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  • Dear Friend:

    Please accept warm regards! I am humbly corresponding with reference to the matrimonial enquiry for your kind rational assessment purpose for a closed but healthy friendship at the beginning and then possible match in the near future, if both of us are made for each-other upon our compatibility and comfort! I am a Developmental and Management Practitioner by training and profession. This year, probably after few months, I am thinking and planning for my marriage with at least a 'University Graduate, but preferred Masters Degree and Job Holder or Self-employed, Pretty Looking, Well Cultured Girl.'

    If the lady is unemployed at present, she should have career-oriented mind after marriage to use her education as well as in enhancing for balanced marital life. The main reason for setting all these minimum practical criteria is to thoroughly empower the prospective life partner and acquire a reciprocal synergy for our lifelong personal growth and development. For this rationale, I wish to emotionally, morally and psychologically encourage and motivate my ideal life partner for her professionalism, edification and overall personality development. But, what I only expect on her intrinsic lady persona is: natural compassion in the heart of a well-cultured lady as well as positive attitude and optimistic mind since she will be the source of an inspiration for a man during difficult circumstances as well as for a positive transformation in our lives.

    However, the reality talks lauder than dreams! At present, I represent the working class economy: we both must work for our livelihood. Currently, I have some hundreds of books in the name of property in my own name with a four-roomed cemented home and some pieces of land in Tarai-Sunaul Bazaar, Nawalparashi, which is an outcome of purely my personal income! But, I was grown up and educated around Jawalakhel from the age of 10. Consequently, at any cost, we cannot settle in Terai and must dwell in the metropolitan urban areas. Our sisters and all relatives have already established their own homes in this valley and I/we also must construct a permanent residence in Kathmandu soon, although for at least few years, we have to happily live in a rental flat on temporary basis, especially around Lalitpur Municipality.

    As far as my core profession is concerned, I am actively involving with the international developmental organizations since 1990. When I was exactly 16 years in ninety, I started a career with the UK Government's DFID/Enabling State Programme Nepal; Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers; Himalaya Broadcasting Company (HBC) Radio Station; United Nations Population Fund, Country Technical Services Team for South and West Asia (UNFPA, CST for SAWA Countries); DFID/Rural Access Program (RAP); Japan International Cooperation Agency/Japan Medical Association (JICA/JMA) funded School and Community Health Project (SCHP) and Save the Children-Norway (previously Redd Barna, Norwegian semi-government international humanitarian organization). (Please refer the enclosed resume, working certificates, recommendation letters, health report, security clearance, World Bank recognization, etc. and/or click the ink

    Moreover, I was also temporarily implicated as an independent Freelancer Consultant for UNICEF/ROSA, USAID/IFES and USAID/NDI for two years. Lately, I was working with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)/Nepal Office in the capacity of an AS Officer until I shifted to an UN Agency in 2008.

    At present, I am working with one of the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations (UN) System, based in Nepal, at Harihar Bhawan, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, in the Administrative Capacity, which is a long-term permanent fixed job.

    As far as my pedagogical background is concerned, I have completed Double Masters Degree i.e. Masters in Business Studies (MBS) and MA Rural Development, both in first divisions. Moreover, at the same time, I am also pursuing third masters degree in Public Administration (MPA) course. I have simultaneously made my mind to enroll for MPhil course as well to upgrade myself for PhD in a long run of my life, which is one of the most pertinent future dreams for me.

    Regarding my social background, I am Single (Never Married), Chhetri, 1974 Birth, Aries, 60 kg weight, height 5'3' with fair complexion. (Please see attached photos and/or click links: for my 700 photos in total 20 pages without downloading them and/or click another link for my 200 snaps). I am none-alcoholic but occasional smoker, extroverted and determined laborious person for a set-goal. I am only son with two married and one single sister. Our father used to be local level politician in Triveni-Susta VDC during his youth up to 1970, which is nostalgia for us in these days. On the other hand, he is also an Indian retired army with the pension from India (70) and mother is housewife (67). They both live in hometown to look after home and land and quarterly visit us for a week as well as collecting their pension from Indian embassy.

    Finally, if you feel comfortable to happily live in a rental house for few years; if you are also seriously searching an ideal life partner; if your inner soul considers that we both might be like minded friends for lifelong and our matching will be the perfect one; if you trust me as a gentleman by the hub of your heart and curious for a matrimonial relationship, we can meet as a very goodfriend at first and should try to sincerely understand each-other thoroughly. When our inner chemistry, feeling, manner, interest and ethos are compatible and comfortable for both of us, we will spontaneously and unknowingly feel emotional attachment based on heart-to-heart relationship, then we can rationally decide for our marriage-life as soon as possible, basically after obtaining mutual consent and concurrence from our family members and parents.

