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  1. 1. PGDM 2012-14
  3. 3.  International Business Machines (IBM) is the worlds largest information technology(IT) company. Engaged in providing business, technology and consulting services. Offerings include consulting, delivery and implementation of services, enterprise software, systems and financing. IBM operates in more than 170 countries across the world. The company’s headquarter - Armonk, New York Employs 426,751 people.
  4. 4.  The history of IBM dates back to the Computing Tabulating Recording(CTR), incorporated in 1911 in Binghamton, New York. This company was formed as a result of a merger of the Tabulating Machine Company, the Computing Scale Company and the International Time Recording Company. In 1924, CTR changed its name to International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). The merger was done by noted financier Charles Flint.
  5. 5.  Samuel J. Palmisano - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Alain J. P. Belda – Director Kenneth I. Chenault - Director Michael L. Eskew - Director Shirley Ann Jackson – Director Andrew N. Liveris – Director W. James McNerney – Director James W. Owens – Director
  6. 6. Joan E. Spero – DirectorSidney Taurel – DirectorLorenzo H. Zambrano – DirectorRodney C. Adkins - Senior Vice President, Systems and Technology GroupMichael E. Daniels - Senior Vice President and Group Executive, ServicesJon C. Iwata - Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  7. 7. John E. Kelly - Senior Vice President and Director of IBM ResearchR. Franklin Kern - Senior Vice President, IBM Global Business ServicesMark Loughridge - Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Enterprise Transformation
  8. 8. J. Randall MacDonald - Senior Vice President, Human ResourcesSteven A. Mills - Senior Vice President and Group Executive – Software and SystemsVirginia M Rometty - Senior Vice President and Group Executive Sales, Marketing and Strategy
  9. 9.  SERVERS AND SYSTEMSa. Linux serversb. Mainframe serversc. Intel processor based services STORAGEa. Disk systemsb. Hard drives/ Micro drivesc. Storage softwared. Tape systems
  10. 10.  INTERNET SECURITY POINT OF SALE SERVICESa. POS systemsb. Self servicec. Peripherals WORKSTATIONSa. BladeCenter HC10b. IntelliStation Proc. IntelliStation POWER
  11. 11.  LAPTOPS DESKTOPS MONITORS IT SERVICESa. Business continuity and resiliency servicesb. End user servicesc. IT strategy and architecture servicesd. Maintenance and technical support servicese. Services for IT Managers
  12. 12.  OUTSOURCING SERVICES TRAINING FINANCINGa. Leasing, financing and asset disposalb. Working capital to financec. Remanufacturing and remarketingBRANDSa. Lotusb. Tivolic. WebSphered. Cognose. Informix
  13. 13.  1914 – 76 years before the US Disabilities Act, IBM hired its first disabled employee. 1930 – IBM receives its first patent for a traffic signal timing system. 1932 – IBM started education programs for employees and customers. 1934 – IBM introduces group life insurance (in the midst of the great depression). 1935 – IBM opens the first professional training school for women.
  14. 14.  1941 – IBM hired a legally blind employee, psychologist Dr. Michael Supa, to make its products more usable by the visually impaired and to assist in the hiring of 181 people with disabilities over the following two years. 1942 – IBM launches a disabled employee training program. 1943 – Ruth Leach Amonette is elected IBM’s first female vice-president.
  15. 15.  1946 – IBM hires T.J. Laster, their first black sales representative,18 years before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 1953 – IBM chairman Thomas Watson issue’s the first equal Opportunity Policy letter. 1967 – IBM employee Benoit Mandelbrot asks how long is the Coast of Britain and a new branch of Mathematics(Fractal Geometry) is born. 1981 – IBM introduces the first IBM PC.
  16. 16.  2004 – IBM creates the World Community Grid(a public grid computing project to tackle scientific research projects that benefit humanity. 2008 – IBM creates the Smarter Planet and Smarter cities programs. Inventions of ATM, Barcode and DRAM. At least 3 IBM’ers have won Nobel Prize.
  17. 17.  Computer Sciences Corporation Hewlett-Packard Company Infosys Technologies Limited Microsoft Corporation Oracle Corporation Wipro Corporation Accenture Corporation Dell Inc. HCL Technologies Limited Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  18. 18.  Full year 2010 - $29.5 billion Full year 2011 - $106.9 billion 1st quarter 2012 - $24.7 billion
  19. 19. IBM has introduced a 2015 road map i.e. a management model organized around major clients of its earnings.1. Operating leverage – Aiming for $8 million of productivity improvement over the next 5 years. Part will go to bottom line, part will go to investments that improve competitiveness in the market.2. Share repurchase – Continue returning value to consumers. Calls for $50 billion in anticipated share repurchases and $20 billion in dividend.3. Growth strategies – Focus on 4 growth priorities :-
  20. 20. a. Growth marketsb. Business analytics and optimizationc. Cloud and smarter computingd. Smarter planet
  21. 21.  This service shows the new function in charging, a call to a service subscriber will be called by the called party. All charges are levied on the service subscriber. The service is free of any charge to the calling user. Service is accessible from networks of other operators also. 11-digit number 1800-XYZ-ABCD.
  22. 22. BSNL TATA RELIANCETime ofday/time Yes Yes YesintervalroutingDay of week Yes Yes YesroutingOrigin Yes No YesdependentPercent No Yes YesallocationCondition Yes Yes Yesbased routingBlack and Yes Yes Yeswhite listGrey list Yes Yes No
  23. 23. BSNL TATA RELIANCERegistration Rs 3000 Rs 5000 NilchargesRefundable Initially Rssecurity Rs 25000 Rs 10000 10000depositMonthly rental Rs 10000 Rs 3000 NilService Nil Nil Rs 3000activation feeVanity no. Super Diamond-Rs Platinum-Rscharges(One premium-Rs 10000 10000time) 10000 Platinum-Rs Diamond-Rs Premium-Rs 7500 7500 7500 Golden-Rs 5000 Gold-Rs 5000 Prime-Rs 5000Vanity no. Super Diamond-Rs Platinum-Rscharges(Monthl premium-Rs 1000 1000y) 1000 Platinum-Rs Diamond-Rs Premium-Rs 750 750 750 Golden-Rs 500