Advocate” under “Dealer magazine” forums and click on the thread Homepage titled the same as his article in the magazine.” Welcome Guest The time now is 10:11pm. Forum Topics Posts Last Post DEALER magazine OEM Issues 15 February 2007 at 11:50am 2 10 Discussion about strategies and initiatives from OEMs By cadillacman57 DEALER Advocate 14 April 2007 at 4:48pm 8 37 Tell it like it is. Moderator: Jim Ziegler / Mike Roscoe By bets The DEALER Interview 25 April 2003 at 11:19am Discuss DEALER magazine's most recent By Forum Administrator DEALER Undercover 25 April 2003 at 11:14am Discuss DEALER magazine's most recent By Forum Administrator Leadership 17 January 2007 at 10:55am 1 4 Not "management"..."leadership" Moderator: Dave Anderson By joeyc Legal Issues 25 April 2003 at 9:42am Discuss the rule of law as it pertains to your business. By Forum Administrator Moderator: Dan Myers Ownership 15 May 2003 at 11:27am All the issues relating to being the owner not covered in the By Forum Administrator other forums Acquisitions- Open Points and Buy-Sells 25 January 2007 at 10:07am 2 6 Franchise winners and losers. Moderator: Greg Gilmore By ggilmore Succession 25 April 2003 at 9:44am Eventually, someone else will own your store(s). Discuss By Forum Administrator planning how and when it happens. Moderator: Loyd Rawls Advertising 14 December 2006 at 10:18am 4 16 Discuss "which half" is wasted. Moderator: Jim Boldebook By JimB Sales & Marketing 13 April 2007 at 9:36pm 5 12 The art of the sale Moderator: Jack Bennett By Jeff Knott F&I 11 January 2007 at 1:49pm 4 9 Money makes the world go round...Moderator: James A. Ziegler By toccoakid (1 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:11:55 PM]
  • 16. Discussion Forum Women 25 April 2003 at 9:47am Women are involved in the vast majority of your sales and all By Forum Administrator of their sales. Moderator: Gerry Myers Used Vehicle Department 05 April 2007 at 2:45pm 1 1 42% of your money is tied up here. By beaneater1001 Forum Topics Posts Last Post Digital Dealer magazine Online Inventory Sites 04 March 2007 at 12:26pm 1 1 How third party sites help dealers get more visibility By drelam Web Site Design & Strategy 16 April 2007 at 9:02am 5 21 Ways to manage your Web site By johnfuhrman Management Issues 26 July 2006 at 9:53am Challenges with mangement related to Internet Initiatives By Forum Administrator Internet Professional Pay Plans 26 March 2007 at 3:16pm 1 4 How do you compensate Internet Sales Teams By Jarrett DMS 26 March 2007 at 2:29pm Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Moderator: Sandi 2 4 By Jarrett Jerome / Jim Skeans CRM / BDC 23 February 2007 at 2:55pm Customer Relationship Management, Business Developement 2 2 By DSmith Centers Moderator: Sandi Jerome Internet Sales 16 April 2007 at 8:44am 11 44 Discuss what works...what doesn't. Moderator: Mike Roscoe By johnfuhrman Technology Not DMS, not Internet sales...everything else that's technology 19 February 2007 at 5:58pm 1 4 related in automotive retailing. Moderator: Sandi Jerome / Mike By jchown Roscoe Forum Topics Posts Last Post Dealer Fixed Operations magazine Fixed Operations Management 16 April 2007 at 10:56pm Discussion Forum for Fixed Operations Managers and Service 10 40 By clmnoea Directors Service Lane 29 January 2007 at 2:04pm 2 8 Discussion of issues pertaining to Service Lane By Richard Madsen Parts 11 February 2005 at 12:55pm Discussion of Parts Department related issues By Forum Administrator Body Shop 25 April 2003 at 9:50am Time to expand...or time to bulldoze? Moderator: Dave Dunn By Forum Administrator Facilities Planning 22 June 2005 at 10:01am Facilities planning articles and discussions By Forum Administrator Training 22 June 2005 at 10:08am Articles and discussion related to training in Fixed Operations By Forum Administrator AYES 12 March 2007 at 8:13am 1 1 Automotive Youth Education Service. By japauto (2 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:11:55 PM]
  • 17. Discussion Forum Service Technician Forum 07 March 2007 at 1:01pm 1 1 You asked for it techs, you got it. By WarezSoft2007 Forum Topics Posts Last Post Dealer Pre Owned Reconditioning 07 August 2006 at 11:22am What is the secret to good reconditioning program By Forum Administrator Certified Vehicles 07 August 2006 at 11:21am Certified Vehicles and future growth By Forum Administrator Forum Topics Posts Last Post DEALER life Passages 04 April 2007 at 3:54pm 1 5 Remembering those in our industry who have passed... By Jeff Knott Comings & Goings 02 May 2003 at 10:57am Who's in, who's out, who's up, who's down... By Forum Administrator Politics 25 April 2003 at 3:34pm The spin zone. By Forum Administrator Humor 25 April 2003 at 3:32pm Heard any good ones lately? By Forum Administrator Sports 25 April 2003 at 4:38pm Ball and stick, baseball, basketball, golf, By Forum Administrator hockey, etc. Motorsports 03 April 2007 at 3:20pm 1 1 Nascar, Formula, NHRA, etc. By shipjumper Hobbies 25 April 2003 at 4:41pm Golfing, yachting, fishing, and other leisurely pursuits. By Forum Administrator Travel 25 April 2003 at 4:44pm Places to go, things to do. By Forum Administrator Entertainment 25 April 2003 at 5:01pm Books, movies, TV, shows, clubs, etc. By Forum Administrator Swap Meet 11 January 2007 at 3:47pm 1 4 Buy/sell/trade. By Driven2WIN Latest Forum Posts Forum Statistics Service Scheduling There are 235 Posts in 67 Topics in 42 Forum P8ting New Vehicle Inventory Last Post on 16 April 2007 at 10:56pm What would happen? Last Post by clmnoea GM TERMINATING DEALERS There are 1328 Forum Members Staffed Events: Are they worth it? The Newest Forum Member is Crdtwdef importing from japan There are 15363 Active Users, 15061 Guest(s) and 302 Member(s) Open Forum (no new replies) Read Only (no new replies) Password Required (3 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:11:55 PM]
  • 18. Discussion Forum Open Forum (new replies) Read Only (new replies) No Access Mark all posts as read :: Delete cookies set by this forum Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled on your web browser in order to use this forum (4 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:11:55 PM]
  • 19. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Advertising Connect with 38,000+ dealers, GMs, Internet Sales Managers, e-Commerce Directors, BDC/CRM Managers with just one ad! Digital Dealer is the preeminent multi-media information source for franchised dealership Internet Sales Managers, e- Commerce Directors, BDC managers, CRM managers and dealers and department managers interested in sales- related technology solutions and applications. Digital Dealer magazine is the official publication of AAISP, the Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals, and is published 12 times annually. Each issue of Digital Dealer features a cover story on a successful Internet Sales manager, e-Commerce Director, BDC/CRM Manager and articles written by the top experts and consultants in the field. Digital Dealer is delivered directly to 16,000+ Internet Sales Managers / e- Commerce Directors and BDC/CRM Managers, as well as being bound into Dealer magazine, which is delivered to 22,000+ dealers, GMs and top management execs, giving Digital Dealer magazine a total circulation of over 38,000. Digital Dealer magazine offers the ONLY way to reach Internet Sales Managers / e-Commerce Directors, BDC/CRM Managers AND the dealers and GMs who run their stores…with just one ad. Connect with both levels of decision makers by placing your ad in two magazines…for the price of ONE! The Digital Dealer eNewsletter is a weekly compilation of news, trends, tips and the most compelling issues of the day affecting automotive retail, specifically pertaining to the Internet / CRM and technology-related vehicle sales issues. (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:11:57 PM]
  • 20. Launched in January 2006, already, 16,000+ have signed up to receive the Digital Dealer weekly e-newsletter. The Digital Dealer website features everything you see in Digital Dealer magazine and the Digital Dealer weekly e- newsletter, plus discussion forums, archives, event listings, advertising information and company information. More advertising information: Circulation: Dealer Communications sends out magazines to over 56,000 dealers and managers. 22,000 dealers/GMs/top managers + 16,000 Internet Sales Managers + 18,000 Fixed Operations Managers and Service Managers = 56,000 recipients. This is not pass-along... it's that many people receiving their own copy of a Dealer Communications publication. Dealer magazine is audited by BPA International. Mechanical Requirements and Production Calendar: Our publications are produced on a regular schedule. Here is a link to our PDF file (new window) covering size requirements along with other technical information. Our 2006 Production Calendar is also included on this file. Advertising Rates: We have a national sales representative network covering the country and our various publications. Please contact us so we can have a representative get you the information you need. Contact Us for Advertising Rates Production Contact: Joe Birch In-House Graphics 347 Wagon Wheel Trail Wexford, PA 15090 Corporate Office: Dealer Communications 330 Franklin Road Suite 135A, Box 386 Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 261-9304 Contact Us (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:11:57 PM]
  • 21. (3 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:11:57 PM]
  • 22. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Contact Us Please complete this form to submit questions, comments or request information. All fields with an asterisk are required. We cannot respond to requests without a phone number or email address. Name * : Dealership Or Company Name * : Street Address * : City * : State * : Zip * : Phone * : Email * : Contact Reason : Advertising Information Message : Send (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:59 PM]
  • 23. Dealer Communications 330 Franklin Road Suite 135A, Box 386 Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 370-1515 (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:11:59 PM]
  • 24. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Our Company Over the last ten years Dealer magazine has worked hard to be the digest of expert advice and opinion, edited from the perspective of the franchised automobile dealer. Our mission has always been simple: to function as a conduit for a free flow of information between dealers and the top experts and consultants in the retail automobile business. We also take the position of being an advocate for the individual independent business men and women who are franchised automobile dealership owners. Every issue of Dealer provides an insightful, candid cover story interview with one of America’s most successful dealers and with articles written not by reporters, freelance writers or magazine editors, but by the experts in the field. Our editorial contributors don’t spend their time trying to figure out what’s going on. They spend their time in America’s dealerships solving problems and increasing profitability. We share the business philosophies and opinions that propelled America’s most successful dealers to the top, and those that keep them there. And we take an “insiders” look at the issues that dealers are most interested in, as well as the issues that they should be interested in. Through exclusive features such as "Dealer Advocate","Dealer Undercover", “The Dealer Interview” and "Dealer Mail", Dealer magazine speaks for those who cannot by providing a forum for dealers to share ideas and to get issues out into the open. We have also expanded with two other publications, Digital Dealer and Dealer Fixed Operations. These target not only the owners but the managers in the dealership who work in the technology, Internet, service and parts departments. The same type of insightful and useful content that appears in Dealer is written for these very important areas of the dealership. Advertisers in our publications are sponsors of this conduit of information and readers are (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:12:02 PM]
  • 25. constantly reminded that, although our sponsors and advertisers may not necessarily agree with everything written in Dealer, our sponsors and advertisers want to protect the dealers' rights to speak and be heard. Now, our website further enhances Dealer Communicaitons mission by having actual discussion forums which encourage dealers to discuss topics of interest and articles in our publications, as well as other issues of the day. When someone asks, "How did Dealer magazine grow so fast?" We answer quite simply that our publications have captured the hearts and minds of America's franchised automobile dealers in a way that has never been done before. Many of our readers view us as "family." We share their trials and tribulations and provide value to help them run their enterprises everyday. We are "car people" who advocate for the franchise system...people who spend their days, their years and often, their entire careers in the retail automobile business. Our headquarters is based in the Nashville, Tennessee area with additional editorial and sales offices in Cooperstown, Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco and Pittsburgh. You can reach us at: Dealer Communications 330 Franklin Road Suite 135A, Box 386 Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 370-1515 Contact Us (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:12:02 PM]
  • 26. Ask Patty - Automotive Advice for Women About Ask Patty Blog Womanars FAQ's Links Pressroom Partners Search Research Cars Compare Cars Automotive News Get Advice Charity Ask Patty Blog Carnival Week Around the Auto World: April 17 Women: Use Your Five Senses for Vehicle Maintenance Select Brand: Acura How to Shop For A Battery your Fox is Driving me crazy, Episode 2 Search within ZIP DRIVE along with the new FOX action driving TV 5 miles of show » More Featured Articles Go Search Featured Certified Dealer: Current Womanar! Lori Johnson Under the Hood: Lori Johnson Teaches the Importance of Oil and Coolant Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor of Ladies, Start Your Engines!, automotive classes for women, will offer advice and step-by-step guidelines for proper engine fluid maintenance. She will go over oil and coolant and what they do and how to maintain them in order to stretch Name: the life of your vehicle. Email: To listen to the Ask Patty Womanars, click here! (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:12:13 PM]
  • 27. Ask Patty - Automotive Advice for Women Question: Deborah Renshaw NASCAR Professional Driver Deborah Renshaw Racing Lauren Fix President Car Care The Car Coach® Send Question Kathy Gilbert Director Dealer Sales & Business Development Bernice Sanders Aftermarket Sales Director Primedia Consumer Automotive Group Click here to meet the rest of the Ask Patty Advisory Panel ©2007, Inc.| 7353 International Place, Unit 307, Sarasota, Florida 34240 | Phone 888-745-1928 | Email This site, its contents and all related content, formats and documents are copyrighted property of, Inc and are not to be reproduced or republished without the written consent of, Inc. About Ask Patty Blog Womanars FAQ's News Links Pressroom Partners Advertise on Ask Patty Web Framework Version This page was generated in 1.021 seconds. (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:12:13 PM]
  • 28. Automotive Dealer Websites from BZ Results - auto dealer web sites created by BZ Results drive more traffic, sales, profit & loyalty while lowering ad costs for your car dealer web site. [4/17/2007 8:12:20 PM]
  • 29. FREE Weekly eNewsletters Sell More Vehicles to Women! Information for each department Become a Female Friendly Apr 17 2007 in the dealership. Certified Dealer. Click Here Contact Us Now April 2007 Current Issue Features Dealer Advocate by Jim Ziegler Baseball Has Been Very Good to Me Dealer Interview Jody DeVere, President, Cover Story Lee Beaman, Beaman Automotive Group Departments/Columns Leadership How to Work within the Discipline of Priorities Dave Anderson Ownership What Would the Sale of the Chrysler Division Mean to Dealers? Rich Sox The Heart of the Dealership Transaction Greg Gilmore An Elegant Solution to Work in Process (WIP) Jeff Sacks Out of Site F&I Andrew Peace (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:12:22 PM]
  • 30. Seeking Succession: Common Trust Problems Increasing Need for Robust Loyd Rawls Identity Management Processes Dealer Magazine Advertising Scam, Spam and Digital Lies! The Vision of F&I Inc. Adds Ethics Jim Boldebook Training Dealer Magazine Sales & Marketing The Walkaround Departments Jack Bennett Did One of your Salespeople Write this Letter? Mail Gerry Myers Happenings New Products & Services Is the Auto Industry Doomed? Perk Perkins Inventory Turn and Profits in Today's Retail Market Dale Pollak Used Vehicles Is your Used Car Manager a Stockbroker or a Clerk? Richard Libin (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:12:22 PM]
  • 31. Lista: Making Workspace Work Wake Up Your Parts Inventory Issue counters, parts dept. For some parts on your shelves, storage, workbenches for time is about to run out. Apr 17 2007 dealerships. Click Here Learn More April 2007 Current Issue Features Dealer Fixed Operations Interview Global Service & Parts, Chrysler Group Cover Story Service Manager Miller Auto Group Departments/Columns Service Profit Winning at the Quick Service Game – Part Two Ed Kovalchick Hours Per Repair Order - a Tragically Flawed Measurement Les Silver Achieve 100 Percent Service Absorption Jim Bernardi Opportunities Galore! Charlie Polston Understanding Market Impacts and Getting Back to Basics James Gilmour Bell Variable Technician Pay: a Concept Whose Time Has Come Gene White Departments Special Section (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:12:26 PM]
  • 32. Offers shelving, storage solutions to fit individual dealers’ Editor's Notes needs Mail Dealer Magazine New Products & Services DMS Technology that Keeps your Parts Inventory Clean and Profitable Jim Skeans Training It’s All About the Relationships! Larry Cummings Parts Profitability Things I Heard and Saw in Las Vegas Jim Richter Bodyshop Push Production and Pull Sales Dave Dunn For Dealership Groups Serious about Technician Training Brandon Eckenrode For Dealership Groups Serious about Technician Training Brandon Eckenrode (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:12:26 PM]
