O Futuro da Internet, Bandara Udana / Cientista Chefe da Rakuten Japão
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O Futuro da Internet, Bandara Udana / Cientista Chefe da Rakuten Japão






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O Futuro da Internet, Bandara Udana / Cientista Chefe da Rakuten Japão Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Future of O2O Commerce Udana Bandara Rakuten Inc.
  • 2. Contents • Introduction • User Needs in the Mobile First World • Driving Forces of O2O Commerce • Case Study:Apple • Rakuten & O2O Commerce • Conclusion
  • 3. Introduction Past Present Future WWW/ Browser based Applications World Wide Web Smart Devices/ Wearables/PC based Web Services Browser based Applications Wearable Computing Internet of Things Context-Aware Services (Ubiquitous Computing)Smart Devices 3D Printing/Open hardware
  • 4. Users need with Mobility 1. Genevieve Bell, Director, Interaction and Experience Research, Intel Labs at the Intel Developer Forum, SF Sept. 10-12, 2013 truly personal unburdened more & better keep in the flow
  • 5. What is Online to Offline (O2O) Commerce? Commerce that is not Restricted by Online/Offline Boundary
  • 6. O2O Commerce is a User Requirement Ease & Efficiency Seamless Shopping: Mixing Online & Offline Navigating Information/Service Overflow Personalization
  • 7. Driving Forces of O2O Mobility Sensing Electronic Currency, Credits & Points Novel Business/Service Models
  • 8. Case Study: Apple source: iTunes US PickUp EasyPay
  • 9. O2O requirement: Integration & Simplification manufacturing logistics retailer salesOnline sales
  • 10. Rakuten and B2B2C model •Rakuten’s roots: • Merchants first • Online Platform serving both online customers & online merchants potential of becoming O2O platform
  • 11. Landmark
  • 12. Why Landmark? Newspapers 10.6% Magazines 4.3% Radio 2.1% Television 30.2% Direct Mail 6.7% Free Newspapers/ Free Magazines 4.0% POP 3.1% Exhibitions/Screen Displays 4.4% Flyers 8.8% Transit 3.4% Outdoor 5.1% PROMOTIONAL MEDIA 36.4% INTERNET 14.7% SATELLITE MEDIA-RELATED 1.7% TRADITIONAL MEDIA 47.2% 2012 Advertising Expenditure Component Ratios by Medium Total ¥5,891.3 billion Telephone Directories 0.9% Advertising Production 3.5% Advertising Placement 11.2% Newspapers 10.6 Magazines 4.3% Radio 2.1% Television 30.2% ect Mail 6.7% e Newspapers/ e Magazines 4.0% P 3.1% hibitions/Screen Displays 4.4% ers 8.8% nsit 3.4% tdoor 5.1% ROMOTIONAL MEDIA 36.4% TERNET 14.7% SATELLITE MEDIA-RELATED 1.7% TRADITIONAL MEDIA 47.2% 2012 Advertising Expenditure Component Ratios by Medium Total ¥5,891.3 billion ephone Directories 0.9% (Dentsu Report: Advertising expenditures in Japan 2012 **) promotional media spending > Internet marketing spending
  • 13. These days, a “Smartphone App” for sales promotion information management can replace or compliment most of the traditional sales promotional media flyers outdoor advertising direct Mail free magazine/newspaper Exhibitions Screen Display Potential Market Size > 250 billion JPY ** * conservative assessments
  • 14. Buying Process in O2O commerce Discovery Buying Sharing Evaluation Recording promotions associated smartphone app alerts QR codesBeacons Geo-fences
  • 15. Landmarks (video)
  • 16. Landmark - Scenarios 16 Merchant creates a Campaign App users participate the campaign as: Consumers & Affiliated Marketers Merchant achieves sales targets + App users receive discounts and super points
  • 17. Landmark App
  • 18. Ubira
  • 19. online/offline partnership Real shop market share = more than 80% ; User need for a both online and offline
  • 20. Ubira - video
  • 21. Conventional Approach “Online/Offline conflict of Interest” Amazon etc. Wal-Mart etc. Amazon Price Check App.
  • 22. Ubira: Ubiquitous Rakuten “Online/Offline partnership”
  • 23. Ubira: Core Concepts “The real-shop competing with online-shops within the same mobile platform with advantage” Real-Shop yes no Patent Granted Technology
  • 24. USELES
  • 25. USLES: Ultrasonic communication in Smartphones • Is secure (range can be programmed) • Works on smartphones iPhone/Android • Avoid patent licensing and protection around RFID based payment systems. • Works on 200+ million iOS devices sold over the world as well as millions of Android smart phones • Does not require hardware modifications • Can replace or co-exist with RFID payment systems Payment platform: • Online/Offline transparency • Location aware • All cards in Phone • Online syncing • Ultrasonic payment Competition: Square,PayPal, Google Checkout,... Rakuten advantages: • Proven ultrasonic communication technology • EDY • Rakuten Bank • Rakuten Credit Card • Existing market and customers • Global distribution channels • Easy way to expand abroad due to lack of patents in the area pre transaction data-system Secure verification protocol Patent granted Secure verification protocol Ultrasonic Protocol
  • 26. USELES payment system demo (video)
  • 27. Online Offline 1) User Data: - Social Data - Historical Transaction Data 2) User Behavioral Models 1)Real time Sensing (Location, orientation, movement, etc.) 2)Novel Interface Partnership O2O Future