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Behavioral Targeting With Tacoda


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Behavioral Targeting With Tacoda

Behavioral Targeting With Tacoda

Published in: Automotive, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Behavioral Targeting with Tacoda
  • 2. Behavioral audience segments are built on observable behaviors such as:
    • Recency, frequency and volume of visits to content relevant to an interest
    • Active searches for information relevant to the interest
    • Use of tools (e.g., product configurators, loan calculators), surveys and quizzes, etc.
    • Ad interactions (clicks, downloads, demo views, games played, etc.)
  • 3. What is behavioral targeting?
    • Delivering relevant messages to audiences based on interests that are defined by recency and frequency of site navigation behaviors.
    • Examples:
        • “ Auto Buyers” have visited the Auto section two or more times in past 30 days
        • “ Movie Enthusiasts” have visited Entertainment and Movie Listings content 3+ times, past 45 days
        • “ Travelers” visit our travel content, receive our travel newsletter and use our destination guides, at least once in the last month
  • 4. More than 700 sites are TACODA enabled * Estimated total unique visitors, comScore Media Metrix, May 2004 News & Information / National, Regional, Local Special Interest & Communities From the most respected media companies Business & Technology
  • 5. Behavioral targeting is about people , not pages. The ad targets the person , not the page .
  • 6. Advertiser Benefits
    • Provides access to high value audience when desired content sections are already sold out.
      • You are reaching key people on the site in addition to key pages .
    • Serve advertiser messaging to the audience that will find their message most relevant.
      • When key people see the ad, you reach a higher percentage of your target.
    • Rapidly and accurately manage the audience you are trying to reach throughout the campaign.
  • 7. azcentral Success
    • First TACODA targeted test began July 1 st .
      • Shamrock Farms targeted Families Segment and Food & Home Segment.
    • Initial numbers are promising
      • TACODA targeted yield: 0.21%
      • Regular ZAG campaign yield: 0.05%
    • Celebrate every success , no matter how small, and you will always have something new to say to your clients and prospects.
  • 8. E-Mail Products
  • 9. Solo E-Mail Blast Example:
  • 10. Opt-In Emails
      • 113,000 Email Addresses
      • Fully trackable (Open-ups, Click-thrus, Demographic Info)
      • Segment list by:
      • All emails are self generated from users specifically requesting offers and announcements
    • Zip
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Interest
  • 11. Email Specifications
      • Opt-In Email Blasts
      • Up to 500x600 pixels
      • HTML format
      • Up to 5 click thru URLs
  • 12. Email Marketing Tips
  • 13. Email Marketing Tips
    • When you write your subject lines, you basically have 3 choices: 1) You can make an announcement or give news. (i.e. "IMC shows affiliates how to write killer subject lines") 2) You can make the reader curious. (i.e."IMC gives affiliates this secret marketing strategy...") 3) You can emphasize how the reader will benefit from opening your e-mail. (i.e. Discover tips for writing subject lines that will increase your affiliate sales.) Out of these 3 techniques, you will always be most successful if you write subject lines that state a clear benefit and tell the reader exactly how they are going to save money, save time, make their life easier, etc... by opening and reading your e-mail. If you can state a benefit AND create curiosity, so much the better! (i.e., Discover this proven marketing strategy that will increase your affiliate sales!)