Report on "Amra Bangali" A Nonprofit Organization [Md. Abdur Rakib]


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This is a Report on "Amra Bangali" A Nonprofit Organization for children & elderly people.

It includes "Amra Bangali" mission, vision, background, markets, activities, fund Raising, volunteers, segmentation & targeting, positioning, problems & recommendation...

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Report on "Amra Bangali" A Nonprofit Organization [Md. Abdur Rakib]

  1. 1. .ReportOnOverview of A NonprofitOrganization(Based on the Study of Marketing for Nonprofit Organization)
  2. 2. Report On Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations Course: 523 Topic: “Overview of A Nonprofit Organization”Prepared for:Dr. Mijanur RahmanProfessorDepartment of MarketingFaculty of Business of StudiesUniversity of Dhaka Prepared by: Md. Abdur Rakib Section: A MBA Roll: 375 Department of Marketing (14th) University of Dhaka Date of Submission: 13th April, 2013 eng. [1]
  3. 3. Letter of Transmittal:13th April, 2013Dr. Mijanur RahmanProfessorProfessorDepartment of MarketingUniversity of DhakaDear Sir,Here is the report on “Overview of A Nonprofit Organization” and the analysis of itthat you asked to conduct.The study of analyzing as well as learning about the local nonprofit organization as well asstrategic marketing for such nonprofit organization helped me to gather & acquire a lot ofinformation & knowledge such as situational analysis, strategic overview, nonprofit project &initiative, its objectives, related participants & performers etc.I appreciate your choosing the report topic. If you need any additional information or assistancein the overview of the report, please ask me.Sincerely Yours,Md. Abdur RakibSection: AMBA Roll: 375Department of Marketing (14th)Faculty of Business StudiesUniversity of Dhaka [2]
  4. 4. Table of Contents: No. Particulars Page No. 1 Executive Summary 4 2 Mission 5 3 Vision 5 4 Background 6 5 About Markets 7 6 Activities 8 7 Fund Raising 10 8 Volunteers 12 9 Segmentation & Targeting 13 10 Positioning 14 11 Problems of 15 12 Recommendation 15 13 Conclusion 16 [3]
  5. 5. Executive Summary: is a nonprofit organization for children & elderly people. It works to provide basichuman needs (such as food, education, clothes medicare & others) to impoverished children &elderly people of the local area. It began in November 2008 with a small room containing a whiteboard, a marker, and a little mat for the 17 students to sit on for education. This movement isinitiated by a group of young dedicated volunteers to break this vicious cycle and set into motionthe wheels of growth and prosperity for the poverty-stricken people of Bangladesh. In 2014, will expand its reach outside of Dhaka, opening schools, feeding, medicare &clothing program.Lack of capacity to design and development, lack of proper funds, difficulties to motivate thedonors, less qualified staffs etc. are a few problems of the project.Targeting students of schools & colleges as a volunteer, creating more awareness amongcommon people, encouraging local donors & local businesses to sponsor, showcasing thecultural & national event & special services such as aiding in their social & other activities aresome of the solutions at hand for this project. [4]
  6. 6. Mission:It works to provide basic human needs (such as food, education, clothes medicare & others) toimpoverished children & elderly people of the local area. Running a few free-of-cost schools,food, clothes & medicare for the poor in a few regions of Dhaka city is the incentive. realized that it is not possible to expect sustainable growth and self-reliance without takingcare of the emotional and physical development of all the stakeholders. As a result, it establishedvarious other programs to ensure the continuous growth of the community. You can find moredetail about these.Vision:No organization can succeed without focusing on its future existence. focused onmaintaining long-term sustainability by expanding its operations, not only in physical presencebut also in program variation. They increase its members (donors, volunteers & officials) byadding more regions under their incentives.Initially, they are running operation only in Dhaka. However, in the long-run, they intend to havea fully operational branch in almost every district of Bangladesh. They wish to give as manychildren as possible the opportunity to break free of the cycle of poverty. [5]
  7. 7. Background:In Bangladesh, for every child who is lucky enough to live in a good home and receive a goodeducation, there are three children who are doomed to live below the poverty line. As time goesby, Bangladesh is slowly losing its educated population to the lure of better opportunities abroad,and the number of poor people who have no means to help themselves increases daily. Day byday thousands of mouths are increasing to feed for the population. It is painful to us but true thatwe are unable drive the poverty from our country. Children are the new generation & only theycan lead us a better future to drive the poverty from our country. They are the future of ourcountry. An educated man is better than 10 uneducated men. 10 uneducated people will strugglefor their lifetime while an educated person can bring fortune for 10 men because “Knowledge ispower”.Mr. Adnan Shouvo was expected to take over the family business after completing his education.To everyones surprise, Shouvo decided that he would use his education and skills to bring abouta change for the impoverished children & the elderly people of Bangladesh. Understanding thatcharitable acts are often temporary and unsustainable, Shouvo was determined to improve thelives of these people in the long term. Together with university friends who shared the samevision, he set off on a mission to combat poverty by creating an educated future generation &createdThe project began in November 2008 with a small room containing a white board, amarker, and a little mat for the 17 students to sit on. Now this free-of-cost-school in the slumarea of Ibrahimpur, Dhaka runs classes from KG to Class 8 for nearly 400 students. In March2011 they opened another school in the Karail slum area of Banani, and in September 2011opened another school in Gazipur, Tongi.On the other hand, provided food to the students as well as the elderly people bycollecting rice, money weekly from the local residents & donations from the solvents of thesociety. [6]
  8. 8. Moreover, they collected used clothes from the local people every 3 months of the calendar yearthat is 4 times a year & bought some of the clothes from the memberships pays, donations &others.Now they are not only looking to maintain its current success but also looking to expand on alarge scale in the near future. In 2014, will expand its reach outside of Dhaka,opening schools, feeding, medicare & clothing program. These projects target the issues ofpoverty, children’s rights, education, gender equality, health and nutrition, the environment, andcommunity development.About Markets:There are more than 33 million children in Bangladesh who live under the poverty line. They canbe seen on streets all over the capital city, tired, hungry and, more often than not, exploited.Often these street urchins become involved in unsavory and dangerous professions, forced to dowhatever it takes to put food in their bellies. As they grow up, they are absorbed into the tide ofdestitution that plagues this small nation. Later generations fall in step, unable to break out of themould. This creates a vicious cycle that has held most of Bangladesh in its grasp for decades. [7]
  9. 9. On the other hand, they elderly people are taken as burden but in reality they are full ofexperiences of life to lead the young generations. These people are also treated as the childrenwith food, clothing, old age education & so on. is a movement initiated by a group of young dedicated volunteers to break thisvicious cycle and set into motion the wheels of growth and prosperity for the poverty-strickenpeople of Bangladesh.They are currently dedicated to conducting activities to provide more long-term and sustainablebenefits to children & elderly people of the society from families who are living below thepoverty line.Activities:Education for Children:The educational field has been known as playing a major role in the creation of the current worldin which we live, mainly because it allows us to conceptualize our surroundings as well as ourinteractions with those surroundings. Educational ideology is a product of culture and vice versa.In addition to these factors, the understanding of political economys role in education is vital inunderstanding the variance of educational outcomes. It is a matter of great sorrow that most ofthe people in our country are away from this basic need. Ibrahimpur is a region under DhakaCantonment & Kafrul Thana in Dhaka. Here most of the people live below the poverty line andmost of the do not have access to educate their children and themselves and as result they are tobear the brunt of different superstitions, poverty and many other social problems. This area islocated in the remotest corner of Barisal district and on the other hand there is lack of propernumber of educational institutions. In this situation is working to spread the light ofeducation among the children and elderly. It maintains two schedules to educate to the targetaudience. They are Morning & Night.As the children do not have much work, the volunteers of this organization teach them in themorning hours. And on the other hand the elderly have a lot of works in the day time and a result [8]
  10. 10. they do not have time to take teaching then. The volunteers teach them at night. The volunteerswho are working here are mainly students from different institutions. Some of the volunteers areteachers, retired government employees and other professions.Medicare to the Poor:Health care Services in our country is not adequate enough to provide treatment facilities of thetotal population. Moreover, poverty, illiteracy and lack of health awareness cause miserablesufferings and premature death to our people. The quacks and govt. doctors are aggravating thesituation. Medicare is one of the basic needs of human life. Bangladesh is a tropical countrywhere the people used to suffer from various tropical diseases. Illiteracy, lack of healthawareness, malnutrition and environmental pollution are the main reasons for spreading thediseases. The rich have access to get better medical treatment in some very expensive hospitalsor going to abroad for treatment. But the poor have to depend on the govt. hospitals, localphysicians and the medicines available in the country. On the other hand as most of the peoplelive below the poverty line in these areas, they have the capability of getting better medicaltreatment spending a lot of money in expensive hospitals. There are some doctors who work asvoluntary in this organization to give free medical treatment to the poor. Most of these volunteersare medical students and doctors. The medical students prescribe the patients during theirvacations and the doctors prescribe the patients after every 15 days. This whole program isarranged by this organization. Sometimes the reputed doctors & medical students of our countryand abroad prescribe the poor patients in these areas and the whole responsibilities are performedby .Food & Clothing for the Elderly & Children:Elderly people are taken as burden but in reality they are full of experiences of life to lead theyoung generations. These people are also treated as the children with food, clothing, old ageeducation & so on. Food is important for living of human being. Elderly people with family orwithout family suffer a lot for food & clothing.On the other hand, children are suffering from unhealthy situation, lack of nutrition, child deathetc. [9]
