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Zed-Service™ - a 360 degree after-sales service automation software solution
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Zed-Service™ - a 360 degree after-sales service automation software solution


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Zed-Service™ is an After-Sales Service Management Enterprise Software developed and owned by Zed Axis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. …

Zed-Service™ is an After-Sales Service Management Enterprise Software developed and owned by Zed Axis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Zed-Service™ enables end-to-end automation and control over after-sales service, support, repair, warranty, maintenance, RMA, claims processing and inventory control & management to product manufacturers, distributors, dealers and 3rd party companies involved in service operations.

Zed-Service™ helps companies improve customer service efficiency, reduces Turn-Around-Time (TAT), enhances customer satisfaction & Loyalty and overall reduces the cost of service department.

Industries that use Zed-Service™ and can be benefited by it include Consumer Electronics like mobile phone & white goods manufacturer, Home Appliances, Health, Wellness & Fitness Equipments, Heavy Earth Moving & Capital Goods Equipment Manufacturers, Alternate Power & Power Conditioning Product Manufacturers like Inverter, UPS, Battery, Generator, etc, IT products like Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Networking & Storage Devices like Servers, Switches, Routers, Set-Top Box Manufacturers, Distributors, and many more product based industries that offer warranty, maintenance, support, service, repair, etc to their customers.

