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Art of life product detail
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Art of life product detail


Art of life Product Detail.for more detail call @ 9216081399,9815675614 or mail us @

Art of life Product Detail.for more detail call @ 9216081399,9815675614 or mail us @

Published in Healthcare
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  • 1. Presenting World Class Product By Company art Of life with Nano-Bio & Matrix Technology
  • 2. Toxifighter LuxToxifighter Lux • Toxifighter lux is a multipurpose enterosorbent basedToxifighter lux is a multipurpose enterosorbent based on vegetable components which allow to neutralizeon vegetable components which allow to neutralize the effect of TOXINS and BI-PRODUCTS ofthe effect of TOXINS and BI-PRODUCTS of metabolism, to reduce the effect of allergens, tometabolism, to reduce the effect of allergens, to remove functional disorders of digestive system andremove functional disorders of digestive system and also to minimize the level of cholesterol in blood, toalso to minimize the level of cholesterol in blood, to reduce the load of the kidneys and liver, to improvereduce the load of the kidneys and liver, to improve the process of metabolism.the process of metabolism. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Dysfunctions and infectious diseases ofDysfunctions and infectious diseases of gastrointestinal tract.gastrointestinal tract. • Acute and chronic infections.Acute and chronic infections. • Infectious and non-infectious skin diseasesInfectious and non-infectious skin diseases • Allergic reactionsAllergic reactions • Intoxication as a result of food and alcohol poisoning.Intoxication as a result of food and alcohol poisoning. • Medicinal intoxication after taking anabolic drugsMedicinal intoxication after taking anabolic drugs • Working in harmful conditions or ecologicallyWorking in harmful conditions or ecologically unfavorable environmentunfavorable environment • Preventive detoxification of the organism twice inPreventive detoxification of the organism twice in
  • 3. Complex of Enzymes PlusComplex of Enzymes Plus • Bioactive complex of enzymes plus is aBioactive complex of enzymes plus is a combination of active vegetative and animalcombination of active vegetative and animal enzymes used to eliminate the inflammation,enzymes used to eliminate the inflammation, and that possess an immunomodulating effect.and that possess an immunomodulating effect. complex of enzymes plus has a favorablecomplex of enzymes plus has a favorable effect on digestion on digestion processeffect on digestion on digestion process providing more complete food breakdown andproviding more complete food breakdown and uptake as well as giving support to otheruptake as well as giving support to other functions performed by the enzymes in thefunctions performed by the enzymes in the organismorganism.. • INDICATIONSINDICATIONS:-:- different acute and chronicdifferent acute and chronic inflammatory processesinflammatory processes • Rheumatic and autoimmune diseasesRheumatic and autoimmune diseases • Digestion dysfunctionsDigestion dysfunctions • Undue blood viscosity and liability to vesselsUndue blood viscosity and liability to vessels
  • 4. Memory RiceMemory Rice • Bioactive complex memory rice isBioactive complex memory rice is recommended for improvement of mentalrecommended for improvement of mental performance, increase of attention, itsperformance, increase of attention, its concentration, for comprehensive normalizationconcentration, for comprehensive normalization of higher neural activity and brain functionalof higher neural activity and brain functional activityactivity.. • INDICATIONS;-INDICATIONS;- • Memory, attention, will and psycho-emotionalMemory, attention, will and psycho-emotional sphere impairment of various etiologysphere impairment of various etiology • Prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension 7Prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension 7 hypoxiahypoxia • Condition after stroke, heartCondition after stroke, heart attack.craniocerebral traumas or traumas ofattack.craniocerebral traumas or traumas of peripheral nervous systemperipheral nervous system • Various intoxication of central nervous systemVarious intoxication of central nervous system • Failure of venous outflow (varicosity,Failure of venous outflow (varicosity, trombophlebitis, haemorrhoids)trombophlebitis, haemorrhoids) • Vegetovasular dystoniaVegetovasular dystonia • Pathology of the vessels eye fundus, retinalPathology of the vessels eye fundus, retinal detachment, visual and hearing impairmentdetachment, visual and hearing impairment • Cerebellar, vestibular disorderCerebellar, vestibular disorder .
