Laptops of 2018 ppt


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This is an interpretation of an article from PCWorld. It is based on the fact that the seeping in of mobile technological devices like touch screen phones, etc have threatened the existence of PCs and laptops.

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Laptops of 2018 ppt

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• The relevance of PCs is threatened by the new breed of touchscreen mobile phones, tablets and the likes.• PC makers are trying to reintroduce laptops with the support of the drastic operating system Windows 8.• Will try to generate excitement for laptops by introducing new hybrid designs, such as swiveling touchscreens and detachable displays.• PCWorld spoke with chip makers, PC manufacturers, and analysts to learn more about what laptops will offer by 2018. Let’s have a look….
  3. 3. REFINING THE HYBRID• PC makers admit that this laptop-tablet hybrid is still a work in progress and it would take some time to get rid of the hardware clumsiness.• Kevin Lensing, AMDs director of notebook products, says that hes seen some of these hybrids and their conversion mechanisms already look and behave better than those of the initial wave of products.
  4. 4. • Mark VandenBrink, chief technical officer of HPs PC business, agrees that the next 5 years of hardware development will focus on reducing the clunkiness of the laptop-tablet hybrid.• Pat Moorhead, a tech industry analyst and consultant, who specializes in future scenarios, believes that the modular PC concept will eventually go wireless, and smart phones could one day provide all the necessary storage and processing power.
  5. 5. • He says that the software barriers to making this happen are already reducing due to operating systems like Android and iOS.• The WiGig Alliance is already pushing for the use of spectrum around 60GHz, which would support speedy display connections and wireless docking.• Moorhead says that the only challenge will be to get device makers to agree on a standard for wireless communication among devices.
  6. 6. BEYOND THE TRACK PAD• Mark Aevermann, a senior product manager at Nvidia, thinks that voice recognition, hand gestures, and eye tracking could take off in the next 5 years.• Concepts like Apples Siri, Microsofts Kinect, and Tobiis eye-tracking technology may now seem ill-equipped to replace trackpads and keyboards, but he recommends to keep an open mind to them.• VandenBrink expects a dynamic track pad that covers a lot more of the laptops surface. He also sees potential for adaptive trackpads that learn your preferences and tendencies as you work.
  7. 7. • Synaptics has introduced a pressure-sensitive track pad and a capacitive keyboard that is thinner and lets the user disable the cursor while typing.• Intels Nikiski concept track pad runs along the length of the keyboard and uses palm detection to switch off during typing.• Moorhead says that notebooks of the future could come equipped with two or more high-definition cameras, working in concert to track the users hands.
  8. 8. CONCLUSION• Gary Richman, a director in Intels PC Client Solutions division, thinks that PCs will become more context- aware, enabling them to detect other nearby devices and interact with them automatically.• Many experts believe that hybrid devices will dominate the laptop market in the next 5 years.• Aevermann thinks that low-cost tablets and hybrids will revolutionize the industry, but no single mode of portable computing will completely dominate in the next 5 years. Source : PCWorld 8