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1st step in sales new Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome!1st Step in Sales @ Manager Sheets…
  • 2. SALES….• Who is a Sales Person??? Anyone who sells a product, service or an idea is a sales person.(Robert Stevenson) A boy & Girl proposing to get married. A candidate at a job interview. Thecandidate is selling his candidature and theinterviewer is selling his company. A politician making speeches to get votes.
  • 3. GOD LOVES SALES……. Selling, when done properly, is about lifting and elevating your prospects future. Its not something you do to someone to achieve your goal, but rather a process you walk through with someone to discover their goals and help them get there. God is like that. He loves to help people succeed in life. He wrote down the secrets of success in the best-selling book of all time, the Bible. It is so well written that it can be applied to your marriage, your business, even your sales career.
  • 4. Marketing & Sales - BasicGenerating Data Through Various Activities Processing Data Collected & Generating Walk ins/leads In-house Sales/ Handling Enquiry Follow Ups/ Client Visits Getting Enrolments/ Conversion
  • 5. Sources For Data Collection Mass Counseling, Road Shows,Van Branding & Seminars/ Umbrella Data boys Presentation & displays Industrial Visits
  • 6. Processing data/enquiry generation
  • 7. Steps - attending the customer Greeting & Approaching the customer (PROBING & GENERATING NEED) Explaining the Brochure (PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE) CENTRE VISIT TRIAL CLOSE OBJECTION HANDLING CLOSING FINDING DECISION MAKER (with avail time) FOLLOW UP
  • 8. PROSPECTINGOf all the skills required by a salesperson, Prospecting is the mostimportant .No Prospects, no business. You can be a master of everyother skill, but unless you are master prospector you won’t make muchof a living. Prospecting is the most important skill in selling, and the mostneglected. Many of us have a good client base supplied by our employer,so we don’t worry about finding new prospects. Prospecting is thelifeblood and key to success in sales. Daily prospecting is like sowingseeds every day. This ensures that you can harvest continuously. Salesprofessionals who get involved in too many activities, including salespresentations, either forget or don’t have time to continuously prospect.Even though it is very hard to tell when today’s prospecting will showresults, thus the process must continue and Executives must meet atleast ten people a day and explain features & benefits of our product/s.
  • 9. PROSPECTINGWho is a PROSPECT?A Prospect is a person who meets the following 3 criteria:A need for your productAbility to take a decisionMoney to buy your productKeep your focus on your target market : Be aware of your target group.Be aware you cannot sell any product to any prospect.
  • 10. PROSPECTING Sources of New customer – we may get Prospects from:News MediaCompetitorsIndustry associationsReferrals from existing clients/ studentNetworking through known personalities etc.TelemarketingDirect mailing/ Post cardsAdvertisement (through danglers, posters, tinplates, leaflets etc)Cold CallingWebsitesEducation fair, Mass counseling, Seminars
  • 11. PROSPECTINGDIRET MAIL MARKETINGThis method of Prospecting is very simple. Each counselor/ Executive isrequired to send 20 mailers in a day this shows 5 days later you will have tomake 20 phone calls to follow-up. 20 mailers a day cumulatively makes 120mailers a week by each counselor/ Executive.Let us analyze the scenario…..
  • 12. PROSPECTING DIRET MAIL MARKETING EACH COUNSELOR / EXECUTIVEDate Mailers Posted Phone calls to make Re follow ups calls walk in/ appoint. RATIO 10 10 1 20 0 0 0 2 20 0 0 0 3 20 0 0 0 4 20 0 0 0 5 20 0 0 0 6 20 20 2 2 7 0 0 8 20 20 2 2 9 20 20 2 2 10 20 20 2 2 11 20 20 2 2 12 20 20 2 2 13 20 20 2 2 14 0 0 15 20 20 2 215 DAYS REPORT 260 160 16 16 Counsellor CR: 20 Enrollments 3.2
  • 13. PROSPECTINGDIRET MAIL MARKETINGThe desired results come through consistent follow ups only. Withoutconsistent follow up/ action even sending 1000 mailers a week will notresult into desired outcome. Sending a huge number of mailers doesn’tget business. Consistent action/ follow up brings business.Have a Direct Mail Marketing planning and tracking system, keeping inmind parameters like education/ college.Even the Tele caller is required to rehearse the calls through role playproperly, else it will generate ill-will, forget getting any business in such acase.Always determine how the outcome compared with your expectations.