  11. 11. So, food & clothing ensures the living for the elderly people & the children of the societies. is ensuring all the basic human needs for these 2 segments.Other Programs:  Distribute worm clothes to the poor during the winter season.  Sometimes help the poor with finance  Arrange entertainment programs to the local peopleFund Raising:Most of the events that are organized depend on the generosity of the local donors. The localbusinesses, multinational companies and individual philanthropists that dedicate so much of theirresources to these events are very important in the success of each and every event. Thanks to allof these kind people for their dedication and support for our cause.Be the Difference (Sponsor a child):A monthly contribution of BDT 1,500 (will cover all necessary costs for a child’s education:tuition, books, uniforms, stationery, school bags, shoes, health check-ups, and a weekly supply ofnutritious food. Your one small act of generosity and sacrifice can pull a child out of poverty andignorance and give him/her a childhood to cherish.Donation Payment Option:People from all over the world, Bangladeshis and the international community, can sponsor achild though local and international bank transfers and other online/offline payment systems. [10]
  12. 12. Supporting Organizations:  Dhaka Bank  Green Delta Insurance Company Limited  Bachhara  Volunteer for Bangladesh  Youth of the Nation  Local Clubs  Schools & Colleges nearbyMonthly Fund Generation Program:Local donors, the local businesses, multinational companies and individual philanthropists arenot going to donate willingly. In this regard, monthly volunteers will visit the contacted &prospected banks, firms, supporting firms, local businessmen & local donors for ensuring theirconstant donation.Every 2 or 3 months later a whole day street, restaurants, shopping malls & other places aretargeted for fund raising. [11]
  13. 13. Volunteers:Volunteer with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which are independent organizationswith no connection to governments. Many non-government development organizations workunder the principle of development through volunteerism. Actually in the nonprofit organizationsthe volunteers are not paid financially. Volunteers in utilize their time for the serveof the humanity. The volunteers of are given in a chart: Business Youth man Service Retired Holders Persons Old Students Volunteers People  Students  Service holders  Business man  Youth  Retired persons  Old people [12]
  14. 14. Segmentation & Targeting:The segments will be age & class based segments. Key segments of the society will be as thefollowing: Children Elderly (55+ (3-12 years old) years old) Key SegmentsThe donating segments are as the following: Business Donors Local Common Donors People Supporting Donating Govt. & Organization Segment NGOs [13]
  15. 15. Target Market of the Segment: Slum Children Street Working Children Children Target Market Elderly Elderly without with family familyThey are targeted with concentrated marketing strategy initially deciding on only one location asa geo-demographic segment that is 3-12 years old & 55+ elderly group of the North Ibrahimpur,Dhaka region. Later differentiated marketing strategy has been chosen for expanding its regionalarea & location.Positioning:It is difficult to position in the minds of the target audience as they are influenced lot ofenvironmental factors such as families, reference groups, societies & others. Doing a research onthe target market behavior, choosing right media for communication, volunteer training,awareness campaigning program, fund raising program, event organizing, local supports etc. canaid in positioning in the minds of the targeted segments as well as the donating segments. [14]
  16. 16. Problems of “ ”  Most of the staffs have lack of capacity to design and development a new project and poor capacity to write the project proposal or objective.  Lack of proper funds leads financial crisis and as a result in some times qualified employees are not motivated.  Small NGOs have very little ability to provide sufficient remuneration or salary. As a result, they cannot retain the potential staff.  Most of NGOs director and senior staff comparatively less qualified.  Potential staffs do not like to work in the small development organization or NGOs and they do not get the working environment.  Sometimes it is very difficult to motivate the donors.  As most of the targeted are poor and illiterate, it is very difficult to convince them in many cases.Recommendation:  They can target students of schools & colleges as a volunteer for every month or every 2 months for fund raising near the campus compound  Besides, school, college & university students can also provide a share of their pocket money savings monthly for fund raising.  Creating more awareness among common people through mass media like TV, newspaper, posters, flyers etc. for increasing fund raising & volunteers.  Encouraging local donors & local businesses to sponsor children & elderly people on the name of their deceased parents, grandparents etc. [15]
  17. 17.  Showcasing the cultural & national events of Bangladesh will create more awareness & convince the target market to get in the program.  Special services such as aiding in their social & other activities & promotional featuring of the donors as showcasing them among the society as responsible persons or businesses in the society will help getting sustainable & long term relationship with them.Conclusion:No organization can succeed without focusing on its future existence. Maintaining long-termsustainability by expanding its operations, not only in physical presence but also in programvariation is required. Volunteers, staffs, donors & communities are the key performers of theproject . Doing a research on the target market behavior, choosing right media forcommunication, volunteer training, awareness campaigning program, event organizing etc. canaid in the project success. [16]