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"Oh Shama, this book is very valuable and efficacious, so I present it to you, you read it. Once I suffered intensely and My heart began to palpitate and My life was in danger. At that critical time, I hugged this book to My heart and then, Shama, what a relief it gave me! I thought that Allah Himself came down and saved Me. So I give this to you, read it slowly, little by little, read daily one name at least and it will do you good."
- Sri Shirdi Sai Baba
(Ref Chapter XXVII Shri Shiridi Sai Satcharitra)

Vishnu Sahasranaama by Sri M.S.Subbalaksmi:

"The sun does not illumine it, nor the moon nor the fire; That is My Supreme State reaching which they do not return."
- Bhagavad Gita

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Vishnu sahastranamam meaning in english

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  2. 2. "Oh Shama, this book is very valuable and efficacious, so I present it to you, you read it. Once I suffered intensely and My heart began to palpitate and My life was in danger. At that critical time, I hugged this book to My heart and then, Shama, what a relief it gave me! I thought that Allah Himself came down and saved Me. So I give this to you, read it slowly, little by little, read daily one name at least and it will do you good." - Shri Shirdi Sai Baba (Ref Chapter XXVII Shri Sai Satcharitra) 2
  3. 3. The Vishnu Sahasranaama was composed by Sri Veda Vyaasa, the author of the Puraanas, and we meet this great chant in his classical work, the Mahaabharata. Prince Yudhisthira, the eldest of the pandavas, at the end of the war approached Bheeshma Pitaamaha, when the mighty grandsire of the Kuru family was lying on the bed of arrows, unconquered and in- conquerable, awaiting the scared hour of his departure to the feet of the Lord. Yudhishthira, the righteous, asked six questions, Bheeshma, the constant devotee of Krishna, the gigantic Man of Action, calmly answered them all. This is how we find the “Thousand Names of Lord Vishnu” introduced in the immortal classic, the Mahaabharata. 3
  4. 4. Om SuklAm baradharam vishNum SasivarNam. Caturbhujam prasanna vadanam. dhyayet sarva vighnopa SAntayet For the eradication of all obstructions, I meditate on vishNu who is wearing white cloth, who is the color of the moon, who has four arms and who has placid expression on his face. 4
  5. 5. Shree Vaisham pãyana uvacha: Shruthvã dharmãna séshéna pãvananicha sarvashaha Yudhishtara shanthanavam punarévãbya bashatha Vaisampayana, the narrator to Dhritrastra says: Yudhishthira, as a righteous man of spiritual inclination, with the mortal integrity of a careful mortal, asks Bhishma quite an interesting set of questions which are typical queries which the heart of seekers will always ask. 5
  6. 6. Yudhishtira uvacha: Kimékam daivatham loke kim vápyekam parãyanam Sthuvantha kam kamarchanda prapnuyur mãnavã shubam Yudhishtira asks Bheeshma: Who is the Lord of the world? Who is the one refuge for all? By glorifying whom can man reach the Auspiciousness (peace and prosperity)? By worshipping whom can a man reach auspiciousness (peace and prosperity)? 6
  7. 7. Ko dharma sarva dharmãnam bhavatha paramo mathaha Kim japan muchyathé janthur janma samsãra bandhanãth What is, in thy opinion, the Greatest Dharma? By doing japa of what can “creatures” go beyond the bonds of samsara? 7
  8. 8. Shree Bheeshmã Uvacha: Jagath prabhum deva devam antham purushothamam Sthuvan nãma sahasréna purusha saththo thithaha Grandsire Bheeshma speaks thus: The Supreme Purusha, who is ever up and working for the welfare of all, the Lord of the world, the endless – Sri Maha Vishnu. 8
  9. 9. Thameva chãr chayanth nithyam bhakthya purusha mavyayam Dhayãyan sthuvan namasyamsha yajamãnas thamevacha By meditating upon, by worshipping and by prostrating at the same Purusha, man can reach true Auspiciousness. 9
  10. 10. Anãdhinidhanam vishnumsarva lokamahesvaram Lokãdhyaksham sthuvan nithyam sarva dhukkã thigo bhavéth The greatest Dharma is the one Vishnu, who has neither a beginning nor an end, the Supreme Lord of the world. All creatures can go beyond the bonds of samsara, and he goes beyond all sorrows who daily chants the Sahasranaama and within glorifies “the knower of the world” (Lokaadhyaksha). 10
  11. 11. Brahmanyamsarva dharmangyamlokãnãm keerthivardhanamLokanãthammahathbhoothamsarva bhoothabhavothbhavamEsha mé sarvadharmãnãm dharmodhikathamomathahaYathbhakthyãpundari kãkshamsthavairar-chénnara ssathaParamam yo mahath tejaparamamyo mahaththapahaParamam yo mahath brahmaparamamya parãyanam He who is the great effulgence; He who is the Great controller; He who is the Supreme All-Pervading Truth; He who is the Highest Goal - the Lord Vishnu. 11
  12. 12. THEMEDITATIONSTANZA saantaakaaram bhujaga-sayanam padmanaabhamsuresam We meditate upon the master of the universe, Lord Vishnu, who is ever peaceful, who lies on the great serpent-bed, from whose navel springs the lotus of the creative power, who is the controller of the gods. 12
  13. 13. THEMEDITATIONSTANZA visvaadhaaram gagana-sadrisam megha-varnam subha-angam ... whose form is the entire universe, and who is the foundation for the universe. who is all pervading as the sky, of the hue of the cloud, of fascinating beauty, 13
  14. 14. THEMEDITATIONSTANZA Lakshmikantham Kamalanayanam Yogibhir-dhyaana-gamyam ... the lord of Lakshmi, the lotus eyed, he who dwells in the hearts of the yogis and who can be approached and perceived through meditation, 14
  15. 15. THEMEDITATIONSTANZA Vande vishnum bhava-bhaya-haram sarva-lokaika-naatham. We pray to Lord Vishnu, he who is the destroyer of the fear of samsara and the Lord of all the worlds. 15
  16. 16. Sloka1 Om visvam vishnur- vashatkaaro bhoota-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuh bhoota-krit bhoota-bhith bhaavo bhootaatmaa bhoota-bhaavanah Universe or Cause of Universe; One who is full in all respects. One who permeates everything, is inside every sentient and non-sentient being. One who surrounds everything. One who controls and directs. The Master of all things past, future, and present. The creator of all beings. The supporter of all things. He who exists with all the splendor. He who exists always, independent of anything else. The AtmA or soul of all beings. One who nourishes and nurtures all beings that He created. 16
  17. 17. Sloka2 pootaatmaa paramaatmaa cha muktaanaam paramaa gatih avyayah purushah saakshee kshetrajno akshara eva cha. The Pure Self - One who is untainted by the effects of karma - good or bad. The Supreme Soul - for whom there is no other guiding or superior soul. One who is the ultimate goal for all muktas or Released or Liberated Souls. One who does not send back anyone who has reached Him (to the cycle of birth and rebirth). Indestructible. One who bestows on the liberated the enjoyment of the Bliss of Himself in plenty. One who existed before anything else existed. One who completes and fulfills existence everywhere. One who directly witnesses everything as it is. , The All-Knower, The Omniscient. One who knows, and can lead, the liberated to the exact place where the liberated will get their sought-after Supreme Bliss. One whose greatness never diminishes over time. 17
  18. 18. Sloka3 yogoh yoga-vidaam netaa pradhaana-purushesvarah naarasimha- vapuh sreemaan kesavah purushottamah. One Who alone is the definite and unobstructed means to salvation. One who leads those who practice yoga until they reach their Goal. One who is the Lord of Primordial Matter as well as the Jivas (Living beings). One who possesses a body of man and lion combined. One with a lovely form. One with lovely locks of hair. The Supreme amongst the purushas (individual souls). 18
  19. 19. Sloka4 sarvas-sharvas-sivah sthaanur bhootaadir nidhir-avyayah sambhavo bhaavano bhartaa prabhavah prabhur-eesvarah. One who is all - the cause of creation, protection and destruction of all things. The Remover of all sins. One who confers auspiciousness to those who have a vision of Him, and to those who meditate upon Him. One who is eagerly sought after by all beings. The source or cause of all beings. The very source of the pancha bhutas (Five elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth). The inexhaustible treasure. One who manifests Himself at will to those who sincerely seek Him at any place and at any time and in any form. One who regenerates all by dispelling all their evils. The Supporter. One whose birth is of a sublime nature. The One who is the very womb of all the Five Elements. One who is all powerful. One who has the supreme power of control over all beings. One who has the ability to do anything without the help of any other beings or things. 19
  20. 20. Sloka5 svayambhooh sambhur adityah pushkaraaksho mahaasvanah anaadi-nidhano dhaataa vidhaataa dhaaturuttamah. He who manifests Himself by His own free will. One who causes happiness to everyone by the beauty of His appearance. One who sustains and nourishes everything like the Sun. The Lotus-eyed. The venerable sound of the Vedas(OM). One who is without beginning or end. The creator. The producer. One who is far superior to Brahma, The best of all basic constituents. 20
  21. 21. Sloka6 aprameyo hrisheekesah padmanaabho-a- maraprabhuh visvakarmaa manustvashtaa sthavishthah sthaviro dhruvah. One who cannot be defined, explained, measured, etc. through logical means (who can only be experienced). One who, in the form of the Sun and the Moon, makes this world happy through His rays. One from whose navel the lotus (the cause of the Universe) emanates. The Lord of the immortal gods. One who is the agent of all actions with regard to the Universe. The Creator of the Universe. The Great Thinker. One who created all the different forms and names in this Universe. One who is exceedingly huge in size. One who has always existed, Older than the oldest. One who is unaffected by Time, Unchanging, Permanent. 21
  22. 22. Sloka7 agraahyah saasvatah krishno lohitaakshah pratardanah prabhootah trikakub-dhaama pavitram mangalam param. One who is beyond the grasp of others. One who is eternal. One who is always in a state of Bliss. One who has a dark-blue complexion. One with eyes red like the beautiful lotus flower. The Destroyer. One who is affluent, ever full, and well-endowed with wisdom, greatness, and other qualities. Purity Incarnate. The Embodiment of Supreme Auspiciousness. 22
  23. 23. Sloka8 eesaanah praanadah praano jyeshthah sreshthah prajaapatih hiranya-garbho bhoo-garbho maodhavo madhu-soodanah. The Controller. The Life-giver. Older than the oldest. Most praise-worthy. Lord of the Ever-free Angels. He who is in a lovely Abode. One for whom the Earth is the object of protection. The consort of MA or Lakshmi. One who is attained through the Madhu vidya, or through mauna, dhyana, and yoga. The Lord of knowledge or the propounder of the knowledge of the Supreme Being. One for whom there is no Lord . A silent observer, a maunee, The slayer of the evil demon called Madhu. 23
  24. 24. Sloka9 eesvaro vikramee dhanvee medhaavee vikramah kramah anuttamo duraadharshah kritajnah kritir-aatmavaan. The Ruler. The most Courageous, The most Powerful. One who has the "Special" footsteps viz. Vamana. The wielder of the bow. One who rides on the king of birds, the Garuda. One who is the basis for the order in the Universe. One who controls and bestows the power of movement. One who is highly prosperous. One for whom there is nothing superior or better. One who cannot be overcome by the demons and others. One who is grateful. One who is the cause of the virtuous act of His devotees. The real Owner and Controller of the souls of those who do these virtuous acts. 24
