Nokiacare Do They Really Care

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be safe, dont but nokia in india

be safe, dont but nokia in india

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  • 2. Something u should know
    • No electronic items are can be 100% precise.
    • U should have heard of the i-pod having problems with the battery
    • And sony vaio laptops with battery problems
    • (source The Hindu)
  • 3. What is the safety issue?
    • The limited warranty which comes along with the product is the only document through which you can claim replacements or repair.
    • But that is not the case with nokia india
  • 4. How Nokiacare India Functions
    • This is to tell u about my experience with Nokiacare India.
    • My phone had a problem, the “c” key stopped working.. (5700, IMEI: 353965010254941 )
  • 5.
    • After giving it no nokiacare (on 1 st aug) India, my phone was not jus repaired, but also damaged.
    • The joystick and the call buttons stopped working.
  • 6.
    • And for doing this, they take 28 days. Can u beat that.
    • Then I am promised that my phone will be ready in a week. But, that does not happen.
    • I am asked to wait for another week, just to know that I will have to wait another 10 days!!
  • 7.
    • So according to the warranty, nokia shall repair the phone in commercially reasonable time.
    • They have take 41 days as on date.
    • And they have damaged my phone, so this the warranty provided by nokia.
    • And for this, expect me to be patient??
    • They are still trying to repair my phone.
  • 8.
    • As on date , I have really lost hope if my phone will come back, and will it be in proper working state.
    • So wats the moral??
    • “ Be safe, don’t buy nokia. There is sony eric. There is motorola . Smasung, Lg, and not to forget the I-phone..
  • 9. So say “NO TO NOKIA”
    • So friends, life is impossible without a phone, but not impossible without nokia
    • So go ahead, and buy everything, but not nokia, as nokiacare india is the most inefficient service, and they will do nothing but aggravate the situation
    • Be safe, say No no NOKIA
  • 10. Thank you
    • And spread this message to your friends.