Meaning, scope and function of supervision by raemmil f. nulada


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Meaning, scope and function of supervision by raemmil f. nulada

  1. 1. Supervision in Instruction
  2. 2. Meaning, Scope and Function of Supervision IE 504 RaEmmIl F. Nulada
  3. 3. Meaning of Supervision
  4. 4. Supervision Defined - to supervise - to watch over, look after, manage, regulate direct govern, guide, administer
  5. 5. -an improvement of the total teaching-learning situation and conditions that affect them (1966) -a process of scanning a text for errors or deviations from the original material(Smyth in Sullivan and Glanz 2000)
  6. 6. History of Supervision• Originated in England in 1800 • In the Philippine setting, it is patterned in the west –In 1863 a Royal Education Degree was signed and supervision was placed under two councils or junta; the Junta de Gobierno and the Junta Administradora del Material de Escuelas
  7. 7. other definitions of Supervision • “an active technical service primarily concerned with studying and improving conditions that surround learning and pupils growth” –Barr, Burton and Brueckner • “relates to the instructional phase of school plan and activities” –Melchoir • “to supervise, criticize, to evaluate, to appraise or to praise” –Crow and Crow
  8. 8. …additional definitions of supervision gives emphasis on the different aspect such as….
  9. 9. Emphasis on Administration …supervision is what school personnel do with adults and things to maintain or change the operation of the school in order to directly influence the attainment of major instruction goals (Harris and Bessent 1969)
  10. 10. Emphasis on Instruction …is directed toward both maintaining and improving the teaching-learning process of the school (Harris 1975)
  11. 11. Emphasis on Curriculum …revisions denotes activities like the writing and revisions of the curriculum, the preparation of units and materials of instruction…and such concerns are evaluation of the total educational program
  12. 12. Emphasis on Leadership …teaching teachers how to teach and professional leadership to reformulate public education
  13. 13. Emphasis on Human Relations …assumed to be an additional behavior system…interacting with the total behavior system…to improve actualizations of learning opportunities for the students (Wiles and Lovell)
  14. 14. Emphasis on Evaluation …supervisors are regularly involved in evaluation through assessment of programs, processes and people (Wiles and Bondi)
  15. 15. Scope of Supervision
  16. 16. Activities under Supervision by Barr, Burton and Brueckner 1. Survey of the school system 2. The direct improvement of Classroom Teaching 3. The General Improvement of Teachers –in-Service 4. Organizing Programs of Cooperative Activity
  17. 17. 5. The Development and Maintenance of Morale, or de Corps 6. The Selection and Organization of the Materials of Instruction 7. Experimental Study of the Problems of Teaching 8. Determining the desirable Physical Conditions of Learning 9. Performance of Professional and Semi-Administrative Duties
  18. 18. Techniques under Supervision by Gist1. Teacher Diagnosis 2. Pupil Diagnosis 3. Diagnosis of Curricular Offerings 4. Survey of Methods in Instruction 5. Budgeting of Time in Supervision 6. Classroom Visitation
  19. 19. Techniques under Supervision 7. Teacher’s Meeting and Conference 8. Demonstration Teaching 9. Teacher-Pupil Relationship 10.Evaluation of Supervision
  20. 20. Major Functions of Supervision
  21. 21. A. Inspect Formulate a plan to remedy a weakness and pass it on to teachers to be applied…
  22. 22. B. Research Make a survey I order to discover problems and classify them into major or minor issues and/or concerns….
  23. 23. C. Training Acquainting teachers to the solution thru demonstrations, seminars, workshops etc…
  24. 24. D. Guidance to stimulate, direct, guide and encourage teachers to apply them thru instruction and instructional materials…
  25. 25. E. Evaluation to appraise the outcomes and factors affecting such to improve the …products and processes of instruction
  26. 26. Other Functions of Supervision
  27. 27. F. Studying the Teaching- Learning Situation G. Improving the Teaching- Learning Situation H. Evaluating the means, methods and outcomes of supervision
  28. 28. FIN