    At a very fine and lucky moment, a meeting even with a stranger sometimes may bring major transformation in our lives! Optimistically speaking, who knows future: we both may prove to be the ideal lifelong friends and exact dream partner of each-others! For this purpose, you may contact me without any hesitations at (977-01) 98510-86884/9841 813529. Then, if you feel comfort and secure, I will invite you along with your best friends and parents for a courtesy coffee meeting at Jawalakhel for our formal introduction that will be the best way to initiate our long lasting cordial relationship. Beside this, you can assign your reliable relatives and parents as your representative for an initial discussion with our guardians or myself. Furthermore, alternatively, you may forward your latest snaps and accurate information to us in making a logical family decision for the possibility of amicable relationship, which is based on the bond of trust and honesty.

    By the way, being an only brother of three my most respectable and loving sisters, I can easily understand that it is extremely difficult in approaching to an unknown person, particularly for the lady. I, therefore, would like to ensure you that: 1) Names of several referees will be provided at any time in exploring the facts about me and my family background; 2) Several meetings among parents/family members will be organized to properly familiarize both the family members; 3) Medical health reports will be submitted; 4) Academic credentials and working certificates will be presented; 5) Your parents/guardians can independently inquiry and research to verify my background; 6) I/we will certainly facilitate for the acclimatization process to easily adopt our new role and responsibility in the totally new environments; and 7) Sufficient time will be allocated to closely recognize and understand each-other from insight but the final decision is yours: madam!

    If your family members wish to meet my parents/guardians to seriously discuss on this issue more broadly, please let me know so that I can provide you their direct contact address for further detailed discussions. I can also arrange a series of meetings among our parents/guardians to materialize our lifelong visualized dreams into the reality. Finally, please refer all the attachments with this e-mail and looking forward to hear from you a very positive response soon!

    With Warm Regards!

    Raj K Pandey Chhetri, (MBS, MA)
    Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
    GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu (Nepal)
    Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884
    Mobile: (977-01) 9841 813529


    Profession: Raj K Pandey started his career in 1990, at the age of 16 with: 1) Save the Children Norway (Redd Barna); 2) Japan Medical Association (JMA)/School and Community Health Project (SCHP); 3) UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID)/Rural Access Program (RAP); 4) United Nations Population Fund, Country Technical Services Team for South and West Asia (UNFPA CST for SAWA Countries); 5) Himalaya Broadcasting Company (HBC) Radio Station; 6) Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers through Strengthening the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Project funded by DFID; 7) DFID/Enabling State Program-Nepal.

    Moreover, he was also implicated as a short-term Consultant with: i) UNICEF/Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA); ii) USAID/International Federation of Electoral System (IFES); and iii) USAID/National Democratic Institute (NDI). Prior joining one of the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations (UN) System in 2008, where he is working as an administrative staff in these days, he was involved with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Nepal Office in the capacity of an AS Officer.

    Education: He has completed his Double Masters Degree i.e. Masters in Business Studies (MBS) and MA (Rural Development), both in the first division. Simultaneously, he is also perusing his third Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) Course in the early morning in these days. Moreover, he has strongly made his mind to enroll for MPhil Course as well sometimes in the future to upgrade himself for PhD in a long-run of his life, which is one of the significant long-term dreams of his life.

    Personality: He is liberal minded, independent, honest, talkative and extroverted person. He often trusts people easily but they exploit his gentleness, soberness and softness for their own vested interests, which makes him sad. He prefers simple life with the better human capital for own inner satisfaction purpose.

    Ideal: He respects women and men who are simple, gentle and liberal, although he likes straight forward nature and speak of mind. However, he disgusts and immediately discontinues even the humanitarian relationship with the liar, hypocrite, arrogant and sadist persons as they are good for nothing for others.

    Weakness: a) He is, however, not a perfect household manager particularly for cooking, laundry, ironing and other domestic work as he never practiced such activities in his entire life due to sufficient love and take care rendered by his mother/sisters. b) When someone behaves dishonest, sadist and egoistic way, he completely ignores him/her and never attempts to reestablish any further humanitarian relationship.