  25. 25. Sloka10 suresah saranam sarma visva-retaah prajaa-bhavah ahah samvatsaro vyaalah pratyayah sarvadarsanah. The Lord of all the other gods. The Refuge. One who is Bliss, the Highest Goal to be attained. The seed for the Universe. One from whom all beings have originated. One who never forsakes anyone. One who is like the Day that awakens people from ignorance. One who does not destroy His devotees. He who lives for the uplift of His devotees. One who accepts the devotees. One who can be relied upon. One who shows all His grace to His devotees. The All-seeing. 25
  26. 26. Sloka11 ajah sarvesvarah siddhah siddhih sarvaadir achyutah vrishaakapir ameyaatmaa sarva-yoga- vinissritah. Unborn. The Remover of all obstacles. One who moves in the hearts of the devotees. One who removes the ignorance from the hearts of His devotees. One who is the root of all sound. One who reaches all who seek Him. The Goal. The Origin or Cause of all things. One who undergoes no modifications such as birth, growth, decay, disease, etc. One whose Nature cannot be comprehended. One who is beyond any attachment. One who is easily attained by all means by His devotees 26
  27. 27. Sloka12 vasur-vasumanaah satyah samaatmaa sammitah samah amoghah pundareekaaksho vrishakarmaa vrishaakritih. One who dwells in the hearts of His devotees. One who dwells in the Milk-Ocean. One who is the wealth that His devotees seek. One who has a mind which thinks of His devotees as a treasure. The Truth. One who is well-disposed towards the good. One who has an even mind. One who has let Himself be understood by His devotees. The One Truth who is accepted by the Rishis and revealed in the Upanishads. One who treats all His devotees equally. One who always gives fruits to those who worship Him. One whose eyes are beautiful like the lotus flower. One who resides in the heart space of everyone and observes all. One who is of righteous actions. One who is an embodiment of Dharma. 27
  28. 28. Sloka13 Rudro bahu-siraa babhrur visvayonis-suchi-sravaah- amritah saasvatah-sthaanur- varaaroho mahaatapaah. One who confers the good on the devotees. One who destroys misery. One who is multi-headed. The Supporter. The cause of this world. One who unites His devotees with Himself. One who listens to words which are pure. One whose names are worthy of being heard. One who has beautiful and divine ears. The insatiating nectar to His devotees. One who is Immortal. One who is Eternally Firm. One who is the most supreme object of attainment. One of Excellent Ascent. One who is endowed with Great Knowledge. 28
  29. 29. Sloka14 sarvagah sarvavid-bhaanuh- vishvak-sena janaardanah veda vedavid-avyango vedaanga vedavit kavih. One who reaches all. One who is the All-knower. One who shines. One who has His army in all directions for the protection of all. One who destroys the wicked. One who protects people from the wicked. One who is approached by devotees for their wishes. One who is the embodiment of scriptures. The true knower of the meaning of the vedas. One who has no imperfections. One who has Vedas as His body. One who knows not only the Vedas, but the true meaning behind the Vedas, viz. the dharma. One who cognizes beyond ordinary perception. 29
  30. 30. Sloka15 lokaadhyakshah suraadhyaksho dharmaadhyakshah krita-akritah chaturaatmaa chaturvyoohas-chatur-damshtras-chatur-bhujah. Lord of the worlds, Master or superintendent of all people. Master of the devas. Master of dharma, the way the Supreme should be worshipped. The grantor of fruits that are worldly as well as those that are eternal. One who is both the cause and effect of all things. One who has a form which is nitya or permanent, as well as transient forms. One whose Self has a four-fold manifestation. One with four arms. 30
  31. 31. Sloka16 bhraajishnur-bhojanam bhoktaa sahishnur- jagadaadijah anagho vijayo jetaa visvayonih punarvasuh. One who is effulgent. One who is the object of enjoyment. The Enjoyer. The Forgiver. He who was born at the beginning of the Universe. One who is Sinless, uncontaminated. Victory Incarnate. The conqueror. The Cause of the Universe. One who lives again and again as the antaratma of all His creations. 31
  32. 32. Sloka17 upendro vaamanah praamsur- amoghah suchir-oorjitah ateendrah samgrahah sargo dhritaatmaa niyamo yamah. One who is superior to Indra. One with the Dwarf form(vamana). One whose acts are never purposeless. Pure. One who is endowed with immense strength. He who has everyone under His control. The creator of Himself. The supporter of all the jivatmas(beings). The Controller. The Ruler. 32
  33. 33. Sloka18 vedyo vaidyah sadaa-yogee veerahaa maadhavo madhuh ati-indriyo mahaamaayo mahotsaaho mahaabalah. He who can be realized. That which should be known or realized. The knower of vidya or knowledge. One who is always awake with respect to His devotees. One who unites this Universe as the Omnipresent. One who always follows the dharma. One who is in constant yogic meditation. One who always displays the samatva-bhava(treating everyone equally). The slayer of strong men of wicked nature. The propounder of the knowledge of the Supreme Being. One who is like honey to His devotees. He who is beyond the range of the sense organs. One who is possessed of wonderful power of enchantment. He of great enthusiasm. One with immeasurable strength - The Omnipotent. 33
  34. 34. Sloka19 mahaabuddhir-mahaa-veeryo mahaa-saktir mahaa-dyutih anirdesya-vapuh sreemaan ameyaatmaa mahaadri-dhrik. He of infinite knowledge. He of great virility. Of immense power. He of great splendor. He who possesses an indescribable body. Possessor of beauty. He of an incomprehensible nature. The bearer of the great mountain. 34
  35. 35. Sloka20 maheshvaaso maheebhartaa sreenivaasah sataam gatih aniruddhah suraanando govindo govindaam-patih. The discharger of great arrows, The wielder of the mighty bow. The bearer of the earth. In whom Lakshmi resides. The Ultimate Goal for all spiritual seekers. One who cannot be obstructed or resisted by anyone. One who gives delight to the gods. One who is praised by the gods (for His help). One who dug out the Earth from the depths of the Ocean. The protector of cows. One who confers the Vedas. 35
  36. 36. Sloka21 mareechir-damano hamsah suparno bhujagottamah hiranyanaabhah sutapaah padmanaabhah prajaapatih. Ray of light. Dispeller of Ignorance, One who controls and punishes those who swerve from their prescribed path. One who is like the swan. One who can lead people to the other shore across the ocean of samsara. The Master of the Serpent AdiSesha. One who has a beautiful navel with a golden hue, One who supports in His navel the creator. One who is possessed of supreme knowledge. One with consistent creative thinking. One who has the lotus emanating from his navel, One who resides in the center of everyone's heart. The Lord of beings. 36
  37. 37. Sloka22 amrityus-sarva-drik simhah san-dhaataa sandhimaan sthirah ajo durmarshanah saastaa visrutaatmaa suraarihaa. One who is beyond death or decay. All-seeing. The Lion, Destroyer. One who unites His devotees with Him. One who unites the beings with the fruits of their actions. One who is always united with His devotees. One who is firm in His relation to His devotees. Unborn, Remover of obstacles, One who moves in the hearts of the devotees, One who removes the ignorance from the hearts of His devotees, One who is the root of all sound. The Unassailable. The Teacher. One whose exploits are praised with wonder, One who is called by special names (such as Truth, Knowledge, etc), One whose praise is sung in various forms, One whose Atma is of a special Nature. The slayer of the enemies of the gods. 37
  38. 38. Sloka23 gurur-gurutamo dhaama satyas-satya-paraakramah nimisho-a-nimishah sragvee vaachaspatir-udaara-dheeh. The foremost among the preceptors. The Supreme Light. The Abode of all desired things. The Good. One of unfailing valour. One whose eyes are closed (towards the enemies of His devotees). The Lord of Speech. One with vast knowledge. 38
  39. 39. Sloka24 agraneer-graamaneeh sreemaan nyaayo netaa sameeranah sahasra-moordhaa visvaatmaa sahasraakshas-sahasrapaat. One who leads forward. Leader of the hosts of angels. One who is endowed with wealth. One who is full of all glories. One who is radiant. The Lord of Mahalakshmi. One who has Mahalakshmi in his vaksha-sthala(chest). One who is endowed with all the powers. One who fulfills the requests of His devotees. One who manages or regulates the affairs of the cosmos. One who performs acts which are delectable. One who controls all movements (breath) in beings. The thousand-headed. The very soul of the Universe; the very inner Essence in all living creatures. The thousand-eyed. The thousand-footed. 39
  40. 40. Sloka25 aavartano nivrittaatmaa samvritah sam-pramardanah ahassamvartako vahnir anilo dharaneedharah. He who turns the wheel of worldly life or samsara. He whose nature rises above other things. He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires. He who is the atma of those who practice dharma. He who is beyond the bonds of samsara. He who remains hidden. The dispeller (of the darkness). The regulator of the day (time); The Sun. The Bearer or The Carrier; The Fire. The Giver of life-breath; The Air. One who needs no goading to Help His devotees. The Beginingless. One who has no binding, unaffected by virtue and vice. One who is beyond dissolution. One who is omniscient - All-Knowing. Easily accessible to His devotees. One who has no fixed residence. One who does not hide anywhere i.e., who is present everywhere. One who is always awake. The bearer of the Earth. 40
  41. 41. Sloka26 suprasaadah prasannaatmaa visva-dhrik-visvablluk-vibhuh satkartaa satkritah saadhur jahnur-naaraayano narah. The Giver of good favours. He with a clear mind; Of delightful nature. The Creator of the Universe. He who pervades all things and protects them. He who honors the good. He who is worshipped by the sadhus. The Supporter of the hosts of souls. He who is imperishable. The Leader. 41
  42. 42. Sloka27 asankhyeyo-aprameyaatmaa visishtah sishta-krit-suchih siddhaarthah siddhasankalpah siddhidah siddhisaadhanah. One whose attributes, names, forms, . . are Innumerable. He who is Superior. He who makes His devotees eminent. Pure. One who is in possession of all desirable things. One whose wishes are always fulfilled. The bestower of siddhi-s or super-human powers. One who makes the means for siddhi as pleasant as the fruit itself. 42
  43. 43. Sloka28 vrishaahee vrishabho vishnur-vrishaparvaa vrishodarah vardhano vardhamaanascha viviktah sruti-saagarah. One who shines in the form of dharma. One who makes His devotees shine like day because of their dharma. One who reveals dharma. One who has the brightness of Agni (fire). The cause of the brightness of all objects. He who showers (His grace). He who shines because of His dharma. One who pervades everything. He who has provided the steps of dharma to reach Him. He who nourishes. He who is unique. He who is the sea where all Vedas take us. 43
  44. 44. Sloka29 subhujo durdharo vaagmee mahendro vasudo vasuh naika-roopo brihad-roopah sipivishtah prakaasanah. One with majestic arms. The irresistible. One who is difficult to comprehend . One who is difficult to hold in concentration . One who is not supported by anyone or anything else. He who has words which are praise-worthy. He who has powerful words. He from whom the veda-s originated. He of great wealth. The Giver of wealth. He who is Himself the wealth sought by those who have realized the Truth. He of Infinite forms (Vishvarupa). He of an immense form. He who pervades the rays. One who shows Himself to His devotees. One who illumines everything. 44
  45. 45. Sloka30 ojas-tejo-dyutidharah prakaasa-aatmaa prataapanah riddhah spashtaaksharo mantras- chandraamsur-bhaaskara- dyutih. One who is endowed with strength, vigor and brilliance. He who is full in all respects. He who protects those who meditate on His name. He who is possessed of the effulgent rays like those of the moon. He who has the effulgence of the sun. 45
  46. 46. Sloka31 amritaamsoodbhavo bhaanuh sasabinduh suresvarah aushadham jagatas-setuh satya-dharma-paraakramah. The source of nectar-rayed moon. The lustrous Sun. One who is Radiant. He who disowns the evil- minded. One who controls the paths of the planets and the stars. The Lord of the gods. The Medicine. The barrier for the world. The bridge for crossing the ocean of samsara(bondage). One who binds and keeps in-tact all that moves in this world. One whose qualities and valour are always true. 46
  47. 47. Sloka32 bhoota-bhavya-bhavan-naathah pavanah paavano-analah kaamahaa kaamakrit-kaantah kaamah kaamapradah prabhuh. The Lord of all in the past, present and future. He who moves about (Wind). He who purifies everything. One who is never satisfied (in His Mercy or daya). The Destroyer of desires. One who creates desirable things, and also fulfils the desires. He who is charming. The Lovable. The Grantor of wishes. One who has the supreme power to attract the minds of all towards Himself; One who surpasses all in being. 47
  48. 48. Sloka33 yugaadi-krit yugaavarto naikamaayo mahaasanah adrisyo vyaktaroopascha sahasrajit anantajit. The Creator at the beginning of a yuga. He who revolves the yuga-s. He of multifarious wonders. He Who cannot be seen. He of a manifest form. The Conqueror of thousands. One whose victory is endless, limitless, countless. 48
  49. 49. Sloka34 ishto visishtah sishteshtah sikhandee nahusho vrishah krodhahaa krodhakrit kartaa visvabaahur maheedharah. One who is liked by everyone. One who is worshipped in sacrifice. He who is impartial to everyone. He who cannot be distinguished. He who has no equal. He who is dear even to eminent persons. He who wears a peacock feather. One who binds (the jiva-s by His maya). He who drenches (those who are scorched by the heat of samsara). He who showers His devotees with all that is asked for. He who is the embodiment of dharma. He who destroys the anger in sadhus. He who has arms for the good of the world. The Supporter of the world. 49
  50. 50. Sloka35 achyutuh prathitah praanah praanado vaasavaanujah apaam nidhiradhishthaanam apramattah pratishthitah He who does not fall from His status. One who is famous, One who is of great reputation. The Life- Breath. The Life-Giver. The Sustainer. The Support. The Vigilant. He who is self-dependent. 50
  51. 51. Sloka36 skandah skanda-dharo dhuryo varado vaaryuvaahanah vasudevo brihat bhaanur aadidevah purandarah. The Supporter. The Grantor of boons. He who has Vayu as His vehicle. He who pervades and sports. He of profuse luster. The Destroyer of the sufferings from the Evil. He who helps the devotee in transcending the attachment to worldly. He who brings an end to the bodies of all beings. 51
  52. 52. Sloka37 asokastaaranastaarah soorah saurih-janesvarah anukoolah sataavarttah padmee padmanibhekshanah. The dispeller of sorrows. The Savior. The Valiant. The son of valiant people like vasudeva, dasaratha, . . The Lord of the people. He who has several incarnations to sustain dharma. He who maintains and manages several cycles - the cycle of samsara for all the beings. He who carries the lotus in His hand. One who has eyes which resemble the lotus. 52
  53. 53. Sloka38 padmanaabho-arvindaakshah padmagarbhah sareerabhrit maharddhi-riddhah uriddhaatmaa mahaakshah garudadwajah. One with a lotus-like navel. The Lotus-eyed. He who is installed in a lotus. The Protector of the bodies of everyone through food and life-energy. He of immense riches. One who keeps growing; Prosperous. One with Divine Eyes. One who has Garuda in His banner. 53
  54. 54. Sloka39 atulah sarabhah bheemah samayajno havirharih sarvalakshanalakshanyah lakshmeevaan samitinjayah. The Incomparable. The Destroyer (of those who transgress the bounds of ethics). One who shines as the Inner Self. The Formidable. The Knower of the conventions. He who is the abode of all the auspicious qualities, He who is the ultimate definition of all good qualities, He who is pointed to as the Ultimate Truth through all analysis, He who reveals Himself through everything around us. He who is always with Lakshmi. He who is victorious in battles. 54
  55. 55. Sloka40 viksharo rohito maargo hetur daamodarah sahah maheedharo mahaabhaago vegavaan-amitaasanah. He who never wanes. He who is sought after. The Cause. He who has the worlds in His belly. One who was tied around His waist by ropes by YaSodA. One who has happiness for His devotees. He who has patience. The Supporter of the Earth. He who is quick. He who gives unlimited supply of food to His creations. 55
  56. 56. Sloka41 udbhavah kshubhano devah sreegarbhah paramesvarah karanam kaaranam kartaa vikartaa gahano guhah. He who removes the bondage. He who is beyond the bondage of samsara. He who is the origin of the Universe. The Creator of a commotion. He who sports Himself. He who has Lakshmi always with Him in His play. He who has Lakshmi in Him in the form of the Universe. He who is the abode of all auspicious qualities (SrI). The Supreme Ruler. The Means. The Cause - He who causes others to act. The Agent. He who created the world of varieties. He who is deep and inscrutable. The Saviour. One who hides Himself effectively from non-devotees. 56
  57. 57. Sloka42 vyavasaayo vyavasthaanah samsthaanah sthaanado-dhruvah pararddhih paramaspashtah- tushtah pushtah subhekshanah. Remover of obstacles. The Purifier. The vital air (Life- breath). He who deserves to be worshiped. Well-known. He who delights everyone's heart. The Slayer of the enemies. He who is full (of love and affection). He who moves (towards His devotees). He who does not get diminished. 57
  58. 58. Sloka43 raamo viraamo virajo maargo neyo nayo-anayah veerah saktimataam-sreshthah dharmo dharmaviduttamah. He who delights others. He in whom everyone delights. He before whom all become powerless. He who is the final goal of everyone. One who shows the faultless path. The Unattached. He who is sought after. He who shows the flawless path. He who draws everyone towards Himself. He who cannot be spirited away. Valiant. The Greatest among the powerful. Virtue Incarnate. The foremost among those who are conscious of dharma. 58
  59. 59. Sloka44 vaikunthah purushah praanah praanadah pranavah prithuh hiranyagarbhah satrughno vyaapto vaayuradhokshajah. Remover of obstacles. The Purifier. The vital air (Life-breath). He who deserves to be worshiped. Well-known. He who delights everyone's heart. The Slayer of the enemies. He who is full (of love and affection). He who does not get diminished. 59
  60. 60. Sloka45 rituh sudarsanah kaalah parameshthee parigrahah ugrah samvatsaro daksho visraamo visva-dakshinah. He of a delightful appearance that induces happiness in those who see Him. He whose vision leads to moksham (liberation). He whose eyes resemble the lotus petals. He who is seen easily by His devotees. He who draws all towards Himself. He who measures and sets a limit to everything. He who measures everyone's karma and doles out the fruit. He who resides in the Supreme cave of the heart. He who takes all with Him. He who is grasped on all sides by those who seek refuge in Him. He who accepts any offering by His devotees when offered with sincerity. He who has everything in this Universe under His control. The Formidable. He in whom everything resides. He who is quick in action. The Place of Rest. One who provides rest to all the beings. He who is well-disposed towards all. He who is proficient in everything. He who is more proficient than everyone. 60
  61. 61. Sloka46 vistaarah sthaavarah sthaanuh pramaanam beejamavyayam artho anartho mahaakoso mahaabhogo mahaadhanah. He who is spread out in everything. He who expands to contain everything (at the time of pralaya). He who is tranquil after establishing the dharma. He who is motionless, and in whom the Universe rest. The Authority. The Seed Imperishable. The Goal - He who is sought after. He who is self-fulfilled and does not have any other end to seek. He who has a great treasure. He who is a Great Treasure. He who is shielded by the five kosas or shields. He who has objects of great enjoyment. He of great wealth. 61
  62. 62. Sloka47 anirvinnah sthavishtho-abhoor dharma-yoopo mahaa-makhah nakshatranemir nakshatree kshamah kshaamahsameehanah. He who is never despondent. He who is Immense. The All-supporter. He who is united with dharma. The Great. He who makes the stars move. He who has (supports) the stars. He who is competent. He who has great patience. He who is in a diminished form. He in whom all forms diminish. He who establishes all others in their respective posts. Well-wisher. He who works towards the welfare of His creation. 62
  63. 63. Sloka48 yajnah ijyo mahejyashcha kratuh satram sataam gatih sarvadarshee vimuktaatmaa sarvajno jnaanamuttamam. The Sacrifice. He who is the object of worship. He who protects the good people. He who makes everything go. The Goal of the pious. The All- Seer. He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires. The Omniscient. The Greatest Knowledge. 63
  64. 64. Sloka49 suvratah sumukhah sookshmah sughoshah sukhadah suhrit manoharo jita-krodho veerabaahurvidaaranah. He of good vows - to protect anyone who surrenders. He who observes nitya-karma-s(daily rites) in His incarnations just to set an example to us. He with a charming face. Subtle, delicate and difficult to comprehend. He whose voice is itself the great Vedas. He who is praised by the delightful voice of the Vedas. He who has a very sweet, deep, and sonorous voice. He who Bestows Bliss. The good-hearted, a True Friend. He who captivates the heart. He who has overcome anger. He of mighty arms. He who cuts the sins of His devotees. 64
  65. 65. Sloka50 svaapanah svavaso vyaapee naikaatmaa naikakarmakrit vatsaro vatsalo vatsee ratnagarbho dhanesvarah. He who is under His own control. He of diverse forms. He who performs diverse acts. He who lives within all beings. He in whom everything resides. He who is the Infinite Time. He who restored the calves to the gopas. The Affectionate. He who possesses lots of children whom He protects like a cow protects its calves. He who is in possession of abundant wealth. He who is the source of everything that can give happiness. The quick giver of wealth. 65
  66. 66. Sloka51 dharmagub dharmakrit dharmee sadasatksharamaksharam avijnaataa sahasraamsur vidhaataa kritalakshanah. He who protects dharma. He who induces His devotees to follow dharma. He who practices dharma. He who has dharma as an instrument. He who is commendable. He who is ever existent. He who is in the form of good and meritorious acts. He whose existence is never diminished or destroyed in any way. He who never forsakes the good. He who is the cause of misery to those who do sinful acts. He who is non-existent for those who do not follow the path of dharma. He who moves away from the bad. He who has a thousand rays (of knowledge). The (Supreme) Controller. The Supporter of the Universe. He who has prescribed the distinguishing characteristics for the pious. He who has created distinguishing marks for Himself. He who has created the Vedas. He who distinguished the different species by external and internal attributes. 66
  67. 67. Sloka52 gabhastinemih sattvasthah simho bhootamahesvarah aadidevo mahaadevo deveso devabhrit guruh. He who has the effulgent ‘chakra’ as His weapon. He who enlightens everything by His effulgence. He who is the Center of the planetary system. He who is in the hearts of the devotees. He who abides in sattva-guna. He who resides in all beings. He who punishes (those who harm His devotees). He who took the nrisimha (Man-Lion) form. He who is most powerful. The Supreme Lord of all beings. He who is the first cause and is endowed with effulgence. He who swallows the three worlds at the time of pralaya(destruction), and releases at the time of creation. The great Player. The Ruler of Gods. The Supporter of gods. The Preceptor. 67
  68. 68. Sloka53 uttaro gopatirgoptaa jnaanagamyah puraatanah sareera bhootabhritbhoktaa kapeendro bhooridakshinah. The Rescuer, The Savior (of devotees from samsara), He who transcends the bounds of birth and transmigration. The Master of all words (Vedas as well as all languages). The Protector of His own word. The Protector of His devotees words. Protector of the cows in His krishna Incarnation. The Lord of Mother Earth. The Lord of the (celestial) world. The Saviour. He who hides Himself from non-devotees. He who is to be realized by knowledge. The Ancient. He who supports all the gunas (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) which constitute the body. He who supports all beings which are part of His body. The Enjoyer. The giver of liberal gifts. He who makes things grow fast and move fast. He who is extremely dexterous. 68
  69. 69. Sloka54 somapo-amritapah somah purujit purusattamah vinayo jayah satyasandho daasaarhah saatvataam patih. He who drank the soma juice after performing sacrificial offerings in His Rama incarnation. The drinker of ambrosia. The Nectar. The moon. The Conqueror of all. He who remains with the great. He whose form is of cosmic dimensions, and who is the best of all. The Subduer. He who leads well. He who is victorious. He whose promises are always true. He of firm resolve. He who is worthy of gifts. He is worthy to be possessed as a gift. 69
  70. 70. Sloka55 jeeva vinayitaa-saakshee mukundo-amitavikramah ambhanidhiranantaatmaa mahadadhisayo-antakah. He who gives true life to His devotees. The Saviour. He who shows the path to everyone. The Observer. He who gives Liberation. He of boundless valour. He of the three great strides (tri-vikrama). He who is in the form of the Oceans. He who sustains the Ambhas (devas, men, animals, and asuras). He Who is reclining in the vast ocean. He Who beings out the end of all. 70
  71. 71. Sloka56 ajo mahaarhah svaabhaavyo jitaamitrah pramodanah aanando nandano nandah satyadharmaa trivikramah. He who is not born. He who drives away the darkness in the mind of the devotee. He who goes where the devotee is. He who is the cause of motion in the heart. He who is ever active in bestowing the effects of karma. The collections of things that exist. He who is everywhere and in everything. He who is worthy of worship. He who is by nature fit to be the Master. He who is naturally without a beginning. He who is present everywhere and in everything without exception. He who helps His devotees conquer enemies such as anger, lust, greed, ego, etc. He who has conquered anger, lust etc. He who has conquered His enemies. He who delights His devotees. He who is always joyful. He Who is Bliss. The Bliss-Giver. He Who is full of things that are Blissful. He Who performs His dharma truthfully. He Who protects those who have surrendered to Him without exception. He Who pervades the three Vedas. He Who measured the three worlds with three strides. He Who pervades all the three worlds completely. He Who has transcended the waking, sleep, and deep-sleep states. 71
  72. 72. Sloka57 maharshih kapilaachaaryah kritajno medineepatih tripadastridasaadhyaksho mahaasringah kritaantakrit. The Great Seer. He Who remembers the good deed done. He Who is both the Created and the Creator. He Who knows everything about His Creation. The Lord. The Propounder of the three tattvas(Satva, Rajas, Tamas). He Who is in the form of pranava mantra(OM) with three letters (A U M). He Who assumed the form of a Boar with three humps. He Who triumphed over the worlds with three steps. He Who is the Lord of the past, present, and future. The Saviour of the thirty-three gods. The Master of the three gunas. The Slayer of demon hiranyaksha. He who kills death himself. He who brings about the end to the manifested condition of the Universe. 72
  73. 73. Sloka58 mahaavaraaho govindah sushenah kanakaangade guhyo gabheero gahano guptaschakragadaadharah. He Who appeared in the form of the Great Boar. One who is praised by the gods (for His help). One who dug out the Earth from the depths of the Ocean. The protector of cows. One who confers the Vedas. He who rescued the Earth. He who is known by Vedic sentences. He who is responsible for all things that move. He who is equipped with a body with suddha sattva sakti-s that are like an army. He Who has an army of auspicious associates. He Who is adorned by armlets of gold. He who is concealed. He who is deep or mysterious. He who is Inexplicable. He who is the witness in everyone. He who is hidden. The bearer of the discus and the mace. 73
  74. 74. Sloka59 vedhaah svaangojitah krishno dridhah sankarshanochyutah varuno vaaruno vrikshah pushkaraaksho mahaamanaah. The Provider. The Doer (of auspicious happenings). The Creator. He who has the marks of sovereignty which are His own. He who is both the Instrumental Cause and the Material Cause of the Universe. He who has beautiful. He who, in the form of the Universe, moves by Himself. He who is unconquered, and unconquerable. One who is always in a state of Bliss. The Dark-hued. He who irresistibly attracts His devotees to Him through His infinite kalyana gunas (good Qualities). He who cultivates the Earth like a plough and makes it suitable for life forms to form and nourish. The Dark, Mysterious, and Unknowable except by deep devotion. He Who assumes firm, concrete vyuha(strategic) forms for the benefit of His devotees. He Who is firm and determined in His thoughts, words and deeds. He Who is huge and strong. He Who draws others near Him. One who never slips from His glory. One who never lets His devotees slip. One who undergoes no modifications such as birth, growth, decay, disease, etc. He Who is with those who have sought Him as their Lord. He Who removes the adversities of His devotees . He Who provides shade like a tree for the wise. He Who has beautiful lotus-like eyes. He Who pervades all space. He Who has the Sun and the Moon as His eyes. He Who shines as the light of consciousness when meditated upon in the lotus of the heart. The Broad-minded. He Who has a great (highly capable) mind. 74
  75. 75. Sloka60 bhagavaan bhagahaanandee vanamaalee halaayudhah aadityo jyotiraadityah sahishnurgatisattamah. He Who is worthy of worship. He Who knows the origin and the end of all beings. He Who is possessed of auspicious qualities. He Who has nanda as His father. He Who is ever blissful by Nature, and also because of His prosperity and the six gunas. He Who is ever happy by association with His devotees. He Who gives Bliss to His devotees. One Who has the plough in His hand. He from Whom moksha (Liberation) is obtained. The Resplendent Aditya (Sun). He Who resides in the disc of the sun. He Who glows like the sun. He Who is endowed with enormous patience. He Who forgives. He Who suffers patiently for us with perfect detachment. He Who conquers His foes. He Who willingly accepts the offerings of His devotees. The best instructor in the path of Dharma. The Best among the refuges to be sought. The Ultimate Support and the Greatest of all beings. 75
  76. 76. Sloka61 sudhanvaa khandaparasurdaaruno dravinnapradhah divah-sprik sarvadrik vyaaso vaachaspatirayonijah. He Who has a splendid bow. He who is merciless to those who deviate from the path of virtue. The Bestower of wealth. He Who touches the skies through His knowledge, by His being not only in the form of this Universe, but also far beyond it. By His vamana incarnation. By His Vishwarupa revealed to Arjuna. By His being the Antaryami for surya and the other planets. The All-seer. He who sees everything - the totality. He who is in the form of knowledge of all forms. He who is the Creator of all forms that can see under different conditions. He whose ornaments (like Kaustubha) shine distinctly. The Master of words. The Unborn. 76
  77. 77. Sloka62 trisaamaa saamagah. Saama nirvaanam bheshajam bhishak samnyaasakrit-sanaah saanto nishthaa saantih paraayanam. He who is propounded by the three-fold Sama Veda. The singer of sAma. He who is praised by the Sama. He who removes the sins of those who sing about Him. He who is in the form of the Sama Veda Himself. He who is soft and sweet. The Bliss. He who is the cause of Bliss to His devotees. He who is the embodiment of Bliss Himself. The Remedy. The Physician. He Who cuts asunder the bonds when desires are renounced. The Institutor of the Sannyasa Asrama for the attainment of moksha. He Who shows the path of Saranagati (Self-Surrender) to His devotee. He Who instructs on how to control anger, lust, greed etc. He who instructs that control of mind is the principal dharma for Samnyasin (Monk). He who controls all beings, including during Pralaya (destruction). He Who has absolute control of mind - He Whose nature is Calmness. He who puts an end to the darkness in His devotees' mind. He whose mind is always tranquil. The object of Concentration. The stable Abode of all during pralaya (destruction). Peace. The object of Meditation. The Ultimate Support. The Ultimate Means. The Best Goal. He Who has the Best Abode to seek. 77
  78. 78. Sloka63 subhaangah saantidah srashtaa kumudah kuvalesayah gohito gopatir goptaa vrishabhaaksho vrishapriyah. He Who possesses and gives the eight auspicious accessories of yoga. He Who has a handsome form. He Who has a form that bestows mangalam (auspiciousness) to those who meditate on It. He Who makes everything auspicious by His presence. The bestower of eternal peace. The Creator. He who is happy in His relation to this world in various forms. The Controller of the Jivas who wander in this world with the thought that they are the masters of their bodies. He Who is reclining in the waters surrounding this earth. He Who looks after the welfare of the world. He Who protected the cows by lifting the Govardhana mountain. The Lord of the Celestial world. The Protector. He Who is the Support for the cycle of samsara in the form of dharma. He Whose Eyes shower all fruits desired. He who has dharma as His objective. Dear to the virtuous. 78
  79. 79. Sloka64 anivartee nivrittaatmaa samksheptaa kshemakrit-sivah sreevatsavakshaah sreevaasah sreepatih sreemataam varah. He who does not turn away those who are inclined to come back to this world. He Who does not turn away from His battles. He Who does not turn away from dharma under any circumstances. He whose Nature is superior to other things. He whose nature is that He is free from the bonds of samsara. He whose mind is turned away from worldly attachments. He whose mind turns away from any feeling of self-glory over His kirti or fame. He who naturally turns away from the objects of senses. He who does not turn away from anywhere because of He is Omnipresent. He who, at the time of cosmic dissolution, contracts the expansive Universe into a subtle state. He who minimizes the misfortunes of His devotees. He who does what is good for His devotees. He who protects what has been acquired by His devotees. He who gives auspicious things to His devotees. He who purifies those who meditate on Him. He in whom the whole Universe rests at the time of pralaya. He who resides in everything and everywhere. He who has the Srivatsa mole on His chest. The Abode of Lakshmi. The Consort of Lakshmi. The Master of the Supreme Cosmic Power. The Best Among those who possess affluence. 79
  80. 80. Sloka65 sreedah sreesah sreenivaasah sreenidhih sreevibhaavanah sreedharah sreekarah sreyah sreemaan-lokatrayaasrayah. The Giver of Glories. The Abode of Lakshmi, The Support of Lakshmi. He who dwells in purified hearts. He who has Lakshmi as His wealth. He in whom all wealth resides. He who is the treasure house for Sri. He who owes His greatness to Lakshmi. He who bestows greatness on all according to their Karma. He who makes Lakshmi's fame known to everyone. He who makes Lakshmi (follow Him in His incarnations). He who confers Sri (Spiritual wealth) on the devotees, including Moksham (Liberation). He who makes His devotees shine with Sri (glory). He who has taken the hand of Sri (Maha Lakshmi). He that has Lakshmi who is resorted to by devotees for attaining the good. He who is decorated with the exquisitely beautiful wealth of ornaments such as His nupuram, keyuram, katakam, kiritam, etc. He Who is the Resort for all three worlds. He who is the substratum for the worlds-of-experiences of waking, dream, and deep sleep. 80
  81. 81. Sloka66 svakshah svangah sataanando nandirjyotirganesvarah vijitaatmaa vidheyaatmaa salkeertischhinnasamsayah. The Beautiful-Eyed. The Lovely-bodied. He of infinite Bliss. He who is ever delighted. The Lord of the host of lustrous deities. The Lord of the luminaries (the stars, sun, moon, etc.). He who has conquered His Mind. He who is of a submissive nature (to His devotees). He who has the jiva-s as subservient to Him. He of true renown. The Dispeller of all doubts. 81
  82. 82. Sloka67 udeernah sarvataschakshu raneesah saasvatasthirah bhoosayo bhooshano bhootir visokah sokanaasanah. He Who visibly manifests Himself through His incarnations. He who is superior to all beings. He who elevates His devotees to His level. He who has eyes everywhere, and sees everything through His consciousness. He Who is not the Master. He Who has no one above Him as the Master. He Who is eternally existent and steady. He who lies inside every one of His creations as their Antaryami (Inner- Voice). He in whom the whole world rests at the time of pralaya. He Who adorns. He who is decorated with all kinds of different and wonderful ornaments. He who adorns this world with His different incarnations at His wish. He Who adorns every creature by His being their Antaryami. He who beautifies this world by His variety of creations. He Who is the personification of Glory. He Who is the cause of all glory in His creations. He Who exists in the forms of all His creations. He Who is without sorrow. The Destroyer of sorrows. 82
  83. 83. Sloka68 archishmaanarchitah kumbho visuddhaatmaa visodhanah aniruddhoapratirathah pradyumnoamitavikramah. He Who has great luster. He Who is worshipped. He Who is an object of desire. He Who shines in this world. He Who fills this world with His fame. He in Whom everything is contained. He Who envelops the earth. He of a pure nature. The Purifier. The Matchless. He Who illumines the jivas. He Whose wealth is of a superior order. The Bestower of all desires. He Who is endowed with great strength. He of immeasurable steps. 83
  84. 84. Sloka69 kaalaneminihaa veerah saurih soorajanesvarah trilokaatmaa trilokesah kesavah kesihaa harih. The destroyer of the wheel of ignorance of Time. The Destroyer of the asura (demon) by name kalanemi. He Who sets the direction for the sun who is the controller of Time. He Who is beyond the wheel of Time. The son of Sura (another name for Vasudeva). He Who is ever valiant and victorious. The Chief of the sura-s or the valiant people. He who ever moves about in the three worlds. He Who makes the three worlds move about. He Who is the Atma (Soul) for everything in all the three worlds. The Ruler of the three worlds. One who has beautiful locks of hair. He whose hair is of supreme fragrance. He who is the source of the rays emanating from the Sun etc. The tormentor of His enemies. One who has adhipatyam (Command) over water (oceans etc.). He who killed the Asura by name Kesi. He who directs Agni, Surya, Indra, Vayu etc. in their functions. He Who removes the distress of His devotees. He Who wards off samsara with its cause from His devotees. The Destroyer of the Universe at the time of pralaya. 84
  85. 85. Sloka70 kaamadevah kaamapaalah kaamee kaantah kritaagamah anirdesyavapurvishnur veeroananto dhananjayah. The One who grants all desires. The Lord who is desired by those who seek the four purusharthas. The Protector of the gifts that He bestows. The Protector of those who desire Him. He who has all things that are desirable. He who is of fulfilled desires. He Who is charming. He Who causes the end of Brahma at the end of his period. He Who is present everywhere, and Effulgent. The Revealer of the sacred mantra-s to the pure-minded. He from Whom the krita yuga emerged. He who victoriously entered the gathering of His kith and kin after slaying Kesi. He Who appears to His devotees again and again in whatever form they desire. He of indefinable form. The Pervader. The Valiant. The swift Mover (into the hearts of His devotees or against demons). He Who destroys His enemies. He Who makes the enemies tremble in front of Him and run, showing their backs. The Limitless. One who is beyond the reach of those who are not of pure mind. He Who surpasses all other wealth in being desired. One Who manifested Himself as Arjuna. 85
  86. 86. Sloka71 brahmanyo brahmakrit brahmaa brahma brahmavivardhanah brahmavid braahmano brahmee brahmajno braahmanapriyah. He who is beneficial to all the big things both acetana and cetana, namely prakriti (Nature) and atman. The Creator Who created Brahma, the creator of big things. The Supreme Brahman(Consciousness), Paramatma(Almighty). He Who makes dharma grow. He Who grows and nurtures everything in a big way. The Knower of the Vedas. He Who restored the Vedas during His Matsya incarnation. He Who knows everything big, both seen and unseen, and those that can only be inferred. The Instructor of the Vedas. He who possesses all that goes by the term brahma - prakriti, Purusha, Isvara, Veda, etc. He Who has the four-faced Brahma in His nabhi- kamalam. The Knower of the inner meaning of the Vedas. He Who is specially liked by the brahamanas. 86
  87. 87. Sloka72 mahaakramo mahaakarmaa mahaatejaah mahoragah mahaakraturmahaayajvaa mahaayajno mahaahavih. He Who provides easy step-by-step access for the elevation of His devotee. He of the three great strides (in His Trivikrama incarnation). He Whose strides are great in that He reaches everything faster than anyone else. He of great actions. He of great Resplendence. He Who has a great heart, and blesses us. He Who has the serpent ananta as His bed. He Who traverses everywhere in the form of the Sun with His broad chest. He Who is worshiped by the great yogis. He Who can be worshiped in many ways. He Who is the Great Sacrifice (that gives the best results). He Who is the best among those to be worshiped. He Who is worshiped by the great jnanis. He Who manifests Himself in the form of the great Offering. 87
  88. 88. Sloka73 stavyah stavapriyah stotram stutih stotaa ranapriyah poornah poorayitaa punyah punyakeertiranaamayah. He Who is worthy of praise. He Who is praised by all, but who does not have to praise anyone else. He Who is pleased by the praise in whatever form it is offered. The Eulogy Incarnate. He Who is praised. He Who praises those who extol Him. He Who is also the form of the Eulogizer of Bhagavan. He Who delights in battle. He Who delights in the auspicious sounds in places of worship. He Who moves around happily in the form of the Sun etc. He Who is complete. The Fulfiller of the desires of His devotees. The Purifier. He Who is excellent in performing pious activities. He Whose kirti or praise is also purifying (in addition to Him being the Purifier). He Who removes the disease of samsara. He Who is beyond pain or suffering - internal, external, karma-related, etc. 88
  89. 89. Sloka74 manojavasteerthakaro vasurtaah vasurpradah vasuprado vaasudevo vasurvasumanaah havih. He Who is swift as thought. He Who is the source of the holy waters. He Who makes us cross over the ocean of samsara. He Whose touch of hand is purifying. He Who has provided simple steps to access Him through His various incarnations. The Source of Luster. He Who shines like gold in the context of creation. He Who is the cause or origin of the universe. The Giver of Treasure (in the form of Himself). The Giver of Glory. The Bestower of Moksham. He Who provides the place for dwelling for all beings. He Who pervades and sports. The Son of vasudeva. The Deity Who is adored by His devotees. He Who lives in everything and Who keeps them moving around. The Best of wealth that is sought after. He Who resides in the Milk-Ocean. He Who is in the form of the Vasu-s. He Who lives in everything and in whom everything lives. He Who conceals Himself (from those who are not devoted to Him). He Who is the final dwelling place for all. He Who has a Mind which thinks of His devotees as a treasure. He Who has a golden mind - pure, without any afflictions. He Who has a mind which is filled with Vatsalyam(affection) to His devotees. He Who has a mind that leads to His removing the difficulties of His devotees. He Who has complete knowledge of the type of body and other needs of all beings. He Whose mind was with Bhishma(Grand Sire in Mahabharata) as he lay in his death-bed of arrows. The Sacrificial Offering. 89
  90. 90. Sloka75 sadgatih satkritih sattaa sadbhootih satparaayanah sooraseno yadusreshthah sannivaasah suyaamunah. He Who provides the right path for the good. He Who is Himself the right path for the good. He Who has superior intellect. He Who is attainable by the good. He of lovable acts, and full of good actions. Existence Incarnate. The wealth, in all forms, for the good. He Who is endowed with rich glories. He Who alone truly exists. He Who manifests Himself in infinite forms. The Support for the good. The Supreme Goal for the good. He Who has the good people as His support. He with a valiant army. He Who keeps everything that moves around, bound together and functioning as a unit. The pre-eminent among the Yadavas. He Who is Best among those who strive (for the redemption of the jiva-s). The Abode of the Saintly. He with the delightful sport in the Yamuna river. He Who has beautiful collyrium in His eyes. He Who lifts up and protects the jivas during the time of pralaya. 90
  91. 91. Sloka76 bhootaavaaso vaasudevah sarvaasunilayo-analah darpahaa darpado dripto durdharo-athaaparaajitah. He Who is the abode of all creatures. He Who dwells in the hearts of His devotees. The dwelling place of the Great Elements. The Abode and support of all souls. He Who is never satisfied that He has done enough for His devotees. He Who cannot tolerate the offense committed to His devotees. He Who is unlimited (in His Glories) . He Who is in the form of Fire. One Who has no end. One Who has no opposition . The Destroyer of pride. The Bestower of beauty and attractiveness in everything. He Who is not proud of Himself. He Who is ever happy; He Who is difficult to control (as child Krishna). He Who cannot be constrained by the evil-minded(Duryodhana). He Who is difficult to be held in concentration (except by those of trained mind). The Invincible. 91
  92. 92. Sloka77 visvamoortirmahaamoortir deeptamoortiramoorimaan anekamoortiravyaktah satamoortih sataananah. He Who has the Universe as His body. He Who has a beautiful Form that finds entry into the mind, eyes, etc., of His devotees. He Who has Maya sakti in the form of the Universe. He Who has a Form that can induce Maya in everything. He of Immense form. He Who is immensely worthy of worship. He with a shining form. He Who has even the subtle and formless things as His possessions. He Whose Forms that are not the result of karma. He Who has Forms that are indescribable, and not fixed. He Who takes whatever Forms He pleases as His incarnations, and thus One Who has no fixed forms. He of many forms. He Who cannot be easily realized. He Who is many-faced. He Who has provided many different means (such as nose, mouth, etc.) for life to be sustained. He Who has created various life-forms and provided easy means for their survival. He Who is viewed in different "faces" (in different ways) by different Faiths. 92
  93. 93. Sloka78 eko naikah savah kah kim yattatpadamanuttamam lokabandhurlokanaatho maadhavo bhaktavatsalah. One Who is Unique and matchless in all respects. He Who spreads knowledge. He Who is the final authority on all knowledge. He Who destroys all obstacles to His devotees. He Who is the final Knowledge, and Who dwells everywhere. He Who shines. He Who is invoked or praised through words by devotees. He Who is the personification of happiness. He Who remains an unanswered Question Mark when approached through "intellection". He about Whom all questions are asked by seekers of Truth (such as - Where is He, What is He, Who is He, etc.). He Whose praise is sung by His devotees, He Who is fit to be enquired about or sought after. He Who takes efforts. That Which already exists. That from Which everything in this Universe came about. He Who increases the Knowledge and bhakti about Him in the devotees. He Who increases the fame of His devotees. He Who expands the Universe from its subtle form to its visible form. He Who is not seen by senses etc. The Supreme Goal. One to Whom everything is bound since He is their Support. One to Whom everything is related since He is their Best Friend - their Father. The Protector of the world. He Who bestows wealth on all as a result of His unlimited Wealth. He who is sought after or prayed by all. He Who regulates the world by energizing. He Who comforts or blesses the world. He Who rules over the world. He Who gives troubles as needed to those who need to be disciplined. The Consort of Lakshmi. The Bestower or Propounder of Knowledge about Himself. One for whom there is no Lord above. He Who goes to the devotees who makes offerings to Him through Yajna, He Who takes the devotees to Him, like a calf to the cow. 93
  94. 94. Sloka79 suvarnavarno hemaango varaangaschandanaangadee veerahaa vishamah soonyo ghritaaseerachalaschalah. The golden-hued. He Who displayed His Divine Form to Devaki in response to her prayers. He Who has beautiful limbs. He Who has a lovable Form that is pleasing to those who meditate on Him. He Who is adorned with delightful armlets. He Who is besmeared with pleasing sandal. He Who provides us all with the means and ways to be happy. He Who has angada as His pleasing devotee. The Slayer of the strong demons. The Destroyer of those who indulge in vain arguments and distract others from meditating on Him. The Destroyer of the bonds of Yama (Lord of Death). He Who leads the jivas to Moksha by showing them the right path. He Who provides different ways for His creations to move around. He Who ends the various paths that go from birth to birth. He for Whom there is no equal. He Who is devoid of defects when He takes births as one of us. He Who is without any attributes (Advaita). He Who is present everywhere. He Who cleans out everything at the time of pralaya(destruction). He Who is not accessible when we seek Him through our senses. He Who sprinkles the world with prosperity. He Who is desirous of the butter in the gopis' houses. He from Whom all desires have flown away. He Who enjoys the offering of ghee in the homa etc. He Who is unshakable against His enemies. He Who is immutable in His nature, power, wisdom, etc. He Who does not move anywhere, because He is everywhere already. He Who swerves. He Who rushed out of SrI VaikunTham at the cry for help from Gajendra. 94
  95. 95. Sloka80 amaanee maanado maanyo lokasvaamee trilokadhrik sumedhaa medhajo dhanyah satyamedhah dharaadharah. He Who is not proud. He Who does not mistakenly identify things such as the body with Atman. He Who is beyond all measure in all respects. He Who honors others. He Who confers rewards on His devotees, or denies rewards for the unrighteous. He Who removes the false understanding of Atman in true seekers, or induces a false sense of Atman in non-seekers. He Who gives spiritual enlightenment to His devotees. He Who gives a measure and dimension to everything in the Universe. The Object of honor. The Master of the Universe. He Who supports the three worlds (the worlds above, the worlds below, and earth in the middle). The Supporter of the three states of experience (waking, dream and deep sleep). The Well-Intentioned. He Who was born as a result of a sacrifice. He Who is realized as a result of sacrifices. He Who makes His presence in the gatherings of bhakta-s. The Blessed. He of true thoughts - honest, straightforward. He of true knowledge - with foresight and minuteness. He of true knowledge - of the Vedas and their numerous branches. He Who supported the Mountain (Govardhana). He Who supports the earth. 95
  96. 96. Sloka81 tejovrisho dyutidharah sarvasastrabhritaam varah pragraho nigraho vyagro naikasringo gadaagrajah. He Who showers His splendor on His devotees in the form of His protection. He Who showers rain through the sun. He Who showers His radiance on everything. He Who showers His fierce weapons on His enemies in defense of His devotees. He Who possessed a majesty. The Best among those warriors who are armed with all weapons. The Controller. The Subduer. He Who has a firm control over all creation. He Who was very enthusiastic (to destroy the enemies of His devotee during the Mahabharata war). He Who has no end. He Who uses Garuda as His vehicle. He Who adopted diverse tactics for controlling His devotees' enemies. He Who can be reached through the Omkara, with its four "horns" - akara, ukara, makara, and nada. He Who has many dimensions to His Lordship. He Who has many aspects to His role as a Bestower of His devotees' wishes. He Who took incarnation as the one-horned Varaha. He Who has many rays of effulgence radiating from Him. He Who has provided diverse means to the different living beings to cause harm to their enemies, as also to defend themselves from their enemies. The Foremost among those who created sound. 96
  97. 97. Sloka82 chaturmoortis chaturbaahus chaturvyoohas chaturgatih chaturaatmaa chaturbhaavas chaturveda videkapaat. He of Four Forms (Viraat, Hiranyagarbha, Eesvara- and, beyond all bodies as the Eternal Paramaatman). The Four-armed. He Who is in the form of the four purushartha-s. He Who has the four gaits (vrshabha, gaja, vyaghra, and simha gati). He Who has four manifestations in His vibhava incarnations of Krishna and Rama. He Who has a four-fold manifestation in His functions of creation, preservation and destruction. He Who is skilled in keeping His atma pure from attachment. He Who is behind the functions of manas, citta, buddhi, and ahankAra. He Who created the fit being - the four- faced brahma. He Who manifest Himself in four kinds of Atmas: jiva, antaratma, paramatma, jnanatma. He Who gives expression to the four vyuha forms through four kinds of actions. He Who is the Knower of the four Vedas. He Who manifests only a part of His mahima (glory) when He takes incarnations amongst humans. He Whose manifestation in the form of this Universe is only one-fourth of Himself. He Who is constantly on the look-out as our Sole Protector 97
  98. 98. Sloka83 samaavarto-anivrittaatmaa durjayo duratikramah durlabho durgamo durgo duraavaaso duraarihaa. He Who takes incarnations again and again for the benefit of His devotees. He Who performs His function of creation again and again in cycles. He Whose true thoughts are always revolving around what He can do to help His devotees. He whose Nature is different from, and superior to, everything else (Trascendental Form). He whose mind is turned away from worldly attachments. He Bestowes benefits according to karma. He whose nature is that He is free from the bonds of samsara, even when He takes His incarnation amongst us. He Who withdraws the jivas into Him during pralaya. He Who has permeated everything completely. He Who is Himself un-impacted or withdrawn with respect to the effects of pralaya or srshti(creation). He whose mind turns away from any feeling of self-glory over His kirti or fame. He Who cannot be under control except by devotion. He Who is Invincible. He Who makes it possible for us to conquer duhkham (misery). He Who can be won over by difficult practices such as samadhi etc. He Who cannot be bypassed by those who seek relief from samsara. He Who cannot be transgressed because of fear of the consequences of disobeying Him. He for whom all sorrow is bypassed. He by transgressing whose orders, sorrow is the result. He Who is difficult to attain for those who are not single- minded in their devotion to Him. He Whose True Nature can be known only with difficulty. He Who can be known only by the difficult process of enquiry into the Upanishads, etc. He Whose realization is constrained by our own limitations. He Whose place of residence(SrI vaikunTham) is not easy to attain. The Dispeller of the evil-minded enemies. The Dispeller of evil thoughts from the minds of the devotees. 98
  99. 99. Sloka84 subhaango lokasaarangah sutantustantuvardhanah indrakarmaa mahaakarmaa kritakarmaa kritaagamah. He with a bewitching form that mesmerizes the asura-s and misleads them. He with an auspicious form that is meditated upon by His true devotees. He Who makes the ashtanga yoga successful for those who follow this path with devotion. He Who has beautiful gaits. He Who pervades everywhere at all times with His auspicious form. He Who makes things functional in this Universal in a beautiful way. He Who brings the auspicious aspects such as trust in scriptures, guru's words, etc., to His devotees. He Who preached the superficially acceptable goals in the world. He Who grasps the essence of the world like a sara'nga or honeybee. He Who is reachable through the essence(sara) of the Vedas, namely pranava(OM). He Who is the object of devotion. He Who is attracted by Bhakti. He Who bestows Moksham, and He to whom the jnani-s are attracted. He Who has devotees singing His auspicious qualities. He Who has expanded this Universe starting from Himself. He Who augments the expansion of Himself into this world, by protecting it. He Who withdraws this world into Himself after creating it. He Who is responsible for the powers of Indra. He Who performs acts that reflect His Supreme Lordship. He of magnanimous actions. One Who has achieved all there is to achieve. One Who keeps repeating the processes of creation etc., with perfection. One Who has performed acts that no one else can ever perform. The Propounder of Agama-s (Spiritual texts) including those dealing with Buddhism, Jainism, etc. He Who propounded the Vedas - Rig, Sama, etc. He Who is the Originator of the pancaratra Agama. He Who made His appearance at Dvaraka after performing His several leelas. He Who makes His appearance repeatedly through different incarnations. 99
  100. 100. Sloka85 udbhavah sundarah sundo ratnanaabhah sulochanah arko vaajasanah sringee jayantah sarvavij-jayee. He Who rose above samsara. He Who is of a superior birth, taking birth as He likes, where He likes, when He likes. He from Whom everything originated. He Who resides in an exalted place ( SrI vaikunTham). He Who created the exalted gods and goddesses. He Who is born again and again for the protection of dharma. He Who is handsome. He Who has the beautiful conch - pa'ncajanyam. He Who is exceedingly well regarded and worshipped. He Who has separated or divided the different creatures well in many ways. He Who presents Himself as a very soft person to the asura-s in order to convince them to follow His deceitful methods. He Who is soft to His devotees. He Who bestows joy and happiness on His devotees. One with bewitching eyes. He of superior wisdom. One Who has the wisdom and the vision of the Self. He Who gives everyone else the ability to see. He Who is praised. He Who is in the form of the Sun. He Who provides for the nourishment of all His creation. He With the peak of Govardhana mountain on His hand. He Who has provided every creature with the means to express. He Who destroys the fear of birth in His devotees. The Conquerer. He Who is Omniscient and Victorious. He Who had won over the hearts of the all-knowing Sages. 100
  101. 101. Sloka86 suvarnabindurakshobhyah sarvavaageesvaresvarah mahaahrado mahaagarto mahaabhooto mahaanidhih. He Who has a beautiful form with golden-colored beautiful limbs. He Who is in the form of the auspicious praNava mantra(OM). He Who has a beautiful form, and Who has beautifully divided the creatures of the universe into their various parts. The Knower of the Veda-s consisting of auspicious letters. He Who has the beautiful golden-colored sandalwood marks on His forehead, cheeks, etc. He who is unshaken by desire. The Lord of all who have a mastery over all words. He Who has created the great oceans so that the earth does not become completely dry and perish. He Who pushes the great sinners into the great pit of samsAra. The Great Charioteer of Mahabharata fame. He Who resides in the great mountains such as Seshacala. The Great Pit in which everything in this Universe originates, resides, and merges back. He Who is a Great Being. He Who is the Origin of the five elements. He Who is a great treasure for His devotees. He Who is the Abode of everything in the Universe. He Who is like a treasure from which His devotees can draw at will. 101
  102. 102. Sloka87 kumudah kundarah kundah parjanyah paavano-anilah amritaaso-amritavapuh sarvajnah sarvatomukhah. One Who gladdens the earth by ridding it of the evil-doers. One Who delights in the sky, in the form of the sun. He Who wears a garland made of blue lilies. The Bestower of the knowledge of the Supreme Reality. He Who dissolves or eliminates the sins accumulated over countless births. One Who gives what is sought or what is desired. He Who created the oceans by tearing apart the Earth. He Who is very pleased with the offerings of the kunda(jasmine) pushpa-s by His devotees. He Who grants the successive stages of higher knowledge. He Who cleanses the sins of His devotees. One who is sharp like the kunta spear in removing the sins of His devotees. He Who gave an offering of the earth to kasyapa rishi. He Who bestows His blessings on the devotees like the rain-cloud. He from whom a superior birth is attained. He Who protects. He Who is the forrn of the wind. He Who moves to His devotees to remove their distress. He Who purifies in the form of wind, agni, water, etc. He Who protects the protectors - the kings. He Who need not be goaded by anyone in His blessing the devotees. He Who has no enforcer above Him. He Who is easily accessible to His devotees. He Who is the Giver of life-breath to everything else. He Who is ever awake. One Who needs no support. One Who does not have a fixed residence. He Who has no end. He Who feeds His devotees with the Nectar - Himself. One Who has an ever-living will to give fruits. One Who provides unending means of survival for His creation. He of a Nectar-like body. He Who has an immortal form. He Who sows and cuts the lives of this Universe continuously irrespective of time. He Who knows all. He Who knows all the needs of all His devotees. He Who can be approached from many paths. He Who has faces on all sides. 102
  103. 103. Sloka88 sulabhah suvratah siddhah satrujit satrutaapanah nyagrodhodumbaro-asvatthas chaanooraandhra-nishoo-danah. He Who makes it possible to attain bliss. He Who accepts only the pure food that is offered with sincerity by His selfless devotees. He Who controls everything in this universe and keeps them in order. He Who observed all the vrata-s rigorously in His Krishna incarnation, even though He was the Supreme Soul. He Whose protection is ever available without any special effort on the part of His devotees. He Who is fully accomplished, without dependence on anyone or anything else. He Who makes His devotees accomplished - in their tapas and other efforts to attain Him. He Who bestows auspiciousness on us. The final conclusion - the Ultimate Truth - through all means of proof available to us. He Who accomplishes all His undertakings flawlessly to completion and perfection. He Who has the Supreme Abode with Lakshmi and everything that is magnificent, but Who is at the command of the devotees who approach Him with folded hands. He Who has the most auspicious SrI vaikuntham as His own. He Who is superior to all. He Who nourishes the world in the form of food etc. One Who has the best of sounds – the Veda-s, as His form. He Who is praised by the highest and best of sounds - bhajans, nama-sankirtanas etc. He Who has established the impermanent gods for performing various functions. He Who eternally rules over the Universe that is never the same, and keeps constantly changing. He Who pervades the entire universe in the form of the five great elements. He Who slew the wrestler by name canura. He Who causes utmost misery to those who cause hardship to the good people of sattvik disposition. 103
  104. 104. Sloka89 sahasraarchih saptajihvah saptaidhaah saptavaahanah amoortiranagho-achintyo bhayakrit bhayanaasanah. The Thousand-rayed, Who illumines everything in this Universe. One Who is kindled in the form of fire by the seven kinds of offerings. He Who has seven vehicles in the form of the seven Vedic mantra-s represented by the seven horses of the Sun. He Who supports the Universe in the form of the seven Sun-s. He Who protects the beings through facilities that has provided in units of seven - seven types of fluids in our system, seven holes in our face as sense organs, the seven objects of these sense-organs, etc. He Who conducts the seven worlds with prosperity. He Who does not have a body that is the effect of karma similar to ours. The Sinless. He Who is opposed to sin. He Who is of blemishless character. He Who does not suffer sorrow. He Who is incomparable to anything known. He Whose power cannot be imagined. He Who cannot be completely comprehended in our minds. He Who causes fear. He Who destroys fear. 104
  105. 105. Sloka90 anurbrihat krisah sthoolo gunabhrinnirguno mahaan adhritah svadhritah svaasyah praagvamso vamsavardhanah. He Who has the power of being smaller than anything small that is known to us. He Who is the cause of the sound that permeates everywhere and is in everything. He Who is in the form of the Vedas. The Great. He Who is lighter than the light. He Who is thinner than anything thin. He Who reduces or eliminates the difficulties to His devotees. He Who pares down the form for the jiva-s to make it possible for them to live in comfort. He Who is immense. He Who enhances enormously the wealth of His devotees. The Supporter of all that are subject to Him. He Who supports the three guNa-s of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. He Who is supreme in everything. He Who is Great beyond comprehension. The Unconstrained. The Unsustained. He Who keeps His progeny growing. 105
  106. 106. Sloka91 bhaarabhritkathito yogee yogeesah sarvakaamadah aasramah sramanah kshaamah suparno vaayuvaahanah. He Who shoulders the burden. He Whose greatness is extolled by all the Vedas, Puranas, etc. He Who is endowed with super-human powers. He Who is realized through yogic powers. He Who bonds everything together. He Who has total control of His Self. He Who bestows the devotees' wishes. He Who is the foremost Lord of all yogis. He Who bestows all desires. He Who provides an abode of rest for the seekers. He Who makes it possible to continue the effort of uncompleted yoga in the next birth. He Who torments those who have not exercised their discriminating ability. He Who is the source of subsistence for sanyAsin-s. Subject matter of, and known by, hymns of praise. He Who helps the yogi to become well-equipped. He Who alone is left behind at the time of pralaya. He Who reduces everything to its un-evolved state at the time of pralaya. He Who remains hidden amongst us, and he in Whom everything is hidden. He Who is the final abode for all. He Who has established the Universe in all its dimensions. He Who restrains and controls those of demonic disposition. He Who bore the Earth. He Who endures patiently. One Who has beautiful wings - in the form of hamsa, Garuda, etc. He Who helps the yogi-s cross the ocean of samsara. He Who enables everything to move around. He Who is in the form of the Vedas. One Who is decorated with the beautiful green tulasi leaves. One Who has the green color of emerald because of His association with Lakshmi. One Who is easily pleased by pure devotion. He Who is the Abode of Supreme Happiness. He Who rests on the beautiful tender green fig-tree leaf. He Who pervades the entire Universe completely. He Who makes the wind flow for the benefit of sustaining life. He Who lifts up the fallen with the swiftness of air with the help of Garuda. He Who had "The Vayu - Hanuman" as His vehicle during His Rama incarnation. 106
  107. 107. Sloka92 dhanurdharo dhanurvedo dando damayitaa damah aparaajitah sarvasaho niyantaa niyamo yamah. The wielder of the bow. The Propounder of the science of archery. The Knower of the Science of archery in its completeness (Lord Rama). One Who has given the means of self-protection to all His creation. One Who has propounded meditation on "OM" as the sure means of Self realization. The source of punishment for the wicked. He Whom no one else controls. He Who is the source of restraint for all beings so that they follow dharma. The Subduer (of the enemies of His devotees). The Dispeller (of the miseries and sufferings of His devotees). He Who is not subdued by anyone. He Who is in the form of the good effects of punishment to those who err. He Who is the means of control. He Who controls everything. He Who bestows all wishes to His devotees. He Who is invincible. He Who has no protector above Him, and Who is Resplendent. He Whose Powers do not perish or diminish over time. The Supporter of all the other deities. He Who conquers all His enemies. He Who is competent in all His actions. He Who forgives the sins of everyone. One Who has no one above Him to direct and control Him. He Who controls. He Who ordains. He Who is attained through the yogic path of niyama. He Who has no Controller or Director above Him. He Who bestows sacred knowledge about Himself to devotees in full measure. He Who pervades and surrounds everything . The Controller. He Who is attained through the yogic path of yama (and niyama). One Who brings to end all life at the time of pralaya. One Who feeds His devotees with delectable food in the form of anubhavam of Himself. One Who knows and prescribes the mandates that bestow virtue 107
  108. 108. Sloka93 sattvavaan saattvikah satyah satyadharmaparaayanah abhipraayah priyaarho-arhah priyakrit-preetivardhanah. He Who controls the sattva guna that paves the way for liberation. One Who possesses courage, strength etc. One Who is determined to bestow His blessings on His devotees. He Who confers the fruits of sattva guna. One Who is essentially established in sattva guNa. One Who is well- disposed towards pious souls. One Who is good in a supreme way. He Who is established in Truth. He Who is Real, and who alone exists. He Who is in the form of prana, anna, and surya. He Who is pleased with the true dharma practiced by His devotees. He Who is ever devoted to, and established in, Truth and in righteousness. He Who provides the support to, and Who shows the path for, those who follow the superior path of dharma. He Who is the object of choice. He to Whom all beings go directly during pralaya. He Who exclusively directs the activities of all others. He Who is rightly the object of love. He Who deserves to be offered our most beloved offerings. He Who increases the joy of His devotees. He Who fulfills the love of His devotees. 108