  • 5. NeurostabilNeurostabil • Neurostabil isNeurostabil is phytocomplex possessingphytocomplex possessing a soothing and softa soothing and soft sedative effect and is ansedative effect and is an effective general health-effective general health- improving remedyimproving remedy increasing organismincreasing organism resistibility to stressresistibility to stress situations.situations. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Neurosis of differentNeurosis of different origin, hysteria, high levelorigin, hysteria, high level stress;stress; • Depressive andDepressive and hypochondria syndrome;hypochondria syndrome; • High reflex excitability’High reflex excitability’ • Essential hypertension;Essential hypertension; • Veneto-vascular dystoniaVeneto-vascular dystonia and migrainesand migraines • ThyrotoxicisisThyrotoxicisis
  • 6. GlazoroGlazoro ll • Glazorol is a complex for supportingGlazorol is a complex for supporting functional activity of the organs of vision.functional activity of the organs of vision. complex of functional components providecomplex of functional components provide eyes work regulation on cellular level andeyes work regulation on cellular level and protect visual function from modificationsprotect visual function from modifications caused by microcirculation channelcaused by microcirculation channel functioning disorder, stimulate the preventionfunctioning disorder, stimulate the prevention of visual analyzer and visual acuityof visual analyzer and visual acuity maintenance.maintenance. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Undue visual fatigue,Undue visual fatigue, • Loss of visual acuityLoss of visual acuity • Intensive and long-term load on visualIntensive and long-term load on visual organs,organs, • Prevention of age-specific eyePrevention of age-specific eye diseasesdiseases • Color perception disordersColor perception disorders • Complex treatment of the incipientComplex treatment of the incipient cataractcataract
  • 7. AterolexAterolex • Complex Aterolex encourages improvement ofComplex Aterolex encourages improvement of functional condition of cardiovascular system,functional condition of cardiovascular system, decreases the intensity of cholesterol exchangedecreases the intensity of cholesterol exchange disorders, decreases blood viscosity, improvesdisorders, decreases blood viscosity, improves microcirculation. it may be taken withinmicrocirculation. it may be taken within comprehensive therapy of arteriescomprehensive therapy of arteries atherosclerosis,as well as by the healthy peopleatherosclerosis,as well as by the healthy people with prevention purposes of atherosclerotic andwith prevention purposes of atherosclerotic and age-related changes of vessels. the efficiency isage-related changes of vessels. the efficiency is proved clinically.proved clinically. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Prevention of atherosclerosis. Coronary heartPrevention of atherosclerosis. Coronary heart disease;disease; • Essential hypertension;Essential hypertension; • Chronic disorder of cerebral blood flow;Chronic disorder of cerebral blood flow; • Rehabilitation after traumas,stroke,heart attack;Rehabilitation after traumas,stroke,heart attack; • Disorder of tolerance to glucose;Disorder of tolerance to glucose; • Cholesterol exchange disorderCholesterol exchange disorder
  • 8. CALCIMACALCIMA XX • Bioactive complex climax contains calcium,Bioactive complex climax contains calcium, magnesium and other ions that participate inmagnesium and other ions that participate in forming of bone, connective and nervous tissues.forming of bone, connective and nervous tissues. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Systemic osteoporosisSystemic osteoporosis • Limbs fracturesLimbs fractures • Insufficiency of parathyroid gland functionInsufficiency of parathyroid gland function • For tooth enamel strengtheningFor tooth enamel strengthening • In case of arthropathy(polyarticular rheumatoidIn case of arthropathy(polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritisarthritis, osteoarthritis deformans,osteochondrosis)deformans,osteochondrosis) • Allergic diseases hay fever, nettle rash and other)Allergic diseases hay fever, nettle rash and other) • As a means that reduces penetrability of vesselAs a means that reduces penetrability of vessel walls during inflammatorywalls during inflammatory processes(pneumonia,bronchitis,flu,cold andprocesses(pneumonia,bronchitis,flu,cold and other) in case of haemorrhagicother) in case of haemorrhagic vasculities,radiation sicknessvasculities,radiation sickness • Skin diseases(eczema,psoriasis,neurodermatitiesSkin diseases(eczema,psoriasis,neurodermatities • Diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus • Hepatitis and toxics affections ofHepatitis and toxics affections of liverliver
  • 9. JOINT FLEXJOINT FLEX • Joint flex is anti-inflammatory complex forJoint flex is anti-inflammatory complex for musculoskeletal system. joint flex bioactivemusculoskeletal system. joint flex bioactive complex is designed for an effective andcomplex is designed for an effective and restoration of the disorders of the functionsrestoration of the disorders of the functions of the musculoskeletal system as well asof the musculoskeletal system as well as for the prevention of the same.for the prevention of the same. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Functional disorders of theFunctional disorders of the musculoskeletal system of differentmusculoskeletal system of different etiologies;etiologies; • Spine osteochondrosis,arthritis andSpine osteochondrosis,arthritis and arthosis,tendovaginitis,myositisarthosis,tendovaginitis,myositis • Conditions after injuriesConditions after injuries • Increased physical activity of theIncreased physical activity of the musculoskeletal systemmusculoskeletal system • Vessels and connective tissue disordersVessels and connective tissue disorders including cardiac valve pathologiesincluding cardiac valve pathologies • Nails fragility,alopeciaNails fragility,alopecia • Reduced skin elasticity and xerosisReduced skin elasticity and xerosis
  • 10. Men’s FormulaMen’s Formula • men’s formula is a bioactivemen’s formula is a bioactive complex for a timely solving ofcomplex for a timely solving of men’s health specificmen’s health specific problems,i.e prevention ofproblems,i.e prevention of structural and functionalstructural and functional changes of the prostate glandchanges of the prostate gland and sexual function decrease,and sexual function decrease, effective prophylaxis ofeffective prophylaxis of stagnant phenomena in urinostagnant phenomena in urino genital systemgenital system • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Decrease in the level of maleDecrease in the level of male hormoneshormones • Prostatitis,urethritisProstatitis,urethritis • Prostate adenomaProstate adenoma • Erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction • General efficiency andGeneral efficiency and immunity decreaseimmunity decrease
