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Advertising Campaign for Komfort Kitties

Advertising Campaign for Komfort Kitties



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Comfort pack final Comfort pack final Presentation Transcript

    Largeenough to serve,
    small enough to care
  • Marketing Analysis
    Advertising Plans
    Creative Strategies
    Advertising Executions
    Media Plans
    Billing and Payment Processing
    Integrated Marketing Communications
    75 years of offering our clients these 7 valued services
  • Chucks Natural Foods
    The Scooter Store
    Bed, Bath, and Beyond
    The Humane Society
    Snow Drift Farms
    Sweet Tomatoes
    Safety Harbor Resort and Spa
    Our satisfied clients include
  • About our potential client, Komfort Kitties
    is a small, unique, earth-friendly company offering hand-crafted, whimsical, soothing "Hot/Cold Packs" for a safe, therapeutic experience. Its loving philosophy is based on human respect and environmental consideration. Thehot/cold packs come in several all-natural configurations:
    Cats & Kitties, Dogs & Puppies
    Hearts, Owls, & Specialty items
  • Would make purr-fect partners
    We believe Komfort Kitties and the Magnificent 7
  • So we’re readyTo build their brand equity
    By offering our client the most…
  • THE M.O.S.T
    Mission: Create a brand image that conveys the proper message and builds brand equity
    Objective: Increase market share by highlighting our client’s brand superiority versus its competition
    Strategy: Implement a push-campaign targeting potential distributers, while simultaneously running a pull-campaign targeting consumers
    Tactic: Potential distributers will include specific retail, health, and service centers.
    For consumers, specific media vehicles will target primary and secondary audiences
  • That conveys the right message.
    Advertising Mission: Create a Brand
    We love kitties,
  • Some days you have to take the cat off your head
  • The “Komfort Kitties” brand addresses too narrow a client base
  • Boo-boo?
  • He needs a Comfort-Pack
  • Cold feet?
  • They need a Comfort-Pack
  • Aching back?
  • He needs a Comfort-Pack
  • Labor to do?
  • She needs lots of Comfort-Packs
  • No matter how your audience defines a “comfort” pack
  • We want them to think:
  • Marketing Objective:
    Increase Market share
    over the competition
  • Electric heating pads
  • Old fashioned mechanicals
  • Topical chemicals
  • The Comfort PackisSimply Superior
    The all natural heating-pad alternative
    Requires no electrical connection
    They’re Reusable
    Handmade in the U.S.A.
    Available in several shapes and sizes
    Freezes in one hour
    Microwaves in two minutes
  • Strategy: Two campaigns, Two Strategies.
    Push Campaign: Directed towards potential distributors of Comfort Packs that demonstrates the benefits and rewards of offering an all-natural product to consumers
    Pull Campaign: Directed towards consumers within the primary and secondary target audiences by way of various media vehicles that best represent those markets
  • Push Campaign Strategy:The benefits of offering Comfort Packs to your customers
    Increase your profits $$$
    Offer consumers a unique product
    Participate in Co-Op Advertising
    Participate in PR events
    Greater exposure for your company
    No conflict of interest
    Create raving fans (repeat customers)
  • Push Campaign Tactic:Potential Distributers and Retailers
    Wellness Centers
    Health Spas
    Medical Supply Stores
    Fitness Centers
    Day Spas
    Acupuncture Clinics
  • Push it, push it good
  • Pull Campaign Strategy: Know your target, target your audience
    Primary Target audience:
    Women, Baby-boomers (born 1946 – 1964)
    We believe the brand name, Comfort-Pack will convey the right message to the main target group, women.
    Secondary Target Audience:
    Men of the same age
    We believe the Comfort-Pack will be an attractive alternative to electric heating pads for the aging baby-boomer population.
  • Pull Campaign Tactic:Advertise in various affordable media vehicles that target a specific audience
    Tampa Bay Wellness magazine
    Tampa Bay Women Newspaper
    Interactive Website
    Gulf Coast Family Newspaper
    Senior Connection Newspaper
  • Pull, pull it hard
  • Evaluate
    Finally, using quantitative data our professional team will evaluate your campaign.
    We will find out what worked best, so your next campaign will be an even greater success.
  • In the meantime, we encourage you
  • To Play Often
  • Play Fair
  • And when you’ve played too hard
  • It’s time for a Comfort-Pack
  • The End
    Ron Algood
    Alexandra Cymbaluk
    Matthew Faubert
    Stacia Finger
    Krista West