  • 33. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 Ralph Paglia: e-Business Director, Courtesy Chevrolet by : Digital Dealer Printer Friendly Version Email This Article In 2006, Arizona was the fastest growing state in the country, andPhoenix is currently the fastest growing city in the state. Growth isfueling an extraordinarily strong, vibrant economy and a boom in theHispanic population. Twenty-four percent of all auto sales in themarket are from Hispanic buyers and Courtesy Chevrolet reports that 45percent of its sales come from the Hispanic population. The marketfinds 13 very aggressive Chevrolet stores competing for marketshare.Ralph Paglia, the e- business director at Courtesy finds his team underattack by the online efforts of his hypercompetitive counterparts. When did you come aboard the Courtesy Chevrolet team and how is your department is set up? I was recruited and hired by the Gruwell family to be theCRM/e-business director at Courtesy Chevrolet in the summer of 2005. Myresponsibilities include the development and supervision of severaldiverse teams within Courtesy Chevrolet’s e- business department,including a customer relationship center (CRC), a new car Internetsales team, two distinct used car Internet sales teams, an e-financesales team and two full-time CRM administrators. All in all, I haveresponsibility for approximately 60 Courtesy Chevrolet employees whoproduce 300 to 400-plus vehicle sales per month. Have you been in the business for awhile? I started selling cars in 1981 in San Diego, CA, at Kearney MesaVW-Peugeot. After six years I went to work for Bob Lewis VW- Peugeot indowntown San Diego and stayed a couple of years at that location. Aftera few stints at dealerships in Texas and New York, I worked for anational sales training company (RBI) and then accepted a position withCyber Car, a division of the HAC Group, which also owned the AutoMarkDealer Web Site Company and the Half-A-Car Trade Cycle Technologyconsulting company that specialized in short-term leasing for customerretention. (1 of 6) [4/17/2007 8:12:32 PM]
  • 34. While working for Cyber Car, I installed over 100 Internet salesdepartments in dealerships throughout the country. Those first years atCyber Car were a real eye opener as we tried many different processesand organizational designs while seeking the “secret sauce” forcreating Internet sales departments that produce results. In May, 2000the Reynolds and Reynolds Company acquired HAC Group. After theacquisition, I focused on developing e-business consulting and trainingprograms for various car companies and enterprise level dealershipgroups. How many Internet sales team members are on your staff? Courtesy Chevrolet is a single point Chevy dealer with a fully staffedCRC that has two teams, a used car team with 12 CSRs and a new car teamwith another 12 CSRs. Each CRC team has a leader (Vernon Intara andSteve Clemens) and the CRC has a manager (Joel Matteson). The CRChandles a variety of inbound leads from Internet sources higher up inthe sales funnel, as well as inbound sales calls. The Internet salesteams handle leads from sources further into the buying cycle. We havea new car Internet sales team with 14 Internet sales specialists (ISS)led by George Salman; a used car Internet sales team with 10 ISSs ledby Bryan Long, and an off-site used car Internet sales team with eightISSs led by Adrian Fajardo. Are floor and Internet sales separate? Yes, every Internet sales specialist is forbidden from taking freshfloor ups, although we have at times provided the sales teams on theshowroom floor with lead lists generated from our many online marketingsources. Is the department part of a business development center? The BDC is part of the e-business department and each Internet salesteam is part of the e-business department. I serve as the director ofthe e-business department with financial statement responsibility andeach team’s manager reports to me. Do you have appointment setters? The primary role of the BDC is to schedule appointments, but theInternet sales specialists also focus on setting appointments as well.For all the teams within the e-business department the setting,tracking and handling of sales appointments is a major part of ourexistence. If an Internet sales specialist is having a tough timegetting in contact with a lead by telephone, then the CRC backs up theISS by having designated customer service representatives (CSR) whomake ongoing repeated attempts to contact that prospect while the ISSmoves on to the next lead. What percent of your dealership’s overall sales are generated from the Internet, and do you see this increasing? In 2006 Courtesy Chevrolet sold more than 11,000 vehicles, over 7,700of them were new Chevrolets. The e-business department was responsiblefor generating 3,882 of those 11,000-plus sales, so we produce about 30percent of the store’s total sales volume. Our volume contributionmargins fluctuate when you break those numbers down to new cars, usedcars, credit score categories and model line distribution withe-business contributing over 50 percent of the store’s volume in somecategories. We have recognized online interactive marketing as one ofthe most effective means of attracting higher credit score prospects aswe attempt to increase our total loan mix portfolio’s average creditscore. What part of your dealership’s overall advertising and marketing budget is dedicated to the Internet? While the advertising budget allocated toward online and interactivecampaigns has been increasing since the Internet department wasstarted, I am beginning to question how we look at the allocation ofbudgets. For example, when we put up 15 outdoor billboards aroundPhoenix that feature a URL message such as “ – AZ’sLargest Tahoe Inventory,” primarily intended to drive people to one ofour specialty micro-sites, is that Internet advertising or outdooradvertising? Well, of course it is what it is, outdoor advertising, but the resultsare phone calls and Internet leads that go to our BDC and Internetsales teams, and a significant amount of floor traffic that goes to ourshowroom sales teams. Likewise, when I use the e-business advertisingbudget to place dealership display ads on over 800 different web sites,geo-targeted to Phoenix car buyers, and a large amount of floor trafficis generated, along with some Internet leads and phone calls to ourBDC, is that pure Internet advertising, or is there some recognition ofthe branding and floor traffic being generated by those dollars thatpurchased the web site display ads? About 25 percent of Courtesy Chevrolet’s new car ad budget is spent ondigital marketing, and over 50 percent of our used car ad budget isspent on digital marketing. The reason for the differential is thatused car digital marketing drives as much showroom traffic as Internetleads and incoming phone calls. Where do you get your Internet leads? One of the greatest success stories we have experienced at CourtesyChevrolet has been our ability to grow and diversify our base of leadsources. Our greatest growth in the past year has been in finding waysto generate new leads on our own, and to recycle old leads into freshopportunities. An example of recycling old leads is to datamine leadsfrom 2003 and 2004 into (2 of 6) [4/17/2007 8:12:32 PM]
  • 35. categories that indicate the prospect purchaseda vehicle from another dealer. Our CRC then contacts these customers bye- mail and phone to communicate with them that we know it is likelythat they will soon be replacing that vehicle they bought from anotherdealer, and Courtesy Chevrolet would like to make it worth thecustomer’s time to let us show them how much we do not want to misstheir business this time around. Last year 34 percent of our leads werefrom third-party sources, 27 percent were from proactive BDC andrecycled leads, 19 percent were from digital marketing generatedinbound calls, 3 percent from GM, and the remaining 17 percent from ourfull-featured web sites, various micro–sites and landing pages. What are the closing rates for the different sources? Like many dealers, Courtesy Chevrolet’s lowest closing ratio is onleads purchased from third-party lead providers, which were at 5.15percent for 2006. This is to be expected given that the cost ofgenerating leads has risen to above a level where lead providers cansell a lead once for $20 and generate profitable business. In frankdiscussions with our lead providers, after busting many of them sending“our leads” to other dealers, they have admitted to selling the samelead multiple times to multiple dealers within a given market area.Courtesy Chevrolet has learned to accept that fact as a new reality inthe marketplace and we work within that reality by adjusting ourprocesses for third-party leads. Courtesy Chevrolet has changed ourlead management process to optimize our response based on the knowledgethat these particular customers will be getting several responses fromour local competitors of the same brand. We also know that third-partylead providers “churn” leads to generate additional sellable leads fromthe same customers for other brands of similar vehicles to what thecustomer initially selected as their preferred vehicle. This works bothfor, and against us, as we get leads (for example) on Tahoes frompeople who initially indicated a desire to get a price quote on aToyota Sequoia, and vice versa. So, we simply accept the fact that wewill have more competition for a customer’s business when they come tous via a third-party lead provider than if we generated the leadourselves using digital marketing, our web sites or one of the manymicro-sites that Courtesy Chevrolet owns and operates internally. Leads from our network of web properties close at about 13 percent andleads from GM’s CID program close at over 9 percent. What percent of your Internet sales are for new vehicles and what percent are used? Up until this past year, Courtesy Chevrolet consistently produced morenew car sales from Internet leads than used car sales. After wedeveloped and expanded our off-site used car Internet sales operations,and added the e-finance sales team, that balance shifted to where weare today, which is about a 50/50 split in total volume depending onmonth. The used car sales seem to run fairly consistently, while thenew Chevrolet sales fluctuate for a variety of reasons. What is your dealership’s web site address (URL)? Courtesy Chevrolet has three full-featured web sites that each displayboth new and used vehicle inventories in different formats, targeted todifferent marketing segments. We also have more than a dozenmicro-sites and landing pages that we use for a variety of digitalmarketing purposes such as search engine marketing (SEM),model-specific search engine optimization (SEO), specializeddemographic targeting, geographic targeting and stealth sites that weuse to compete with third-party lead providers in capturing leads frompeople who may not visit a dealership web site. The three full-featuredsites are the BZ Results site:, Reynolds WebSolutions: and GM PowerShift Site (Cobalt): What company designed or currently hosts your web site? We are currently using four different vendors to produce web sitesand micro-sites for Courtesy Chevrolet. BZ Results is our primaryfull-featured web site developer and digital marketing partner. Weintentionally drive more traffic to our BZ web sites than our othersites because of its consistently high visitor-to-lead conversionrates. The people we deal with at BZ have a tremendous amount ofrespect for Courtesy Chevrolet and we always feel like they are more ofa business partner than a vendor. BZ does a great job of dealing withour requests regarding our web sites and the landing pages it producesfor us, but more importantly it stays in communication with us on anongoing basis and provides consulting and training services that ensurewe don’t get locked into a stagnant comfort zone. We use Reynolds Web Solutions for our Spanish language web site and we find RWS to be an exceptionally competentorganization from a pure technology perspective, but Reynolds does notstay in contact with us, or find ways for us to improve our results inthe manner that BZ Results does. However, Reynolds does provide what webelieve to be technically the best web site in the industry. The factthat Reynolds Web Solutions uses technology that generates a separateweb page for each vehicle in stock, with a unique URL that can besubmitted for indexing by search engine spiders is an incredibletechnical advantage for dealers that use RWS. Reynolds handles anddisplays dealer inventory better than other dealer web site providers.Our Internet sales teams often discuss a “dream team” web site vendor,which would be the people and processes from BZ Results and thetechnology utilized by Reynolds Web Solutions. We also use The Cobalt group for our GM PowerShift web site, which is aGM mandate for dealers who want a live hyperlink (3 of 6) [4/17/2007 8:12:32 PM]
  • 36. from to the dealer’s web site. In fact, the leads from our GMPowerShift web site are the lowest cost leads of any type that we geteach month. Our local Cobalt representative, Peter Orlando, is a greatguy and we really enjoy the service and support we get from him. Do you use an outside service to take photos of your inventory? We use Dealer Specialties and we highly recommend the local DealerSpecialties franchisee, Doug Eggleston. We have also tried Kelley BlueBook’s CDM Data Company, which offers some great products. In addition to your own web site, do you post your inventory on any other third party web sites? Yes, that is a big reason why we use Dealer Specialties. Doug Egglestonhelps us find ways to push our inventory data to more and more websites on a continuous basis. One of the top priorities within ouroverall e-business strategy is to push our inventory data for both newand used cars to more and more web site hosting companies. This is anespecially big challenge for Courtesy Chevrolet since we arehandicapped by the closed system that UCS provides to us. If it werenot for UCS’s painfully archaic data management restrictions, and lackof responsiveness to our inventory data needs, we could sellsignificantly more cars through online marketing. You will find our inventory on many sites such as,,’s local edition, and others. Weare constantly seeking additional sites and operators such as Google’ to get more eyeballs on our inventory every week. DealerSpecialities is now taking multiple pictures of our new vehicles thatgo over 90 days in stock that we push out to dozens of online inventorydisplay web sites. What challenges do you face in maintaining strong gross profits with Internet sales? Let me be very clear in responding to this question… Courtesy Chevroletis a high sales volume focused dealership. Sure, we hold on to grossprofit every chance we get, but we will not lose a deal over price toanyone… period. If another Chevy dealer lets its customer talk tous, that other dealer will never see that customer again. We useconvenience and service as a differentiator that helps us to hold on tosales profits within our Internet sales teams. I believe that ourInternet team members have better product knowledge than the averageChevy salesperson and we leverage that expertise to maintain grossprofits. We also offer car buyers several options including delivery. If acustomer does not enjoy spending time at the dealership, then fine… wedeliver. Our highest gross profits and CSI scores consistently comefrom customers who pick out what they want from one of our web sites,ask for a quote, respond that they’ll take one of the vehicles wequote, and then ask us to deliver the car and all documentation totheir home or work location. Those are by far the best deals becausethe customer knows that they have received a level of personalizedservice that 90 percent of all car buyers never even have access to. The fact is our Internet sales (on a model line by model line basis)out-grosses the sales floor fairly consistently. Of course, theInternet generates a higher gross profit PVR on a model linecomparison; that is exactly what dealers should expect when thecustomer is picking out their next car from our inventory before theyever contact us. How do you manage your prospect and customer information? We use BuzzTrak from BZ Results as a central database of all e-businesscustomer contact and communication records before they buy a car. Oncean appointment is set in BuzzTrak, our CRM administrators enter thatappointment into our UCS sales prospect control system, which is whatthe showroom sales teams use to track floor traffic. This helps protectthe ISSs and the CSRs from a customer just showing up and not beingrecognized as a “show” brought in by the CRC or the Internet salesdepartment. Since all showroom visitors must be logged into UCS/SPCbefore the sales desk will work a deal, this helps quite a bit. Do you use e-mail templates, and do you send regular e-mail campaigns? Yes, we make extensive use of e-mail templates for both ad hoc e-mailssent by our ISSs and for the automated e-mail system within BuzzTrakfrom BZ results. We have so many e-mail templates that we now indexthem by number and publish a manual that shows when and how eachtemplate should be used within a process flow chart that referenceseach template’s index number. Do you give pricing (or send copies of invoices) over the phone or by e-mail? Yes, we provide discounted price quotes to prospects who request pricequotes as part of the lead generating process. We also talk aboutprices over the phone extensively and proactively. As far as we areconcerned, pricing is just another piece of information and we do notwant to make it the most important information by hiding it from ourcustomers. The real hard-core price mooches always get a price from anydealer they contact anyway, because they work so hard at it. But themajority of car shoppers ask for your best price because they have beenconditioned to expect the run around when they ask that question to (4 of 6) [4/17/2007 8:12:32 PM]