  • 11. Women’sWomen’s FormulaFormula • Women’s formula is an ideallyWomen’s formula is an ideally balanced complex created subject tobalanced complex created subject to the needs of the women’s organism.the needs of the women’s organism. the complex normalizes the mineralthe complex normalizes the mineral balance and is recommended for thebalance and is recommended for the prevention of diseases caused by theprevention of diseases caused by the hormonal changes such ashormonal changes such as osteoporosis, breast tumors andosteoporosis, breast tumors and genital organs diseases, eliminationgenital organs diseases, elimination of pains connected with premenstrualof pains connected with premenstrual syndrome,pre-andsyndrome,pre-and postmenopausal,support of women’spostmenopausal,support of women’s genital organs tone especially duringgenital organs tone especially during the menopausal period.the menopausal period. • INDICATION:-INDICATION:- • Improvement in the synthesis ofImprovement in the synthesis of female sex hormones.female sex hormones. • Maintenance of the balance ofMaintenance of the balance of female sex hormones.female sex hormones. • Premenstrual syndromePremenstrual syndrome • Menopausal periodMenopausal period • Xerosis,hair and nails fragilityXerosis,hair and nails fragility • Prevention of inflammatory diseasesPrevention of inflammatory diseases of the female genital system.of the female genital system.
  • 12. Hyper FormulaHyper Formula • Hyper formula is a complex ofHyper formula is a complex of vegetative extracts and phospholipidsvegetative extracts and phospholipids that supports the restorative processthat supports the restorative process of the liver cells,accelerates theof the liver cells,accelerates the regeneration of the liver tissue afterregeneration of the liver tissue after inflammatoryinflammatory diseases(hepatitis).protect the liverdiseases(hepatitis).protect the liver from unfavorable influences of thefrom unfavorable influences of the environment and when contactingenvironment and when contacting harmful or toxic substances.harmful or toxic substances. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Toxic liver lesionsToxic liver lesions (occupational,medicinal, alcoholic(occupational,medicinal, alcoholic • Fatty hepatosisFatty hepatosis • Acute and chronic inflammatory liverAcute and chronic inflammatory liver diseeses,liver cirrhosisdiseeses,liver cirrhosis • Chronic gallbladder diseases,billaryChronic gallbladder diseases,billary dyskinesiadyskinesia • OpisthorchosisOpisthorchosis
  • 13. ArtemizinArtemizin • Artemizin fitocomplex isArtemizin fitocomplex is recommended both for fightingrecommended both for fighting against helminthic invasions andagainst helminthic invasions and protozoa infections and for theirprotozoa infections and for their prevention. it has shown 100% ofprevention. it has shown 100% of effectiveness in a complexeffectiveness in a complex treatment of ascariasis andtreatment of ascariasis and eighty cases of eighty cases of a hundred its components activelyhundred its components actively affect the parasitic protozoaaffect the parasitic protozoa lamblia increasing the frequencylamblia increasing the frequency of successful lambliosis treatment.of successful lambliosis treatment. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Prevention and treatment ofPrevention and treatment of heiminthic invasionsheiminthic invasions • Prevention and treatment ofPrevention and treatment of protozoa infectionsprotozoa infections • Digestive system organs and liverDigestive system organs and liver dysfunctiondysfunction • Undue intestinal aero genesisUndue intestinal aero genesis • Toxic liver lesionsToxic liver lesions • Appetite reduction of variousAppetite reduction of various etiologyetiology • Long term habitation on theLong term habitation on the garden plotgarden plot
  • 14. PulmoclinzPulmoclinz • Bioactive complex pulmoclinz reduces theBioactive complex pulmoclinz reduces the period and the intensity of acute attack of theperiod and the intensity of acute attack of the chronic diseases of the bronchopulmonarychronic diseases of the bronchopulmonary system,provides their prevention. thesystem,provides their prevention. the effectiveness of complex is achived due to itseffectiveness of complex is achived due to its vegetative substances and vitamins.chronicvegetative substances and vitamins.chronic diseases of the lungs cause a seriousdiseases of the lungs cause a serious damage, which ,as predicted by the WORLDdamage, which ,as predicted by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION specialists, by theHEALTH ORGANIZATION specialists, by the year 2010 will be on the 5year 2010 will be on the 5thth place after after injuries. • INDICATIONS;-INDICATIONS;- • Family history of bronchopulmonary diseasesFamily history of bronchopulmonary diseases • Chronic focal infections of upper airwaysChronic focal infections of upper airways • Active and passive smokingActive and passive smoking • Acute attack of chronic respiratory diseasesAcute attack of chronic respiratory diseases • Bronchial asthma and respiratory allergiesBronchial asthma and respiratory allergies condition after surgical treatment of the organscondition after surgical treatment of the organs of the thoracic cavity.of the thoracic cavity. • ,,
  • 15. PersiphenPersiphen • Bioactive complex persiphen-Bioactive complex persiphen- complex created on the basiscomplex created on the basis of the extract of peach leafof the extract of peach leaf specially designated forspecially designated for antioxidant protection ofantioxidant protection of organismorganism • INDICATION:-INDICATION:- • High stress levelHigh stress level • Intensification of free radicalIntensification of free radical activity as a result ofactivity as a result of inflammation or tumorinflammation or tumor developmentdevelopment • Decrease of functional activityDecrease of functional activity of immunity systemof immunity system • Low-intensity inflammation andLow-intensity inflammation and dystrophic processes of skindystrophic processes of skin and mucous membranes.and mucous membranes.