  • 14. PROSPECTINGPARTICIPATION IN EDUCATION FAIRS/ Mass counseling/ SeminarsParticipation in Education fairs can be tremendous source of business.Professionals, who effectively participate in such fairs/ activities keep thefollowing in mind – they define very clear goals, as to what they want toaccomplish through this activity. Is it…  Brand awareness to particular group in a specific area  Getting leads to follow-up later  Close deals on the spot and get Enrolments  Distribute Samples  Organize it especially to generate interest or urgency to buy your product  Just collect possible qualified data and to work on it in near future
  • 15. PROSPECTINGPARTICIPATION IN EDUCATION FAIRS / Mass counseling/ SeminarsNo matter what the intention is, the ultimate aim remains to getenrolments, hence the approach should be to generate interest and closethe sale in as few meetings/ follow ups as possible. How to do it?
  • 16. PROSPECTINGPARTICIPATION IN EDUCATION FAIRS / Mass counseling/ Seminars How to do it? During the show be proactive and talk to people rather thanwaiting for people to come. Keep in mind that proactive people do not sell product orservices, they sell the benefits Seminars/ Mass counseling/ Participation in fairs are notmeant to socialize or chit chat with people, but to establish newcontacts with as many people as possible in the shortestpossible time, to optimize your investment of time and money.
  • 17. PROSPECTINGPARTICIPATION IN EDUCATION FAIRS How to do it? Evaluate all the data collected during the day, with in next 24hours only. Translate them into hot, warm, cold, not interestedleads because the more time passes probably you won’tremember what is what? If possible mark the codes on the data immediately. This willestablish your priority of follow ups. The seminars/ Mass counseling/ Fairs will be fruitful only ifthe leads are followed up immediately and professionally. The follow up stage is crucial
  • 19. PROSPECTINGREFERRALS FROM EXISTING CUSTOMERS WORD OF MOUTH (The Brahmastra of Sales) The Best Source of new prospects is through referralsfrom existing customers. Also if for any reason, the business stops or slows,one can always make an effort to go back to existingcustomers for referrals OR additional business (i.e.UPGRADATION) Provided you have built arelationship by fulfilling the commitments.
  • 20. PROSPECTINGREFERRALS FROM EXISTING CUSTOMERS WORD OF MOUTH (The Brahmastra of Sales) Tomaintain relationships keep in touch with yourcustomers after sales ask them why they bought yourproduct?, how satisfied they are, what were thereneeds, what benefit did they receive from buying?
  • 21. PROSPECTINGREFERRALS FROM EXISTING CUSTOMERS WORD OF MOUTH (The Brahmastra of Sales) When you have built a relationship with thecustomer, you will notice that the customer will starttrusting you and will start praising about you toothers. He feels proud to be associated with you. Hebelieves in you and develops the trust which is hard toachieve these days. Once he senses that you are theperson who won’t sell anything to anyone for the sakeof an incentive, he starts feeling positive about you. Itultimately results in “REFERRALS/ REFERENCES.
  • 22. PROSPECTINGCENTRE OF INFLUENCE PROSPECTING Centre of influence prospecting, also called networking is ahighly successful method based on people’s tendency to helpthose who help them. Centre of influence don’t necessary have to be satisfiedcustomers. For the same reasons that people who don’t buyfrom you will still give you referrals, they can become yourbest centre of influence. Not every one is willing to buy or willing to help, but if youidentify a network of people who you think could help you byreferring prospects to you, then its up to you to go aboutdeveloping them as a centre of influence
  • 23. PROSPECTINGCENTRE OF INFLUENCE PROSPECTING One of the easiest way is to simply ask for people’s help. Ifthey are unable to help at that time, don’t forget them butlist them in your system and keep in touch. The golden rule for centre of influence and referred leadprospecting is always report back on the prospects peoplehave given you. Set up a visit to your centre of influence with in short spanof time. Pay them a compliment of taking them to lunch/ gifts etc. Even they should be educated, updated in case of changesin our product, launching of new schemes/ brochure……
  • 24. PROSPECTINGObservation Prospecting  Observation prospecting is the ability to make sound prospecting judgments based on what you see.  For this method to work, you need to become more than casual observer. Looking for prospects has to be way of life for you.  Wherever you go, wherever you are, your frame of mind must be one of constantly looking for prospects.  Look for the need and then collect the names, don’t just be a looker, be a careful observer.