  • 37. asalesperson. We defuse the situation by quoting our discounted “IMV”Internet market value price right upfront. It takes the confrontationout of it and lets us focus on selection, service and convenience,which differentiates us from other dealers. What metrics do you track? A better question would be what Courtesy Chevrolet does not track…sometimes we review so many Excel spreadsheets, charts and DMS reportprintouts that the information can get overwhelming, but our primarymetrics look at leads received, appointments made, actual showroomvisits, actual sales and the ratio to the sales goals and of course,leads closed, conversions and appointments made to leads received. Welook at these same key metrics sorted by lead sources, as well as byindividual ISS and internal teams. How long do you work a lead before you retire it, or do you continue to market to that person in other ways? Courtesy Chevrolet Internet sales specialists will continue workingdirectly with a customer as long as the communication channels are openand an active dialogue is happening. For people who either do notrespond to an ISS or say they are no longer in the market, our CRCtakes over and continues to contact the customer until they either tellus to leave them alone or come in to the dealership and buy a car. TheCRC acts as a safety net to continue following up on leads that theInternet sales teams lose interest in. The Courtesy Chevrolet CRC isvery good at recycling old Internet leads and previous customers togenerate new prospects and referrals. How are your Internet sales professionals compensated? The Courtesy Chevrolet pay plan for Internet sales specialists is: Base Salary: $1,000.00 per month (contingent upon minimum performance requirements) Commissions: Based on the total gross profit generated for each vehiclesold, including profit on sale (front end), profit on financing andinsurance (back end), profits on aftermarket and accessories (ProShop).The percentage of commission paid to the ISS is based on the followingsliding scale, retroactive to the first unit sold: 1 to 8 vehicles sold: 12 percent 9 to 11 vehicles sold: 14 percent 12 to 14 vehicles sold: 16 percent 15 to 17 vehicles sold: 18 percent 18 and up vehicles sold: 20 percent Monthly unit volume bonuses: 5 units sold/billed by 15 of month = $250 bonus 12 units = $1,000 bonus Each additional three units above 12 = $250 Team gross bonus: An additional 5 percent of the gross profits generated by the salesteam that the ISS is assigned to will be paid out based on theindividual ISS’s units sold as a contribution to the team’s total unitsales. How it works: If the ISS sells 10 units and the team sells 100units, then the ISS receives 10 percent of the 5 percent team grossbonus payout. Example: The ISS team sells 72 units, generating$129,760.40 in total gross profits. If the ISS sold 10 units of theteam’s total 72 unit sales, the ISS would receive 14 percent of thetotal team gross bonus. Five percent of $129,760.40 is $6,488.02 and 14percent of that is $908.32, which the ISS receives. Process performance bonuses: Leads converted to dealership visits: #1 ISS receives a $350 monthly bonus #2 ISS receives a $150 monthly bonus Showroom visits to sales closed: #1 ISS receives a $350 monthly bonus #2 ISS receives a $150 monthly bonus If you could wave a magic wand and change anything about your department, what would it be? I would forever banish the bitching and moaning sessions that manysales professionals seem to get going whenever more than two of themare speaking with each other. I have visited hundreds of dealershipsacross America and have never been to a dealership that treatssalespeople better than Courtesy Chevrolet, yet some of our salespeopleseem to have no problem finding things to complain about to each other,and to anyone new in the department. If I never witness anothersalesperson group “crap-out session,” it will be too soon! Can you getme a magic wand that stops salesperson crap-out sessions? Other (5 of 6) [4/17/2007 8:12:32 PM]
  • 38. thanthat, we have a great group of Internet sales specialists and I wouldlike to get more just like them to come and work for Courtesy Chevrolet. Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (6 of 6) [4/17/2007 8:12:32 PM]
  • 39. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 Steve Anenen and Kevin Henahan : ADP Dealer Services by : Digital Dealer Printer Friendly Version Email This Article The auto industry is currently engaged in a debate over who owns and is responsible for securing the data in dealership management systems. ADP has joined Open Secure Access (OSA), which is a trade association addressing the issue of access to dealer systems. At the recent NADA Convention in Las Vegas, we had an opportunity to speak with Steve Anenen, the president of ADP Dealer Services and Kevin Henahan, senior vice president of marketing for ADP Dealer Services. DD: Steve, tell me a little bit about the issue that all the dealers are talking about now with open access and the data in DMS systems. What is ADP’s position on that? Steve: As you know, ADP has joined the OSA (Open Secure Access) coalition. You can see our name now on its letterhead. We joined OSA for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the principles that it has endorsed are exactly the same principles that we hold near and dear to our own business philosophy: that a dealership fundamentally owns the data in its DMS, and dealers should control who accesses their data and how it’s used. There are a number of ways that third-parties have accessed data in the past with a dealer’s permission, by doing a screen scrape or using some other kind of access in order to get data. We won’t prohibit that and we think dealers should be able to govern how they want that to happen. So, we built a three-tiered structure to keep the dealer in control: the first tier is this kind of traditional access, which we call third-party basic access. Dealers can give whomever they want access to their data. That is a bit risky, but it is theirs to grant. And the dealer maintains responsibility for system and data access. The second tier is third-party subscriber access. ADP delivers high speed VPN Internet access and advanced system security (1 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:12:35 PM]
  • 40. and auditing tools, offering tighter integration. The dealer maintains responsibility for data access and the third-party stays in concert with our release versions. The third tier is third-party integration, which really offers the ability for a third- party to read and write data back and forth. There are some third-parties where we’ll open up the DMS in order to work with them and enable them to share data both ways. The last two levels are a pay model, and the dealer/third-party gets rights and access to the API program. The dealer/third- party must maintain it and the third-party pays a monthly fee for the API. Now, having said that, it’s difficult when you have a third-party not going through an API who wants to put an agent or a piece of software on our DMS system that could corrupt data. That’s not good for the dealer or for us. That’s not something we will endorse. Nor is it something the OSA coalition endorses. DD: But don’t your systems have an anti-virus program that identifies those potential threats? Steve: Yes, they do. But when that happens, the dealer points to us and thinks our system went down as a result of what we’ve got on there, when in fact, we do all the diagnostics only to find some third-party wrote something, put it on the system and caused data corruption. Now there’s a problem with the data that’s an issue for both the dealer and us. DD: At some point a dealer will grant access to a third-party who will compromise the dealer’s data. Is ADP going to say to the dealer, “You chose to give it to XYZ Company? It didn’t have security protocols in place and somehow its data got compromised and now 10,000 of your service customers and their credit card numbers are out there.” Steve: That’s the risk for a dealer who elects the first-tier level. The dealer needs to make sure it’s a legitimate third-party; one that’s going to have appropriate security measures in place. But that’s for the dealer to decide, because the dealer is the one working with the third-party. Whether it’s with a modem, with a simple screen scrape, or something more complex they need to be careful. When we work with a third-party, we ask the tough questions and certify the process. DD: Do you provide something to the dealer that says, “Mr. Dealer, this is a security audit questionnaire.”? Please have anybody you’re thinking of granting access to your system complete this for you and have your IT people take a look at it.” Steve: We have a series of questions that we’ll ask of our third-party groups, but we don’t provide a security audit questionnaire to the dealer, because at that point— with second-tier and third-tier level access— dealers have asked us to assess security. So we say, “Okay, here’s how we certify this.” And the third-party has to meet and comply with certain restrictions we’ve put in place with the API. DD: Can you give us an update on the managed DMS and Voice Over IP offering? Steve: The DMS managed service environment has become very effective for our dealers. Dealers are saying, “I don’t have the resources to invest in managing a computer system and the appropriate network, let alone taking care of compliance issues like privatization, the use of data, or backing up files on time. How do I know that I’ve loaded the latest release and all of the issues that go with that?” After listening to dealers, we took it upon ourselves to build an effective model around managed services for the dealer server business. It has caught on and I am very pleased with the acceptance level. More than 50 percent of our sales now coming in use a managed services environment, as opposed to having a server at the client location. The ASP model has less upfront costs, and can actually reduce some costs at a dealership over time. Given the success of the managed DMS environment, we have now applied it to a server-based telephony solution. We thought we could apply the same logic of a managed service environment for DMS systems to the IP phone solution. We spent the last year and a half investing, creating all the necessary hosting facilities and networks, the ability to actually run the lines, and ensuring the uptime will be at an extremely reliable level. We’ve accomplished all that and now we’re able to offer a very secure, complete telephony solution that melds nicely with our DMS, all in an ASP, or managed services environment with less upfront costs. A managed services telephony solution will not only help dealers save money, but will improve their customer’s experience. The phone is integrated with the DMS application software; so when the phone rings the dealer can see which customer is calling and can look at call history, report history or client history. They are able to get call analytics that show call volume by department for each hour of the day, how many calls were missed and valuable information such as measuring ad effectiveness. (2 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:12:35 PM]
  • 41. DD: It’ll be interesting to see in a few months what kind of savings dealers realize from this solution. Steve: We think the savings will be substantial. Many of the large automotive consolidators have been asking for this service. They have locations all over the country and a managed solution is perfect for their size operations. They want reliable circuits, a smooth process and assurance that their system is fully redundant — we can do that. It also fits nicely for the smaller dealerships that do not want to fund the capital for a new PBX/server or worry about future obsolescence. DD: Does this solution provide any technical advantages for the dealer? Steve: Absolutely. Phones have now become intelligent devices because they integrate with the DMS, making the phone a more effective tool to improve the quality of the customer’s experience. Another advantage I should mention is its ability to incorporate scripts. If a dealer wants to handle calls a certain way, a script can be entered into the system and can come up during a call. If the dealer wants to have salespeople working on follow-up phone calls, a script will come up to work from. Dealers can train staffers to use the phones to augment their call handling process. DD: So with integration to the DMS a dealer could know about the caller’s relationship with the dealership? Steve: Absolutely. The system interfaces into the dealer’s business applications and will tell the dealer staffer on the line that this customer is a part of the Smith family for example. “He’s the son, the family has four cars with me, they’ve been with me for 10 years and they spend more than $5,000 per year.” That’s really powerful information right up front that you’re able to access while handling the call. DD: What else are you working on to leverage the dealer’s network at the dealership? Steve: Network Video is the next exciting area we are working on. A dealer wants to be able to look at any area of the dealership, including vehicle inventory lots, which are often out of direct view of the dealer personnel. He wants to see the lot at night when he may not be there, or perhaps if a dealer is away and he wants to take a look at his showroom traffic within the dealership. We asked, “How do we take network video as an advanced technology today and use it elsewhere within a dealership?” First and foremost, using video monitoring is useful for security: looking at a 360 view of your entire dealership using security cameras. The cameras have become less obtrusive, almost invisible. We looked at this video surveillance, and then we looked at some of the high asset areas of a dealership, like vehicles or parts or service. We took today’s incredible video technology and enabled dealers to zero right in on a license plate for owner recognition. The intelligence is built into the DMS database, which brings up a repair order so the dealer knows who the customer is before the driver even gets out of the car. The customer service history is brought up on the screen for the service advisor to have ready as the customer approaches. It’s another way of improving the quality of the experience for the customers at the service lane. DD: Where else are you using video in the dealership? Steve: We’re using this in the F&I office to help dealers with the F&I process. With all the liability issues surrounding F&I, we wondered if there was a way for dealerships to protect themselves as well as protect the customers. Video recording allows the dealer to ensure that the F&I manager correctly followed procedure during the contracting process. And if there is some miscommunication, the dealer has a visual record of the process recorded, documented and archived, and is able to access any particular deal very easily. DD: Do you say, “Mr. Dealer, if you implement this, you’ve got to have a system for watching these things because if you videotape but don’t watch it to see if somebody’s doing something wrong, it doesn’t do a lot of good?” Steve: We do, and dealers use the video for training purposes. Helping newer F&I managers cover all of these steps, the manager can say, “Well, you could have also shown the menu, and you also could have talked about extra product X, or offered warranty Y.” So part of the advantage of network video is training to upsell and being sure the F&I staff makes the customer aware of all the potential offerings. And the recording works to protect both the consumer and the dealer if there is a miscommunication. As a result, dealers implementing this program have seen greater profitability on F&I transactions. DD: So after you implement a system like that, who views a random number of these transactions to make sure everything is being done? Kevin: Usually it’s the general sales manager. Some want to see certain deals, and some actually do more frequent, random checks. Criteria might dictate that if a certain deal doesn’t hit a certain threshold, the general sales manager wants to review that deal, look at the tape and find out what happened during the process. DD: We talked a little bit about managed services for IP telephony and the evolution from where we started with server-based DMS, and we talked a little bit about managed services for DMS. We talked about a server-based IP (3 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:12:35 PM]
  • 42. phone that has now moved to the next realm of technology and managed services environment. Would you like to comment at all on the technology side of that? Kevin: Our main goal is to make the process easy for the dealers. There’s no better way to do this than for us to manage the technology dealers use in their dealerships. The back-end work is done somewhere else, and someone else takes care of it for the dealer. In the past, the phone system was something that was always inside the four walls of the dealership, creating a lot of issues. Now that we’ve taken the phone system offsite and dealers don’t have to worry about it. We manage the obsolescence – the dealers do not have to worry about it. Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (4 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:12:35 PM]
  • 43. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 Ebay Motors Evolution Online by : Digital Dealer Printer Friendly Version Email This Article Ten years ago, the idea of buying or selling a car online, sight unseen, was not exactly mainstream. A small number of lead- generation sites helped first-adopter techies search through classified ads, but even then there was no way to actually make a sale on the web. That began to change in 2000, when a handful of web sites took the Internet experience to the next level by pioneering automotive transactions online. eBay Motors ( launched as a formal category of eBay Inc. in April 2000 after company executives realized that sellers were using the site to sell actual cars in the model-car section of eBay. Today approximately 12 million visitors use eBay Motors to buy and sell used cars, automotive parts and accessories, motorcycles, powersport vehicles, boats, RVs, commercial trucks, buses and other items every single month. eBay Motors has been the most-visited automotive site on the Internet for three consecutive years (Nielsen//NetRatings) with 34 percent of all online automotive minutes spent on the site. On average, an automobile sells every minute, a part or accessory sells every second and a motorcycle sells every four minutes on eBay Motors. Through its unique format and established community of users, eBay Motors has revolutionized the way people buy and sell everything automotive. In 2006, the two millionth passenger vehicle was sold on eBay Motors. The site has become the source for all things automotive, and even more, it’s become a barometer for trends in the automotive industry. Celebrities regularly use eBay Motors to sell unique vehicles to raise money for charity. Exciting new cars like the Ford Mustang and Toyota Prius were hot items on eBay Motors soon after their releases. eBay Motors’ users range from buyers looking for reliable transportation and automotive enthusiasts to sellers from major franchises and independent automotive dealers as well as individuals. (1 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:12:39 PM]