  • 16. GlucosilGlucosil • Bioactive complex glucosil provides anBioactive complex glucosil provides an optimization of glucose level in blood,optimization of glucose level in blood, improves the functions of pancreas andimproves the functions of pancreas and digestive system in general, prevents thedigestive system in general, prevents the development of atherosclerotic changes indevelopment of atherosclerotic changes in vessels, improves microcirculation processes,vessels, improves microcirculation processes, normalizes carbohydrate and lipidnormalizes carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.metabolism. • INDIACTIONS:-INDIACTIONS:- • Prevention and correction of functionalPrevention and correction of functional disorders of the body in case of diabetes typedisorders of the body in case of diabetes type 1 and type 2 of different degrees of severity1 and type 2 of different degrees of severity as well as in case of glucose toleranceas well as in case of glucose tolerance disorder.disorder. • Optimization of carbohydrate and lipidOptimization of carbohydrate and lipid metabolismmetabolism • Deterioration of the functioning of pancreasDeterioration of the functioning of pancreas and digestive system in generaland digestive system in general • Prevention of atherosclerotic changes inPrevention of atherosclerotic changes in vesselsvessels • Chronic noninfectious diseases of the GIChronic noninfectious diseases of the GI
  • 17. NovomeginNovomegin Principle indication of applicationPrinciple indication of application :: As natural remedy of long-termAs natural remedy of long-term prophylactics, health improvement andprophylactics, health improvement and comprehensive treatment of heartcomprehensive treatment of heart ischemic(stenocardia, ischemia, cardiacischemic(stenocardia, ischemia, cardiac infarction,dislipoproteinamia,atherosclerosis,minfarction,dislipoproteinamia,atherosclerosis,m yocardiodystrophy)yocardiodystrophy) • Diseases of thyroid gland, adrenal gland,Diseases of thyroid gland, adrenal gland, pathology of female and male reproductivepathology of female and male reproductive spheres(disorder of menstrualspheres(disorder of menstrual cycle,infertility,mastopathy,endometriosis,fibrocycle,infertility,mastopathy,endometriosis,fibro myoma,cystic-degenrative process,prostatitis,myoma,cystic-degenrative process,prostatitis, prostate adenoma.prostate adenoma. • Systemic and autoimmuneSystemic and autoimmune dieases(rheumatiod arthritis, autoimmunedieases(rheumatiod arthritis, autoimmune thyroiditis,ulcerrative colitis, disseminatedthyroiditis,ulcerrative colitis, disseminated sclerosissclerosis • Liver diseases fatty hepatosis that emergedLiver diseases fatty hepatosis that emerged against the background of obesity)steatosis ofagainst the background of obesity)steatosis of pancreatic gland,bladder stone diseasepancreatic gland,bladder stone disease • Chronic colitis,stomach and duodenumChronic colitis,stomach and duodenum ulcer,gastriitis.ulcer,gastriitis. • In delay of disorders of growth,intellecutal orIn delay of disorders of growth,intellecutal or
  • 18. Green StarGreen Star • Green star is multi-purpose general health-Green star is multi-purpose general health- improving complex which provides support toimproving complex which provides support to the organism functions by compensating andthe organism functions by compensating and maintaining the amino acids,vitamins,macro-maintaining the amino acids,vitamins,macro- and microelements balance necessary toand microelements balance necessary to support a full-fledged activity and organismsupport a full-fledged activity and organism resistibility against the influence ofresistibility against the influence of unfavorable factors of the environment.unfavorable factors of the environment. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Any kind of intoxication of the bodyAny kind of intoxication of the body • Infectious and parasitic diseasesInfectious and parasitic diseases • Diseases of the digestive system dysfunctionsDiseases of the digestive system dysfunctions • Allergies, immunity system dysfunctionAllergies, immunity system dysfunction • Chronic noninfectious inflammatory diseasesChronic noninfectious inflammatory diseases • Prevention and treatment of thyroid glandPrevention and treatment of thyroid gland diseases connected with lack of iodinediseases connected with lack of iodine • Hypoxia prevention in the conditions ofHypoxia prevention in the conditions of highland, lower temp. hard physically activity,highland, lower temp. hard physically activity, extreme kinds of sports.extreme kinds of sports.