  • 25. PROSPECTINGSIGNATURE PRESENTATION Signature Presentation is a sixty-second grabber. This means if you meet somebody at a get together andthey ask what you do, this is the thing to say. If you are going to give long speech you are going to loseout. If you have time for only 1 sentence, your sentence must bethat which makes a person inquisitive. He should be saying,“tell me more about it”. Now he/ she is asking, you are notvolunteering to speak.
  • 26. PROSPECTINGSIGNATURE PRESENTATION EXERCISE:Let us prepare a signature presentation for our BRAND. Use this presentation in Natural market & Niche market.
  • 27. PRE-APPROACH: The PreparationHave you ever observed, How people go for a date?Research indicates that 75% of lost sales are lost during thefirst 45 seconds of the initial contact, because that is howquickly a prospect makes a decision about you. Sales are not always lost on the merits of schemes or incomparison to competitor’s product, Frequently they are lostbecause the prospect didn’t like you; it may be any reasonyour dress, speech, atmosphere of counseling cabin,availability of your kit…….
  • 28. PRE-APPROACH: The PreparationDo’s while attending walk-ins as well during sales call  Ensure you appearance is neat  Greet the customer with a confident smile & look optimistic Keep your counseling cabin neat, clean & sales kit handy  Be punctual  Sit upright and alert  Think first, talk last  Include the prospects and the prospect’s interest in the conversation from the start  Emphasize the you angle  Demonstrate the highest respect and loyalty for your own company  By all means show you have a sense of humour, but don’t try to be a comedian  Listen carefully Check your briefcase , Have you all the material you’re likely to need for each call?  Before house calls ensure what each specific call is for, take last status from counselor and work out the solutions in advance. (seek help of your seniors where required)
  • 29. PRE-APPROACH: The Preparation Don’ts while attending walk-ins as well during sales call  Don’t Smoke, Drink or Chew until you attend your last customer Don’t try to be superior – the prospective customer also knows the business  Don’t discuss the competitors  Don’t exaggerate or tell white lies  Avoid irritating mannerism  Don’t talk too much  Don’t provide approx quotations
  • 30. PRE-APPROACH: The Preparation  EXERCISE:  Let us prepare a list of material required during table counseling.  Stationery  Book set  Brochure, enquiry forms……  Also prepare a list of material required during a house call.  Let us decide what can be considered a perfect dress code for Academic Counselor and Executives.
  • 31. Approaching – uncovering the need - probing Need Visible InvisibleVisible Need: The visible need is where the prospect is aware of the pain or theproblem and actively responds to or takes action, without somebody prompting him.These needs are like food, clothing and shelter. People go out and purchase them.Price may not be a consideration. Invisible Need: The invisible need is where the prospect has to be made aware of the gain in owning and the pain of not having. When we talk of the profession of selling, we refer to the market segment of the invisible need.
  • 32. Approaching – uncovering the need - probing Are people who buy our products aware of needs? Why don’t people recognize the needs that doexist?Ignorance: The prospect does not know that he does not know.He needs to be educated.Indifference: The ‘who cares’ attitude, if everyone knows theproblem, then how can I be accountable? This is a non caringattitude.Complacence: People resist change; if it is not broken don’t fix it.They wait for something to break and then their need turns frominvisible to visible. That’s the person who waits for an emergencyand then develops the urgency to manage it.
  • 33. Approaching – uncovering the need - probing The moment a good sales professional can address any of theseissues, he brings urgency into the buyer’s mind to buy now & notlater. This raises various objections from the prospects side… “What’sthe urgency? I will do it later… The process of counseling helps transform the invisible needinto a visible one. A prospect cannot take advantage of a solution till he isunaware of the pain or problem. A good sales professional brings to the surface the loss from notbuying. Counselors OR Executives who are only looking for prospectsaware of their pain or problem fail to achieve the set targets.
  • 34. To Be Continued……..