Analyzing Advertisement and Its Effectiveness [Md. Abdur Rakib]


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Analyzing Advertisement & its Effectiveness from Bangladeshi Context...

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Analyzing Advertisement and Its Effectiveness [Md. Abdur Rakib]

  1. 1. Assignment On Integrated Marketing Communications Course: 522 Topic: “Analyzing Advertisement & its Effectiveness”Prepared for:Dr. A. B. M. Shahidul IslamProfessorDepartment of MarketingFaculty of Business of StudiesUniversity of Dhaka Prepared by: Md. Abdur Rakib Section: A MBA Roll: 375 Department of Marketing (14th) University of Dhaka Date of Submission: 23rd February, 2013 eng.
  2. 2. “Analyzing Advertisement & its Effectiveness”Beautiful BangladeshName of the Advertisement: Tourism of BangladeshMedia Type: TV Commercial Advertisements.Duration: 3 minute 30 second.Client: Tourism Board of Bangladesh (Partner of ICC Cricket World Cup, 2011)Agency: Grey Bangladesh.Description: In this ad, a foreigner girl came to Bangladesh and feels the country in her way. Shevisits the longest beach of Cox’s Bazar, enjoys with the friendly kids of Bangladesh, goes toSundarbans (The largest mangrove forest) for collecting honey with the mouals (Honeycollectors of Sundarbans), collects tea leafs from the tea garden, visits the historical Paharpur,hill tracks of Banderbans, meets the people of hills, village fair, Shat Gombuz Mosque (77doomed mosque) of Bagerhat, Lalon Akhra of Kushtia, grave of the father of nation and ShaheedMinar. Our hope cricket, the beautiful rain of Bangladesh, yellow mastered field, playfulness ofthe Bangladeshi kids, drinking tea beside the street, rickshaw, colorful village fairs withnagordola, cotton candy and many more were focused. [1]
  3. 3. Effectiveness: This advertisement promoted the tourism of Bangladesh. Here Bangladesh has been referred as “Beautiful Bangladesh” and explained as the “School of life”. In this ad, almost all beautiful and prospective places for tourism of Bangladesh are focused. It is very creative because it represents the people’s life of Bangladesh in an artistic and attractive way “The school of life, life about endless learning”. Besides, some other beautiful symbolic meaning has been upheld. It is delighting because only within 3.30 minute this ad not only focused on the beautiful places but also the life of Bangladeshis is reflected The ad also creates emotion that it signals the patriotism of Bangladeshi people. Foreigners will be curious about knowing & visiting the country. It the ad a female foreign model has been chosen as a foreigner role. She adapts with the culture of Bangladesh during her visit to the country. She begins to love our culture. The message so clearly indicates that tourists become so delighted and gradually become attached with the culture of Bangladesh.Drawbacks: The frequency of telecasting this ad is very low. Telecasting of this ad is necessary to the channels of other countries which is happening Its duration is too long to telecast as a TV commercial very often. Some other social media like social community, radio should also be used. [2]
  4. 4. SAMSUNG Galaxy “Wait no more”:Name of the Advertisement: Tourism of BangladeshMedia Type: Newspaper & magazinesClient: SAMSUNG BangladeshDescription: This ad focuses on the SAMSUNG Galaxy mobile phone from the world’s leadingbrand of cellular phone. Here, it is ensured that all the people who cherish the dream of buyingsuch a mobile handset get their dream fulfilled. SAMSUNG Bangladesh offered installmentpayment within 12 months period for 0% interest. The monthly installments are 4,250/- forGalaxy S Duos, 5,292/- for Galaxy S III & 5,625/- for Galaxy Note II. This offer is only valid forStandard Chartered Bank, Brac Bank and City Bank AMEX credit card holders. [3]
  5. 5. Effectiveness: It is delightful for them who have been dreaming of buying such a cell phone. SAMSUNG is the world’s leading brand in cell phone market with a good approach to sell its remarkable brands in Bangladesh. They have also chosen the right media for the right people.Drawbacks: The product is not for the people who don’t possess bank account in the given 3 banks only. There should be much more bank options. Most of the credit card owners are rich enough to buy at once. & without installment. [4]
  6. 6. GRAMEENPHONE Amontron Package:Name of the Advertisement: Tourism of BangladeshMedia Type: Newspaper & magazinesClient: Grameenphone TelecomDescription: In addition to the existing price plans “Shohoj”, “Apon”, “Bondhu”, “djuice”,“Spondon” and “Smile”, Grameenphone introduces a brand new attractive price plan called“Amontron”.Through this new prepaid plan subscribers will get the privilege of calling at any other operatorat a very low call rate of 65 paisa per minute. To migrate to “Amontron” at FREE of charge,subscribers need to type the valid key word “AM” and send SMS to 4444.Effectiveness: The model is chosen perfectly as she welcomes everyone as an airhostess. Her role indicates that the package “Amontron” will provide great facilities with care like an airhostess & other service provider does. It is a great service appeal to deliver the meaning of “Amontron” to the customers.Drawbacks: There could have been a few more details included. Other kinds of services can be introduced in the ad to symbolize the “Amontron” such as welcoming the guest [5]
  7. 7. QUBEE Laptop Fair 2013:Name of the Advertisement: QUBEE Laptop Fair 2013Media Type: SMS & E-Mail to QUBEE users, social community & NewspaperClient: QubeeDescription: QUBEE, the leading brand of wimax broadband network has organized laptop fairagain for the year 2013 at National Military Museum to be held for 22-25 February, 2013.Effectiveness: The media choice is perfect. Because as it is a technology based product messages the media like social community, SMS & E-mail etc. are perfect media choices. The location of the fair is suitable for the visitors to attend. The message is clear to the people with no doubt. SMS & E-Mailing to the QUBEE users [6]
  8. 8.  It has also offered a 3GB of extra usage volume for the QUBEE users on their visit to the fair & contact updates which is attractive for the current users & to retain them.Drawbacks: There could be some other media like fm radio, TV commercials can also be used & fm radio could be very less expensive & good for the young segments of the technology market. Parents & officials can be made as a different segment & targeted differently like giving flyers to school & college children, posters near the wall of different offices to catch the eye of these segments to encourage visiting. It has also offered a 3GB of extra usage volume for the QUBEE users on their visit to the fair & contact updates which is not mentioned on the flyers. [7]
  9. 9. AARONG Ornamental Nostalgia:Name of the Advertisement: AARONG Ornamental Nostalgia showcasing ornaments for womenMedia Type: Billboard & magazinesClient: AARONG FashionDescription: AARONG Ornamental Nostalgia is brand of AARONG Fashion that specializesonly on ornaments for women of all class. The billboard is located at Dhanmondi, Banani,Gulshan, Uttara & a few other places.Effectiveness: The models are chosen perfect as they are representing the ornaments & our culture very well. The clothes worn by them with sewn in Nokshi are representing our culture. The background color is appealing to everyone to catch emotion & attention. The naming of the brand is versatile as AARONG always does. [8]
  10. 10. Drawbacks: A few more media like newspaper, social communities can be used. One model with sharee & the other model with salwar could be a great combination of promoting the brand the brand & symbolizing that every women can be a part of Ornamental Nostalgia. Other variations of ornaments with different models in different types of clothes can be presented to indicate any these ornaments is suitable for any kind of clothes & not only for the salwar. [9]