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  1. 1. ISO 9001:2008 Company
  2. 2. IBN Technologies Ltd Alliances and Recognition National Association of Software and Service Companies
  3. 3. Table of Content A. Introduction B. Industries C. IBN CRM Strategies D. Deployment E. System Accessibility F. Data Security G. Modules H. Task Management I. Sales Force Management J. Reports
  4. 4. A. Introduction • IBN CRM, an easy online Corporate Resource Management tool for multi location enterprise. • It is used to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities. • It can also refer to marketing, customer service, and technical support. • It streamlines all phases of the sales process, minimizing the time that sales representatives need to spend on manual data entry and administration.
  5. 5. B. Industries IBN CRM is applicable for following industries: • . • Manufacturing • IT/ ITES • Insurance and Finance • Hospitality • Healthcare • Real estate/ Infrastructure • Media and Entertainment • NGO • Retail • Travel and Transportation
  6. 6. C. IBN-CRM Strategies • Customer Acquisition • Customer Retention • Customer Loyalty • Customer Evangelism • Cost Reduction • Improve Productivity • Enhancing E Business Strategies • Increased Sales opportunities • Improved Customer Service • Greater Efficiency • Informed decision Making • Controlled Business Growth
  7. 7. D. Deployment • IBN CRM is a SAAS (software as an system) model, which will be hosted on IBN Technologies data center • IBN CRM will be implemented under four phase’s as: 1. Requirements Analysis 2. Personalization and prototyping 3. Deployment 4. Post Implementation Audit
  8. 8. E. System Accessibility • Access any time, anyplace & any number of time • Access on internet/ LAN/ WAN • Operated on windows platform
  9. 9. F. Data Security Is My Data Secure ?? • IBN CRM being a SAAS product needs to be host at IBN’s servers. IBN Technologies Ltd is channel Partner with TATA Communications Ltd for their Data Center services. • These Data Centers are built and operated to the highest International standards and Recognitions such as ISO , SAS 70 Type II, TIA 942, ITIL etc… • The ISO 20000 and 27001 certifications validate that basic operational best practices are followed in the areas of customer service and security, respectively. ISO certifications serve as a trusted and authoritative element of the standards-based foundation from which Tata Communications delivers managed services. • TIA-942 is a standard developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) to define guidelines for planning and building data centers, particularly with regard to cabling systems and network design. • Statement on Auditing Standards SAS 70 Type II, Service Organizations, is a widely recognized auditing standard represents that a service organization has been through an in-depth audit of their control objectives and control activities, which often include controls over information technology and related processes. • ITIL consists of a series of books giving guidance on the provision of quality IT services, and on the accommodation and environmental facilities needed to support IT.
  10. 10. G. IBN CRM Module IBN Corporate Resource Management consists of two different module, • A. Task management • B. Sales Force Management
  11. 11. H. Task Management Every user has its own dashboard which gives him the complete holistic view of his work at one glance. The tickets are segregated in INBOX, OUTBOX, PUBLIC which are further classified as per the statuses as REPLIED, UNREPLIED, SOLVED AND CONFIRMED. System also facilitates User to print and export these tickets to Excel.
  12. 12. Features 1. Project planning and management. 2. Task assignment and summary report. 3. Complaint- responses- service management. 4. User custom dashboard and settings. 5. Presales and after sales services. 6. Employee report (Log report, assignment report). 7. Management report (Project report, Detail track change report, Hours utilization report, Bug Track Summery report). 8. Task, customer service and support management.
  13. 13. Benefits • Manages assigned task with time track. • Better corporate communication across organization. • Helps to maintain employees log report. • Maintain record of assignment of employee. • Gives project summary with estimated and actual time hours, percentage work done for a particular user. • It gives report on detail track change. • It helps to measure performance by tracking hours utilization of that employees. • It gives export facility for report. • Advance search facility for quick and specific search.