  • 19. Discovery CharmDiscovery Charm • Discovery charm complex is aDiscovery charm complex is a multicomponent system providingmulticomponent system providing basic nutrients to the women’sbasic nutrients to the women’s organism. active substance of theorganism. active substance of the complex provide hypoxia prophylaxis,complex provide hypoxia prophylaxis, metabolism normalization, have anmetabolism normalization, have an anti-inflammatory effect and maintainanti-inflammatory effect and maintain coagulator system of the bloodcoagulator system of the blood vascular system.vascular system. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • As a general health-improving agent inAs a general health-improving agent in all types of hypovitaminosisall types of hypovitaminosis • Decrease in the immune systemDecrease in the immune system functioningfunctioning • Undue fatigue, irritationUndue fatigue, irritation • Dysfunction of the nervous system,Dysfunction of the nervous system, organs of vision diseases, stressorgans of vision diseases, stress situationsituation • At the recovery stages after illness andAt the recovery stages after illness and surgical interventionsurgical intervention • During the courses of chemo andDuring the courses of chemo and radiation therapyradiation therapy
  • 20. Discovery ForceDiscovery Force • Discovery force complex is aDiscovery force complex is a multicomponent system providingmulticomponent system providing basic nutrients to the men’sbasic nutrients to the men’s organism, the deficit of which mayorganism, the deficit of which may lead to the formation andlead to the formation and development of various diseases.development of various diseases. it has a strong tonic effect,it has a strong tonic effect, increases stress resistibility,increases stress resistibility, stimulates the regulation of men’sstimulates the regulation of men’s sex hormones hormones balance. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • As a general health-improvingAs a general health-improving agent in all types ofagent in all types of hypovitaminosishypovitaminosis • The immune system functioningThe immune system functioning decreasedecrease • At the recovery stages after illnessAt the recovery stages after illness and surgical interventionand surgical intervention • In dysfunction of nervous systemIn dysfunction of nervous system • Active sport activityActive sport activity
  • 21. FitorenFitoren • Bioactive complex fitoren isBioactive complex fitoren is recommended for the prevention ofrecommended for the prevention of urolithic disease. the natural diureticurolithic disease. the natural diuretic substance of vegetable origin ,formingsubstance of vegetable origin ,forming the basis of complex fitoren to activatethe basis of complex fitoren to activate the process of urine formation andthe process of urine formation and protect against the development ofprotect against the development of stagnation in the kidney.stagnation in the kidney. • INDICATION:-INDICATION:- • Urolithic diseaseUrolithic disease • Chronic cystitis,chronic pyelonephritisChronic cystitis,chronic pyelonephritis • The presence of stone in the kidney andThe presence of stone in the kidney and ureterureter • Condition after surgical removal ofCondition after surgical removal of concretionsconcretions • Supportive treatments of chronicSupportive treatments of chronic pyelonephritis in the acute stagepyelonephritis in the acute stage • Toxic renalToxic renal • Specific diseases of urogenital systemSpecific diseases of urogenital system hypertension,pulmonary heart diseasehypertension,pulmonary heart disease
  • 22. Burdok-CBurdok-C • Burdok-c is a universalBurdok-c is a universal bioactive complex,providingbioactive complex,providing support for the multilateralsupport for the multilateral work of the body through anywork of the body through any type of correction of metabolictype of correction of metabolic disorders and maintain itsdisorders and maintain its natural balance.natural balance. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Urinary tract disease andUrinary tract disease and kidney stoneskidney stones • Gout and arthritis exchangeGout and arthritis exchange • Liver disease and biliaryLiver disease and biliary systemsystem • Violation ofViolation of carbohydrate,fat,protein orcarbohydrate,fat,protein or mineral metabolism,decreasedmineral metabolism,decreased function of the pancreasfunction of the pancreas • Processes of fibrosis andProcesses of fibrosis and sclerosissclerosis
  • 23. Forest Berries KisselForest Berries Kissel • kissel forest berries is a mixedkissel forest berries is a mixed combination of the usefulcombination of the useful properties of various berries-properties of various berries- blueberrie,cranberries andblueberrie,cranberries and raspberries.this mixtureraspberries.this mixture contribute to the strengtheningcontribute to the strengthening of immunitty,it isof immunitty,it is recommended as a generalrecommended as a general restorative and preventiverestorative and preventive product for colds,after surgicalproduct for colds,after surgical operations and long-termoperations and long-term infections.infections. • CONTENTS:-CONTENTS:- • Vitamin C, vitamin E, vitaminVitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B1,A, vitamin B1, • B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, D 3,B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, D 3, biotin (H), iron iodine.biotin (H), iron iodine.
