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RLM e brochure

  1. 1. ®| 800.781.3591 | www.goRLM.comFrom Concept to Courtroom®We help trial lawyers present a more compelling caseusing persuasive visuals and effective technology.CreativeOur consultantsunderstand the substantiveissues of your case so wecan give you fresh ideas foreffective demonstrativesand technology solutionsfor trial.ServicesPresentation designAnimationIllustrationFlash animationVideo editing & compositingPhotography & videographyCourtroom equipmentTechnology consultingExpertiseTrial supportHearing supportArbitrations & mediationsITC litigationANDA litigationInteractive tutorialsMarkman hearingsEmploymentE-briefsDeposition videoCourtboardsProduct liabilityToxic tortMedical devicesPharmaceuticalsSecuritiesAntitrustInsuranceCollaborativeYou will work directly with asmall team of consultantsand artists—no middlemen.We produce much of ourwork in PowerPoint so youcan participate in the processand make routine edits.EfficientWe stick to our budgets andoffer flexible arrangementsincluding fixed feeagreements.Our consultants choose themost economical solutionsto advance your case.Experienced1,000+ cases, 10+ yearsaverage experience, anda full-time staff of 40throughout the U.S.We have a deep bench oftalented staff nationwidewith offices in Manhattan,San Francisco, Princeton,and Alexandria, VA.
  2. 2. | 800.781.3591 | www.goRLM.comFrom Concept to Courtroom®We understand your case.In order to participate in theconceptual process and providerelevant ideas, we learn theissues unique to your case andthe challenges of presentingthem.Using that understanding, weapply the experience we’vegained supporting hundredsof matters to offer solutionsthat will advance your positionsmost effectively and efficiently.Illustration of case law for an antitrust case in TexasOperation of interactive program guide patent for ITC litigation
  3. 3. | 800.781.3591 | www.goRLM.comFrom Concept to Courtroom®We develop persuasive presentations.Our work distills complexstories into their essentialthemes, and leverages graphicsand technology to make yourtrial presentations morepersuasive.Ultimately, the visuals weproduce complement, but donot compete with, your oralpresentation. We believein mixing media (graphics,courtboards, and evidencepresentation software) to keepyour audience engaged.Visualization of contract provisions which specifically excludedmaterial contrasted with plaintiff’s positionsRebuttal invalidity presentation for expert witness in smartphone patent litigation
  4. 4. | 800.781.3591 | www.goRLM.comFrom Concept to Courtroom®Persuasion begins with learning.We are experts at identifyingthe requisite teaching necessaryto understand difficult ortechnical subject matter.Whether it is a professionallynarrated video for the judgeor a live presentation by yourexpert witness, we’ve preparedhundreds of tutorials forproduct liability, environmental,patent, and financial matters.Tutorial for anti-cancer therapyOverview of mortgage financing process
  5. 5. | 800.781.3591 | www.goRLM.comFrom Concept to Courtroom®.Seeing is believing.Animations and simulationsmake visualization possiblewhere the subject is too fast,too small, hidden from view, orneeds to be seen from severalviewpoints.We use these tools routinely inthe cases we support becausewhen applied appropriately, 3-Dmodels and animations canbe more cost-effective thanillustrations, more practical thanphotography or videography,and more convincing than staticgraphics.Tutorial on stent placement procedureTutorial on ion implantation technology in semiconductor manufacturing
  6. 6. | 800.781.3591 | www.goRLM.comFrom Concept to Courtroom®Pictures bring concepts to life.From process diagrams toanatomical structures, customillustrations are compelling andpersuasive.Our artists are the best in thebusiness—our certified medicalillustrators provide the samelevel of quality you’ll find intextbooks and magazines.