    Dear Friend:

    The primary cause for using the webmail based information technology (IT) system for a general matrimonial related enquiry is due to the distance induced bravery. I am directly and personally approaching for the life's most sensitive, difficult and challenging issue on a supposition that the marriage is the most natural, psychological, emotional and social dire need of both — male and female, sometimes once in a life. Moreover, each family may have an eligible bachelor — family members, relatives, social networks, colleagues and friend circles — who might have informally searching a suitable match for their grown-up children through existing traditional social network approach due to the push/pull factors, but they might also have not been completely able to find out the right candidate for their fully grown-up children in consideration of several other issues.

    We are aware that all unmarried persons, including us, have an imaginative image for an ideal life partner on our subconscious minds/dreams from the very early teenage of our lives. To find our lifelong envisioned ideal/dream person into the reality, our minds/souls unknowingly keep on searching/exploring around with an expectation that s/he, who is imaginarily living with us in our subconscious minds from the very early age, will come soon even in the reality of life. We hope that s/he will be the right friend to spend rest of our lives together for the better aesthetic values, which will permanently end the bitter loneliness feeling and inner vacuum within ourselves.

    Likewise, both arranged and love marriage have certain pros and cons but 'like minded values and ethos based' marries, where both will have total freedom of choice for the rational selection of an appropriate life partner, is the best approach since decision of social-knot directly affects both. Moreover, we have limited social networks, family ties and relatives, where we can hardly find the dreamed and qualified partner due to lack of an easy and direct access with her/him. On the other hand, our extremely busy mechanical routine life from early morning to late evening for our other daily priorities, has limited us for the better option to expand the social network. As a result, the tremendously competitive world, especially in the fast metropolitan life, has made us extremely lonely even among the huge mob of the people, as we can hardly mix-up with them due to their varied nature as well as lack of sufficient spare time with us.

    Similarly, we are totally option and voiceless to select a suitable right partner, when marries proposal is put forward from our closed relatives since we can hardly say 'no' to them despite our several reservations. The marries facilitators also unnecessarily exaggerate on the qualities of the possible grooms/brides, which may not be realistic in the practical life. But, marries decision that we make only once in a life is for the sake of entirely ourselves, not to make others happy since it determines our future. Moreover, even a self-chosen love marries and/or arranged marriage can hardly be guaranteed for lifelong success, durable and happy relationship until our death. Subsequently, it is always a creative tension as well as hidden mental stress to make a marriage related single decision with a totally unseen person, which is exactly like a gambling, either we will be winner or looser!

    However, we have to ultimately trust an unfamiliar opposite gender and select a totally unseen person as a lifelong partner out of six billion plus population on this earth. Although, we are not sure yet, who s/he will be, where s/he is now, what s/he is doing, how s/he will approach to us and when s/he will be our real friend as well as how our future relationship will go with her/him. We, ultimately, need to focus merely for his/her comfort/happiness until we die as soon as s/he enters into our life as change maker, who will impart significantly differences throughout our life.

    Beside this, what we are mainly lacking to find out our lifelong visualized opposite ideal partner is — easy access, effective negotiation, two-way communication, sufficient time for interactions and most importantly inner courage and self-confidence to approach her and directly propose for marriage due to fear of rejection. However, the sky is unlimited and six billion-plus populated world is beyond our horizon, although we don't have an easy access to directly contact her. It is not a wrong idea to creatively but gently approach her and exchange our mutual information for an enquiry since s/he might also have been waiting for the entry of a right person into her life for her marriage purpose — who knows we may be the hero by mistake as we both may have been made as an ideal life partner for each-others! As marries is one time great event in our life and we can try our level best to invite the proposal from the most eligible, well-cultured person/family background as far as possible.

    But, we should never enforce/persuade the second party to make a decision favorable to us since the marriage relationship must be based on independent personal decision of both — without external influence, pressure, threat, hanky-panky and so on — even from family members. Let's continue our dream till we get the best one, when dream is over and shattered, we will really suffer for loosing hope in life. We should not easily accept the cowardice defeat, without waging another effective war to achieve the lifelong visualized person as we can find exactly the same ­what and whom we dream, if marries is truly made in heaven.

    I, therefore, have used atypical modus-operandi in exploring ideal life partner and it is expected that s/he will be the exact lady, whom I have imagined and retained in my subconscious mind from early teenage. Let's see how general people in our conservative society will perceive such a different method as individual interpretations/judgments are the outcomes of our backgrounds. But, I am certain that she will be the lady with exact attributes, who will positively accept not only such a unique process, but also other several social transformations as mediocre narrow mind can never welcome any changes in the new environments since they are totally happy to live in the traditional status-qua situation due to fear of unwanted social criticism and likely risk in life.

