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Stanton Solutions And Creative Marginalization™
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Stanton Solutions And Creative Marginalization™



* Creative Marginalization™ is a registered international trademark of Stanton Solutions, LLC for purposes of business development, community preparedness, disaster recovery, emergency management ...

* Creative Marginalization™ is a registered international trademark of Stanton Solutions, LLC for purposes of business development, community preparedness, disaster recovery, emergency management and public health.



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Stanton Solutions And Creative Marginalization™ Presentation Transcript

  • 1. STANTON SOLUTIONS, LLC Offering Creative Marginalization™ for Private, Public, and Nonprofit Organizations
    • Create Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Strategos . . . Live, Love, Learn, Leave a Legacy
  • 2. Creative Marginalization ™ Quixotic thoughts about alternative energy, civil affairs, and emergency management
    • Ralph R. Stanton, Jr.
    • General Manager, Stanton Solutions , LLC
    • Master of Arts (MA) Candidate
    • Emergency & Disaster Management
    • Captain, Medical Service Corps (MS), US Army (Reserves)
  • 3. Abstract
    • Rutyard Kipling’s poem If– offers some creativity for emergency management: “If you can dream – and not make dreams your master; / If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim, / If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, / And treat those two impostors just the same” (Kipling, 1910, p. 59, v. 9-12).
    • Abstract dreams, thoughts, and an international strategy for dealing with disaster may be summarized in two words: Creative Marginalization ™ (Stanton, 2008). Creative is both an adjective and a noun interrelated to a quixotic vision for community resilience. Marginalization should be a part of public awareness, education, and training as people face increased paces of technology relative to the socioeconomic reality of globalization. Separately, the words have positive and negative connotations; together, Creative Marginalization ™ provides a registered trademark of services for: business development, community preparedness, crisis response, disaster recovery, emergency management, public health, and risk communications.
  • 4. AGENDA
    • Introduction
    • Alternative Energy
    • Civil Affairs
    • Emergency Management
    • Why not Creative Marginalization™?
    • Conclusion
    • References
    • Contact Stanton Solutions, LLC
  • 5. Introduction
    • Creative Marginalization ™ was presented as the central theme to Project La Mancha, a thesis for emergency and disaster management theory and practice
    • Creative Marginalization ™ is intellectual property and filed as an international trademark by Stanton Solutions, LLC
  • 6. A lternative Energy
    • Creative Marginalization ™ emerged from military service as a Medical Service Corps (MS) Officer in summer of 2007
    • Captain Stanton was conducting research for alternative energy as part of Multi-National Division Baghdad Reconstruction
    • Unfortunately, the message was not heeded for Civil Affairs (CA)
  • 7. Civil Affairs
    • The mission of Civil Affairs (CA) forces is to engage and influence the civil populace by planning, executing, and transitioning Civil Affairs operations
    • Core Tasks of CA:
      • Populace and resources control (PRC)
      • Foreign humanitarian assistance (FHA)
      • Civil information management (CIM)
      • Nation assistance (NA)
      • Support to civil administration (SCA)
  • 8. Emergency Management
    • Mission is to protect communities with “all activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve the capability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters” (International Association of Emergency Managers [IAEM], 2007, p. 4)
    • 8 Principles of International Emergency Management for Public Trust, Public Safety:
      • Comprehensive, Progressive, Risk-Driven, Integrated
      • Collaborative, Coordinated, Flexible, Professional
  • 9. Emergency Management
    • When manmade or natural disasters strike resources will converge into the domain of the emergency to create chaos
    • Understanding geospatial, psychosocial, and socioeconomic tasks will help manage activity of the dynamic systems of Faces, Paces, and Places to assess ASCOPE (Areas, Structures, Capabilities, Organizations, Persons, Events)
    • Creative Marginalization ™ is more efficient than other methods because of ACT-FLOW: http://www.grforum.org/news_video.php?p=76
  • 10. Why not Creative Marginalization ™?
    • Creative Marginalization ™ is a trademark of socioeconomic services relative to emergency management and public health
    • The goal is to eventually launch Project La Mancha from quixotic thoughts into action with development of geospatial technology
    • Hypothetically it will be effective for dealing with globalization and more efficient to meet goals of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) Five Priorities for Action:
      • 1. Ensure that disaster risk reduction is a national and a local priority with a strong institutional basis for implementation.
      • 2. Identify, assess and monitor disaster risks and enhance early warning.
      • 3. Use knowledge, innovation and education to build a culture of safety and resilience at all levels.
      • 4. Reduce the underlying risk factors.
      • 5. Strengthen disaster preparedness for effective response at all levels (UN, 2007, p. 2).
  • 11. Conclusion
    • Project La Mancha will hypothetically help faces beyond traditional partnerships of leadership, bureaucratic managers, and marginalized individuals by concentrating on people
    • Project La Mancha will theoretically transform paces relative to forms of chaos, dynamic systems, and sensitive dependency linked by the geospatial ASCOPE
    • Creative Marginalization™ will transform marginal places with process of ACT-FLOW to produce creativity, explore a foreign geography, and help individuals discover formal, informal, and technical proxemics of culture , or spheres of influence relative to geospatial, psychosocial, and socioeconomic phenomenon (Hall).
  • 12. References
    • Hall, E. T. (1959). The silent Language (1990 ed.). New York: Anchor Books.
    • Hall, E. T. (1966). The hidden dimension (Anchor Books ed.). New York: Doubleday.
    • Institute of Medicine. (2008). Gulf War and Health, Volume 6: Physiologic, Psychologic, and Psychosocial Effects of Post-deployment Stress (1st ed.). Washington DC: The National Academies Press.
    • International Association of Emergency Managers (2007, September 11). Principles of Emergency Management [White paper]. Retrieved from United States of America (USA) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):
    • http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/edu/08conf/Emergency%20Management%20Principles%20Monograph%20Final.doc
    • Kipling, R. (1910). Rewards and Fairies (Dover Thrift (Collected Poems) ed.). NY: Dover.
    • Lorenz, E. N. (1993). The essence of chaos (1st Paperpack, 1995 ed.). Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press.
    • Stanton, R. (2008). Creative Marginalization, ACT, FLOW [Data file]. Available from Davos 2008 Global Risk Forum (GRF): http://www.grforum.org/news_video.php?p=76
    • United Nations. (2007). International strategy for disaster risk reduction (ISDR): 2007 Global Review. Retrieved from http://www.preventionweb.net/globalplatform
  • 13. Contact Stanton Solutions, LLC
    • Ralph R. Stanton, Jr.
    • M.A. Emergency & Disaster Management
    • B. A. Geography & Spanish (Fluent)
    • Military Experience:
    • Active SECRET Security Clearance
    • Captain, Medical Service Corps, US Army (Reserves)
    • Airborne, Civil Affairs, Geographical Studies,
    • Healthcare Systems, and International Relations
    • Telephone:
    • (910) 717-6385;
    • (910) 263-1195
    • Email:
    • [email_address]