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  • 1. Service / Repair / Warranty /Support/ Claim & Inventory Control Solution Presented by: Zed-Axis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2. Forward DOA , Logistics Cannibaliza Mgmt tion/Harve Service Call sting Mgmt Logging/Re pair MgmtClaimsMgmt Warranty Tracking Mgmt Spares / Inventory Reverse Mgmt Logistic Mgmt
  • 3. Scenario 1- Onsite Repair Process Basis unique ID’s e.g. For existing Mb#, Customer Code, customer, complaint Calls up the Complaint ID etc. is logged & customer Distributor / System searches the is provided the Contact Centre Customer record Complaint ID.Customer New Customer record is Call allocated to created Service Engineer • System can identify the warranty status on the basis of Proof Of Purchase Date conveyed by customer. • Incase the sales data is available, warranty can be figured out from the date of sale or date of installation / import. Service Process • Service Centre supervisor has a visibility of Real-time call is Initiated load of each Service Engineer. • Once the call is allocated to an engineer, the system will send an auto SMS to customer with the relevant details, Vice Versa to Engineer as well.
  • 4. Scenario 2 - Carry In Repair Process (Optional) Engineer Distributor Attempts repair Unit Repaired Logs an with or w/o Spare & Handed Over IW/OW Call consumption to CustomerCustomer Handled thru Escalated to Reverse • Warranty can be tracked Next Level logistics – POP Date – Date of Shipment + X months • Entry Level Screening is performed for deciding nature of Call • Fault, Action & Symptom code are mapped up to the repair level • TAT Recorded separately for – Customer Repair, – Customer Intimation, – Customer Delivery…
  • 5. Scenario 3 - Resident Engineer (Optional) Return to Repair Process Bench to Follow Attempts repair Logs the call with or w/o Spare Repaired Call consumption Successfully ClosedEngineer Spare not available Places an Receive Spare indent to Store
  • 6. Onsite Repair Attempts Handover copy Repair Repair of Job sheet to Complete OW = Out of customer Warranty; VW:Engineer Warranty Void *Optional Spare not Incase of OW/WV RTB case cost of spare & available repair charges will be collected from customer Pick-up note Request an • Each instance of call / repair updated through created Indent Distributor / Call centre or engineer supervisor • Spare indent will be raised by Distributor / Supervisor or call centre • Engineers TAT is calculated from the time call is Product handed allocated till call completion. Receive spare • Non productive calls e.g. Premises Locked, over to from Store Person not available etc. are exempted from TAT Distributor Store calculation • RTB cases, pick up note# to be entered the same as mentioned on hard copy.
  • 7. RTB Repair (Optional) Escalation to Higher Level Repair* (Opt)Receives Defective Attempts from Engineer Repair with /w- Repaired /Resident Engg out Spare Successfully Consumption Dispatch Note Spare not Created available Product Request an Dispatched to Indent Customer Location /Res Engg Receive spare from Store
  • 8. Forward Logistics Material Shipped Raises a System defined by the Purchase Order Approval Matrix WarehouseDistributor Distributor Logistics partner Records the delivers the Material Receipt Shipment • If needed Inventory for IW/OW can be managed separately • Each Warehouse (Including Distributor / Central) has a complete visibility of Stock (Good, Repaired-OK, Faulty, Scrap) in Hand • Material can be Shipped partially as well (Provision for Backorders is present) • Logistics Partner is prompted for a Pickup, the Moment a Docket No. is created • Distributor has a complete visibility of his Order Shipment – New / In Transit / Delivered…
  • 9. Warranty Tracking Service Central Management Serial# System Database• System has an Option of Storing the Serial# Database• Warranty status can be checked by Querying this Database• In case Serial# database is not managed Proof of Purchase Date mentioned against the very first job of that particular Serial# is taken as the reference…
  • 10. Reverse Logistics Dispatches the defective material Logistics Partner Labels the Defective to Regional / picks up the Parts for Pickup Central material WarehouseDistributor Warehouse Records the Receipt • System tracks the Complete movement of Material from Distributor Warehouse • System generates Unique Docket No. for each shipment…
  • 11. Cannibalization & Harvesting* (Optional) Inventory of Distributor System Tear-Down Realized Partrequests Tear- Defined Performed (Full Marked as Down for all Approval / Partial) Defective/ BER Cases Matrix Good
  • 12. Claims Management For All Closed calls Manual system Inspects System stores Approval System the Claim basis the Rejected & Matrix forConfigured the system Approved OverridingClaim Cycle defined Claims System parameters (If needed) Company Distributor Distributors Can Finance / Generates & View their Claim Accounts Submits the Status in Real- Department Vets Claim Invoice time / Also can & Updates the using the view the past Payment Status system claims
  • 13. DOA Process (Optional)• A Dead-on arrival process exists in Zed- Service™ which can be proposed if needed.
  • 14. Documentation, Bulletin, Downloads, FAQ’s• Zed-Service has an Admin based facility for – Service / Technical Bulletin, Manuals & Documentation, Drivers / Drawings Upload & Download
  • 15. Top Level Reporting interfaces fromZed-Service™Sample Screenshots Follow
  • 16. KPI Dashboard
  • 17. FRR, FFR, NFF
  • 18. Top 5 – Material Usage
  • 19. Service Turnaround Time
  • 20. Verified Defect Top - 5
  • 21. Pending Call Report (Online Pivot, with Drag & Drop Filters)
  • 22. Defective Part Movement
  • 23. Zed-Service™ Variants• Zed-Service™ - For Cell Phone Brands, Hand-Held Devices, Repair/Service Organizations• Zed-Service™ - UPS, Battery, Inverter, Alternate Power Products• Zed-Service™ - Sanitary Ware, Kitchen Ware, Health, Wellness, Fitness, Medical Equipments, Security Equipments, Heavy Earth Equipments• Zed-Service™ - IT Products, STB, RO, Consumer Electronics, White Goods & Other Home Appliances
  • 24. About Zed-Axis:• In Operations since 2000.• Professionally managed by 3 full time Directors.• Focused on Sales, Distribution & After-Sales Service Automation Solutions.• Proven track record of successful delivery of 500+ customized mission critical solutions.• Working across multiple industries, with clientele ranging from Mid level to Fortune 500 Cos. ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • 25. Accreditation and PartnershipsOrganization Relationship ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System by TUV IndiaISO 9001:2008 Microsoft Certified Partner for Custom Development, Business Intelligence, Data Management and Mobility Solutions Certified Member of the Intel Software Partner Program Registered Member of “National Association of Software and Service Companies” Registered Member of “Data Security Council of India”
  • 26. For any query or feedback, please feel free to contact us.THANKING YOU!RAKESH KUMARSALES HOTLINE: +91 – 11-4564-1144: EMAIL: SALES@ZED-AXIS.COMDIRECT PHONE: +91 – 11-4564-1145; EMAIL: RAKESH.KUMAR@ZED-AXIS.INFOLLOW ZED-SERVICE™ TO KNOW MORE: