Assignment on Customer Expectation of Service (Online Tourism & Travel Services) [Md. Abdur Rakib]

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This is an assignment on choosing a Customer Expectation of Service which is chosen on a service topic "Online Tourism & Travel Services". It is prepared by Md. Abdur Rakib.

This is an assignment on choosing a Customer Expectation of Service which is chosen on a service topic "Online Tourism & Travel Services". It is prepared by Md. Abdur Rakib.

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  • 1. AssignmentOnCustomer Expectation of Service(Online Tourism & Travel Services)
  • 2. AssignmentOnService Marketing (Course: 513)Topic: Customer Expectation of Service(Online Tourism & Travel Services)Prepared for:Dr. Serajul HoqueProfessorDepartment of MarketingFaculty of Business of StudiesUniversity of DhakaPrepared by:Md. Abdur RakibRoll No: 041Section: ADepartment of Marketing (14th)University of DhakaDate of Submission: 9thSeptember, 2012 eng.
  • 3. Customer Expectations: Customer Expectations are beliefs about service delivery that function as standards orreference points against which performance is judged. Customers compare their perceptions of performances with reference point to evaluateservice quality.What customers expect, to what level they expect and tolerate is very difficult to know for amarketer.However, to become a successful marketer of service, a marketer must consider the customers’expectations. A marketer of online tourism and travel service must follow a few considerablematters: Type of expectation standards Factors that influence expectation Role Play Meet or exceedThe Meaning and Types of Expectation:The level of expectation can vary widely depending on the reference point the customer holdsLevel of Expectations:a. Desired Service: The level of service the customer hopes to receive.b. Adequate Service: The level of service the customer will accept.The Zone of Tolerance: The extent to which customers recognize and are willing to accept thevariation of servicea. Different customer posses different Zones of Toleranceb. Zones of Tolerance vary for service dimensions
  • 4. Factors that influence expectation:a. Busy customersb. Sudden price risec. Scarce servicesRole Play:• Expectations play such a critical role in customer evaluation of service.• Marketers need and want to understand the factors.• Marketers would also like to have control over these factors.Online Tourism & Travel Services:As a huge population around the world are paying for tourism and are being motivated towardsthe tourism places. Online tourism & travel services can be a popular service. A country likeBangladesh with various remarkable tourist places & a potential global brand value for tourismcreates the door of various opportunities. Besides tourism places in Bangladesh, other outboundtourism places are included in the online & tourism services.The following things will be available in the online tourism and travel services. Online tourism services will be available with various types of information. Various tourist places will be visualized. Transport services and options will be illustrated. Transport fares and contact numbers willbe available. Tourist packages for individuals, families, or groups will be offered. Various relevantconditions, procedures & facilities will be discussed later.
  • 5.  Social community forum will be an added value to attract the consumer as well as to find theweaknesses, threats, opportunities and thus to stay in the competition. Various useful guidelines will be provided with the services. Tourist guides will be provided as a matter of cost for a particular time period. Global social communities will be added for both the people of resident country livingabroad and the foreigners. Hotel/Motel/Resort reservations online. User accounts for customers. Various documentary and financial facilities for the travelers and the tourists. Corporate event management Tourism & travel logistic provider for research team & film makers. Receiving & transfer services. Visiting places information in brief. Students’ study/picnic/vacation tour arrangements. Various programme arrangements services. Online chat with service informer services for direct information.