  • 44. eBay Motors provides an opportunity to market used vehicles to a national and international audience. Trusted by buyers and sellers alike, eBay Motors provides dealers with a valuable, low-cost, secure sales channel that can be accessed by potential customers worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Standard listings on eBay Motors offer a host of great features to help put your buyers at ease, including purchase protection up to $20,000. With more experience connecting automotive buyers and sellers online than any other site, eBay Motors is the perfect complementary sales channel for dealers to save money, attract customers and maximize profits. An evolving marketplace Today, due to sites like eBay Motors, the Internet has fundamentally changed the way people buy every kind of vehicle. Across industries, buyers are turning to the web to research, find and purchase high-ticket items. According to research eBay conducted with Harris, 21 percent of online purchasers have made at least one online purchase in excess of $1,000. It has become commonplace for consumers to find major purchases like big screen TVs, refrigerators, automobiles and even houses from their home PC. As consumers become more comfortable shopping on the web, the automotive market has been redefined online. According to JD Power, in the past five years the percentage of buyers finding their used vehicle through a traditional newspaper or magazine classified ad has been reduced from 14 percent in 2002 to seven percent in 2006. During the same period, buyers who found their vehicle online have doubled from eight percent to 16 percent. Yet for all the advances made in online automotive retailing, many consumers still want to kick the tires while enjoying the convenience of purchasing online. According to research eBay conducted with research firm Keynote, along with price and vehicle history, the majority of automotive e-commerce buyers considered the physical location of the vehicle to be very important when shopping for a vehicle. A full 77 percent of automotive purchasers indicated they would prefer the ability to search by price and location when shopping for vehicles online. In fact, the majority of buyers indicated they would sacrifice a wider selection to find a vehicle in their local area; but would not sacrifice a better price. Reconciling this demand for local inventory with the global marketplace of the Internet has quickly become the most important hurdle remaining for bringing vehicle sales to the web. Localizing the World Wide Web To stay ahead of consumer demand for vehicles in their local areas, eBay Motors launched a new dealer service called eBay Motors Local Market in February 2007. eBay Motors Local Market is a subscription-based service that enables franchise dealers to easily upload and list their entire used-car lot for one low price, making the inventory available to buyers within a 100-mile radius of the dealership. “eBay Motors Local Market is designed to help dealers engage the growing number of consumers migrating online to find their next vehicle,” said Rob Chesney, senior director of eBay Motors. “Today’s consumers are demanding a one-stop automotive shopping experience that provides access to deep local inventory, the ability to negotiate price and the option of an in-person test drive.” The $1,000 monthly eBay Motors Local Market subscription covers listing fees for an unlimited amount of vehicles, with no individual insertion fee per vehicle. As with traditional eBay Motors listings, a $50 sale fee applies for vehicles that sell online. This fee covers eBay Motors’ $20,000 buyer protection policy, which helps establish the safe and secure environment that puts customers at ease and ready to buy. There is no contract or commitment required to use eBay Motors Local Market. The largest audience online eBay Motors Local Market is the perfect complement to the existing eBay Motors national marketplace. For franchise dealers with large newer, used-vehicle inventories that appeal to mass-market consumers, and for dealerships that frequently turn over a regular inventory (such as certified used vehicle dealers), eBay Motors Local Market has proven to be a simple way to help local buyers find their vehicles and complete sales. Today eBay Motors receives 12 million unique visitors per month, and has nearly 100 million registered users in the U.S. alone. Providing dealers a direct line to this audience, eBay Motors Local Market delivers cost-effective sales and lead generation on an unbeatable scale. eBay Motors Local Market has already begun proving its sales potential. Marc Damon, Internet department manager for Fox Valley Ford in North Aurora, IL, started using the Local Market program in August of 2006 and has experienced success right out of the gate with the platform. Damon had used eBay Motors’ national service to list selected vehicles in the past and saw Local Market as a good way for his dealership to economically list inventory on eBay Motors and market his vehicles to a (2 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:12:39 PM]
  • 45. defined geographic region. “eBay Motors’ Local Market program has generated quite a few qualified leads for our dealership,” said Damon. “We now receive about 20 to 30 leads per month from the service.” More listings, more leads eBay Motors Local Market coordinates with the eBay Motors national marketplace to provide unmatched access to an enormous audience of buyers and offers dealers the opportunity to use eBay Motors to generate leads locally. On average during testing, dealers who were listing eight or ten cars each month now can list more than 110 vehicles a month. This added selection is helping dealers better connect with their regional customers, and turn over inventories much faster. The ability to bring an entire lot online is what made eBay Motors Local Market attractive to Rick Namm, Internet business development director for Infiniti of Coconut Creek in Coconut Creek, FL, who started selling through the service as a part of the beta test this past June. As the No. 1-selling franchised Infiniti dealership in the country, Infiniti of Coconut Creek has experience success on all levels of marketing and sales platforms. Namm has been encouraged by the increasing number of leads that he has generated in a short amount of time through Local Market. Currently, he estimates that he has received about 5 to 6 leads per month using the platform. “The eBay Motors’ Local Market service has allowed for me to list my entire inventory on eBay Motors for browsers to view,” says Namm. “This ultimately drives potential customers to our eBay Store and thus drives additional sales for our dealership.” Namm has already experienced success listing his vehicles through the eBay Motors national platform, and he feels combining Local Market with the national offering has really helped to increase his online visibility. “The Local Market service from eBay Motors has been a useful resource for our dealership,” says Namm. “We really see it generating future leads and are excited to grow with the product.” A simple and effective sales tool Designed to maximize simplicity and draw buyers to the dealership, all eBay Motors Local Market listings utilize eBay’s Best Offer format. Buyers submit their Best Offer, which the dealer can accept, reject or counter-offer to negotiate the final price online. Buyers may also find a vehicle locally on eBay Motors and choose to go into the dealership to negotiate and close the transaction in person. Dealers adopting the eBay Motors Local Market product select a certified eBay Motors solution provider such as Auction123, Dealer Specialties and eBizAutos to list their used vehicle inventory in bulk online. Training and support are also available from dedicated dealer consultants. Working with a solution provider helps simplify the listing process for the dealer, helping to make eBay Motors Local Market listings quick, simple and professional sales and lead generation tools. John Douglass, e-commerce manager for McGrath Lexus of Chicago, began using eBay Motors’ Local Market last June and has found that the platform is a quick and easy way to sell online. Douglass began at McGrath Lexus as a general salesman and noticed a need for the dealership to develop an e-commerce sales channel. He was recently promoted to run the e- commerce division and knows the work is necessary to drive sales for the company. To make his job easier, Douglass uses eBiz Autos as his listing management service. Douglass specifically likes the Local Market platform as it has helped him list his entire inventory on eBay Motors at once. When he started in June, Douglass says that he began completing about two or three sales monthly with eBay Motors Local Market. Now, he believes that he is closing about 10 to 12 sales per month through the service. “Overall my experience has been great with eBay Motors Local Market,” says Douglass. “The service is another tool for me to use to get people viewing our inventory and potentially turn those online shoppers into future customers.” Transforming the marketplace eBay Motors Local Market will significantly increase both the number and selection of vehicles for sale online, and help dealers make more of those vehicles available to local customers. Yet simply expanding the marketplace is not enough to bring vehicle sales into the 21st century. Buyers appreciate having more options, but without enhancements to the user experience, all those new listings could go unseen. To meet this challenge, eBay Motors will begin to test a redesign of the web site in order to improve the overall buyer experience. This strategic decision is a direct outcome of consumer research and Local Market testing. The redesign will (3 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:12:39 PM]
  • 46. refresh the look and feel of the web site, making searching for a vehicle easier and more intuitive. Integrating with the existing platform, the new updates will maintain the wealth of listing information that consumers have come to expect from eBay Motors, while responding to buyer feedback about what they want to see in an automotive site – including more information on pricing, more available research and reviews and an overall easier shopping experience. Platform enhancements are always based on the feedback of the eBay community and are designed to make eBay an easier place to buy and sell. Enhancements to the site are expected to go live this year. Now is an exciting time to be an automotive dealer. Within the past decade the entire industry has been reinvented, and an entire new method of doing business has become commonplace. Dealers are working more closely with consumers than ever before, bringing both their inventories and their passion for automobiles front and center. As the industry continues to evolve to keep up with today’s ever-changing consumer, the new eBay Motors has become the transformative automotive marketplace that gives buyers the research, selection, and security to confidently purchase vehicles from across the street or across the country. Today eBay is the best way to research and buy a used car. For more information, contact eBay Motors Dealer Center at 1.866.MOTORS4. Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (4 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:12:39 PM]
  • 47. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 2007 Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition Equals Success by : Mike Roscoe Printer Friendly Version Email This Article (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:41 PM]
  • 48. By all accounts, and by any measure, the 2007 AAISP Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition was a huge success. We’ll cover this in reverse order of whom we serve and start with the exhibitors. While there were two exhibitors that indicated that they either did not have a good location or the audience was not the right fit for their product, we had 37 exhibitors who offered rave reviews of the conference and their presence therein. One top executive at one of the exhibiting companies told me they generated leads from 10 percent of the total number of dealership attendees. Another told me their presence at our conference was even more valuable than their presence at the NADA show (just more of the people they want to talk to). But perhaps the best indication is that 37 exhibitors indicated they want to exhibit next time we do a conference, which to me is much more telling than, oh, I don’t know, any paid-for survey could say. Even so, we’re hard at work surveying them ourselves to determine how we can make their next experience with us even better. As for our “allied industry” attendees, well, I guess I’m just a guy who can’t say “no” to anybody from a franchised dealership. We sold out, but I let more register, which put a little strain on things. My apologies to the “allied industry” attendees who didn’t get the tote bags, or in some cases, the program guides, but we just had to make sure all our dealership folks got them. Plus, I know the exhibitors wanted as many dealership folks there as possible, so for the sake of the dealership wanna-be attendees and the exhibitors, we had to sacrifice somewhere. Thanks for understanding allied industry attendees. Now, our first constituency…the dealership attendees: what a forgiving group. Thanks for understanding the reason why two sessions had to go in rooms suited only for 50. If not for that, we couldn’t have split lunch and let those other dealership folks in. Everybody seemed willing and able to work together to make things go smoothly. Thanks for spending the time you did with the exhibitors. Without their heavy financial involvement, the fee for the conference would have been three to four times what it was. It was their dollars that kept your fee down. Your visiting with them means they’ll be back, and while fees will go up a little (we’re one-third to one-half what similar conferences charge), they will be lower than they would be without our exhibitors and sponsors. And thank you all for filling out the surveys (as I begged you to do) and accepting my challenge to find at least one thing we can improve for next time. Sure, there were surveys with multiple comments and suggestions for improvement, but most responses were “5s” all the way with one suggestion as to an improvement we could make. I really, really appreciate it. Like I told you, “great conference” sounds nice… but suggestions from the attendees are what allows us to keep making it better and better. And you…yes, you. Where the heck were you? You had something better to do than attend 12 to 15 power-packed sessions to improve your skills and processes…talk to the vendors of the best technologies, applications and solutions in the business… and network with the most successful, most forward thinking dealership managers in the industry? I don’t think so! Don’t make the same mistake thrice. You’ve missed two Digital Dealer conferences…but you can make the third time a charm. Info will be out shortly on the next conference…start planting that seed with your dealer/GM now, and I mean right now. Don’t wait until the herd is too far ahead for you to catch up. Mike Roscoe is the interim executive director of AAISP. (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:41 PM]
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  • 50. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 The Next Frontier of Online Sales by : Mark Burack Printer Friendly Version Email This Article (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:44 PM]
  • 51. The Internet and e-commerce sites have dramatically changed the way we buy and sell products. It wasn’t that long ago that shopping online was practically unheard of, but today, it is so popular that the Monday after Thanksgiving has been dubbed “Cyber Monday.” However, car dealerships are still trying to make that jump into online sales. Chances are your dealership has some sort of web site, but are you selling vehicles online? As much as online stores have changed the face of commerce, auction sites like eBay Motors are changing the way cars are sold. Most people hear eBay and immediately think of the site you go to when you need to buy that hard-to-find, limited edition President Eisenhower commemorative poster. Yes, there are more than 19 million items on eBay today, but eBay is more than just an auction site. Last year, eBay motors sold more vehicles by 9 a.m. each morning than most new car franchise dealers sell in a year. Or, in other words, more than 400,000 vehicles were sold through eBay Motors in 2005. It’s not hard to see how eBay Motors manages to sell so many vehicles once you look at the stats. Most dealers reach fewer than one million people, with only dealerships in large metropolitan areas having access to one to three million people. eBay reaches more than 212 million unique registered users in more than 45 countries on five continents. Putting your used vehicle inventory on eBay opens your dealership to the world, not just your specific city. Even if your dealership does have a web site where a customer can buy a vehicle online, eBay is really the only way you’re going to get someone on the opposite side of the country to look at your dealership. eBay successfully matches buyers looking for specific vehicles with sellers that have what the buyer wants, and it is the only auction site that creates this kind of incremental business.z If you’re considering selling vehicles online, particularly through eBay, there are a number of things you need to know before you get started. As with any new sales process, the best strategy is to determine a plan of action. It’s important – especially when you’re embarking on a new process – to be well educated. You and everyone at your dealership needs to know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and be onboard with it. This will make the process that much easier. As important as establishing a game plan is, getting to know your buyers is probably the most important thing any dealership can do. eBay users are very educated and very loyal – and these attributes are enhanced when it comes to making large purchases. They demand all of the information be available and if sellers do not list enough accurate information in the item description, or if they have negative feedback, users will not bid on that item. These are all things that need to be kept in mind when creating a listing. You’ll need to be sure to include a thorough – and honest – cosmetic and mechanical inspection of each vehicle. A listing should also include a standard checklist for each vehicle that lists the condition. In addition, if your listing includes VIN decoding, this will enable a new level of accuracy, which will help build user trust in your listings. Photographs also play an important role in a listing. While most dealers are content to just point and click, get one good picture and post it, a smart dealer will provide a number of clear photographs that show every angle of the vehicle – inside and out. You’ll also need to size photographs so that those who are using slower connections will be able to view the pictures easily. If you want to sell to an eBay user, you also need to understand how they search for the items they’re looking for. Searches on eBay Motors that included only the title or subtitle of a vehicle make up roughly 90 percent of all vehicle searches, so anyone looking to sell on eBay should be familiar with key terms that average buyers enter into a search engine when they look for a car. If you use these keywords in your descriptions, the vehicles that your dealership is selling will be at or near the top of the search results. And all that adds up to more potential buyers looking at your inventory. Selling on eBay doesn’t have to be all about selling a particular car either – it can be a great tool for generating and managing new leads. While this requires significant communication with online buyers, it is a method that can pay dividends. By communicating with and assisting bidders during the auction process, you can increase customer satisfaction and your positive feedback. For your eBay account, this results in increased average sale prices and sales volume and a reduction in non-paying bidders. This communication can also encourage losing bidders to watch for your auctions since they can be assured of a positive bidding experience. Of course selling online isn’t always sunshine and roses. Dealers need to take every precaution to protect themselves from fraud. When handling wire transfers, be sure that you never give operating account numbers and make sure to use a sweep account – an account that automatically transfers excess balances into an interest earning overnight account with the same bank at the close of the business day. When dealing with cashier’s checks, have them pre-inspected and verified by a bank. But the top rule from the eBay safety Bible: never allow your user name to be shared and be sure to monitor your account on (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:44 PM]
  • 52. a daily basis to prevent e-mail and account fraud. As a last resort, eBay safe harbor is available 24/7 should you need it. This can be a lot of work for any dealership – and these are just the bare basics. The process can be especially daunting for dealerships with small or non-existent Internet departments. And that’s where third-party providers can help. These providers provide a number of services, including professional photography, inspection and inventory analysis, automated listings and lead management. An ideal provider will customize combinations of these services to fit your dealership’s specific needs. What it all boils down to is the provider does all of the work while your dealership gets the benefits. The online automobile market has been in a state of flux, but with automobile sales on eBay motors expected to surpass last year’s numbers, the time has never been more perfect to put your used vehicle inventory up for auction. By preparing your dealership and enlisting the help of a third-party eBay expert, your dealership easily can take advantage of this new market. Mark Burack is the executive vice president of Sales at Liquid Motors. Burack has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and is the founder of Texas Dealer Services. Having bought and sold thousands of vehicles on eBay Motors since 1999, Burack is an experienced eBay professional and a Power Seller. In addition, he is an eBay education specialist, trained by eBay University, qualifying him to teach eBay seminars nationwide. Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (3 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:44 PM]
  • 53. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 Will your Internet Department Sink or Swim? by : Digital Dealer Printer Friendly Version Email This Article An Internet sales professional should be a life raft. You can stop Internet customers from drowning in a pool of builds, specs, and prices. You can save them from visiting one salesperson-flooded dealership after another. Now ask yourself…are you a life raft or are you an anchor? A life raft will answer a question quickly, and more importantly, competently. An anchor will attempt to drag the customer into the store by giving him either as little information as possible, or by flooding him with prices. A life raft offers quality answers after the initial e-mail and gives customers realistic expectations and fair offers. An anchor promises the imminent arrival of a vehicle he has little chance of obtaining. One thing that an Internet Sales Professional (ISP) can be sure of is the Internet-savvy consumer knows a price waits for him right around the corner – one web site away. More and more, customers demand to have all their questions answered… and sooner rather than later. Vague answers are no longer adequate bait to lure today’s consumer. Save them from vague answers, repeated urges to visit, and those dealers who only send automated responses. If you want to be competitive, you have to answer their questions on the first e-mail. Please notice – e-mail. Don’t be the person who calls the customer immediately, even if it is under the veil of, “Did you receive the information I sent you?” The customer is sitting at his computer with his inbox open. He knows you did not send anything. You can always call later, but you can’t change a bad first impression. Send a personalized e-mail first. Internet sales professionals have the opportunity to separate themselves from the typical salespeople on the dealer floor. (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:47 PM]
  • 54. These are the very people the consumer fears and wants to avoid speaking to in the first place. And let’s face it, most ISPs are all just glorified sales reps with good word tracks, better organizational skills and fast fingers. However, customers have higher expectations of us. Johnny Car-Buyer doesn’t want to believe he is talking to a sales rep who can type. Nor does he want to be conversing with a technician from a computer store. He wants to believe he is speaking to a knowledgeable friend who is looking out for his best interests. Johnny needs a life raft. Any ISP worth his weight in leads will tell you that directing an Internet customer to act is just as easy as a walk-in customer. You all have the same job duties. You all are striving to reach one goal. Get the customer in. How you go about this and how you view your job description, though, is what separates you from the next ISP a few miles away. How do you direct an Internet customer, you ask? Your first e-mail will rarely spur someone to hop into his car, drive to your dealership, and drive off with the exact vehicle quoted. Not anymore. A few years ago this was a little more common, but people want all of the information nowadays. They don’t do this solely by collecting prices. Internet customers ask follow-up questions. It is how you respond to these questions that determines your worth as an Internet professional. Build trust by moving the Internet customer one step at a time. Build the relationship, connect with the customer, and move him toward you. This is how you differentiate yourself from other ISPs and endear the customer to you. Customers want to be guided on their car-buying process. Replying to customers’ questions will give you the opportunity to direct them to the dealership. If handled correctly, you can guide them straight to your lot. You don’t need to light a fire under them in the first e- mail. You simply need to give them reasons to see you. It is a process. Some dealers operate by inundating their Internet leads with mass amounts of information, whether it was requested or not. This is called the “info anchor.” The anchor drowns the customer with builds, specs, and prices, hoping to look like they are being upfront with their information, but in reality, they are just trying to save themselves time from following up. You don’t need to purchase all of the leads possible. You simply need to be more thorough with your leads so your closing ratio increases. Like everyone else, I shop my competition. Their initial e-mails with amazingly low price quotes, attached lists of all features and options (and even discounted warranty prices!) are absurd. Even though they are not being vague, they are supplying the customer with too much information: the info anchor. However, try to ask them a follow-up question and wait for a response. Continue to wait. Take a nap. Take a trip. Take a coma. You will keep waiting because they hardly ever answer follow-up questions. They give it their one shot and they’re done. That is when the life raft (me) floats in and saves them. I keep them headed toward land by answering any remaining questions they have. I don’t make their vehicle purchase seem like a too- good-to-be true mirage, but a tangible and reachable goal. An overflow of information will simply numb them from realizing the difference between a fair deal and a nit-picky deal. Doing this is creating your own worst enemy. Here is my request to all ISPs 1) Do not give the lowest possible price for a vehicle. Offer a competitive price that reflects the value their vehicle deserves. You are selling something of value. You are selling a motor vehicle that will be carrying their most important commodity – their family. 2) Don’t offer to beat everyone’s deal. You will only send them scavenging for quotes. In later e-mails, simply tell them you will stay competitive with other offers. 3) Build value in what you do. Buying a vehicle can be a painful process. You are saving customers from going through a potentially frustrating and painstaking process of visiting an endless number of dealerships. You are doing them a favor. 4) Tell them the truth. It is a lot easier to remember what you have said to them in the past. If customers feel that you have saved them time, energy, and a little money…you have already become their life raft. You have become a real Internet sales professional and you have earned the sale. Joe Webb is the Internet sales manager of Arlington Toyota Scion in Buffalo Grove, IL, as well as a charter member of AAISP. (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:47 PM]
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  • 56. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 First Day ROI by : Craig Criswell Printer Friendly Version Email This Article (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:51 PM]
  • 57. The Internet customer is all about instant gratification. As a former teacher I hated to see this coming. I taught math at the high school level when hand held calculators were just coming into vogue (yes, I know that dates me!). I had actually taught a section on using a slide rule. Do you even know what a slide rule is? I could see that my students were only interested in getting the answer and not how they got the answer. We were moving into a new age – and we still are. That generation is now in control and they, and their offspring are all over the Internet and the need for instant gratification is more intense than ever. In dealing with online inquiries, not only do you need an answer right away, it needs to be a response that sets you apart from the rest of the field. And as much as things have changed, they still are the same – it boils down to people. You need the right people who understand the need for quick, accurate and creative responses to set you ahead of your competition. We had a very defined Internet process, but as it matured, there was a lack of true understanding on the part of the Internet salesperson as to the importance of the initial contact on the first day the Internet lead arrived. I had talked about it repeatedly, but habits did not change. They were selling a lot of cars (a nice improvement). They were happy with the growth of their book of business and thus not challenged to do better. I tapped into some of my former coaching mentality and came up with a method that completely turned that around. And once it was done, the sales volume increased to even higher levels and the atmosphere in the department was electric. I created a very simple Excel sheet that numbered the days of the month down the left side of the page and had each salesperson’s name with two columns under his name. The first column tallied the number of leads that salesperson had for the day and the second was how many he handled correctly. Once I had devised this plan, I took about 10 minutes each morning tallying the contacts from the day before and building my spreadsheet. In the first month, I did not tell them what I was doing. I was merely seeing if they had done at least the minimum of what I asked them to do on the first day – make sure they send out at least one personalized e-mail and made at least one phone call. And everything must be documented in the ILM tool – or it wasn’t considered to be done! I expected no less than 90 percent accuracy from them – personally and as a department – on handling the lead on the first day. There are times when you might be tied up on a delivery or some emergency comes up, but those should be rare exceptions. When the first month was over, I had a department meeting and gave each of them a copy of the report. For the most part, it was terrible with only occasional compliance to my guidelines. But the thing that made it work was that they could compare themselves to their peers. Salespeople are competitive by nature and when the performance numbers were put in front of everyone, there was the matter of personal pride to deal with. (See chart example page 14.) To my utter amazement, in the second month the results turned around dramatically. They knew what I was doing so they made a point to handle those first day leads the right way and would come in each day to see how I had marked the day before. We got into some arguments about what I accepted and what I didn’t. These were not heated discussions, but they were strong. In the second month, we were 95 percent for the department and several of them had 100 percent individually. And the best part was we had record sales! I only had to do the report halfway through the third month and then quit. I had them trained in the right habits and it had direct impact on their paycheck. From that point on I only sporadically did a test on the first day lead handling when I thought things were getting lax, but I rarely found issues. Handling Internet leads in a quick and timely manner now became second nature and the ROI (return on investment) reports attested to that. Craig Criswell is the president of Internet Certified Dealer, a consulting and training organization for the automotive industry. ICD now offers online self-paced courses and webinars to assist dealers all over the country. (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:51 PM]
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  • 59. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 Technology to Help you Avoid Report Fatigue by : Jim Skeans Printer Friendly Version Email This Article (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:54 PM]
  • 60. All dealership management systems providers presently do a wonderful job of including built-in reports that offer users and management all of the important, basic transaction based data one will ever need. But a common obstacle to utilization of all of this wonderful data is that while there is a report for everything, there are just, well, too many reports. There are so many reports and often with overlapping presentations of the same data that it is easy to end up spending more time on “truth analysis” than on data analysis, which can spin off into a lot of time spent roaming the aisles of “report mart” in search of that one report that will bring it all together. What works better is a single group of “official” reports that provide a consistent set of metrics and information needed to evaluate performance as a basis for developing plans of action designed to improve performance. Of course the source of this “official” information must be impeccable. Hopefully we all agree that it is the accounting department’s role to provide and maintain the single version of the financial truth of operations. Each department generates valuable data directly from transactions, immediately at the time of transaction. But it is important that everyone agrees that until the accounting department has audited and processed these transactions into the general ledger, these preliminary reports are subject to adjustment. So, while they are important as a guide and extremely useful, they should not be considered the absolute truth. My favorite source for delivery of the truth is the general ledger trial balance. While the TB provides accurate, detailed to the account number (and blessed by accounting) reporting, it is a bit too basic and flat in its presentation for most financial analysis uses. That is where the power of the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet comes in. To me one of the most important reasons to use Excel is its power to communicate. Excel’s basic formatting options, along with its more advanced, conditional formatting, presents your information in a stunning and more comprehensive communication of your message. Excel provides the power of over 200 functions that can be used to perform calculations on actual data downloaded from your DMS, turning your TB into a super financial statement. To me one of the most powerful aspects of this process is mixing and in a very dynamic way, actual data with forecast or budget data. For example, I just finished a project for a client with a nine-dealership, prefixed TB that when download into Excel, allows us to not only automatically generate a detailed (with summary page) actual to budget analysis, it also allows for quickly updating the budget with actual sales data for a more meaningful expense analysis. The uses for downloading data into an Excel spreadsheet are quite lengthy. Downloading data into spreadsheets for calculating commission payouts, whole dealership or departmental breakeven analysis, cash flow and cash position analysis, as well as forecasting is only the tip of the iceberg. A good place to start is downloading the trial balance. If you need help, let us know. For ADP Users For w.e.b.Suite users run AGRB or AGRM, view and select the Excel icon for automatic download to Excel. Otherwise, using Reflections logging function print the balance sheet AGRB or income statement AGRM to the screen for automatically downloading to the PC or print to the screen and select all, copy and paste into Excel. With systems having the HOLDQ printer function, choose the HOLDQ as the printer destination, which will send the report to SPJ and hold it for you to EDIT PRINT JOB by listing the report to the screen for edit, copy table and paste into Excel or save the display as a text file for importing into Excel. Submitted by Jim Skeans of Jim Skeans Consulting Group LLC For ARKONA Users ARKONA uses a basic, bulletproof print to disk process. You will need the P2F.exe file available for download from ftp:// Download and install per instructions. From the File menu choose Printer setup and from the Printer: dialog box choose the: Print to Disk option. When using the print to disk option the report can be found in the “Arkona P2F Files” folder located on your desktop. Submitted by Sandi Jerome of Sandi Jerome Computer Consulting For Reynolds & Reynolds ERA System Users Run job 0370 and when the job is finished choose N to accept, put the job on hold and then Y to accept. Select the Report Download Wizard icon or select Download Report Wizard from the Run menu. Choose Excel as the target file and choose your report from hold entry window. Don’t forget to verify the download options and adjust the report columns as needed. Before selecting finish be sure to select save setting as a template on the initial download or if any changes have been made to columns or download options settings. (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:54 PM]
