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RhaaSoft is a global Software Development Company providing IT solutions to companies worldwide. Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging business trends, delivers a range of development solutions that includes e-Business Solutions, Web Application Development, enterprise applications, professional web site design & development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), product engineering and offshore software development. Our other areas of expertise include Application Development like Electronic Medical Records (EMR) / Electronic Health Records (EHR), product development, IT recruitment, corporate solutions and XML-based standards like Continuity of Care Record (CCR) / Continuity of Care Document (CCD). Our core area of technologies includes ASP, ASP.NET(2.0, 3.0 and 3.5), VB.NET, DNN, VC++, DRUPAL, JAVA, J2EE, SQL Server (2000,2005), AJAX, PHP, MySQL, XML/XSL, PERL, Java Script and Cold Fusion MX. We also have a multi-media division for all kind of multimedia productions like CD Presentations, Corporate presentations, E-Catalogues and 3D-Modeling. RhaaSoft was founded on the principle that success is derived from delivering high quality IT Consultancy and IT Outsourcing Services while being responsible, flexible, and innovative.

RhaaSoft invests in people and resources with a single goal: To provide our customers with the highest quality service in the most responsive manner. We measure success by the results of our customers. As a business partner, we know that world-class service and Cost Effective Software Solutions are the primary keys to success. RhaaSoft uses technical expertise and business knowledge to help customers achieve these objectives. We help organizations to operate more productively by improving their profitability, top-line growth, customer service and cost management by providing our top class IT Services.

RhaaSoft Stands for the delivery of top quality IT Outsourcing services.
Has a strong bond with its clients and its employees - a "people-centric" organization
Is flexible and entrepreneurial, and can therefore respond very quickly to client requests and changes in the market
Our Focus : Through our in-depth vertical expertise in various Industries, we harness our strong domain and technology competence to identify business problems and deliver the right solutions to our clients.
Our flexible onsite, offsite, and offshore delivery model lends itself to a full spectrum of outsourcing services from application maintenance and development to legacy modernization and complete technology outsourcing, including data-center operations.

Our Values Three fundamental objectives guide the operation of our business:
To use our expertise to the benefit of our clients and partners through an open, collaborative approach. To provide superior custom solutions that exceed client expectations, are delivered on time and within budgets. To promote employee development.

