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  • ที่ผ่านมาเราจะเห็นว่า ในก
  • Sensor(zigbee)

    1. 1. or ks rN etw so Sen e) r ele ss beWi (Z ig
    2. 2. Traditional Sensing Method Sensors do not have computation ability Sensors do not communicate
    3. 3. Current Sensing Method Now, sensors become sensor nodes Nodes process information andcommunicate it wirelessly CPU collected information Power SupplySensor Communication
    4. 4. Example of Sensor NodesMica-Z TI-Development Kit Eko-Pro Environment monitorJennic Sensor nodes Xbee-pro
    5. 5. An Important Standard Zigbee Standard  Developed by the ZigBee Alliance, found 2002  Hundreds of member companies, from the se miconductor industry an d software developers to original equipment man ufacturers (OEMs) and i nstallers.
    6. 6. What is Zigbee? Zigbee  ZigBee is a standard that defines a set of communication protocols for low-data-rate short-range wireless networking.  ZigBee-based wireless devices operate in 868 MHz, 915 MHz, and 2.4 GHz frequency bands.  The maximum data rate is 250 K bits per second.  ZigBee is targeted mainly for battery-powered applications where low data rate, low cost, and long battery life are main req uirements.
    7. 7. ZigBee, Bluetooth and WLAN IEEE 802.11 (WLAN) has a high data rate, and providing a wireless Internet connection is one of its typical applications. Bluetooth has a lower data rate (less than 3 Mbps). One popular application of Bluetooth is i n wireless headsets. ZigBee has the lowest data rate and complexity among these three standards and provides signifi cantly longer battery life.
    8. 8. ZigBee, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11 (WLAN) If the goal of wireless communication is to transmit and receive simple commands and/or gather information from sensors such as temperature or humidity sensors  ZigBee provides the most power and the most cost-efficient solution compared to Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b.
    9. 9. Where are Zigbee Targeted?
    10. 10. ZigBee in the News ZigBee Smart Energy is first open standard endorsed by ESMIG for Smart Metering across Europe ZigBee offers Smart Energy to IEC as basis for an IEC HAN & Smart Metering Standard ZigBee developing an IP stack for use with Smart Energy based on IETF RFCs. ZigBee Green Power enhancement being added to the ZigBee/ZigBee PRO stack ZigBee Alliance and Demand Response & Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG) establish a liaison ZigBee RF4CE specification & Technology Paper for public down load ZigBee and Continua Health Alliance signed liaison agreement to support the deployment of ZigBee Health Care based products in the market Kroger, one of the largest retail company in the US, joints ZigBee’s BoD ZigBee and SAE created a liaison to focus on solutions to address the advent of sales of PEVs
    11. 11. Zigbee Products Advanced AlertMe Intruder Alarm Metering service SmartCode Deadbolt Infrastructure (AMI)The Home Controller In-home display ZigBee-GSM gateway Zigbee Smart Energy
    12. 12. NTC-KKU- Lab Support zigbee-based softwares  Wireless data logger  Indoor Location Tracking Support zigbee-based prototypes  Magnetic Sensor for vehicle detection Next, KKU-Sensor node  Expected year 2553
    13. 13. ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 Standards IEEE 802.15.4 defines the specifications for PHY and MAC layers of wireless networking, but it does not specify any requirements for higher networking layers.
    14. 14. IEEE 802.15.4 Standard RequirementIEEE 802.15.4 Standard การทดสอบโดย N4010A + VSATransmitter Test Cases หัวข้อที่ Spectrum PSD Mask หัวข้อที่ 6.7.3 Error-Vector Magnitude (EVM) หัวข้อที่ 6.7.4 Center Frequency Tolerance หัวข้อที่ 6.7.5 Output Power (Power Rise/Fall) Receiver Test Cases หัวข้อที่ Rx Sensitivity หัวข้อที่ 6.7.6 Max Input Level หัวข้อที่ 6.7.7 Energy Detect หัวข้อที่ 6.7.8 Link Quality Indication หัวข้อที่ 6.7.9 Clear Channel AssessmentTranseceiver Test Cases หัวข้อที่ 6.7.1 Tx-Rx Turnround หัวข้อที่ 6.7.2 Rx-Tx Turnround
    15. 15. Zigbee Testing Support  Providing Zigbee test solutions as specified in IEEE 802.15.4 standard
    16. 16. The EndQuestion/Answer