  • 61. For Reynolds & Reynolds POWER (UCS) System Users Reynolds’ (former UCS) customers using the POWER system can use the G/L Data Export function to download all G/L account balance data, including budgets and historical balances, to an Excel file. To access the G/L Data Export screen, simply click the G/L Data Export link on the Management Accounting (MAC) Main Menu screen or select MAC Functions – G/ L Data Export. Enter the path and file name for the location you want to store the file on your PC, and then press F12. Once the message window displays that the export is complete, click the OK button. The downloaded balance information can then be used to create reports, charts, and tables in Excel. Submitted by Landis Martin, Marketing Supervisor Reynolds & Reynolds Company For Dubuque Data Services Users With the Customer Report Generator running for Advantage, open the created report "Trial Balance Report Export" into the report generator. From the Toolbar, go to Files then to Export, then to Export Report. Select the format Separated Values (CSV), click OK on the next screen to accept defaults, then select the directory you wish to save the report. Give the report a name; click save. Submitted by Luke Behnke, Dubuque Data Applications Form Development For ARG Users For Executive Assistant users open Microsoft Excel and select File, Open and from the My Documents/ Businessline folder choose the “Trail Balance.xls” file. After entering your ID and password the trial balance data will be automatically downloaded to your PC and fully populate the Excel spreadsheet. Submitted by JoAnne Beringer of On-Site Services Inc. Jim Skeans is the president of Jim Skeans Consulting Group LLC and has been in the automobile business for more than 25 years. Jim is a former senior consultant for an international automotive consulting group and has served in all of the traditional dealership management and staff positions as well as director position with a large national dealership group. Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (3 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:54 PM]
  • 62. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Dealer Magazine | April 2007 You Had to be There by : Mike Roscoe Printer Friendly Version Email This Article (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:56 PM]
  • 63. “There” being the 2007 AAISP Digital Dealer Convention & Exposition. And if you didn’t go, or at least send your top Internet/e- Commerce/ CRM/BDC person, you just messed up big time. Here’s what you missed: over 400 attendees, 39 exhibitors, and over 170 dealership personnel in attendance. It was huge. Oh, sure, since the original conference chairman dropped out in November, and the interim conference chairman dropped out three weeks before the conference, there were some…bumps along the way. But I turned it over to my most trusted “go to” guy…me. And with a little help from some conference professionals I contracted with late (OK, a lot of help), the response we’ve gotten from attendees and exhibitors is that it was a smashing success. Now, no question the tracks were laid at last year’s conference for this one to be great. And many dealership attendees were second-time attendees, having benefited so much by attending last year’s conference. But the response was so positive…the vibe so strong, I can’t believe your dealership(s) weren’t represented. So do yourself a big favor…next time we do one of these conferences…get somebody from your dealership there! I put them to work. This was not a vacation; these guys and gals worked hard. From 7:30am - 5:00pm, they were in workshops, seminars, panel discussions…and in between breakfast, break, lunch, break, they were networking with their peers and checking out the latest technology, applications and solutions at the exhibit booths. Even at the cocktail receptions each night (only one hour…to keep ‘em fresh for the next day), these Internet sales managers, CRM/BDC managers, e-Commerce directors, et al, were voraciously gathering information and data to help them do what they were hired to do…sell more cars. Several of the exhibitors commented that this conference was better for them than the NADA Conference & Exposition because there were many more of the people they want to talk to in attendance. A dealer commented that the dealership attendees at the conference are the GMs of the future. Think about it. Information on our next event will be out shortly. When you see it, sign somebody up from your store(s) immediately! This conference actually sold out for both attendees and exhibitors. Don’t miss this valuable resource for the third time. BTW, the guy on the cover, Lee Beaman…sold me a car. Actually, John Schmitz sold me the car, but I bought it from Beaman Toyota – a 2007 4-Runner for my daughter Christina. My first car was a broken down Mercury Capri (“The sexy European”) back in ’76; she gets a $30,000 brand new ride. Oh well, I guess it’s true; girls are for spoiling. It’s interesting though, this is the third vehicle in a row I’ve bought sight unseen and without having driven it. Who’s got the time? Six years ago I bought my 1995 Mercedes E 320 Cabriolet from Saphura Long at Long Mercedes of Chattanooga after talking to her about it on the phone. Drove down to Chattanooga, bought it, drove it home. Three years ago I bought Amie’s Escalade at Andrews Cadillac near home. Called Curry Andrews, picked one out, signed the papers, that’s it. And with the 4- Runner, I talked to the GM, got the price I wanted, and bought it without ever driving it. Now, of course, not everybody publishes Dealer magazine, so it might not be quite so simple. But everybody wants to buy cars like this. That’s what the AAISP Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition is all about. Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:12:56 PM]
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  • 65. CONTACT911™ Home Individual/Family Enterprise Join Now Check Messages/Log In Your email or phone number: (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:13:07 PM]
  • 66. CONTACT911™ Privacy / Security | Become a Partner | Terms and Conditions | Support | About Us | Legal | Contact Us ©2003-2006 CONTACT-911, Inc. All rights reserved. Use of CONTACT911™ constitutes acceptance of the CONTACT911™ Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:13:07 PM]
  • 67. Auto Point > Total Ownership Lifecycle Service For Automotive Retailers Auto Point LLC. Privacy Policy [4/17/2007 8:13:12 PM]
  • 68. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 CRM and Relationships: It is all about what you know or don’t know by : Chuck Barker Printer Friendly Version Email This Article (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:15 PM]
  • 69. Would you agree that great people drive greatness and without good people your business is just a sound check getting ready for the real show? I do, and that is the message I wish to expound upon. There is a new concept that the new market economy is taking stock in people. Without motivated, well-trained salespeople, CRM loses its most important component – the relationship. Consider this – without first building solid relationships, it’s difficult to have loyal customers to manage. While obvious, this reality is often overlooked. The solution is either re-tooling your current sales team, or finding a new one equipped to build lasting customer relationships. Now, if you haven’t been living on the Lost Island for the last few years, you’ve likely viewed the TV commercials for Yep, I’m comparing automobile retail to online dating because has a truly remarkable feature. Behavioral profiling, like the method utilized by eHarmony, serves as a foundation for deep, lasting relationships. If behavioral profiling is strong enough to launch long, loving marriages, its positive impact on your people and your customers could possibly be outstanding as well. And while behavioral profiling can improve just about anything that involves people, we’re going to delve into two specific situations for you to use in your dealership today. Behavioral profiling for your employees There are essentially four types of behavioral profiles, each having sub-profiles with various attribute traits. However, for the most part each of the four major profiles are easily identified and there in lies the secrets or instructions in how to deal with each exactly the way they want to be treated. Each behavioral profile has its strengths, as well as its weaknesses. As a manger it’s vital that you understand the behavioral profile of each person belonging to your staff. This insight will help you affirm each person’s positive actions, and alter his or her negative traits. Thus, help them be more successful in the long run. Does your dealership have people who just don’t get along, or a team that just doesn’t seem to gel? If this is the case, the solution may be found by utilizing the first step of behavioral profiling – awareness. As a manager, you should implement a behavioral profiling program. Through the utilization of this type of program, each of your employees will learn about their own behavior tendencies, and how their tendencies impact the people they interact with daily. This will have a greater rippling effect than you would probably imagine because, by in large, most people aren’t aware how much their actions, language choices, and verbal- and non-verbal communications affect how their communications are received. The result of this hit-or-miss interpersonal connectivity prevents a group from totally harmonizing, and creates unnecessary animosity among teammates. Once your people grasp the concept, continue to challenge each person to modify his interpersonal communications to create harmony. Managerial tip: The mouth can be used either as a weapon or a tool, hurting relationships or building them. Sadly, it is often easier to destroy than to build, and most people have received more destructive comments than those that built them. Every person you meet today is either a demolition site or a construction opportunity. Your words will make a difference. Will they be weapons for destruction or tools for construction? Behavioral profiling for your customers The most basic foundation for selling vehicles is building relationships with your customers. If you don’t believe this, stop reading this article and head back out to coerce and hammer on another fresh up. However, if you’re one of the many dealerships to embrace this concept, behavioral profiling may be the missing link. Ten years ago, customer relationship software was touted as the key to building and keeping relationships, and it’s taken most of that time for people to realize CRM software is only a 10 percent part of the solution. CRM software is there to facilitate and help your people and processes. The missing link, however, was and continues to be the human element, and more importantly, modifiable interpersonal communication. So here’s the solution: train your sales staff to identify its own and each customer’s behavioral profile and adjust its message accordingly. If they can effectively, in a repeatable manner, practice active listening and message modification, everything will get better! Sales will go up because more leads will be converted to completed deals. Gross margins will increase because the focus of conversation will be moved off the topic of price and onto the relationship part of the business. And CSI will go through the roof because customers will be sold directly at the level they are comfortable buying. Getting started If you have a regular training firm, give them a call to ask if they offer a course emphasizing behavioral or personality profiling with communication adaptability. However, if you don’t have a training firm, or if your firm doesn’t have an applicable course, send me an e-mail and I can point you in the right direction. The most import item to take from this article is that you need to start embracing behavioral profiling while you’re still ahead of the curve. Make it a great place to work and your customers will (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:15 PM]
  • 70. make it a great place to buy. They are looking and watching. Chuck Barker’s experience ranges from an executive with a Fortune 200 computer corporation to the automobile business. He has held positions as business development manager, sales manager, acting GM, ADP executive regional manager specializing in CRM and his own current company, Impact Marketing & Consulting Group, LLC, located in Virginia. His firm delivers CRM process strategies, 21st century CRM sales training, CRM e-business deployment and CRM management leadership workshops. More information can be located at his web site: Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (3 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:15 PM]
  • 71. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 What Happens When your Phone Stops Ringing? by : David Hein Printer Friendly Version Email This Article (1 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:13:18 PM]
  • 72. As the market begins to pick up with advertising and sales in full swing, many dealerships are throwing money and customers out the door with unstructured phone-up and Internet contact processes. There are simple ways to know where you stand and how to capture more sales today. The typical dealership has invested in development and training to make sure those salespeople, BDC staff and others are prepared and qualified to handle customers when they call into the store. The industry overall spends close to a hundred million dollars each year training their staffs. That is an important fact because it demonstrates that dealerships across North America value their employees and invest in their development and growth. This investment will and should continue as we grow into a stronger and more vibrant market. After trainers leave the showroom, what is left? Was there lasting impact? Do you have ongoing value in the skills that are left behind? In most cases the answer is yes. In every case, the benefit from training can be prolonged with just a few simple steps. Before you read any further, pick up your cell phone and call into the dealership as a customer from your most popular ad. Listen to the call as a real buyer and ask/listen for the following: • Did the receptionist answer the phone in a pleasant manner? • Were you routed to the sales/BDC department quickly? • How long were you on hold? • When answered, did your dealership representative introduce himself or herself? • Did the salesperson do anything to build rapport with the customer? • Was anything said that helps to separate your dealership from anyone else in the market (excluding inventory or pricing)? • Were you asked to set a time to come into the dealership? • Did the salesperson ask for the correct spelling of your name, the best number to reach you during the day and for your e- mail address? • Do you feel good about how your dealership is represented on the phone? As part of my daily activity, I shop 10 dealerships on the phone and 10 online. The experience is consistent regardless of when or where I call, and rest assured that your Internet follow-up techniques are similar to how you handle phone-ups. So, what can you do to make a difference? First of all, call your training company and thank it for the work it is doing. If you were not investing in your staff, things would be much worse, you only need to call a few of the dealerships down the road to see how bad it could be. Making a difference starts with you. There is no magic and no easy way, but you can affect change today. First, make a quick calculation of your cost per opportunity in your dealership: 1. Total advertising dollars spent last month: 2. Total number of ups logged: 3. Total number of Internet leads: 4. Total number of phone-ups: Add lines 2, 3 and 4; those are the opportunities that were created by your advertising last month. Next, divide that number by your total advertising expense. Now you have your opportunity cost, or the cost of each opportunity that you have in the given month. (2 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:13:18 PM]
  • 73. In studies that my company has performed, we have found that the average dealership spends $74 per opportunity. The range is typically between $50 and $167, but the average dealership we have studied is spending $74 to make the phone ring once. In your managers’ meeting today, call your dealership on speakerphone. Have your managers listen for the same things you just did. Then ask them why and what can be done about it. The room may be a little quieter than you would hope; that is ok. Next, share with them your opportunity cost in the dealership and then suggest that your managers hold small group meetings with the sales staff and review the call you listened to. Because of the simple fact that you do not have as much control over the customer on a phone call as you do in the showroom (it is even less when you look at e-mail), it is important that your phone calls focus on two simple ways to arrive at an appointment. One – build rapport with the customers so they want to listen to you and two – sell the dealership, not the car! The next biggest problem is that the typical dealership does not get enough phone calls in a given day to train your staff to handle the calls well. Most likely they are not role-playing or warming up while the phone is ringing and therefore they are not prepared to handle the calls effectively. That is why BDCs have become so prevalent in recent years. Even if you have a BDC, you probably do not receive enough calls throughout the day to ensure that your staff is truly professional at handling your phone ups. You must create an environment where your dealership is continually focused on the importance and value of your phone ups. This environment should be conducive to spontaneous role-playing and competitions on effectively handling calls. If you have a call monitoring service, give everyone access to the calls and encourage that everyone listen to and evaluate your calls publicly. You can probably find a call scoring system by searching for “call score card” on This is what the best professional contact centers and outsourced BDCs do and it is how they keep their staffs better than everyone at any time. Face it; cars are not easy to sell. If you try and sell cars over the phone, you will see fewer customers in your showroom and you will sell fewer cars. You know how expensive it is to make your phone ring; you cannot afford to miss the opportunity when it comes. Sleep, eat and breathe opportunity cost with your managers and ask everyone how they are making sure they are ready for the next opportunity that calls. Dave Hein is president and CEO of, a business development center service and consulting firm servicing dealerships throughout North America. Mr. Hein has been providing dealerships in-depth training and support services for the past 15 years through companies such as ADP, Proquest Co., AuctionAuto, Traver Technologies and other leading automotive service businesses. Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (3 of 4) [4/17/2007 8:13:18 PM]
