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College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
College Search Pres 09
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College Search Pres 09


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Beginning the College Search Ms. Alamilla and Ms. Voss, College Counselors Judge Memorial CHS
  • 2. What to do today
    • Why we’re here
    • Our goal: start you thinking about post-HS plans
    • Testing schedule
    • Site/search activity
      • EXPAND what know
      • NARROW search
    • Reflect on yourself
      • What kind of student have you been?
      • What do you want out of college? Out of life?
      • What to focus on in resume? (most important pursuits)
  • 3. Identifying what you want/need
    • Reflecting on yourself
      • What have you liked or disliked about Judge?
      • What kind of people/community do you see yourself fitting in with?
      • What do you expect from the college experience?
    • Researching/informing yourself
      • What types of colleges are out there?
      • What curriculum/community would meet your needs?
    • Resources: Where do you look?
  • 4. Evaluating Needs and Goals
    • Learning Style
    • Personality Type
    • Aptitudes, Strengths, Areas to improve
    • College Experience Expectations (goals)
    • Personal commitment (other responsibilities)
  • 5. Finding out about yourself
    • Self-assessment questions
      • Answer a question now (notebook)
    • Temperament/Personality
      • Artisans, Guardians, Rationals, Idealists
      • www. keirsey .com
    • Holland Codes (PLAN)
      • Social, Enterprising, Investigative, Conventional, Realistic, Artistic
      • www. careerkey . org/english
  • 6. Determining your Profile
    • Academic:
      • GPA?
      • Test scores?
      • How much do you like school?
      • How competitive are you?
      • Reaches/possibles/ foundations
    • Extracurricular
      • Standout areas? (sports, leadership, talent in the arts, comm. service)
      • Work?
      • Hobbies/interests
      • Will you play sports? Audition? Need portfolio?
  • 7. Figuring out Timeline Based on Goals/Profile
    • In-state
    • Deadlines
    • ACT only (no writing) in S OR F
    • Focus on AI (U of U, USU), or reqs (Westminster)
    • Research the familiar!
    • Out-of-state
    • EA/ED/REA/RD?
    • SAT and ACT (with writing) + subject tests?
    • Create initial list
    • Narrow down list
    • Chart reqs
  • 8. Determining Testing Schedule
    • Which test(s) and when to take them?
    • Depends on whether:
      • Applying in-state or out-of-state
      • Applying for early deadlines
    • See registration dates at
    • Register online at and/or School code = 450375
    • Reporting scores (ScoreChoice)
  • 9. Types of Schools: Distinguishing Characteristics
    • Location/how far from home
    • Urban/Sub v. rural
    • Large v. small
    • Regional v. diverse
    • Programs of study
    • Public v. private, pre-professional v. liberal arts
    • Cost
  • 10. Research: Preliminary list
    • Search engines (handout):
      • www. collegeboard .com ,
    • Judge College Counseling website (Family Connection + other links)
    • Recommended:
      • (Colleges that Change Lives)
    • College websites (google)
      • What to look for: virtual tour, academics, “about us”
  • 11. Narrowing Search: Questions to Consider
    • Faculty/student interaction?
    • Level of academic challenge? Strength of major?
    • Study abroad programs?
    • What level of sports do you want available (to play or to attend games)?
    • What kinds of research opportunities are there for undergrads?
    • % of grads going on to professional schools (PT, law, med school)?
    • Campus culture (issues students care about, traditions, mainstream or left/right)?
  • 12. Research: Narrowing the Search
    • Compare/contrast colleges with these websites:
      • NSSE:
      • Other websites on back of “Beginning the Search” handout
  • 13. Break/Activity
    • Get laptop (sign in with “student” and “bulldog” as password)
    • Get set up on Family Connection (create new password)
    • If have no schools in mind, start with “Beginning an Online College Search”
    • If already have schools in mind, start with “College Comparison Activity”
    • SIGN UP FOR APPOINTMENT (on free or elective)!
  • 14. Checklist for Junior year
    • Preliminary list: research w/ Mrs. Price
    • Register for tests (requirements)
    • Meet with Ms. A or Ms. V (SIGN UP! In-state v. out of state)
      • Review transcript
      • Review strengths
      • Develop list with a RANGE of schools
    • Plan college visits (spring break/summer)
    • Challenge yourself senior year
    • Write resume
    • Summer activities?
    • For more on overview and developing timeline, come to pres tonight