  14. 14. Admin Admin panel will be only given to Higher Level Executives and not to all users of system. With the Admin panel user can Add, Edit or Delete Designations, Users, User Incharge Management, Company Type, Companies, Business Units, Tasks, Projects, categories, Priorities , Email notifications etc…
  15. 15. Tickets • Tasks, directions, assignments, complain are nomenclature as Tickets in the system • While generating new Ticket you need to fill in some of these criteria’s as, Ticket Type: External Ticket is used when you are communicating to your Vendors, Partners, Customers, etc… While Internal Tickets when you are communicating within the Organization and Inter departments. Company type is used when there is concept of Group Of Companies Business Units are the Departments within Organization like Marketing, Finance, Production, Management etc… Category is the reason of communication. Use Priority to set the importance of Communication as High, Medium , Low etc… Also system allows you to attach document with the tickets.
  16. 16. Search • It’s an advance search option for searching the tickets by references like Assignor, Assignee, Category, Priority, Status, Company, Business Unit. • You can also search by narrowing search criteria as Ticket Subject, Comments, Dates, ETA’s, Estimated and Actual Hours etc…
  17. 17. Settings These settings are provided to all user which helps them to set their password, Email configuration and other access rights like Ticket view per page, Ticket list popup, Text Edit and Email Notification settings.
  18. 18. I. Sales Force Management(SFM) Sales Force Management is an end to end solution for the sales team. Tracking Accounts, Opportunities and Activities with follow- up reminders makes sales processes easy. • Features • Benefits
  19. 19. Features 1. Sales and Marketing Management. 2. Sales forecasting and sales Analysis. 3. Calendar management. 4. Business enquiry management. 5. Enquiry follow ups & responses. 6. Order- quotation – sales management. 7. Lead tracking and lead flow. 8. Sales Executives appointments & scheduled sales target management. 9. Sales and marketing planner. 10. Sales pipeline report.
  20. 20. Benefits • Helps to streamline sales and marketing processes. • Gives higher sales productivity. • Adds cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. • It improves service, loyalty, and retention. • It increases call center efficiency. • Higher close rates. • Better profiling and targeting. • It reduces expense. • Increases market share. • Higher overall profitability. • Marginal costing.
  21. 21. SFM Dashboard Sales Force Management is a Module under IBN CRM that helps to automatically record all the stages in a sales process. SFM includes a contact management system which tracks all contact, leads and opportunities with their follow up activities and reminders. This ensures that sales efforts are not duplicated and reducing the risk of frustrating customers. Dash Board of the SFM gives user view of today's and next two days appointment, reminders, today's and whole months activities, events, messages, recent activities done etc…
  22. 22. SFM Agenda This is user’s personal calendar. Here you will see reminders if you have activities due on that day as well as appointments, meetings and events. You can create new appointments, meetings and events (one-time or recurring) and check the availability of colleagues. You can also view the availability of an entire office at a glance. If you are given the rights, you can "clone user" which lets you see the entire calendar of (and make appointments for) other users.
  23. 23. Sales Force Automation Companies This is an address book for all companies that user have contact with. They can be clients, suppliers, competitors, vendors, etc. Within each company profile are tabs which show the "Contacts" (the people who work there), the "Activities" that you have made with them (class, emails, faxes, etc), the "Opportunities" they are part of, the "Documents" you want to attach to their profile, and the "Products" that you/they sell.
  24. 24. Sales Force Management Contact Management This is an address book for all contacts (individuals) that user know. They can be clients, suppliers, competitors, etc. Within each contact profile, there is a link to the Company for which they work, and there are tabs which show the "Activities" that you have made with them (class, emails, faxes, etc) and the "Documents" you attach to their profile
  25. 25. Sales Force Management Leads This is an address book for all prospective clients that you have. Unlike the company or contact profiles, the lead profiles contain info about the person and his or her company. We suggest that once this lead buys your product, you convert it into a Company and Contact, however this conversion can be done at any time in just one click. Within each lead profile, there are tabs which show the "Activities" that you have made with them.
