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  • 1. Group No 7• Asit Sakhare.• Bhavna Solanki.• Binkal Dedhia.• Harshad Jadhav.• Raj Sohanda.• Roshan Shetty.• Vijay Rajpal.
  • 2. Outline• Vision and Mission• About us.• Roles & objectives• Importance to Indian Economy• Global Overview• Exports• Current Policies• Training’s Conducted.• Kimberley Process• Programmes Conducted ( Indian, New and Big Players)• Current Events with latest updates• Trade shows and Exhibition• Conclusion.
  • 3. Vision Statement“ To Make India the preferredsource for quality gems andjewellery.”Mission Statement“ To enable every individualassociated with the Indian gemsand jewellery industry toachieve their full potential.”
  • 4. • Set-up in 1966, the GJEPC has over the years effectively moulded thescattered efforts of individual exporters to make the gem and jewellerysector a powerful engine driving Indias export-led growth. GJEPC iscontinuously working towards creating a pool of artisans anddesigners trained to international standards so as to consolidate theIndian jewellery industry and establish it as a prominent global playerin the jewellery segment.• The Council is primarily involved in introducing the Indian gem &jewellery products to the international market and promotes theirexports. To achieve this, the Council provides market information toits members regarding foreign trade inquiries, trade and tariffregulations, rates of import duties, and information about jewelleryfairs and exhibitions.
  • 5. The Council’s primary objective is to promote and therebyenhance exports of gems and jewellery from India.• To provide guidance and information to members• To liaise between the trade and government on issuespertaining to the industry.• To advise the Indian government on matters pertaining tothe industry.• To provide training and R & D support for the developmentof the trade.• To facilitate contacts between Indian and foreignbusinessmen.
  • 6.  Trade Facilitator Advisory Role Nodal Agency for Kimberley Process CertificationScheme Training & Research Varied Interests
  • 7. • One of India’s leading foreign exchange earning sector.• Diamonds account for 54 percent of the total export basket ofthe industry, with gold jewellery contributing 38 percent andcoloured gemstones contributing 1 percent each whereas roughdiamonds contribute 4 percent of the total share.• The Indian industry has received a boost from the trade-friendly regime ushered in by the government.• Most recently, it is the jewellery sector that India has madebrilliant impact, emerging as the fastest growing jewelleryexported in the world, averaging a growth of nearly 15-20 percent each year over the last decade.
  • 8. • Ascertain India’s leadership position in Global overview.• Establish “ INDIA” as a “BRAND” to reckon with in Gem& Jewellery.• Truly Make India the World’s trading hub for Gem &Jewellery.• Lead the Industry in Driving Gem & Jewellery salesworldwide.
  • 9. 01000020000300002008-092009-102010-112011-122012-13Indias Export of Cut & Polished Diamonds
  • 10. 010000200002008-092009-102010-112011-122012-13Indias Gold Jewellery Exports
  • 11. 02004006008002008-092009-102010-112011-122012-13Indians Export of Coloured Gemstones
  • 12. Items 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13(Provisional)Rough Diamonds 7,960 9,048 11,994 15,132 13473Rough Col.Gemstones106 117 150 136 180Rough SyntheticStones3 2 9 12 28Gold Bars 4,639 7,474 8,630 11,036 9756Others 919 42 124 101 54Total 13,627 16,683 20,907 26,417 23491Import of C&PDiamonds8,962 11,610 20,808 14,374 4458Import of otheritems394 552 740 1,860 5056Total Imports 23,003 28,845 42,454 42,650 33005
  • 13. A project of
  • 14. Presented by