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  • 75. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 Starting a Business Development Center by : Rick McLey Printer Friendly Version Email This Article (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:21 PM]
  • 76. There must be a plan and sufficient resources to implement a sound business development plan. Those resources include investment in several areas. First, a training budget designed to equip managers and staff in business development skills and application. The heart of change is rooted in mental ascension beyond ego, keying on purpose and reward. Lots of people in dealerships say they’ll change, but continue in paths of mediocrity. Change imposed is often change opposed. Real changes come from mental ownership, benefit and buy in. It is evidenced in results. Second, there needs to be an ongoing commitment toward recruiting and developing the next generation of sales consultants and managers. We’re in the people business before we’re in the car business. These consultants and managers will be recruited, selected and trained, with heavy emphasis on developing skills that create self-generated sales opportunities. Third, a commitment to cultural change is necessary. Different for difference sake is a waste. Difference by design is the dealership of the next millennium. The sensitive guy approach is a great starting point. Anchoring new branding to management generated core values and mission statements will create a host climate for accelerated customer satisfaction. Some proven strategies In the case of multiple locations, allow each general manager and their key managers to participate in the design and creation of their business development process. Some may want rooms, some may want outsourced follow up, and some may have other ideas. If they design it, build it and take ownership of it, they will become participants and beneficiaries. They must be guided in that process, but allowed latitude to personalize for their store and staff. Automate each store’s data collection process for opportunities to do business. There’s incredibly inexpensive leading edge software out there, for just hundreds of dollars each month. It will track every phone and incoming opportunity. To do anything less is penny-wise and pound-foolish. Remove logging of showroom traffic as an option in sales consultants’ and managers’ job descriptions – it needs to be a requirement. Outline the benefits then hold everyone accountable. Gain control of incoming phone opportunities with a center staffed by specialists trained to set appointments. Begin developing existing staff and hiring new sales consultants who understand the term “wait” is not in their job description. Create new job descriptions that change the opportunity enhancement paradigm for both sales consultants and managers. Fund this by creating a training and development certification program for both new and existing staff. Initiate a value-based tuition and reimbursement program linked to tenure and job performance. Again, it’s the people business, and it behooves us to develop our greatest asset, our people. Teach managers to lead, teach salespeople to create opportunities, create environments for value clarification and mission statements in each store. Raise customer satisfaction and productivity by reducing turnover. In doing so, you have truly accomplished business and dealership development. Rick McLey is the president of ADSI in Denver, Colorado. Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:21 PM]
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  • 78. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 It’s No Flash in the Pan by : Jason Ezell Printer Friendly Version Email This Article (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:23 PM]
  • 79. As the Internet has developed and grown, users have been continually enjoying a vibrant rich media experience. I’d like to take a minute and bring some of our readers up to speed with some background. The term rich media refers to the technologies that bring a web page to life. In the beginning there was text and only text. It was good for getting information, but very boring. Along came simple animated graphic files to spice things up a bit. You remember those images with a construction worker digging a hole and the text saying, “Under Construction,” and those annoying blinking banner ads. Then the world started to change in 1996 with the debut of a software program called Future Splash Animator. Microsoft and Disney immediately jumped on the technology and used it to create a TV-like experience on the Internet. But, remember in those days most users were still using dial-up modems, so it took a long time to download and enjoy these graphics. Fast-forward to today, that program is now called Adobe Flash, and just about every computer in the world comes with the Flash player already installed on the system. Today a majority of users in the United States are on broadband connections, which make for a much more robust experience when surfing the web. Now, let’s move to dealership web design. At the recent NADA event in Las Vegas, I heard a speaker say to dealers in the audience that if your web developer uses Flash for your web site you should fire him. That stopped me in my tracks. This Luddite was sharing misinformation with an audience that in all likelihood were technophobes unaware of the facts regarding the topic. In reality the speaker was partially correct, but it’s like saying, “All cars are gas guzzlers.” We all know that some cars are and some are not. If a developer uses Flash for most of the site and does not integrate with regular code (HTML) or alternatives like Coldfusion, then there could be issues with recognition with various search engines and the optimization of the site for search engine marketing. This was indeed the situation when some web developers jumped on the Flash bandwagon early on, and created “pretty sites” without the underlying architecture to please the search engine spiders. Most developers now working in the automotive arena are aware of this and have redesigned their sites to take advantage of the technology to both maximize visibility in search engines and to give the user a more dynamic experience on the dealers’ site. I was surfing the web recently and guess which auto groups are using Flash on their dealer websites? The list includes AutoNation, Asbury Automotive Group, United Auto Group, Sonic Automotive, the Hendrick Automotive Group, and many more of the top regional dealerships across the country. These are the top dealer groups in the country and I find it hard to believe they would use a technology that would inhibit search engines from finding all the valuable information on their sites. The cutting-edge dealers using Flash recognize where and how it enhances the visit to their sites. Many are using an introductory video of the owner welcoming the user to the site and speaking briefly about their commitment to their customers. Others showcase their inventory and utilize a virtual slide show to show off those vehicles. The Flash or rich media experience also lets dealers put on their creative thinking caps. One dealer, Nelson Mazda in Tulsa, Oklahoma, uses this technology to highlight the new Mazda CX-7. When a user comes to its home page ( they see the new CX-7 driving across the screen. It goes through the main section, which is a photograph of the new showroom taken at night. Navigation links above and below the main area are not blocked by the Flash image, so users can easily click to view inventory, build a vehicle or obtain information on the service department. Another area where dealers are leveraging the power of Flash is on their vehicle configurator. Flash creates a smooth process, showing off various color choices, interior choices and works quickly to prepare the specifications and pricing for the consumer. A click on the Quick Quote link allows the user to enter some info and submit the request to the dealer. Keeping clicks to a minimum maximizes the experience and keeps users from abandoning the site. New ways are being found all the time on how companies can provide a better online experience for their prospects and customers. What you want to remember is technology is there to support the solid foundation that you have built for your company and your brand. It is not a crutch that can overcome other issues that you have within your business. As Obi-wan said to Luke Skywalker, “Use the Force wisely.” Jason Ezell is one of Dealerskins’ original founders. Since the company’s acquisition by Trader Publishing in 2005, Jason serves as national sales director. He is on the board of directors for the AAISP and vendor representative on the J.D.Power Internet Roundtable. (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:23 PM]
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  • 81. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 Bring in the Robots by : Sandi Jerome Printer Friendly Version Email This Article (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:27 PM]
  • 82. Can you replace your employees with robots? For every dealer who has had to fire an employee for theft or misconduct – I’m sure they were excited with the recent prediction by Bill Gates that robots will lead the next major technology front. He forecasted that the robot industry will grow the way computers did 20 years ago and be accepted in most homes and businesses. I had read Gates’ article in Scientific American before going to NADA this year and I was amazed to see new technology that was performing very robot-like. The first was a new vehicle inventory and tracking solution. Anybody who has taken a physical used inventory in Minnesota in January (like I have) would appreciate sending a robot out to do that job. MyDealerLot (www. has developed a real-time wi-fi vehicle tracking solution that uses radio wave technology (RFID) in conjunction with a dealership’s existing wireless network infrastructure, to provide an “always-on” view of a dealership’s inventory. What this means for you is that MyDealerLot tracks the inventory on your lot so you don’t have to send humans out there to do it. Tags affixed to your vehicle’s rear-view mirrors beacon signals back to a wall-mounted device that creates a graphical map of your dealership lot online. You can check it from anywhere and at any time – even from home. The system helps your sales staff locate vehicles, tells you when a vehicle has been taken out for a test drive and can even help with audits by showing the exact date and time a vehicle was sold and out of your store. It also provides marketing tools and analytical reports for future forecasting – another thing that humans hate doing. Few employees like making follow-up or telemarketing calls, and nobody likes stuffing envelopes or typing e-mails. CIMA Systems ( has automated this process to enable you to continually communicate with your customers in the method the customer prefers, by e-mail, phone call or text message. The system draws customer information in from a DMS and uses it to send automated marketing and service campaigns to customers in their chosen communication style. If the customer prefers a phone call, CIMA will automatically call the customer with a pre-recorded message. E-mail? An e-mail will be sent with the information. It can even text message a cell phone if that’s the way the customer wants to be contacted. Better yet, customers can then schedule their next service appointment online or over the phone; all without having to wait on hold for your overworked service advisor or receptionist. In addition, using CIMA ServiceDriver, customers can pick and choose the services they need completed in the service bay from an online menu that does everything from tabulate the estimated cost of repairs to run audio/video clips of different procedures. Does this mean that CIMA will replace our service advisors? Probably not yet – but for the busy customer, this new technology will do to service write up what ATMs did for bank tellers. Not many of your employees like to write, so creating a newsletter is a painful chore. To solve this problem, IMakeNews (IMN) ( sends dealerships pre-written lifestyle content articles in e-newsletter format. The dealer can either accept the articles as-is or enter his own customized dealership articles. After approval, they upload the list and voila – IMN sends the dealership-branded newsletter to each customer. The system even enables a customer to opt out of future mailings and takes them off the list. In addition, the system gives customers buttons such as “Schedule a Service Appointment” or “Schedule a Test Drive” throughout the content, giving dealerships additional leads from right within the newsletter, with no work needed on the dealer’s part. I still remember when I was an accounts payable clerk and brought a big stack of checks into my boss’s office for signing. He would complain about having to sign all those checks without even thinking about how much effort it took for me to type (yes, before check writer software,) tear apart and later post into the computer. A new system on the market, Zevez,(www.zevez. com) enables you to not only automate the check writing process, but eliminate signing them too! With a new interface to your DMS system, Zevez will pay vendors automatically via your credit card. The best part is while you’re automating your payables, you’re racking up credit card reward points. This means that instead of staying late to sign checks, you’ll be jumping on the next flight to the Bahamas. Are these new automated processes the start of Gates’ forecasted robot generation? Let’s hope so. I never enjoyed being an accounts payable clerk, but I did love the jobs that made profit for the dealership – like F&I and fixed operations manager. If we can automate the positions that are hard to recruit, train, and retain staff for, we can trim our employees down to only those who generate gross profit and love what they do. Bring in the robots! Sandi Jerome is a former controller, CFO, system administrator, F&I, assistant GM, and fixed operations manager with over 30 years experience in the automotive industry. She is the owner of Sandi Jerome Computer Consulting. (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:27 PM]
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  • 84. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 Digital Dealer e-mail by : Digital Dealer Printer Friendly Version Email This Article Digital Dealer welcomes your letters and after verification will run them signed or unsigned. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. Send letters to Industry Expert Feedback Hi Sandi, It’s nice to see that you are back! I am working for an owner of a dealership who has some different ideas than mine on how an Internet department is supposed to run and operate. He has asked me to come up with a different pay plan. I would really appreciate your help. I read your article in the February 2006 Digital Dealer titled “Pay Plans for the Internet Manager” and was hoping you could send the results of the CSI scores and the gross profit averages from that article. Thank you for your time; I do appreciate it. Joe Trani Internet Sales Manager Dayton Toyota/Scion Dayton, NJ Hi Joe, It’s great to be back! To see how the pay plan worked out, just visit and click on Pay Plan Wizard, then (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:29 PM]
  • 85. click on View Contents and scroll down to Paul’s case study. Good luck with your own pay plan. Thanks! Sandi Dear Michael Waldrop, I am the Internet manager at Honda of Ocala. I took over the Internet department on December 15, 2006. At that time our Internet department was doing around seven to 12 cars per month and using many third-party lead providers. In the month of December we sold 44 cars. In January we sold 49 cars (with only one lead provider). In February we sold 53 cars and are promoting the web site more so than buying third-party leads. The biggest problem that I am having now is that I have to argue with the new car managers on every other sold vehicle as to whether the customer is an Internet customer or not, even though I have proof of my department sending price quotes as well as e-mail. How can you determine if someone is an Internet customer or not? Thank you, Jose Alonso Internet Manager Honda of Ocala Ocala, FL Jose, Congratulations on your success in growing an Internet department that quickly. Unfortunately, there is always going to be resistance when there is a dramatic increase in sales. Time will heal all wounds. You are on the right track in supplying backup to all of your deals. Just make sure that you have good CRM that will allow you to print off the original lead and track your incoming phone calls. Your sales managers will soon realize that your success is actually part of their pay plan and you will start to get the support that is deserved. To answer your question, we define an Internet sale as a sale (1) to a customer who either initiates a traceable contact (i.e. an Internet lead management system) with the dealership via the Internet, and receives information and other follow-up from an Internet sales team member, or contacts an Internet sales team member by e-mail, phone, or personal contact because of information obtained on the Internet and (2) for which an Internet sales team member receives at least 50 percent compensation. Reports are generated by the comptrollers. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions. Michael Waldrop Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:29 PM]