  26. 26. Sales Force Management Opportunity An opportunity is a product or a group of products that you are proposing at a certain time, in a certain region, or by a certain sales representative. EXAMPLES - real estate: each home they are selling is an opportunity, travel agents: each vacation package is an opportunity, insurance: each type of policy is an opportunity, and so on... In each opportunity profile, there are tabs which show which "Leads" & "Clients" are interested in it, "Activities" that you have made with them specifically in regard to this opportunity, the "Partners" affiliated with the opportunity as well as the "Competitors". There is also a tab for affiliated "Documents" which could be price lists and brochures. The main page of the opportunity is a summary of the products from your catalogue that these leads/clients are interested in and some forecasts for the revenue of this opportunity. The products listed at the bottom is a summary of all the of the various products in which the leads and clients of this opportunity are interested.
  27. 27. Sales Force Management Activities Activities can be any phone calls, faxes, emails, visits, letters, memos, quotes or support issues that you have with any contact, company or lead (within or outside the context of an opportunity). Activities are a way of keeping track of what you have done with a customer and what you still need to do in the future (precise to the exact day, hour and minute). For example, if a lead says, "...We aren't interested now, but try again in 2 months...", you can create an activity immediately which will remind you to call that client in 2 months. Activities can also be hierarchical so you can remember what activity spawned another. Your activities which are due today will appear on your home page as a "To do list" until you have selected "done" at the top of the activity page. Activities are also useful to keep track of billable visits and phone calls.
  28. 28. Sales Force Management Reminders In this submenu user can see all of his reminders/activities due for today or any defined day. On the left of the reminders page you will see a miniature calendar with days shaded when you have reminders. User can also search the Reminders by Date or Description
  29. 29. Sales Force Management Messages You can compose and send Messages to any or all user of the system. Messages you received can also be view on Today's dashboard. While creating new message select office and User. You can also select Multiple users at a time. User can also mail the messages or feedback or suggestions to system owner and other user, to do so there is Icon s at right hand of the system
  30. 30. Sales Force Management Archive/ Document Storage The ARCHIVE menu is where you keep the documents which you would like to be accessible to users from any PC. It consists of the following submenus: Categories Here you can add, edit or delete document categories. Use this page to create the folders (categories) of documents which you want to keep. Make new folders which can be sub-folders of any other category. Documents Here you can upload documents. You can save them under any category that you have created. You will then be able to link them to companies, contacts, activities, and opportunities.
  31. 31. Sales Force Management Catalogue In the CATALOGUE menu you can list all of the products/services your company sells. This is useful for creating opportunities, invoices and price estimates. It consists of the following submenus: Categories Here you can add, edit or delete product categories. Use this page to create the categories of products which you want to list in your catalogue. Make new categories which can be sub-categories of any other category. Products Here you see a graphical analysis of the best-selling products. These data are taken from the invoices listed under client company profiles. Here you can add new products to the catalogue or to search for existing products. You must chose a category for each product you enter. The active/not active option for products is useful when you cease to sell a certain product but want to keep all the records related to the past sales activities for it. If a product is not active it cannot be added to opportunities, invoices, or quotes
  32. 32. Sales Force Management Sales • Sales allows user to Create New Quote and Order. While creating new Quote system will automatically pick up a default quote number. You can also amend the existing quote under the same Quotation number with amendment number. • User can also convert Quote in to Purchase Order. • In the sales you can check the feasibility of a project technically and commercially along with the quotation and order management
  33. 33. Sales Force Management Setup • Use this page to import contact information you have exported from another program (such as Microsoft Outlook). • You can import your data in CSV or Excel. This data can import directly in to company, contacts, Leads, Activities. • An import wizard will guide you through the steps to import contacts, companies or leads. There are also instructions on how to export your pre-existing data from several commonly used programs
  34. 34. Setup… Account Configuration This submenu is where all of the preferences for user individual account are managed. Here user can change his password, time zone, language etc. Apart from this he can implement his email account and can decides which users can view his agenda.
  35. 35. J. Reports It gives following reports: • Log Report • Assignment Register • Project Analysis • Detail Track Change Report • Hours Utilization Report • Bug Track Summery Report • Ticket Summary Report • Sales Pipe Line Report • Activity Master Report • Account Master Report • Contact Master Report • Opportunity Report • Enquiry Register Report • Sales Analysis Report
  36. 36. Log Report Employee can update their daily logs in the system which can be viewed by their reporting managers. Managers can view their subordinates Logs by their Id, Task/ Work description, Total hours worked for day. This helps management to track the time for particular Project/ Task and Employee Accountability.