  • 24. Blueberry-cherry with berriesBlueberry-cherry with berries • Kissel blueberry-cherry contains a set ofKissel blueberry-cherry contains a set of biologically active substance that have abiologically active substance that have a physiologically benefical effect onphysiologically benefical effect on EYESIGHT. recommended as aEYESIGHT. recommended as a restorative product, and for the preventionrestorative product, and for the prevention of eye diseases associated withof eye diseases associated with increased visual workload and workincreased visual workload and work under artificial lighting.under artificial lighting. • CONTENTS:-CONTENTS:- • BilberryBilberry • CherryCherry • L-taurineL-taurine • ChernikaChernika • BrusnikaBrusnika • MalinaMalina
  • 25. Cranberry with BerriesCranberry with Berries • Kissel cranberry containsKissel cranberry contains vitamins,berries,organic acid and extractvitamins,berries,organic acid and extract of which have physiologically beneficialof which have physiologically beneficial effect on the genitourinary system, have aeffect on the genitourinary system, have a pronounced tonic and anti-inflammatorypronounced tonic and anti-inflammatory action. recommended as a restorativeaction. recommended as a restorative and preventive product in inflammatoryand preventive product in inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary systemdiseases of the genitourinary system • CONTENTS:-CONTENTS:- • LingonberryLingonberry • CranberryCranberry • Knot-grassKnot-grass • Vitamin CVitamin C • Vitamin AVitamin A Vitamin D3
  • 26. Protein-cereal Amino activeProtein-cereal Amino active • The action of the protein-cereal cocktail AMINOThe action of the protein-cereal cocktail AMINO ACTIVE seeks to maintain the amino acid andACTIVE seeks to maintain the amino acid and vitamin and mineral balance in the body duringvitamin and mineral balance in the body during weight loss,noemalization of metabolism andweight loss,noemalization of metabolism and support the work of the gastrointestinal tract.thesupport the work of the gastrointestinal tract.the product is an additional source of iron,vitaminproduct is an additional source of iron,vitamin A,B1,B2,B3,B6,B9,B12,s.A,B1,B2,B3,B6,B9,B12,s. amino active is anamino active is an energy product,its success can be used as anenergy product,its success can be used as an additional elements normal diet, and as aadditional elements normal diet, and as a replacement of one or two meals. in the fastingreplacement of one or two meals. in the fasting days, you can use cocktail amino active as adays, you can use cocktail amino active as a complete basis for mono-diet. a cocktail shouls becomplete basis for mono-diet. a cocktail shouls be taken immediately before and or immediately aftertaken immediately before and or immediately after a workout in 30-60 minutes- this helps to recovera workout in 30-60 minutes- this helps to recover quickly,as well as enhance the metabolicquickly,as well as enhance the metabolic processes that need to go to fat to muscle.processes that need to go to fat to muscle.
  • 27. Kissel Blueberry BlackberryKissel Blueberry Blackberry • Kissel blue berry blackberry positive effectsKissel blue berry blackberry positive effects on metabolism,which is especially needed foron metabolism,which is especially needed for people suffering from diabetes.beside allthepeople suffering from diabetes.beside allthe useful properties jellies have a pleasantuseful properties jellies have a pleasant falvour and filled with natural fruit and taste.falvour and filled with natural fruit and taste. • CONTENTS:-CONTENTS:- • Potato starchPotato starch • FructoseFructose • LactoseLactose • Vitamin cVitamin c • Lipoic acidLipoic acid • ZincZinc • Vitamin E, B5, B6, B, A, K, D3Vitamin E, B5, B6, B, A, K, D3 • CopperCopper • IodineIodine • chromechrome
  • 28. Karkade CandyKarkade Candy • Canady karkade with cherry enrichedCanady karkade with cherry enriched with essential micronutrients-with essential micronutrients- ZINC,CHROMIUM,MAGNESIUM,CAZINC,CHROMIUM,MAGNESIUM,CA LCIUM AND PHOSPHORUS.aLCIUM AND PHOSPHORUS.a balanced combination of extractbalanced combination of extract karkade with minerals has akarkade with minerals has a beneficial effect on carbohydrate-lipidbeneficial effect on carbohydrate-lipid metabolism and immune system.metabolism and immune system. • lowlow caloriescalories • Sweet karkade ideally supplementsSweet karkade ideally supplements the ration of people. who live athe ration of people. who live a healthy lifestyle and control their bodyhealthy lifestyle and control their body weight. the well balancedweight. the well balanced combination of karkade and mineralscombination of karkade and minerals has a profitable influence on thehas a profitable influence on the carbohydrate lipid exchange,carbohydrate lipid exchange, stimulate the immunity activity andstimulate the immunity activity and prevent vascular and heart diseases.prevent vascular and heart diseases. • it is recommendedit is recommended for dietary and diabetic nutrition.for dietary and diabetic nutrition.