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  • 87. Sell More Vehicles to Women! CRM That Buzzes Become a Female Friendly Integrate your CRM with your Certified Dealer. Website and see sales takeoff. Apr 17 2007 Contact Us Now Click Here Digital Dealer Magazine | April 2007 Digital Dealer Industry & Tech News by : Digital Dealer Printer Friendly Version Email This Article MPK Automotive Systems partners with bridgeSpeak MPK Automotive Systems, developer of a Microsoft-based dealer management system (DMS), has partnered with bridgeSpeak to bring franchised automotive dealers a convenient and powerful way to connect their DMS with their phone system to help improve all aspects of customer communication. bridgeSpeak is a leading provider of speech-enabled interactive voice response (IVR) solutions for auto dealers. bridgeSpeak’s Automotive Retail (AR) solution is built on Microsoft Speech Server, an IVR and speech recognition platform. bridgeSpeak AR unifies a dealership’s computer and phone systems, automating inbound calls, streamlining service scheduling and enabling proactive customer communications. bridgeSpeak’s speech-enabled inbound auto attendant helps ensure that every customer call is promptly and consistently answered and quickly directed to the right person or department. Another component of the system generates outbound service appointment reminder calls to customers, helping minimize service downtime. bridgeSpeak’s outbound calling feature also integrates with dealers’ promotions and customer databases, enabling each communication to include relevant promotional offers. bridgeSpeak also contacts customers regarding recalls, special orders and other offerings. MPK’s full suite of fully integrated DMS modules, including accounting, sales, parts, service, payroll, CRM and F&I menu selling work together with bridgeSpeak’s certified speech applications, helping to deliver information quickly and accurately to the people who need it most. Being able to communicate real-time postings and up-to-the-minute access to financial, customer and vehicle information helps MPK’s DMS provide a positive return on investment (ROI) for both the dealership and the customer. (1 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:33 PM]
  • 88. adds new automated follow-up tool, which delivers sales process automation software to automotive dealerships, has released an automated follow- up tool. The new tool is built right into the overall web-based system and greatly expands upon the previous follow-up functionality. It includes features specifically requested by dealers to help improve prospect follow-up that to date have not been available in sales process software. The new tool is the first of its kind to specifically link each lead to an automated follow-up schedule that allows dealerships to tailor follow-up by lead source and the reason the customer left. It ties directly into how the dealership is spending to get prospects into the store and then targets why they leave to get them back into the store. The tool forces more discipline inside the store as management can set a specific follow-up schedule, which automatically enforces follow-up. When a customer leaves without making a purchase, the reason they have left is logged into the computer: conducting more research, credit challenged, bringing back spouse, etc., and a pull down menu directly links to a follow-up schedule. For instance, the credit challenged individual can be offered credit-counseling services. The follow-up schedule is also linked to the source the lead originally came from: a newspaper ad, AAA, OEM, web site, etc., and a schedule of follow-up events is tied to how that specific buyer behaves with a schedule of calls, tailored e-mails and letters. E-mails and letters are sent automatically with no salesperson intervention. For telephone calls the task appears automatically on their work plan to prompt them to place the call. The salesperson simply clicks on the icon and it pulls up the customer record so the call can be made. AutoSoft dealers benefit from enhanced Ford factory integration Oxlo Systems Inc., the operator of the leading dealer integration network, and AutoSoft International, Inc., North America’s third largest dealer management system (DMS) vendor and one of four DMS vendors recently selected by GM to provide integrated dealership management systems (IDMS) in North America, have announced the availability of a new enhanced integration to Ford Motor Company’s dealer communications system. Oxlo and AutoSoft announced their plans in December, and as scheduled in that previous announcement, they began a pilot in January running live dealer operational data through the new managed Internet communications package, along with four new interfaces to Ford. The enhanced communications package for AutoSoft’s Ford dealers replaces the current VPN solution with managed Internet communications. AutoSoft is now out of pilot and actively offering this new solution to its Ford dealers. Rate This Article : Comments : Your Email Rate This Article (2 of 3) [4/17/2007 8:13:33 PM]
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  • 90. New Car Pricing, Dealer Quotes, MSRP and Dealer Finder at HOME FIND A DEALER ABOUT AUTOUSA CREDIT CHALLENGED? DEALER RESOURCES Real pricing for over 5,000,000 new cars from 5,000 trusted dealers nationwide. Choose Your Vehicle See Real Sale Prices Get Today's Dealer Prices Use Our simple tools to To help you shop, we show With so many trusted dealers pick the vehicle you you the actual prices paid to work with, AutoUSA will want prices for. MORE for sold vehicles. MORE always find your car. MORE Better Business Bureau's Reliability Program BRAND: Audi MODEL: A4 Choose your vehicle, then compare We proudly protect ZIP Why do we recently sold vehicle prices from AutoUSA exclusive your privacy. ask? dealers CODE: Today's Featured AutoUSA Find An AutoUSA Vehicle: Dealer: 2006 Kia Amanti Enter your vehicle brand and zip code to find AutoUSA dealers in your area Audi Looking For Something Else? Vehicles: By Brand By Browse Type Home | Vehicle Directory | Your © Copyright - 2006 AutoUSA Inc. All Rights Reserved Privacy Powered by [4/17/2007 8:13:43 PM]
  • 91. New Car Prices | Used Car Values - Official Kelley Blue Book Site ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Search Used Car Listings List Your Car for Sale ● ● ● ● ● ● ● NEW CAR PRICING NEW CAR PRICING BY MAKE & MODEL Invoice, MSRP and New Car Blue Book Values Compare New NEW CAR PRICING BY CATEGORY Cars Sedan Pickup Coupe SUV Perfect Car Convertible Van/Minivan Finder Hatchback Luxury Wagon J.D. Power Hybrid Quality Ratings Quick Dealer Price Quote Hybrid Center Build a New Car Incentives & Rebates advertisement Certified Pre-Owned cars offer special value to car buyers. Learn more in our CPO section. New Models Infiniti Unveiled G37 Coupe, Audi S5 Rev Motorcycles Up pre-approved for an Get 2007 Best Redesigned New loan and lock in a New car Ford Personal Watercraft auto Vehicles York rate great Mustang from reviews Snowmobiles Find the Most Researched the experts Show Hundreds with a Save Cars on Chevrolet at Kelley HHRBlue Book Free Insurance Quote Get Quick Access to All Honda Payment Calculator Reviews & Ratings Civic More... Toyota Camry About Us Careers FAQ & Contact Us Site Map Media Center Advertising Buy the Book (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:13:51 PM]
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  • 93. IMN Loyalty Driver - newsletters auto dealerships, manage lists, send as HTML email, track results. Loyalty Driver™ Welcome to Loyalty Driver - the customized e- newsletter service created by IMN just for successful automotive dealerships like yours Customized to Build Your Brand Loyalty Driver is an affordable online How Loyalty Driver communications tool that lets you: Works ■ Keep in touch with customers Anatomy of an e- on a regular basis Newsletter ■ Send customers valuable Frequently Asked information and promotions Questions about your dealership and your vehicles Getting Started ■ Grow loyalty to both your retail Press Room business and your service bays ■ Track where customers are in their automobile buying cycle ■ Build new customer relationships through an embedded referral function If you're like most dealerships, you don't have the resources on staff to deliver a professional e-newsletter on a regular basis with meaningful and timely promotions and articles. Loyalty Driver solves the problem and lets you take full advantage of the Internet - the most efficient and effective tool for showing your customers their business means a lot to you. Better yet, we do all the work behind the scenes while you get all the brand recognition and credit. (1 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:13:55 PM]
  • 94. IMN Loyalty Driver - newsletters auto dealerships, manage lists, send as HTML email, track results. "We take e-Commerce very seriously at The Herb Chambers Companies and to that end our Internet vehicle sales have increased steadily month over month. This is due in large part to the training, tools and services we employ to communicate regularly with our growing existing and new customer base. Among them is the use of content-rich "lifestyle" e-newsletters, emailed monthly to our opt-in subscriber base. Since Internet marketing focuses on leveraging sales by driving customers and prospects to our web site to begin the sales cycle - we've seen as much as a 33% increase in our monthly unique visitors to our web site originating from our e-newsletter program. And that translates into additional sales." Jay Gubala E-Commerce General Manager The Herb Chambers Companies © 2007 iMakeNews, Inc. Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Email Policy IMN Loyalty Driver is a Trademark of iMakeNews, Inc. (2 of 2) [4/17/2007 8:13:55 PM]
  • 95. Digital Dealer Newsletter Wednesday, April 11, 2007 Issue 15 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 15 AAISP Digital Dealer Conference & Expo Highlights Speaker notes: Dale Pollack of vAuto More than 87 percent of all car buyers use the Internet prior to purchasing an automobile, so it’s crucial for dealers to connect the Internet and their pre-owned departments. Dale Pollack, chairman of vAuto, revealed what he called “three killer strategies” to achieve used vehicle Internet success at this year’s AAISP Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition. [FULL STORY] News Interactive tools gaining ground in vehicle shoppers arsenal Digital Dealer Survey A recent report by CapGemini shows auto shoppers are increasing the tools they use when looking for the perfect new vehicle. Not surprisingly, the highest rated sources for new vehicle research Do you currently use pay-per-click (PPC) were manufacturer Web sites (45 percent) and dealer Web sites (43 percent). What is surprising, advertising to promote however, is the emergence of interactive tools like RSS feeds and blogs on the scene and how your dealership? vehicle shoppers are using these tools to make their final decision before purchase. [FULL STORY] If so, what do you use? Google AdWords Yahoo! Search Marketing Other All of the above Submit New York Times introduces new auto blog, vehicle content This week announced the relaunch of its Automobiles site including: expanded See results next week content from both The New York Times and trusted industry sources, as well as a new listings section and a new vertical navigation. [FULL STORY] (1 of 5) [4/17/2007 8:14:07 PM]
  • 96. Digital Dealer Newsletter AutoNation to label fuel-efficient vehicles AutoNation Inc., the Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based automotive retailer, in response to increasing consumer demand for vehicles that are fuel efficient or offer other environmentally friendly emerging technologies, will launch its E-Vehicle program in partnership with consumer Web site The company has 327 dealership franchises in 16 states. [FULL STORY] Take our Web poll We'd like to hear from you. Let us know what you think about the current topic by taking the poll at right. ------------------------------------------------------------ ADVERTISEMENT--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to Sell More Cars More Efficiently? Check Out this Movie to See How You Can What’s the remedy for the sales challenges dealers face today? Connect with as many car buyers on the Internet as possible. Dealix helps you do this by bringing you the Highest Quality Leads in the industry, Superior Service, and Dealer Control FeaturesSM. Now we have even more great ways to help you sell more vehicles more efficiently. Click here to see a short movie on Dealix's award-winning New Car Leads Program, and learn more about the provider that dealers rated Highest in Overall Dealer Satisfaction in the 2006 J.D. Power and Associates Dealer Satisfaction with Online Buying Services StudySM. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motormouth Audio to launch online sales pitches Eatontown, New Jersey-based Motormouth Audio, provider of audio selling tools for dealership Web sites was recently featured in the New York Times article, "The Sales Pitch, Minus Salesmen" for their soon to be launched line of studio-produced audio sales pitches. According to the article, Motormouth Audio plans to produce a pitch for almost every manufacturer and should appear online in May. Visit Motormouth Audio for more information. Byrider still cruising one year after tragedy Although the accidental death of J.D. Byrider founder Jim DeVoe was a year ago today, the nation’s oldest and largest used-car franchise and finance company reports that his legacy is stronger than ever. Byrider posted record sales and customer satisfaction levels in the past year, licensed an unprecedented number of dealerships, and took steps to attract an increasing number of new-car dealers as franchisees. [FULL STORY] (2 of 5) [4/17/2007 8:14:07 PM]
  • 97. Digital Dealer Newsletter enhances customization of popular site feature announced several enhancements to its popular feature—a function that allows consumers to save vehicles and searches to their own personal “shopping cart”—to provide car shoppers with additional convenience and flexibility throughout the car shopping process. The over 850,000 registered users of will now have the opportunity to receive e-mail alerts when newly-listed cars are added to the site and will also have SUBSCRIBE the option to filter searches to reveal only recently-posted vehicles to the site. Click to read the Email Address: announcement. Send As HTML First Name: Last Name: Title: Company: Dealerskins partners with DealerCentric Solutions Dealerskins, provider of automotive dealer Web solutions, announced a partnership and integration with DealerCentric Solutions (DCS) to incorporate the DCS "Get Pre-Approved in Seconds" City: program into its Web sites. The program pre-approves customers online within seconds, based on Dealer defined credit criteria. The "Quick App" is customized to the look of the Dealer's Web site and can be integrated into Lead Generation and CRM systems. Click to read the announcement. State/Province/Region Postal Code: Phone Number: Submit ARCHIVE NADAguides and Experian extend partnership Issue 14 and Experian Automotive announced they have extended their partnership April 4, 2007 through December 2009. With this extended relationship, visitors will continue to Vol. 2 Issue 14 have access to Experian Automotive's leading AutoCheck(R) vehicle history information which Issue 13 leverages the Experian National Vehicle database to power Vehicle History March 29, 2007 Reports. Click to read the announcement. Vol. 2 Issue 13 Issue 12 March 22, 2007 Vol. 2 Issue 12 [MORE] (3 of 5) [4/17/2007 8:14:07 PM]
  • 98. Digital Dealer Newsletter Akrona partners with to help dealers reach women Dealer management system provider, Akrona has partnered with, an automotive Web site for women, to provide dealerships with more comprehensive sales and marketing packages as well as an improved programs to reach out to female car shoppers. Click to read the announcement. The Best of Digital Dealer magazine If it's not working, just change channels by Jim Roche We have just closed the books on 2006. When the data are published we will see that we had yet another hyper-competitive year, with dealers spending nearly $8 billion dollars in order to attain and retain customers. This will average approximately $470 per new vehicle sold. This is a huge drain on profit margins and therefore competitiveness – dealers must find a way to simultaneously reduce this expense while increasing its effectiveness. Read more. Dealer Advocate Playing with the short stack by Jim Ziegler Debbie and I just got back from the 2007 NADA Convention in Las Vegas. What an incredible experience. It doesn’t get any better than this. The convention is the one event that highlights our year. And nothing is more fun than writing the convention article every year. This is my play-by-play of what I saw and heard...complete with Ziegler commentary... as well as telling which old friends I bumped into and what new friends I made. Let me warn you in advance, I may have more than one snifter of Louis XIII Cognac before I get to the end, so there’s a possibility the sarcasm may incrementally escalate. In Dealer magazine On the Web (4 of 5) [4/17/2007 8:14:07 PM]
  • 99. Digital Dealer Newsletter Your Comments We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding our newsletter and its content. Please email us with any feedback you want to share. We also invite you to forward this newsletter to your associates so they can get all this great information each week. Visit our Web sites for more information Share the knowledge Spread the word to all the managers in your dealership about our FREE weekly eNewsletters covering all the important areas of the dealership. Just click here to subscribe. We also invite you to visit our new Web site and see the latest articles from our current issues. Get all our newsletters in your RSS reader Dealer Communications has now set up all our newsletters to send out via RSS feeds to your desktop. To receive these just go to our site and sign up now. Need More Information? Want to Share an Opinion? Digital Dealer provides an online forum for you to obtain more information about the topics that concern you. Pay Plans, eMail, CRM, Online Inventory, and Web Design are all discussed in our forums. Read the discussion or register and share your experiences too. Forum Discussions Published by Dealer Communications TELL A Copyright © 2007 Dealer Communications Inc.. All rights reserved. FRIEND Information in this newsletter is provided by both proprietary and public sources. Dealer Communicaitons makes no claims as to the accuracy of information provided by third party providers. For information or suggestions about editorial matters, click here. Powered by IMN (5 of 5) [4/17/2007 8:14:07 PM]
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