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Rhaasoft Technologies

  1. 1. Reliable IT Services Partner For Your Business
  2. 2. About UsIndustry : Vision & MissionCustomers : Our Core ValuesServices We provide to ClientsBlended Business ModelWhy RhaasoftManagement & QAOur ProductsOur Project & ClientsContact Us
  3. 3. RhaaSoft was founded in 2009 and has received no outside investments. RhaaSoft increases theirnet profit with 400% within an year.Already Expertise in Handling over 20 Clients and 30+ Projects are an accomplished.Founders worked upto CMM Level 5 IT Companies in Different Domains.• OssCube – Software Services;• HCL Infosystems Ltd. – Network Training;• Tech. Mahindra Ltd. – Infrastructure Management Services;• Dr. Khanna Pathcare – Middle level ServicesOur biggest asset is team of experienced professionals :• Managers;• Software architects;• Infrastructure architects;• QA specialistsDevelopment Centers :• USA• INDIABlending Business ModelCompetitive PricingRhaaSoft Techonologies (P) Ltd. is Registered by Government of India.
  4. 4. Vision and Mission To be a TRUSTED Strategic , technology and innovation partner in providing IT “Smart – Sourcing” solutions that helps in accomplishing overall Business effectiveness and mutual success. To attains our goals, we create an agile environment which enables creativity, trust, wisdom and fairness to our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders.
  5. 5. RespectCustomer Honesty and Delight Integrity StrongInnovation Leadership Knowledge Sharing
  6. 6. Software Solution:Custom Web Application DevelopmentMobile Application DevelopmentOpen Source Based SolutionsCore Application DevelopmentInfrastructure Solution:Network: Planning, Design and ImplementationSecure server SetupNetwork Infrastructure ManagementNote : Dedicated Team for Our Services
  7. 7. Custom Web Application DevelopmentJoomla Experts provide services for Joomla CMS, Joomla webdesigner specialize in custom Joomla websites. We provide fast andcost effective PSD to Joomla Template conversion.Drupal is widely used for its standard features that really help inuploading customized content on dynamic websites with minimum efforts.We really believe that Drupal CMS is the Good choice for any websitewhich is looking for a robust and scalable CMS.WordPress is a powerful personal publishing platform and it comeswith a great set of features designed to make your experience as apublisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant and appealing as possible.
  8. 8. Mobile Application DevelopmentAndroid is a Linux based open source operating system which hasJAVA library (similar to SE). Android developers can provide androidapplication development on any platform like Windows, Linux, and MacOS X.iPhone Application development and programming always requireinnovative thinking and in-depth technological knowledge. That is why;you need an expert and skilled iPhone application developers who canfind a set of feasible solutions towards your idea or the business need.Developing Apps for iPhone/iPad/Android using Drupal as Base System
  9. 9. Open Source Based SoltionsCakePHP is one of the most popular frameworks for PHP WebApplication Development. It’s free open-source PHP rapiddevelopment framework.Base language used in CakePHP is PHP, compatible with PHP4 andPHP5 and MVC architecture (model-view-controller) pattern helpsseparate presentation from business logic.Zend Framework was designed and created to improve programdevelopers’ productivity. Zend Framework is the different one as otherframeworks that require large configuration files to work, most aspectsof a Zend Framework application can be defined at runtime usingsimple PHP commands
  10. 10. Core Application DevelopmentMicrosoft - . NET, SQL Server, Biz Talk Server.Java – J2EE, J2ME, Struts.Open source – PHP, Apache, MySQL.Database – Oracle, MySQL.Web Server – MS IIS, Apache, Lotus Dominos, Netscape.Messaging – Microsoft Exchange, Domino.Operating System – Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris.Component Technologies – COM+, CORBA, EJB, Ajax.Front End Designing – Adobe Suite.
  11. 11. Network: Planning, Design andImplementationTo design, specify, supply and install network equipment andcommissioning solutions based on customer requirements.Alternatively, to use performance measurement and applicationprofiling services to design high performance, scalable networkinfrastructures.Key Service Aspects• Identify existing network infrastructure and design.• Provide cost effective supply only service.• Detailed technical quotation with pricing and results of network testing for use as a reference document for network planning.Network Hardware:• Installation and configuration services for switches and routers.• Installation and configuration services for firewall and other security appliances.• Installation and configuration services for IP Telephone systems.• Installation and configuration services for Wireless networks.• Installation and configuration services for IP CCTV systems.
  12. 12. Secure Server SetupWhen ever a new server is implemented or made live, all thecomponents required running the server are installed andconfigured. Once all the installations are done, they arecompletely audited for possible security holes and they arehardened to be made live on the Internet.This is the server build plan where we install the control paneland configure the server with software patches and third partysoftwares. This is a one time job.• Initial Security Audit• Software Patches and Upgrades• Control Panel Installation and Configuration• Scripts / Software Installation• Firewall Installation and Configuration *• Monitoring Tools Installation *• Affiliate Plan Offer• Upon Request
  13. 13. Network Infrastructure ManagementAlmost the entire structure of the Internet is based upon a client–server model. High-level root name servers DNS servers, androuters direct the traffic on the internet. There are millions ofservers connected to the Internet, running continuouslythroughout the world.• World Wide Web• Domain Name System• E-mail• FTP file transfer• Chat and instant messaging• Voice communication• Streaming audio and video• Online gaming• Database serversServer we deal with IBM, DELL , HP and ACEROperating Systems : Linux and Windows Server* Server Assembling is also Available : Intel and AMD
  14. 14. • Process maturity and Quality Assurance (QA) process• Business model based on long term relationship with clients• Self-managed and processed Professionals• Extensive experience in niche technologies• Low employee attrition rate• Being cost effective and a value addition to your business• We execute what you want, the way you want• Flexible Solutions• Our Mission is your Success
  15. 15. Depending on delivery model proposed managementprocess can include all or selected steps:•Initiation•Requirements gathering & analyses•System architecture & specification•System implementation•Testing•Delivery & teaching•Maintenance
  16. 16. Train Information Management SystemThe Challenge:Providing a Train Schedule management system. Under the latest Scenarioof Digitizing every part, train info/schedule management system scope is toinform commuters about the schedule time, arrival time, delay warnings,reasons about each and every train of respective station. It should be nicelywrapped with a backend UI to manage, add, edit, delete trains and at thesame time can show informative images and video streaming to passengers.A real time application with sound interaction of client and server forseamless flow of real time data.The Solution:OS: Windows Client / ServerLanguage: PHP5.2 , JQUERY, AJAXFramework: Zend FrameworkDatabase: MySQL
  17. 17. Self - Service KiosksSelf - Service Kiosks are hardware devices that work incombination with self service software, allowing users to performany number of possible transactions. The method of input is eithera keyboard, touch-screen, or both. Some kiosks include cardreaders, ticket and receipt printers, bill and coin depositors,robotic product arrays and other more complex mechanicaldevices.
  18. 18. (CMS) Content Management System for a provincial ICT association, usingopen source technology. Features include:News and Events content management.Membership directory.Email notifications for content updates and media releases.News and Events content management.Integrated Twitter and Base camp feeds.Web links : http://www.propelict.com/ http://www.propelaccelerator.caA community site to provide paid mentoring and apprentice features to itsmembers.Web link : http://wizwiser.com/service/ An Online Application to provide colleges and students connectivity by registering themselves and filling out various forms for financial aid as well as admissions. Web link :
  19. 19. Online TV sites which shows channels in hebrew language.Peleg doors Website in hebres LanguageWeb links : http://pelegdlatot.co.il/Community sitesSite for hiring teachers on subject basis on hourly rates. It also act ascampaigning and advertisement site for institute360Entertainment is a reputable event promotions, talent management, andtalent booking agencyCandidate promotional site for county elections in FultonWeb links : http://afitearoom.com http://www.mobilemindstutoring.com/ http://www.360entertainment.org/ http://davidholderforfultoncountycommission.com
  20. 20. News portallogistic related website where logistic companies become member and shareknowledgeWeb links : http://www.issarrnews.com http://www.yloindia.com Voting site We worked with Blueapple Online (noida based IT company) for this project. Web link: http://www.campuscaucus.com/prototype/ Both sites are e-commerce sites for selling branded replica watches and wallets . Developed in core php Web link: http://replicajp.com http://nisejp.com