  • 29. Probiomilk candies with probioticProbiomilk candies with probiotic && prebioticsprebiotics • It is tasty candies that contains threeIt is tasty candies that contains three types of useful bacteria (bifidus,lactotypes of useful bacteria (bifidus,lacto and acidophilic bacteria) andand acidophilic bacteria) and component-prebiotics,diertary fibers andcomponent-prebiotics,diertary fibers and laculose.the unique innovativelaculose.the unique innovative technologies solution patented bytechnologies solution patented by company Artlife has permitted to solvecompany Artlife has permitted to solve the problem of useful bacteria deliverythe problem of useful bacteria delivery to destination without loss of activeto destination without loss of active • candies are recommendedcandies are recommended for the children from 3 years forfor the children from 3 years for disbacteriosis preventive measures anddisbacteriosis preventive measures and immunity strengthening.candies do notimmunity strengthening.candies do not contain coloring agents andcontain coloring agents and saccharose,so they do not provokesaccharose,so they do not provoke caries development and variouscaries development and various manifests of diathesismanifests of diathesis..
  • 30. SorbiogelSorbiogel • Sorbiogel is used for a quickSorbiogel is used for a quick binding,neutralization andbinding,neutralization and removal of all kinds of toxinsremoval of all kinds of toxins from the organism.from the organism. • INDICATIONS:-food poisoningINDICATIONS:-food poisoning • Alcoholic and natcoticAlcoholic and natcotic intoxicationintoxication • Intestinal infectionsIntestinal infections • Viral and allergic diseasesViral and allergic diseases • AtherosclerosisAtherosclerosis • Pancreatic diabetesPancreatic diabetes • ObesityObesity • Work in harmful conditionsWork in harmful conditions • ..
  • 31. GastrigelGastrigel • Gastrigel is aimed at improvingGastrigel is aimed at improving the state of digestive processesthe state of digestive processes in the conditions ofin the conditions of gastrointestinal tract chronicgastrointestinal tract chronic diseases.diseases. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Digestion apparatus dysfunctionDigestion apparatus dysfunction • Acute diseases and acute attackAcute diseases and acute attack of chronic gastrointestinal tractof chronic gastrointestinal tract diseasesdiseases • Liver and gallblader dysfunctionLiver and gallblader dysfunction
  • 32. JointgelJointgel • Jointgel allow to quicklyJointgel allow to quickly restore the nourishingrestore the nourishing support of the main jointsupport of the main joint tissue, i.e cartilaginoustissue, i.e cartilaginous tissue covering the bonetissue covering the bone surface and a densesurface and a dense connective tissue that formsconnective tissue that forms joints.joints. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Various musculoskeletalVarious musculoskeletal system functional disordersystem functional disorder • Condition after injuriesCondition after injuries • Undue physical activity ofUndue physical activity of musculosketetal system.musculosketetal system.
  • 33. UrogelUrogel • Urogel is aimed at quick assistanceUrogel is aimed at quick assistance for urinary exceretion system infor urinary exceretion system in case of its of its disorder. • Urinary excretion systemUrinary excretion system dysfunctiondysfunction • Additional therapy of chronicAdditional therapy of chronic pyelonephritis in the exacerbationpyelonephritis in the exacerbation stagestage • Essential hypertension,pulmonary-Essential hypertension,pulmonary- cardiac insufficiencycardiac insufficiency • Different types of edemaDifferent types of edema • Complex therapy and prevention ofComplex therapy and prevention of acute attacks and relapses ofacute attacks and relapses of chronic infections of urinarychronic infections of urinary excretion systemexcretion system • AntibioticAntibiotic therapy,nitrofurans,sulfanilamidestherapy,nitrofurans,sulfanilamides
  • 34. CardiogelCardiogel • Cardiogel is aimed at quickCardiogel is aimed at quick and active support of heart andand active support of heart and vessels functioning.invessels combination the activecombination the active ingredients of cardiogelingredients of cardiogel stimulate the metabolicstimulate the metabolic processes in the cardiacprocesses in the cardiac muscle,improve its functioningmuscle,improve its functioning and normalize myocardiumand normalize myocardium blood supply.blood supply. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Cardio-vascular systemCardio-vascular system pathologypathology • AtherosclerosisAtherosclerosis • ArrhythmiaArrhythmia • Essential hypertensionEssential hypertension
  • 35. SedagelSedagel • The action of the sedagelThe action of the sedagel complex consists in thecomplex consists in the central nervous systemcentral nervous system functioning normalizationfunctioning normalization normalization and sleepnormalization and sleep restoration due to a softrestoration due to a soft sedative effect.sedative effect. • INDICATIONS:-INDICATIONS:- • Sleep disturbanceSleep disturbance • Undue nervous irritabilityUndue nervous irritability • NeurastheniaNeurasthenia • Cardio-vascular neurosesCardio-vascular neuroses • MigraineMigraine • Climacteric disorderClimacteric disorder
  • 36. Toothgel N-ZimToothgel N-Zim • Toothgel N-ZIM modern means of oralToothgel N-ZIM modern means of oral hygiene for the prevention of dentalhygiene for the prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease.part ofcaries and periodontal disease.part of the bioactive enzyme papain cleavesthe bioactive enzyme papain cleaves protein chains-the basis of dentalprotein chains-the basis of dental plaque.the active system ofplaque.the active system of nanoparticles of silicon dioxidenanoparticles of silicon dioxide absorbs plaque,providing a delicateabsorbs plaque,providing a delicate clean tooth surfaces without damagingclean tooth surfaces without damaging the enamel,tea tree oil preventsthe enamel,tea tree oil prevents infammatory diseases of the mouth.infammatory diseases of the mouth. the combination ofthe combination of calcium,fluorine and phosphoruscalcium,fluorine and phosphorus strengthens tooth enamel andstrengthens tooth enamel and preventing caries.preventing caries.
