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Best Ask Patty eNewsletter

  1. 1. Ask Patty Advisor :: Automotive Advice for Dealers Page 1 of 4 Paglia, Ralph From: Ralph Paglia [] Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 11:03 PM To: 'Ralph Paglia' Subject: scroll down to my article: Automotive Advice for Dealers August eNewsletter If you are having problems viewing this message, click below Select Brand: BREAKING NEWS!!! BUYING A CAR REMAINS A HASSLE FOR WOMEN All Brands BY PR NEWSWIRE Search your Recent Poll Shows Little Improvement From Previous within ZIP Year's Biggest Gripes 10 Read more>>> miles of Go Search Featured Certified Dealer: WOMEN LOVE CARS TOO BY PETER MARTIN With more women in the market today than ever before it is important to understand that that they too love their cars. In many cases, because of the availability of information on the internet, they actually know more . about the vehicle than the salesperson when they come into the dealership... Read more>>> Peter Martin is the founder and CEO of, Inc. AskPatty has become the premiere automotive advice site and has one of the industry's most visited and respected Blogs on the Internet. 8/25/2007
  2. 2. Ask Patty Advisor :: Automotive Advice for Dealers Page 2 of 4 JUST GIVE ME 5 MINUTES – I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET APPOINTMENTS BY DAVID KAIN Some things in life are simple and others are a bit more complicated. When it comes to talking to strangers, befriending them and selling them a $40,000 vehicle one would have to guess that this action would fall into the complicated category. Read more>>> David Kain is president of a training/consulting company that specializes in Automotive Internet Sales and Business Development Centers. “LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT” TO WOMEN CUSTOMERS BY REBECCA MADDOX Let me tell you a story of a car dealership. It is located in a large metropolitan area. A woman who works with us knows the dealer principal personally. They used to live in the same neighborhood, and their children are friends. Read more>>> Rebecca Maddox is Founding Principal, President, and CEO of Maddox Smye LLC, an international specialty sales consulting firm. THE ESSENCE OF VIRAL MARKETING BY JERRY HART No matter who I’m speaking with about marketing, the root of the conversation always circles back to breaking knowledge into breadcrumbs. Oh but wait for it!!! The breadcrumbs are the messages that are read, heard, viewed by your visitors that get touched by your company. Read more>>> Jerry Hart is founder and CEO of Hart Creative Marketing, Inc., a global marketing Omiture Certified Agency serving our clients with measurable online performance Drivers backed by proven ROI. UTILIZING REAL-TIME FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND ANALYSIS TO IMPROVE DEALERSHIP PROFITABILITY BY RICHARD HOLLAND 8/25/2007
  3. 3. Ask Patty Advisor :: Automotive Advice for Dealers Page 3 of 4 Would you write a check for a car if you didn’t know how much money you had in your checking account? Would you start a road trip without a destination in mind or a map to help you find your way? Would you paddle your canoe in a river if you didn’t know where the waterway led? Read more>>> Richard Holland is the President of Arkona and has been designing and developing cutting-edge technology systems for more than 28 years. Holland was the national sales manager for Cars/Dyatron, a specialist in General Motors dealership software, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Tax Accounting and Finance from the University of Utah. He is also a Certified IBM Professional. As president of Arkona, Richard directs product strategy and keeps Arkona on the forefront of innovation and developing products that meet the needs and wants of the customer. GENERATE REFERRALS AND CAPTURE NEW SALES AND SERVICE PROSPECTS MICHAEL MOSKOWITZ The right leads will increase both your vehicle sales and your service business. While there are some great organizations out there, it’s no secret that a referral is one of the best leads you can get... Read more>>> Michael Moskowitz is President and CEO of MyCarPage, a leading provider of customer acquisition nd retention services for the automotive industry. LOCALIZE YOUR SEARCH CAMPAIGN TODD SWICKARD When developing a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign that targets female buyers, you should immediately ask yourself, “What keywords will draw my targeted audience to my dealership?” Read more>>> Todd Swickard is the CEO of Auto Dealer Traffic, Inc. TO ADVERTISE – OR NOT TO ADVERTISE – THAT IS THE QUESTION! BY PHILIP ZELINGER After 25 years in the retail automotive marketplace, first as a General Manager and then as a Dealer Principal, I learned that no one will protect my money better than me. That is unless you include my wife of 30 years, but that is a whole different article! Read more>>> Philip Zelinger is the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. Phil spent over 20 years as a General Manager and then Dealer Principal. His unique focus on 8/25/2007
  4. 4. Ask Patty Advisor :: Automotive Advice for Dealers Page 4 of 4 processes in sales and fixed operations help track and improve R.O.I. which extends his services beyond that of a conventional advertising agency. TRANSACTIONAL DEALERSHIP WEB SITES; IS IT TIME TO START SELLING CARS ONLINE? BY RALPH PAGLIA A long time ago, when I worked for my father’s wholesale produce company, he told me that the key to having a successful business was to be able to see where the market is going and get there first. Read more>>> Ralph Paglia Director of ADP Dealer Services WOMEN RECEIVE ADVICE, FIND A VOICE THROUGH ASKPATTY.COM RICHARD GREENE What began as a blog in May 2006, then expanded to a Web site two months later, has since turned into a major force that's giving a voice to women's concerns within the auto world. And, according to Jody DeVere, president of, industry leaders are taking notice and listening. Read more>>> Richard Greene, AR NewsMagazine Editor :: ©2007 Cactus Sky Communications, Inc. ::, Inc. ::&nbsp7353 International Place, Unit 307 :: Sarasota, Florida 34240 :: Powered by, ©2007. 8/25/2007