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Waste Management & Recycling Services Presentation on Service Marketing [Elegant (II)]
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Waste Management & Recycling Services Presentation on Service Marketing [Elegant (II)]


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Presentation …

On Waste Management & Recycling Solution Services
(Based on the Study of Service Marketing)

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  • 1. Welcome toOur Presentation
  • 2. We Are“Elegant (II)”
  • 3. Group ProfileNo. Name Roll Designation E-mail Address1 Md. Abdur Rakib 041 Member rakibrashed@gmail.com3 Md. Al Amin 089 Member duamin_mkt@yahoo.com6 Chowdhury Omor 173 Leader Faruque
  • 4. Topic of PresentationWaste Management & RecyclingSolution Services
  • 5. Md. Al Amin ID No: 089
  • 6. Our Services Energy from waste disposal Waste Other hauling &renewable manageme energy nt of projects Our logistics Services Reference informatio n & Recycling solutions support
  • 7. General Plan Of ActionsPurchase the landfills.Meeting zero-landfill and greenhouse gas emissions reduction goalsEfficiently managing hauling and transferCreating single-stream and segregated recycling programsContaining cost and minimizing vehicle emissions by reducing long-haul transport through access to largest network of Energy-from-WastefacilitiesAugment the daily waste stream to landfill by hauling waste.Install sorting and compacting machinery at different places tomaximize landfill life.Complete the construction of landfills.Lease or purchase machinery and vehicles needed for operations.Build transfer stations to collect waste in cities.Utilize methane generated to augment revenues.
  • 8. How Waste Management System Works
  • 9. Budget Of Our Service 40000000 35000000 30000000 25000000Axis Title 20000000 15000000 10000000 5000000 0 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Time 2012 2013 2014 2015 Taka 15000000 20000000 30000000 35000000
  • 10. Chowdhury Omor Faruque ID No: 173
  • 11. Target Market for Our Service Various Conference private & centers/sta public companies diums Retailers Recyclers Pharmaceutical & Chemical Reuses CompaniesManufacturers Target Utilities Markets
  • 12. Challenges for Our Service Defining and improving quality Communicating and testing new services Communicating and maintaining a consistent image Motivating and sustaining employee commitment Coordinating marketing, operations and human resource efforts Setting costs Standardization versus personalization
  • 13. Service Marketing Triangles Company (Management) Internal External Marketing Marketing“enabling the “setting thepromise” promise”Employees Interactive Marketing Customers “delivering the promise”
  • 14. Gap Model Word of mouth Personal PastConsumer communication Needs Experiences Expected Service Gap 5 Perceived ServiceService Gap 4 Gap 1 ExternalProvider Service Communication to Delivery Customers Gap 3 Service Quality Specifications Gap 2 Management Perception of Customer Expectations
  • 15. Md. Abdur Rakib ID No: 041
  • 16. Consumer Behavior on Our Service Post Purchase Evaluation Evaluation of • Attribution of Alternatives dissatisfaction • Evoked set • Innovation Need • Emotion & diffusionRecognition mood • Brand loyalty Information Purchase & Search Consumption • Use of • Service personal provision as sources drama • Perceived risks • Service roles & scripts • Compatibility of customers
  • 17. Understanding Waste Hierarchy
  • 18. Energy-from-Waste is a Net GreenhouseGas Reducer
  • 19. Strategies for Delivering Service Quality through People Hire right people Develop people to deliver service quality Provide the needed support systems Retain the best people
  • 20. Thank youFor Being with Us