  • 37. Tooth Paste N-Zim PrebioTooth Paste N-Zim Prebio • Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste N-Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste N- ZIM period normalizes the acid-alkalineZIM period normalizes the acid-alkaline balance in the mouth.antiinflammatory andbalance in the mouth.antiinflammatory and anticarious action. it is recommended foranticarious action. it is recommended for sensitive gum, subject to frequentsensitive gum, subject to frequent inflammation.bioactive complex in the lysateinflammation.bioactive complex in the lysate of lactobacillus prevents proliferation ofof lactobacillus prevents proliferation of pathogens in the oral cavity and protects thepathogens in the oral cavity and protects the teeth from plaque formation.teeth from plaque formation. in combination with the extract ofin combination with the extract of aloe has a marked strengthening effect onaloe has a marked strengthening effect on the mucous membrance of the mouth andthe mucous membrance of the mouth and gums.plant enzyme papain cleaves the softgums.plant enzyme papain cleaves the soft plaque,contributing to high quality clean andplaque,contributing to high quality clean and restore the natural whiteness of theeth.silicarestore the natural whiteness of theeth.silica provides cleaning delicateprovides cleaning delicate..
  • 38. Shampoo With Tree Tea OilShampoo With Tree Tea Oil • Contain a specially selected composition ofContain a specially selected composition of natural dergent,which allows maintaining a goodnatural dergent,which allows maintaining a good level effect of the scalp & hair.provides a goodlevel effect of the scalp & hair.provides a good cleansing,exfoliating and mild degreasing effectcleansing,exfoliating and mild degreasing effect for the prophylactic effect against diseases of thefor the prophylactic effect against diseases of the scalp.with regular use helps to reduce dandruffscalp.with regular use helps to reduce dandruff and prevents its occurrence.included in the teaand prevents its occurrence.included in the tea tree oil is one of the most powerful naturaltree oil is one of the most powerful natural antiseptic,helps to cope with dandruff,itantiseptic,helps to cope with dandruff,it normalizes the activity of sebaceousnormalizes the activity of sebaceous glands,relieves irritation and itching of theglands,relieves irritation and itching of the scalp .active complex klimbazol enhances thescalp .active complex klimbazol enhances the action of tea tree oil.does not violate the bacterialaction of tea tree oil.does not violate the bacterial flora of the skin.prevents the spread of the fungusflora of the skin.prevents the spread of the fungus pityrosporum ovale,which is the main cause ofpityrosporum ovale,which is the main cause of dandruff.with the included composition of thedandruff.with the included composition of the extract of birch shampoo has anti-inflammatoryextract of birch shampoo has anti-inflammatory effect.strenghens the roots and restores theeffect.strenghens the roots and restores the structure of thin and weak hair nourishes thestructure of thin and weak hair nourishes the entire length, returning the natural beauty.entire length, returning the natural beauty.
  • 39. Hair Balm With Tree Tea OilHair Balm With Tree Tea Oil • Balm normalize the renewal of epidermalBalm normalize the renewal of epidermal cells,which prevents dandruff.included in thecells,which prevents dandruff.included in the tea tree oil is one of the most powerful naturaltea tree oil is one of the most powerful natural antiseptic,helps to cope with dandruff,itantiseptic,helps to cope with dandruff,it normalize the activity of sebaceous glands,normalize the activity of sebaceous glands, relieves irritation and itching of therelieves irritation and itching of the complex klimbazol enhances complex klimbazol enhances the action of tea tree oil,does not violate theaction of tea tree oil,does not violate the bacterial flora of skin.prevents the spread ofbacterial flora of skin.prevents the spread of the fungus pityosporum ovale,which is thethe fungus pityosporum ovale,which is the main cause of dandruff.main cause of dandruff. balsam removes staticbalsam removes static electricity, facilitates combing hair, protectselectricity, facilitates combing hair, protects them from damage during blow-dry.repairsthem from damage during blow-dry.repairs damages hair from the inside,reducing theirdamages hair from the inside,reducing their result,hair becomes smooth result,hair becomes smooth and silky,there is a healthly shine.silky,there is a healthly shine.