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Envision Automotive App Stores - Key Questions

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Envision Automotive App Stores

Envision Automotive App Stores

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  • 1. Envison Automotive App Stores Key Questions Ralf Hug, Founder & President Trajectory Group January 2011© 2010 Trajectory Group • Confidential & Proprietary 1
  • 2. Envison Automotive App Stores “Any man who knows all the answers most likely misunderstood the questions” Author: Unknown …. so, here are the questions!© 2010 Trajectory Group • Confidential & Proprietary 2
  • 3. AUTOMOTIVE APP STORE STAKEHOLDERSQ uestion: Content Provider 3rd Party Developer What are the Wireless Carrier Stakeholder Interests? How do we align Auto Tier 1 them? OEM TSP© 2010 Trajectory Group • Confidential & Proprietary 3
  • 4. AUTOMOTIVE APP STORE STAKEHOLDER INTERESTS • Sell More Apps & Content 3rd Party Developer • Sell More Content Content Wireless • Sell More Data Provider Carrier Plans • Increase ARPU Aligning • Sell Value-Added Stakeholder Services Interests• Sell More Hardware Auto• Sell Value-added Tier 1 OEM Services • Sell More Cars • Increase Customer TSP Experience • Generate Incremental • Gain and Keep More Subscribers Service Revenue • Increase ARPU and Customer Lifetime Value • Sell Value-Added Services © 2010 Trajectory Group • Confidential & Proprietary 4
  • 5. SMARTPHONE VS. AUTO APPSTORE What kind of apps? Where do they belong? Why?Q Is there a dedicated Auto App Store? What is the OS and developer environment? How open is a car platform for 3rd party apps? uestions: Which APIs are needed and will be exposed? Infotainment Productivity Safety Navigation Safety Commerce Safety Auto OEM Intelligent Driving Safety SmartPhone Maintenance Safety App Store App Store Safety Safety Car-Centric Safety User-Centric© 2010 Trajectory Group • Confidential & Proprietary 5
  • 6. APPLICATION STOREFRONT Why do Auto OEMs need an App Store?Q What will attract 3rd party developers? Who distributes automotive apps? Who manages the automotive app store? uestions: Who tests, validates and approves the apps? How are upgrades and lifecycle management handled? ? ? Service Platform Device Mobile Wireless Provider/ Auto OEM Vendors OEM Storefront Carriers Tier 1© 2010 Trajectory Group • Confidential & Proprietary 6
  • 7. SHOW ME THE MONEY Where is the revenue opportunity? For Whom?Q uestions: What business models will we see? (Paid, Free, Built-in, Ad-based, Subsidized) Will there be a revenue share model? Will advertising models work and where?© 2010 Trajectory Group • Confidential & Proprietary 7
  • 8. More Questions? Looking for answers? Please contact me, happy to help! Ralf Hug, Founder & President TRAJECTORY GROUP LLC Email: ralfhug@trajectorygroup.com Cell Phone: +1 773 733 6913 Skype: ralf_hug LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ralfhug Slideshare: www.slideshare.net/ralfhug Twitter: @ralfhug Request a proposal from the Trajectory Group!© 2010 Trajectory Group • Confidential & Proprietary 8
  • 9. TRAJECTORY GROUP LLC INTRODUCTION Trajectory [trə′jektrē]: Plotting a realistic path towards achieving a target over a period of time TRACTECORY GROUP LLC Business development and strategic advisory services firm with the very Ralf Hug specific conviction to help companies Founder & President to stay on the trajectory of success Services include: 15 Years of Global Management o Management Advisory Experience o Marketing Strategy and Planning Expertise in Strategy Development, o Inbound and Outbound Marketing Business Development, Marketing and o Business Development Product Management o Product Strategy and Launch In-depth Industry Experience in o Interim Management Automotive, Telematics, M2M, GPS/LBS, Wireless, CE and Connected TV Deep Industry Expertise in: MBA University of Bayreuth, Germany o Automotive /Telematics/M2M Past Management Positions at: o GPS/LBS/Wireless/Apps o Content/Media/Services o CE/Connected TV© 2010 Trajectory Group • Confidential & Proprietary 9
  • 10. BONUS DOCUMENTS ON SLIDESHAREPresentation: Article:“The Connected Car “To Find the Business Case for Comes in Many Flavors” Telematics, Look Higher Up.” http://slidesha.re/bFCv3V http://slidesha.re/hkpRkW© 2010 Trajectory Group • Confidential & Proprietary 10