  109. 109. Sloka94 vihaayasagatirjyotih suruchirhutabhug vibhuh ravirvirochanah sooryah savitaa ravilochanah. He Who is the means for the attainment of paramapadam. He Who travels in the form of the Sun. He Who travels in space through His vehicle Garuda- the King of birds. He Who is attained by tapasvins through their tapas. The Light that leads to Sri Vaikuntham. The Light that is self-luminous. The Light that illuminates the Sun, the moon etc. He of lovely effulgence - The Day time. One Who has the good desire or Will to protect the world. He Who is the cause of all the effulgence in everything. He Who has intense attachment to His devotees. He that is the Bright Fortnight of the Moon. The Sun in his uttarayana or Summer solstice. He Who is praised by His devotees. The Illuminant. He of various splendors - such as Sun, moon, day, night, etc. He Who shines in the minds of His devotees in various special ways. He Who gave special sight (divya chakshus) to arjuna, sa'njaya etc. The source of movement in the form of wind. He Who brings forth everything. One who generates Sri or brilliance in surya or agni (sacred fire). He because of Whom we get Enlightenment. He Who brings forth everything in the Universe (the sun etc). He Who illuminates (through the rays of the sun). He that has the Sun for His eye. He from Whose eyes the Sun was born. 109
  110. 110. Sloka95 ananto hutbhugbhoktaa sukhado naikajoagrajah anirvinnah sadaamarshee lokaadhishthaanamadbhutah. He Who is endless, and Who consumes the offerings through fire. The Giver of Bliss to His devotees. The Remover of happiness for the wicked. The Remover of tiny pleasures from His devotees so that they can seek the Higher Bliss. The Remover of unhappiness for His devotees. He Who has given a beautiful body to the jivas. The Giver of many things. He Who manifests in front of the mukta-s. He Who is not despondent that the jIva-s are not resorting to Him for redemption. He Who is relieved of worry after having liberated a jIva who becomes a mukta. He Who is not depressed because He has nothing to wish for. He Who is not tired of fulfilling the wishes of His devotees. He Who is ever patient. He Who is patient towards the mistakes of good people. He Who is extremely impatient with the wicked people. The Support of all the worlds. He Who is extremely wonderful. He Who makes appearances occasionally amongst us. He because of Whom grains, food etc. exist. 110
  111. 111. Sloka96 sanaat sanaatanatamah kapilah kapirapyayah svastidah svastikrit svasti svastibhuk svastidakshinah. The Object of enjoyment. He Who is in the form of Time. He Who is Eternal, Immutable, and always of the same beautiful Form. The Most Ancient. He Who is of beautiful complexion. He Who enjoys the never-diminishing Bliss. The Giver of Auspiciousness. The Doer of good to the devotees. He Who is Auspiciousness. The Protector of all that is auspicious. The Enjoyer of Bliss. He Who enables His devotees to enjoy bliss. He Who gives auspicious things as dakshina to His devotees. 111
  112. 112. Sloka97 araudrah kundalee chakree vikramyoorjitasaasanah sabdaatigah sabdasahah sisirah sarvareekarah. He Who is not driven to anger easily. He Who is bedecked with beautiful ear-rings. One with the Discus in His arm. He Who has prowess. He with the characteristic stride. He Who has no difference in His different incarnations. He Who has a distinguishing role - that of protection. He of inviolable commands. He Who is beyond words. He Who shoulders the burden of the words of cry of distress. He Who rushed to render help. He Who had the destructive weapons in His hands. The Maker of `night' - in the form of samsara. The maker of night - the time for rest. He Who is in the form of the cool rays of the moon in the nights. 112
  113. 113. Sloka98 akroorah pesalo daksho dakshinah kshaminaam varah vidvattamo veetabhayah punyasravanakeertanah. He Who was not cruel. He Who is charming. One Who is supremely soft. He Who removes evil elements very quickly. He Who had the Sakti - power, to arrive very fast at the scene of Gajendra's suffering. He Who grows into, or manifests Himself as, the Universe. He Who is deft in His creation, sustenance and destruction. He Who destroys His enemies. He Who is pleasing and amiable. He Who pervades everywhere. He Who destroys everything. He Who is very liberal, charitable, and kind. The foremost in bearing the burden of protection of His devotees. The Foremost among those who bear the burden of the Universes. The Best among those who know what to do. He because of Whom fear is dispelled. He Who is devoid of fear. He Whose nama sravanam and kirtanam are purifying. 113
  114. 114. Sloka99 uttaarano dushkritihaa punyo duhsvapnanaasanah veerahaa rakshanah santo jeevanah paryavasthitah. He Who lifts up. He Who slays the evil-doers. He Who destroys the sins of those who surrender to Him. The Purifier. The Remover of evil dreams. He Who destroyed the powerful bonds that tied Gajendra to death. The Saviour. He Who makes those who have sought refuge in Him prosper. He Who exists for His devotees. He Who bestows the desired benefits on His devotees. He Who manifests Himself in the form of holy men. He Who is present everywhere and permeates everything. He Who is worshipped. He Who expands the world in a controlled way. The Life-Giver. He Who stands beside. 114
  115. 115. Sloka100 anantaroopo-anantasreer jitamanyur bhayaapahah chaturasro gabheeraatmaa vidiso vyaadiso disah. He of infinite Forms. He of unending (never decaying) form. He of indescribable form - extending infinitely in all directions. He of infinite wealth, glory, power, etc. He Who has conquered His anger. He Who destroys the fear (of samsara) in the mind of the devotee. One Who is skilled in all aspects. One Who is fair to everybody. One from whom wishes are asked for. One Who pervades in all four directions. One Who nourishes and feeds everything in all four directions. He of deep and profound nature. One Whose nature, forms, and qualities are spread out in all directions. One Who can be reached from all directions. He Who bestows all benefits on His devotees. He Who pervades everywhere, and is in everything, in all directions. He Who has revealed all shastras in elaborate detail. He Who appoints the different gods in their respective positions. He Who bestows different benefits on devotees based on their karma-s. He Who gives directions to the different gods as appropriate. He Who commands. 115
  116. 116. Sloka101 anaadirbhoorbhuvo lakahmeeh suveero ruchiraangadah Janano janajanmaadir bheemo bheemaparaakramah. He Who is not realized by many because of their ignorance etc. He Who has no beginning. He Who is the abode of those who really live (by realizing their relation to the Lord). He Who supports that which supports all (namely, the earth). He Who exists in Himself (with no other support). He Who is the Source of all knowledge. The Wealth. He Who bestows His lovely form for His devotees to enjoy. He Who gives a beautiful body to those who are devoted. He Who is adorned with beautiful shoulder ornaments. He Who has given elegant means for all creatures to move about. The Creator. He Who is the root cause of all beings. He Who is the ultimate goal of all beings. He Who is frightful to those who do not follow dharma. 116
  117. 117. Sloka102 aadhaaranilayo-adhaata pushpahaasah prajaagarah oordhvagah satpathaachaarah praanadah prranavah panah. "One who is the fundamental sustainer" -the support for all that exists. One who is the supreme controller of all. He who shines like an opening flower. Ever-Awake. One who walks the path of truth -a path which other implicitly follow to reach the Truth Inifinite. One who gives 'Praana' to all. The Infinite reality indicated by 'OM' in the Vedas. The supreme Manager of the universe. 117
  118. 118. Sloka103 pramaanam prananilayah praanabhrit praanajeevanah tattvam tattvavidekaatmaa janmamrityujaraatigah. He who is pure Infinite Consciousness as we have it in the great Commandment, "Consciousness is the Infinite Reality.“ He in whom all 'praanas' stand established. He who is very substratum -vital foundation -for all 'activities' manifested in a living organism. He initiates and maintains all these activities in all living creatures upon the earth's surface. The Reality. 118
  119. 119. Sloka104 bhoorbhuvah svastarustaarah savitaaa prapitaamahah yajno yajnapatiryajvaa yajnaango yajnavaahmah. One who is snap in the tree-of-life existing in all the universe of the higher world, our-world and the lower world. One who helps all to cross -over - the Eternal Boat-man, to whom, if the devotees can surrender in unswerving faith and true devotion, he will surely row them across the "Ocean of samsara:“ He who is the father of All - Who is the eternal father of the entire Universe. One whose very nature is Yajna(work undertaken with a pure spirit of total dedication in complete co-operative endeavor with total selflessness). The lord of all yajnas. The one who performs Yajna according to the strict prescriptions laid down in Vedas. One who fulfils Yajnas in complete and exact accord with the Vedic instructions. 119
  120. 120. Sloka105 yajnabhrid yajnakridyajnee yajnabhug yajnasaadhah yajnaantakrid yajnaguhya mannamannaada eva cha. the One who helps us to conclude successfully all our good, dedicated, Selfless acts of service to others – Yagnas. One who performs Yajna. One who is constant 'Enjoyer' of the perpetual Yajnas. One receiver of all that is offered. One who fulfills all Yajnas. 120
  121. 121. Sloka106 aatnayonih svayamjaato vaikhaanah saamagaayanah devakeenandanah srashtaa kshiteesah paapanaasanah. One who is himself the 'material cause‘ for himself; the self born, the uncaused cause. One who, as the lord of the universe, has no other 'Instrumental cause‘ in projecting Himself. The one who dug through the earth -cutting through the denseness of the gross to reach, apprehend and kill the subtle Hirnyaksha, the terrible and the monstrous who had tried to destroy the spiritual values in the world. One who signs the Saama-songs. He who appeared as born to Devakee in his Incarnation as Krishna. One who creates. One who is the lord of the earth. When the individuals, surrender in love to Him, acts and fulfils his duties, all his existing vaasanaas are destroyed and no new ones are created -this is the very root in the theory of karma Yoga in the Vedas. 121
  122. 122. Sloka107 Samkhabhirnnandakee chakree saarngadhanvaa gadaadharah Rathaangapaanirakshobhyah sarvapraharanaayudhah. One who has the divine conch named Paanchajanya. one who holds and wields the Nandaka sword. one who carries the discus called Sudarsana. One who aims his unerring bow called Saarnga. One who holds his divine club (Mace) celebrated as Kaumodakee -which generates and spreads beauty and joy. One who has the 'wheel of the chariot' as his weapon. One who cannot be exasperated by anyone, by any act or acts, however blasphemous they may be. He who has all implements for all kinds of assault and fight. 122
  123. 123. Sloka108 Vanamalee gadhee sarnghee Sanghee Chakree cha nandaki | Sreemaan NaarayaNo VishnurVasuDevOabhirakshathu || Sree VasuDeVoabhirakshathu Om Nama: ithi 123
  124. 124. The sun does not illumine it, nor the moon nor the fire; That is My Supreme State reaching which they do not return. - - - Bhagawat Gita 124
  125. 125. 125 God is one. As many faiths, so many paths. – Sri RamakrishnaParamahamsa