  37. 37. Assignment Report Assignment report gives Management the Information about Particular Assignment/ Project, communication happened on that project, Type of Task Performed, Estimated Time and Actual Time spend and percent of work completed by an Employee.
  38. 38. Project Analysis Report Project Analysis Report can be viewed by Admin User. To view Report user has to select Business Unit followed by Name of Project. A project is a temporary endeavor, having a defined beginning and end and they are undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives. With the Project Analysis Report Management can successfully Plan, Execute and Close Project within Expected Time, Funding and Deliverables.
  39. 39. Detailed Track Change Report This report helps to track the flow of the Project. User can see the task happened on that project or sub project and analyze actual time spend on the project against estimated time.
  40. 40. Hours Utilization Report Hours utilization report referred by management to track and manage time for accomplishing specific tasks, projects or goals by an Employee. This report encompasses analysis of time spent, monitoring, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing of the work.
  41. 41. Ticket Summary Report With Ticket Summary Report every user can categorize their tickets by their status as replied, solved, confirmed, client signoff, in progress, pending etc… Managers can also view ticket summary of executives working under them. User can also view summary of ticket s by other inputs as category, day wise, month wise, priority etc…
  42. 42. Sales Pipe Line Report Sales Pipeline Report gives systematic approach to selling a product or service. System shows three main Sales levels as Opportunity, Sales Pipeline and Sales. This report shows all opportunities that a sales person have, along with their opportunity status, lead source, opportunity line of business, market type etc… Same Opportunity user can view in to sales pipeline as he sends quotation or commercial proposal, once the proposal is accepted then opportunity will append in sale.
  43. 43. Activity Master Report Activity master report provides user, details of all the activities performed on a particular Opportunity or all activities depending on search criteria specified. It gives Activity types as Visit, Meeting, Telephone Call, Demo, Quote etc…along with activity status and opportunity status
  44. 44. Accounts Master Report Accounts Master Report gives all information of an opportunity including Company Name, Name of Sales Executive, Market Type, Lead Source, Line Of Business, Company Headquarter Address, Name of Contact Person, Contact Details, Email Address, Tentative Sales Value etc…
  45. 45. Contact Master Report Herein User can see the contact details of all leads under him. To find necessary details user have to specify search criteria as Market Type, Lead Source, Line of Business, From Date to Date, Name of employee, Name of Account
  46. 46. Opportunity Report Opportunity Report enlist all the opportunity that Sales Representative has. Opportunities can be seen by opportunity Name, date, lead Source, status, tentative closing date, currency, tentative sales volume, sales process, owner of opportunity, etc…
  47. 47. Enquiry Register Sales Force Management is concerned with the process of encouraging customers to exchange their funds for our services or goods. This involve various processes and lot of time, mean while to analyze the positioning of an Enquiry, Enquiry Register is an effective report, as it gives all Technical, Commercial aspect of that enquiry. Enquiry Register report build to fulfill the documentation as per ISO standards.
  48. 48. Sales Analysis By Sales Representative This is a Analytical report which gives user a picture of total sales volume and revenue collection generated as per sales representative.
  49. 49. Sales Analysis By Line Of Business This report provides information of your client’s line of Business. This helps Management to segregate their Target market and focus more on those sectors which gives maximum revenue.
  50. 50. Sales Analysis By Target Market This report gives information on Target Market and shows total opportunities generated by Countries and by Cities for effective targeting.
  51. 51. Thank You !! INDIA Office : UK Office : IBN Technologies Limited 26 Barclay Road, Croydon, Crystal Corporate,306, Third Floor Surrey, CRO 1JN Bibwewadi – Kondhwa Road, T : +44 203-129-8807 Pune- 411037 F : +44 207-022-1713 India E: uk.projects@ibntech.com T : +91-20- 24264182 /83 F : +91-20-24264184 E: info@ibntech.com Notice The contents of this document are proprietary and confidential to IBN Technologies Ltd. and may not be disclosed in whole or in part at any time, to any third party without the prior written consent of IBN Technologies Ltd. ISO 9001:2008 Company
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