    The most essential pre-requirement for possible happy marital life is that both male and female, first of all, should have natural attraction from heart, without external influence, at a preliminary face-to-face meeting — both should feel 'click' in their minds to see each-others at the first sight. The first meeting and its overall impressions generally determine whether the further contacts will be strengthened/interrupted. If both feel compatible and comfortable with each-other during introductory conversation process, their minds and hearts will spontaneously but unknowingly admit as like-minded prospective friends despite other several men-made gaps and obstacles — economical, social, educational, psychological and professional — as both have emotionally, mentally as well as psychologically accepted without any pre-occupied minds and persuasions.

    If both are honest, respectable, loveable and acceptable, a kind of special feeling, thought and emotional rapport will be developed within ourselves, which will further enhance for the deep-rooted love, affection, interdependency and psycho-socio belongingness to reinforce the post-marital life. Subsequently, both will heartily accept not only the roses but also the thrones since couple has strong emotional and sentimental heart-to-heart bonds based on natural attraction, trust and self-commitment for the life-long association until death, which nobody can easily alter. As the human relationship is related with the meeting of like-minded minds and the common wave-length can further enhance for the retention of long-term marital relationship in our life.

    Moreover, if we find exact dreamed partner, all our senses might be positively persuaded and heartbeat might be amplified due to an unique feeling within us — exactly the same natural process that we can closely observe among animal kingdom — where inner natural chemistry between them determines their attraction/repulsion for further relationship at a very first meeting of both.

    We can also boost pleasure of mind, inner happiness and satisfaction through natural process, if couple has liking minds and web length for each other via — reciprocal unconditional love, caring, sharing, mutual understanding and respect for feeling and emotion of the husband and wife, which should based on the ground of mutual trust and honesty. It is a general human tendency that whatever we perform, we simply act upon in order to avoid the pain and gain the pleasure. We, therefore, generally worry and fear with the likely change process and reluctant to renounce the comfort zones, but we have to eventually accept new roles and responsibilities despite uncertain results in our life.

    If spouse have certain common grounds, particularly in terms of their socio-cultural values, ethos, interests, likings, disliking as well as shared dreams and visions, the post-marital life will enhance better synergy, positive energy, creativity and prosperity for both. However, if marriage is completely based on compromises, conditionality, baseless commitments and dishonesty, it may prove counterproductive at any time in a long run since the relationship must be based on the bond of trust and honesty as it is simply the beginning of relationship not the end. Moreover, if we establish a marital relationship on the ground of untruth, dishonesty, exaggeration and hanky-panky, it will mentally hurt your partner due to a betrayed deal, which will make her/him lifelong regretful that will never keep your partner happy. If your partner is not happy at all due to your dishonesty, it is obvious s/he can never keep you/your family members happy as well.

    Moreover, approached person might not have made her mind for her marriage at this particular juncture and/or she might have settled. Similarly, both might not have met their pre-occupied basic expectations and criteria as well as both may have differences in terms of their so-called socio-economy, socio-cultural and family-based values, which may indirectly affect post-marital life, particularly during elderly age because of the likely cultural socks. Consequently, everybody has freedom of choice for the rational decision for her/his marriage without external pressure and persuasion since being self-master we should not feel regrets for our self-decision.

    Finally, if your eligible unmarried lady family members, friend circles, relatives and female colleagues — at least an university graduate, job holder/self-employed and well-cultured pretty looking lady — is thinking for her marriage within this year, please convey and forward this information. As a result, she/her family members can rationally assess our suitability from different prospective for the perfect matching as far as we can make it, if marries is a matter of choice! Your tiny efforts will directly support us to reduce the 'information poverty' and search of an ideal life-partner of two persons will be permanently over. If your interested lady friends/their family members wish to contact me/my parents/sisters to discuss more seriously, please feel free to contact us.

    Please refer all the attachments and looking forward for a positive response soon.

    Warm Regards!

    Raj K Pandey Chhetri, (MBS, MA)
    Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
    GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu (Nepal)
    Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884
    Mobile: (977-01) 9841 813529

    Dear Friend:

    (A) Please click the link to refer 500 Plus my reports/articals/profiles/songs/poems/stories/thesis/notes/resumes/write-ups/photos/documents/powerpoint/etc., which is a good collection since 1990.

    (B) You can also easily access/explore all my 500 plus reports/articls/write-ups and detail my personal information at (i); (ii); (iii); (iv)!/apps/application.php?id=121841274518042; and (v)

    (C) You can simply clink the link for referring nearly 700 Plus my photos/images/snaps in total 20 web pages without downloading any of them.

    (D) Please click another link to easily view total 200 Plus my latest photos/snaps in total 10 pages without downloading any images.

    (E) You can explore/access my reports/articals/write-ups and any other my detail personal information simply by searching me as 'rajkpandey2000' and/or 'Raj K Pandey' on Google, Facebook and any other search engines in the internet.
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My bio data 2010

  1. 1. Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,, CURRICULUM-VITAE PERSONAL INFORMATION Raj K Pandey, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur Name : Raj K Pandey GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal DoB : April 17, 1974 Sex : Male Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884 Mobile: (977-01) 9841 813529 Marital Status : Single Home Address : Triveni Bazaar-2, Triveni Susta VDC, Nawalparashi, Lumbini, Nepal Languages : Nepali, English, Hindi, Maithali, Bhojpuri, Awadi and Newari Nationality : Nepalese Education : Masters in Business Studies (MBS) and MA Rural Development Area Visited : India, Tibet, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and 45 districts of Nepal CAREER SUMMARY Raj K Pandey started his career in January 1990 with Save the Children-Norway (then Redd Barna), a founder member of International Save the Children Alliance. He also upgraded himself with education, knowledge and skills. Consequently, Save the Children-Norway not only groomed him properly but also promoted twice in admin support capacities during his tenure from January 1990 to November 1997. He moved to the Japan International Cooperation Agency/Japan Medical Association (JICA/JMA) funded and self-implemented School and Community Health Project (SCHP) as a technical staff and worked with JICA/JMA from 1997-October 1999. JICA/JMA also promoted him within 8 months of his services. He worked there directly with the backward grassroots communities in rural areas of Nepal and acquired fieldwork experience from community-based development programs along with project management. During October 1999-October 2001, he worked with the UK Government’s Department For International Development (DFID) funded Rural Access Programme (RAP) as an Administrative Officer. From very inception of RAP project designing phase, he was engaged in admin support jobs for project management, administration, logistics arrangement, accounts keeping and office set-up for GBP 30 million’s project. From 2001, he worked with the interdisciplinary group of regional and international experts at UNFPA, Country Technical Services Team for South and West Asia (CST/SAWA Countries). He rendered his general services to the advisory group of Consultants that composed from different UN Agencies. During May 02-May 03, he produced & presented informative, educative and advocacy oriented; society focused; interactive radio programs "Our Concerns" and “Development’s Friend” with HBC94FM Radio. He mainly advocated about the public concerned national burning issues on socio-economy, development, governance, human rights, poverty, minority, gender, children, etc. that are related with the civil societies. During May 03-December 04, he worked with the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers under the UK Government's Department For International Development (DFID) funded Strengthening the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Project through ESP based in the PM’s Office. From Jan 05-June 2007, he worked with the DFID/Enabling State Program based in the PM’s Office and immediately implicated as a freelancer Consultant with USAID/NDI, USAID/IFES and UNICEF/ROSA. Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal, Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884/9841 813529, (Page 1 of 5)
  2. 2. Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,, During June 2007-September 2008, he worked with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Nepal Office. Currently, (from October 2008 to date) he is working with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Nepal Resident Mission (NRM) in the admin support capacity. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE S Duration Designation Organization N From To 3 30 Sep 2008 To Date Administrative Assistant Asian Development Bank (ADB)/NRM 2 31 May 2007 30 Sep 2008 AS Officer Japan International Cooperation Agency 1 30 June 2005 31 May 2007 Freelancer Consultant USAID/IFES, NDI and UNICEF/ROSA 0 31 Dec 2004 30 Jun 2005 Act Project Coordinator DFID/Enabling State Programme-Nepal 9 15 May 2003 31 Dec 2004 Project Officer Office of the Prime Minister (DFID/ESP) 8 15 May 2002 15 May 2003 Producer/Radio Presenter Himalaya Broadcasting Company (HBC) 7 10 Dec 2001 15 May 2002 Office Secretary UNFPA, CST for SAWA Countries 6 15 Oct 1999 31 Oct 2001 Administrative Officer DFID/Rural Access Programme (RAP) 5 30 July 1998 15 Oct 1999 Jr. Programme Officer JICA/Japan Medical Association (SCHP) 4 01 Dec 1997 30 July 1998 Technical Supervisor JICA/Japan Medical Association (SCHP) 3 01 Feb 1995 01 Dec 1997 Administrative Assistant Save the Children-Norway (Redd Barna) 2 15 Oct 1993 01 Feb 1995 Logistics Secretary Save the Children-Norway (Redd Barna) 1 01 Jan 1990 15 Oct 1993 Receptionist Save the Children-Norway (Redd Barna) ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION Institution’s Name Level Division Major Subjects Patan Multiple Campus, MA/RD 1st Div. Development, Economics, Politics, Anthropology, Patan, Lalitpur 2006 69% Sociology, Tourism, Linkage, Sustainable, Research Shanker Dev Campus, MBS 1st Div. Research, Statistics, Organizational Behavior, A/C, Putalisadak, Kathmandu 2007 60.20% Managerial Economics, HRD, Marketing, Finance, etc. People’s Campus, BBS 2nd Div. A/C, Economics, Management, Marketing, Business, Pakanajol, Kathmandu 2002 46.79% Statistic, Finance, English, HRM, HRD, Project Mgmt. People's Campus, I Com 2nd Div. Mathematics, Economics, English, Management, A/C, Pakanajol, Kathmandu 1997 51.02% Business, Finance, Marketing, etc. GoN/SLC Board SLC 1st Div. Mathematics, A/C, Nepali, English, Rural Economics, Kathmandu, Nepal 1990 68.08% Geography, Science, etc. SEMINAR PARTICIPATED 1. Actively participated in several dozens of short-term seminars and workshops in different periods 2. Nepal Multiparty Women’s Caucus Development, USAID/NDI-Nepal, 30 Sep-2 Oct ‘05 3. Raising Urban Poverty and Impacts of Conflict, FOHRID/KMC, 20 April, ‘05 4. Interaction on Governance Reform Program Roadmap, OPMCM & MoGA, 12-13 July ‘04 5. Effective Service Delivery for Better Governance in Nepal, OPMCM, 1 July ‘04 6. Public Service Reform, Management Association of Nepal (MAN), 30 April ‘04 7. Relationship of Nepalese Judges and Secretaries, Supreme Court and PM Office, 2 April ‘04 8. Issues on Government Reform, National Planning Commission and PM Office, 2 Jan '04 9. Microeconomic Policies and Reform Initiatives, NPC and PM Office, 21 August '03 10. Expectation of Innovation in Nepalese Bureaucracy, GoN/Cabinet Secretariat, 30 June '03 11. Strengthening the Civil Service and Improving Service Delivery, PM Office, 9 June '03 MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES  Administrative Assistant: Responsible for administrative support activities to be provided for four National Officers in the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Nepal Resident Mission (NRM). Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal, Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884/9841 813529, (Page 2 of 5)
  3. 3. Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,,  AS Officer: Monitoring national media for situation assessments and weekly briefings; preparing situation analysis reports; residence security assessment; district security analysis for the missions and projects; maintaining staff movement plans and responsible for JICA/Nepal human security.  Freelancer Consultant: Involved for research; report preparation; workshop note taker; logistics and general supports for the international level seminars and consultation with the stakeholders.  Act Project Coordinator: My major responsibilities were to coordinate and liaison with Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers for PM’s Office Strengthening Project extended period to complete the remaining on going activities; hand over the outputs and project clean up.  Project Officer: Worked at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers under the DFID/ESP. Our main responsibilities were to implement the PM's Office Strengthening Project; dealing senior bureaucrats/PM’s Advisors for coordination and liaison; PM Office improvements; procurement; logistics services and consultancies provided by external experts; supporting Project Coordinator for administration, management, procurement, accounts keeping, secretarial services, planning, budgeting, documentation and any support activities in strengthening the PM Office.  Program Producer/Presenter: Produced and presented hard-talk radio programs on the national controversial burning issues entitled "Development’s Friends" and “Our Concerns” with the Himalaya Broadcasting Company (HBC) 94 FM Radio Station. They were interactive live panel discussions among experts, concerned authorities and radio listeners on the socio-economy and developmental issues, which are directly concerned with the civil societies of Nepal.  Office Secretary: I was assigned as Secretary to support regional and international expectorates, however, I also supported Finance and Administrative Officers as per office decision for daily administration, procurement, logistics supplies, finance keeping, vehicles management and I was responsible to arrange international travel movements of the UNFPA, CST/SAWA expectorates.  Administrative Officer: Our admin duties were for general supports in providing administrative, finance, transportation, logistics, procurement and secretarial services for 13 British expectorates and 12 local Nepalese experts who were engaged for GBP 30 millions’ Rural Access Program (RAP) project preparatory design purpose during 1999-2001 through UK Government's DFID.  Assistant Program Officer: I was responsible in facilitating and escorting Japanese researchers and field visitors for research and studies; regularly visiting backward communities to support program team in implementing, follow-up, monitoring, supervision and evaluation of the project activities; working at central office for program related activities and technical paper preparation.  Technical Supervisor: Successfully introduced and implemented Child-to-Child concept in the sanitation, health awareness, income generation, community library, advocacy& school activities. It was new concept for JICA/JMA but I learnt it while working with Save the Children Norway.  Administrative Assistant: Supported admin section for managing support staff; management of vehicles; local procurement; maintaining inventory of the projects/head office; custom clearance; maintaining personal files; drafting routine correspondence and supporting program sections.  Logistics Secretary: I was implicated for secretarial jobs to facilitate Headquarters and Projects.  Receptionist: I was responsible for all the information and communication facilitation activities. TRAINING ATTENDED 1. Beginning Life in ADB: Induction Program, 24-28 Nov 2008, ADB Headquarters, Philippines 2. Leadership Development Training Program, USAID/NDI-Nepal, 14-17 Sep ‘05 Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal, Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884/9841 813529, (Page 3 of 5)
  4. 4. Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,, 3. Cisco Networking Academy Programme (CCNA), Held at KU/KCM, 15 Feb-15 Aug '04 4. Imprest Account Handling In-House Training, Organized by DFID/Nepal, 25-26 May '03 5. Some In-House Trainings: Radio Program Production/Presentation, HBC Radio, ‘02-‘03 6. Community Mental Health Training, Organized by GoN/MoH, Mental Hospital, WHO and Maryknoll-Nepal/Ashadeep, 5-6 August '99 7. Training of Trainers (ToT) Course on Child-to-Child, Hatemalo Sanchar, 1-10 June ‘99 8. 8 weeks Computer Package Course, Held at St. Xavier's Campus, 11 Aug-30 Oct '97 9. 30 hours Course on Mind Control, Personality Development and Impressing People, Held at Memorex Institute, Russian Cultural Center, 4-6 February '96 10. Vanguard Leadership Training, Organized by Patan Jayceettes, 10-11 March '94 11. English Language Course, Held at Acharya Language Institute, 6 Dec '93-6 Feb '94 12. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of the Projects, 12-25 Sep '97 (By Redd Barna) 13. Community Mobilization: For Sustainable Development, 01-13 Jun '97 14. Development Communication, Education and Gender Sensitization, 07-18 Apr '97 15. Development Approach Need Assessment, 12-21 Jan '97 16. Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), 16-26 Nov '96 17. Project Management and Evaluation Procedures, 13-21 Aug '96 18. The Art of Leadership: For Community and Local Resource Mobilization, 01-13 May '96 19. Book Keeping and Project Management: Refresher Training, 08-17 Feb '96 20. Strategic Management of the Partner NGOs/CBOs, 18-29 Nov '95 21. Understanding Socio-cultural Research, 04-17 Mar '95 22. Accounting for None Profit Organizations, 19-25 Jan '95 23. Administrative and Management Procedures at None Profit Organizations, 05-14 Nov '94 24. Capacity Enhancement on Accrual Accounting and Store Handling, 11-23 Jul '94 25. Training Need Identification of the NGOs/CBOs, 01-09 Mar '94 26. Effective Supervision and Leadership Styles, 18-25 Nov '93 27. Office Management and Communication, 07-15 Jun '93 28. Leadership Development and Team Management, 12-18 Feb '93 29. Communication and Presentation Skills in the Target Groups, 19-27 Dec '92 30. Individual Behavior and Effective Communication for Team Spirit, 10-21 Aug '92 31. Taking Personal Initiatives For Result Oriented Performance, 06-15 Mar '92 32. Communication and Team Building For Group Dynamics, 18-25 Dec '91 33. Facilitating Team Dialogue and Interpersonal Relationship in the Team, 13-22 Jun '91 34. How to Deliver Effective Presentation, 11-19 Oct '90 35. Roles and Responsibilities of Administrative Staff, 17-28 May '90 36. Roles and Responsibilities of Employees in Humanitarian Organizations, 13-21 Feb '90 EXTRA KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS 1. Holding Driving (Motorbike) License, Nepali Citizenship and Passport; 2. Computer Skills (DOS, Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, LAN and Novell Network); 3. Excellent inter-personal communication as well as reading and writing skills; 4. Supported to organize several seminars, workshops and interactive discussion programs; 5. Can work effectively for administrative, finance, logistics and programme supportive jobs; 6. Friendly relationships with the office goods and service suppliers in Kathmandu; 7. Sound knowledge about Donors, UN Agencies, I/NGOs, CBOs and Government of Nepal; 8. Good working relationships with the GoN, I/NGOs, CBOs and individual experts; 9. Publication: "Co-writer of a Sanitation Training Manual" under JICA/Japan Medical Association; 10. Interviewed several experts, freelancers, intellectuals and government authorities for radio; 11. Published some articles on different subject-matters in the office and campus magazines; 12. Associated with Nandi Student Welfare, HBC Radio, Memorex, KCM and ASHA/Nepal; Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal, Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884/9841 813529, (Page 4 of 5)
