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  • 1. eBay
  • 2. Contents
    • History
    • What is Ebay?
    • Why do we use Ebay?
    • Selling the Porducts
    • Buying the products
    • Paying the Ebay
    • Ebay Stratagies
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages
    • Conclusion
  • 3. History
    • Pierre Omidyar, from California, USA build the site.
    • The site went online in 1995 with the name “Auction Web”.
    • Acted as an auction site, visitors were minimum.
    • In 1997 the site was renamed “EBay”.
  • 4. EBay Today
    • Is ranked as the 8 th most visited website in USA.
    • The company expanded worldwide
    • Over 100 million users
    • It makes more than $8 billion annual revenue
    • It employees over 15,000 employees
  • 5.
    • What is Ebay?
    • According to Allbusiness(1999-2010) and Gomes-Casseres (2001),
  • 6. Why do we use Ebay?
  • 7. Selling the productsOn EBay
    • Anyone can sell on EBay simply by registering and providing certain information, personal and financial.
    • Sellers can sell in two ways:
      • Auction – The highest bidder wins the item
      • Buy It Now – A fixed price is given for an item.
    • Sellers can sell their items all over the world.
    • Sellers pay a fee to EBay when their item is sold.
  • 8. Buying the products On EBay
    • Customers can buy virtually everything from eBay, from food, electronics, cars or even houses.
    • Customers do not pay any fees to eBay but they must become registered members first.
    • They can order items from all over the world and delivered to their door.
    • Customers can benefit from lower prices than the prices high streets offer.
  • 9. Paying On EBay
    • Usually most sellers request online payments by PayPal which is more secure for both seller and buyer.
    • Some sellers offer other alternatives such as e-cheques, postal order, credit card payment.
    • When payment is received the seller sends the item to the buyer.
  • 10. EBay Strategies
    • Provide an online global market place
    • Provide a safe and easy to use environment
    • Provide a global standard of payments (PayPal)
    • Reduce online fraud.
    • Increase the number of new users
    • Increase sales from all users including buyers.
    • Localize in as many countries as possible.
    • Increase and maintain their Brand name
    • Provide a reliable system
    • Improve fees and search tools
  • 11. Advantages of Ebay
    • Sellers can sell their products all over the world
    • Buyers can buy from anywhere in the world
    • Buyers can shop from home and take advantage of the low prices.
    • More selection and variety of products
    • Standard payment system.
  • 12. Disadvantages Of EBay
    • Online fraud still occurs.
    • PayPal paying system requires a great deal of personal and financial information which increases security risks.
    • Your personal information such as home address is given to anyone you buy something from.
    • Lack of item information from a specialist such as the one provided in shops.
    • Stolen items can be sold easier and faster by criminals.
    • Clothing items might be fake.
  • 13. Ebay Inc 1995-2010)
    • EBay website: www.Ebay.com
  • 14. Conclusion
    • eBay has provided a global marketplace
    • Through the years eBay is becoming more user friendly and more and more people start to use it.
    • However, people must take more strict measures when providing their information. For example internet cards can be given to PayPal rather than Credit Card.
  • 15.