  5. 5. Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,, EMPLOYERS' INTRODUCTION (ANNEX: A) (08) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), established in 1974, through a special act of the Japanese quest for international economic and technical cooperation to the outside world, which is solely responsible to implement the Japan Government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) in the world. (07) UK Government's Department For International Development (DFID), working in partnership with the GoN, has funded Enabling State Program-Nepal. ESP is taking an innovative approach in addressing the problems for the good governance in Nepal. In particular, it is seeking to avoid the common problems experienced by donor-funded projects of poor national ownership and the imposition of external ideas. (06) Strengthening Project: Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers was a satellite project of the DFID/ESP with GBP 700 thousands budget during 2003-04. The Strengthening Project was responsible in merging Cabinet Secretariat and Prime Minister's Office; improving PM Office facilities; connecting PM Office via IT/LAN System; introducing modern office procedures for efficient and effective PM Office; HR Development and supported for government plan, policy and strategy formulation through consultants. (05) Himalaya Broadcasting Company (HBC) 94 FM Radio Station is a well-known radio in Kathmandu. HBC is popular among its urban, sub-urban and rural listeners especially for hourly news and folk songs as well as presentation of the diversified radio programs according to desires of its dispersed listeners. (04) United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is one of the main bodies of UN system. UNFPA, Country Technical Service Team For South And West Asia (CST/SAWA Countries) is working to provide technical supports on population management issues. The team consists interdisciplinary regional and international advisory group of experts from major UN agencies such as ESCAP, ILO, WHO, UNESCO, UNIFEM, etc. to work in a partnership basis with the government and other population related national or international development agencies, working in 15 South And West Asian Countries for population management issues. (03) The UK Government’s Department For International Development (DFID) has funded Rural Access Programme (RAP) with an aim to reduce poverty in 6 eastern and western backward hilly districts of Nepal through rural access along with wide range of complementary social package programmes. The budget of the RAP is GBP 30 million. WSP International, Helvetas-Nepal, GEOCE, University of East Anglia and Oxford Policy Management were jointly working in a partnership basis as Consultants for designing and implementing the RAP in 6 rural hilly districts of Nepal for improved livelihoods of marginalized people. (02) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)/Japan Medical Association (JMA) jointly funded and implemented School and Community Health Project (SCHP) to uplift life standard of marginalized people through participatory community development approach in remote parts of Nepal. Its major activities were: Infrastructure: schools, PHCs, HP/SHPs, School-toilet Construction; Sanitation: Drinking Water Supply; Community Health Promotion; Disease Control and Research: Deworming, IDD, THs, CHVs, HIV/AIDS; Child-to-Child; Literacy; Community Library; Income Generation; Nutrition; Self Help Group; Human Resource Development; Disaster Preparedness; Awareness Raising and Advocacy among communities, etc. (01) Save the Children-Norway (Redd Barna) is a Norwegian semi-government voluntary international humanitarian organization; with a worldwide membership; working to improve conditions for children; especially, children in difficult circumstances. Its main programmes were: Rural Backward Community Development-Income Generation; Self Help Group; Advocacy on UN Child Rights Convention (CRC); Child-to-Child (C-to-C); Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR); Women Empowerment; Infrastructure; Sanitation-Drinking Water Supply; Health Promotion; Literacy; Agriculture; Community Forest; Agro- Forest and currently acting as a donor agency for nearly 3 dozen Nepalese NGOs working for children. REFERENCE Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal, Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884/9841 813529, (Page 5 of 5)